Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! Best Cigar in the City. F.'M. B.A. RESOLVES, SOMETHING NEW THE COUNTER SALE. Now Being Held at Tire-Grand Bazaar •;':;;; 307, 4th St. ..Sqtpjn, if Only to Look MONEY TO LOAN, - a oar ram at the LOWEST CM»B. Private fund i only. Money always In band. No red tap* or delay. Interest and principal payable in Logaiu- • port. Special arrangements an to payment ol principal and interest, made to suit the wiaheiot Borrower. For farther partloalar* apply to . Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Foura street, opposite Court Honsa. ";;:r: FREE R-EADING ROOM, Open Daily ana Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome toIAH I MONEY, General Insurance and Loans. All kind* otin- «ar*noe pluooci in first elan companies. Endowment policies porohaved, Bonds of BoietynL. mitten tot parties holding positions of tron •here a bond IB required. 319PEABX, ST. S. M. C loss on MONEY TO LOAN! ind Notes Bought in any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. QEO.B.FORGY. declSdiwSm Daily Journal. ."-..WEDNESDAY MORNING. JAN. 28. '-. ';If you want the whitest,- sweetest and inost wholesome flour, the Snow Ball is'the-brand; §2.33 per hundred. ,—.McCaffrey & Co, •'.'!Sleeplessness, .nervous prostration ' rier/vous- dyspepsia, dullness, blues ' 'cured'hy DivMiles^ Nervine. Samples .-: .:ireeatB. F. Keesling-'s. . (2) •:;. You ]ustcoihe" along to-day, don't . ::waitiioryou'r neighbor to come, you •': may miss a bargain that you will Mr. C. T. Messenger of Chicago was shaking hands with the friends of his former home here yesterday. Mrs. W. H. Davis, of the West Side, is visiting-in Chicago the guest of her sister, Mrs. C. P. Buchanan Frank L. Donaldson, of Chicago, was in the city yesterday the guest of his brother, N. R. Donaldson. 0. N. Smith has embarked in the oil business at Rochester and on Monday moved his family to that place. Mrs. Eli Greensfelder entertained her lady friends in honor of Miss Nettie Scheuer, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. M. B. Knowlton was able to be clown town yesterday for the first time in five weeks. He suffered a severe attack of lagrippe. P. W. Moore will go to Peru this morning.. Mr. Moore still has under consideration the purchase of the Bearss hotel at that place. Yesterday in the circuit court the will of the late Chas. D. Smith was probated, Chris Heber being named is executor: also the will of Augusta Klopfer, John B. Guire being named as executor. Mrs. Harriet Freshour, wife of Herman Freshour of Harrison township, died Monday night at 10 o'clock, aged 3 6 years. The funeral will be held rom the residence to-day at one )'clock, Rev. Boston officiating, interment in Mt Hope. Messrs George M. Robinson and 'hillip Blue, Auditor and Sheriff of asper county, -and S. A. Carson, )eputy Auditor of White county were o-uests of the Murdock last night a.nd vill dtpart this morning for Winamac vhere a large ditch in which the three ounties are jointly interested will be old. Much iterest is being taken in this ity and county in the matter 'of fast orses and as spring approaches the. noughts of many turn to fast drivers, ogttnsport and Cass county can boast f many a fine piece of horse flesh and number of our horsemen have'some ne colts which are ready for the ;arket and will readily find buyers. . Before ordering the new uniforms he Logan Greys wish to recruit the .embership of the company up to sixty men. They are having - very good success, and are getting in some material which will make the company One of the finest in the State. They have sixty stands of arms' and want to have an active and ambitious member to each one. They will be pleased to fnrnish any one wishing to join a military, company any information desired. Peru Journal, Monday: D. A. Hauk. a.Logansport jeweler, was in the city to-day... .Andy Robbins,. o.f Logansport was in the city to-day buying lumber.... Rev. Simpson, of Resolution* ij ITI. ft. McA by Hie Anoka F. mid Alliance. Editor Journal: The following' preamble and resolutions were passed by the Aaoka F. M. B. A. and Alliance January 26th, -1S91. - ','. • . 'Whei'eas, There is now, and has been, for ten years past a general • decline in the price of farm products, thereby diminishing the earning power of the farm, and tending to decrease the value of the farm; and, Whereas, Such declines have been the cause of sreat financial disaster, among- agricultural classes; and, Whereas, The prices of other commodities have not declined in like proportion; and, Whereas, The expenses of County, State and A r atioti have incre'ased in an alarming degree, making it impossible for the farmer of small means to increase-his material possessions; and, Whereas, Men of large capital have combined in man/ cases to contract the prices of the necessaries of life, and also to control the supply, thus hindering a wholesome competition in trade, therefore, be it resolved by AnokaF. M. B. A. and Alliance 1 That \ve will labor for the good of the farmer, and common laborer, in every way consistent with the laws of our order. . 2 That we demand of our county commissioners a general reduction in county expenses and all property be listed for taxtation which is by law entitled to be so listed. 3 That the county public printing- be let to the lowest responsible bidder without regard to their past party affiliations. 4 That the construction and repairs of ditches be controlled so as to make tjbe least possible cost to the taxpayers. 5 That we favor such legislation as will provide free school books to all pupils in the common schools. 0 That we demand the repeal of the law allowing public officers fees in addition to their salaries, and that a law be enacted making the salaries of State and County officers to correspond to the salaries of others whose work and responsibilities are of a like character, in other callings. 7 The passage of a law making the legal rate of interest to conform to the rate that capital invested in farming produces on investment. 8 The unlimited coinage of silver and that the silver dollar be a legal tender for all debts, public and private. 9 That we are opposed to trusts and combines. 10 That class legislation is in direct opposition to the principles of a re-' publican/form of government.. 11 A law making the dealing.ia the, future .unlawful, and punishable ; by' nne and imprisonment. . • • 12 The election of United States Senators to be by a direct vote of the people. 13 That we are unalterably opposed to the liquor traffic as legalized by law. 14 That all real estate incumbered by mortgage indebtedness be exempt from taxtation, to the amount of such incumbrance, and that such mortgage not be listed for taxation in the eoun- Bctectlve fforrt* as u Blackmailer. Detective John T. Norris, the scalawag who gained a somewhat unenvia- ; ble notoriety here some three years 'Has again turned up in a role which does not add-- credit to;;his already unsavory reputation. He is this time accused of attempting to blackmail Dr. 'Sohutti of Laporte. The 'Herald says Jforiis arrested Schutt Friday evening on a warrant from Kosciusko county charging him with unlawfully taking from one James Miller, the sum of §2,300. It is reported that after making- the arrest Korris offered to let the doctor go if he would give him $100. This, if true, would look like a blackmailing scheme. The doctor was taken before Justice Folant who bound him over for examination, the case being set 'for 4:30 Saturday afternoon. At 1 o'clock Prosecutor Andrew called upon the justice and requested the case tie dismissed. The request was based upon the statement that Norn's would be unable to produce the evidence ' necessary by the time set for trial and no doubt the knowledge of the man's character had something to do with the discision arrived at. At the time of the desmissal of the case the doctor was in Walkerton after evidence to prove an alibi when he received a telegram .that the case was dismissed. The doctor has affidavits from reliable •men at Walkerton showing that be was in that town at the time that he is charged with being in Kosciusko county. That, the whole thing so far as Norris is concerned is a blackmailing scheme all are well satisfied, as the character of Doctor Schutt is well known here, afd the character of Norris is not above reproach, but on the contrary his alleged crookedness was well-known." LEAVE YOUR ORDER, Suits made to brder^ $15 up. All-wool Pants $3. Spring Overcoats to order, ••• \ Melton and black Thibet, $15.J Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. No extra charge for long and slim men/ Short and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance upon ready Made garments. Custom made Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE. Spring styles now on exhibition. "** No advance payment required and, If sroods ordered are not perfectly' '-* ' Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. OTTO KR AUS, Of Course. -\ervc <t litver FIJI*. An important discovery. They act on the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new principle, They speedily cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation. Splendid for men, women and children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 30 doses for 25 cents. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. sep28wtf Charles Holton, general agent and George Collier, press agent of W. S. Clevelands Minstrels were in the city yesterday making arrangement for the appearance of their company at Dolan's next Tuesday nig-ht, the 3d. Logansport, preached at the A. M., E. church yesterday.... Miss German and the Misses Theobald are home from their Logansport visit.... Ira Miller of Logansport, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Jamison yesterday .... Miss Mamie Ream, gave a' pleasant tea party to a number of ;her young'lady friends Saturday evening in honor of her guests Misses Oddie DeGroot and Mamie Lux, of Logan- i-eg'reV -"at Patterson's, the Haber- "Sport dasher. • "-'-The Shaffer murder trial had th» effect to almost depopulate the village of Walton yesterday, nearly all the male citizens of that place .coming to the city either as witnesses or • spectators. ,, -. "' : ' 'Hugh Moore, for the past three months barkeeper at the. Murdock, returned yesterday morning to his home at Pittsburg He is succeeded byi "Johnnie" Quitm an old attache of the Johnston house. Indianapolis News: Mr. Magee is one of the members who will not submit to an adverse report of a committee on one of his bills without a bitter fight. When the Judiciary Committee this morning "sat upon" Mr. Magee's bill. : against-usury, the author made his usual fight. He said it was simply the re-enactment of an old law of 1852, providing that any ^person/who collects more .than 8 per -cent, interest shall .forfeit five time's .the amount of the debt. He insisted -so.hard .that the committee's report •should not be concurred in, that his plea was granted and the judgment A JProfcablc Promotion. Lafayette Courier; There, is an understanding in Catholic circles that Rev. Father Edwin P. Walters, the eminent and honored pastor of St. Mary's Church,, .of this city, will at no distant date be exalted to the sacred office of Bishop, his location to be decided by the Provincial Council of the church. The report could not be definitely verified, but a number of prominent Catholics interviewed to-day said that such an event was in the nature of a strong probability; though none were willing to anticipate the action of the Vatican at Rome. While all would be delighted'to have Father Walters thus honored, general regret was expressed at the possibility of his re- ty where such mortgage is placed, and at a fair cash value of said mortgage. 15, A.law making it the duty 'of county commissioners ' to appoint a commission, consisting of one person from each of the political parties, whose duty it shall be to investigate the books and accounts of township trustees every quarter, and that the result of their investigation be published in at least two of the newspapers of the county where such investigations occurs, and that compensation for such commission be 'provided. 16 That we demand of those representing us the State. 'Legislature and in our National Congress that they will do all in their power to enact such laws, and repeal such laws as will agree,' and conform to the above named demands and, - that if sucb de- .mands go unheeded by them, we will devise ways and means for their enactment. JOSEPH CONN, NATHAN' STACKHOUSE, , WM. LOGAN, . M. H. Roderick, Sec. Committee. withheld until the bill is printed and .the Senate-had opportunity te examine , Lafayette as just recognition of ik ] earned merit. .movalfrom his present field of labor. Nowhere is there a more popular priest. He is an earnest" Christian worker, a close student, a gentleman of rare social attainments, and is highly esteemed not only fay the members, of his own sect, but by the public generally. He.has all the qualities neccessary for the high office with which.his name is connected, and his promotion woul'd be regarded by all his friends in well- To-night is. the regular monthly inspection drill of the Logan Greys. These inspection drills are open to the public and the boys would be pleased to have their friends call on them and see what they are doing. The Greys as an independent military organization stands unique and alone in Indiana and as a body the boys deserve •great credit for their zeal in keeping the rank up as they do. They, are at present.making arrangements for the purchase of • regulation United States uniforms and when thus equipped will be one. of the bang up military organizations of the- State. Logansport should do everything- in its .power to encourage and promote in any manner the interests of this crack organization. . : Confirmed. The favorable impression 'produced on the first appearance of the agreea ble liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more-- than confirmed by the pleasant .experience of all who have used it, and the success of the proprietors and manufacturers, the California Fig Syrup Company. Curious Instances of "Their Being Seen Long Distances from Homo. • The denizens of the Cocos islands, in the Indian ocean, were recently startled by the appearance of a huge crocodile among them. The monster did a good deal of damage before he was placed hors de combat by .-the terrified islanders, and his- carcass was conveyed forthwith to Mr. Ross, the "King of the Cocos," who, in the belief of the natives, "knoweth all things." Mr. Boss was completely puzzled, for such a thing as a crocodile has hitherto been unknown in these islands, and as tbe nearest land is Java, seven hundred miles distant, the adventurous croc' must have had a good sjrim of it, The condition arrived at is that the saurian must have voyaged from either Java or the North Australian coast— likely enough the latter, as there are g-oodly sized rivers there, down which tha crocodiles often float on logs and heaps of debris and get carried off to sea. The incident has evoked an interesting communication from A. L. Caldwell, of the A. S. Corps, Chatham, who Was quartered'in Barbadoes in 1885 and who relates that in the-beginning of that year an alligator over fifteen feet in length.went ashore on that island. A sergeant of engineers aud some sappers shot it as it crawled ashore, and it -was exhibited for some time in Bridgetown. The nearest point' this alligator could have reached Barbadoes from was the Orinoco, three hundred miles off, but Mr. Caldwell thinks this impossible, as the.set of the ocean currents-would have carried it much to the 'westward of Barbadoes, if its starting point-had been the mouth of the Orin-' oco.-' He thinks it is much more prolK able that, the alligator'came from the rnoutb- of the Amazon ior from the Essequibo, some hundreds of miles further to the east. : . in -connection with this Barbadoes alligator incident, remarks the Colonies and India, it maybe remembered that Dr. Mitchell, of Trinidad, stated at the time Aint he once saw an alligator on a small log attacked by .sharks in the Gulf .of Paria. In any case, the West Indies for the present must play second to the East Indies in the matter of a large swimming saurian, as the seven hundred miles accomplished by the crocodile recently killed on the Cocos establishes a record.—Chicago Herald. SMOKED ME A T & Of this Braiid will be found Select Goofe SJrt.ug-btered and W. C. ROUTH, Logansport Ind; For Sale bv Leading: Dealers. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. Ucinv from the Note-Book; of Our Railway Reporters-Point* fer* W. G. Saia, formerly traindispatcher of the Fan Handle, and more recently with, the Louisville and Nashville railroad, has retired from the employ of that company to take a position in Chicago, On January 1, a home for disabled railroad men was opened in Chicago, and has already received a number of inmates. The officei-s of. the home receive no salary, and the institution is to be supported entirely by voluntary contributions, which have thus far been sufficient to support the -charitable enterprise. „ It is stated that on the Southwestern system of the Pennsylvania road, within-the next few months, thirty worn] out locomotives will be replaced by, new and more modern engines. Sev- j eral hundred freight cars of light car- | rying capacity will also be broken up j and 3,000 new cars,' .60,000 . -poundb , capacity, are to replace them. : '• I Eastern financial'papers now have | tire Louisville & Nashville negotiating for the purchase of the Louisville, New Albany -& Chicago road; In speaking of this matter, yesterday a prominent railroad man said if .there was any truth in the report the deal was being- made In the interests of the Mcrtt Wins. We desire to say to our citizens, thai for years we have been selling- Dri King's New Discovery for Consumpt* ion, Dr. King's New Life ^ills. Buck-" leu's Arnica Salve and Electric 33iitterj^ and have .never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have- girea sucn universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee' them evorytimel and we stand ready to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow- their use.. . These remedies have won their great popularity jmrely on their merits. B. F. The literary club was entertained by. Dr. and Mrs: Rogers at the asylum last evening in -a v.ery pleasait -, mani! ner. . . . - * ' \ FOND DU LA.C, Wis., Jan. 27.—A permanent organization of the Wisconsin State League of Base-Ball Clubs bas been perfected here. The cities to compose the league are Racine, Janesville, Fond cVu Lac, Oslikosh, Sheboyg-an, Appleton, Green Bay and Marine-lite. Something- Realistic. Book Agent (entering) — Madam, I have a. work of art to show you. It is a'book— . Lady of the House (re-opening the door)—And I have a work of 'art to show you. It is a landscape.—Puck. Caustic. Police. Sergeant— What is your occupation? Mr Ribber—Shir—I'm—shgcntlemanl Sergeant— Well. .700 seem Ki--be out of a job lust nowi- • Puck n , „ Pennsylvania Company, which is very anxious to curb the Monon as a competitor. Tried aud Xrne Is the positive verdict of the. people who take Hood's Sarsaparilla; >Vhen used according to directions the good effects of this excellent medicine are soon felt in nerve strength .restored, that tired feeling driven off,, a good appetite created, headache and, dyspepsia relieved, scrofula cured and all the bad effects of impure blood • overcome. For a good blood purifier, take Hood's Sarsaparilla. . 5 WSTJOYS Both the method- and"'results jt Boon to Wives. Having useu "Mother's Friend" I would not be without it. It is a' boon to wives who know they must pass through the paiaful ordeal of childbirth. MRS. C. MiiXBOtrRNE, Iowa. Write The Bi-adfield Eegulator Co., for further .particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. toSl Syr&p of Figs is taken; it is pleasant* and refreshing to the taste,,and act*' gently yet promptly on the Kidneysj Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sysi tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tht only remedy of its kind 'ever pro; duced, pleasing to the 'taste 'and ac; ceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial "in itg effects, prepared only Jrom th& moat healthy and agreeable substances, itS many excellent qualities commend, it; to all and have made it the moat popular remedy known. C ^ * Syrup of Figs is for'sale in aad $1 bottles by all lei gists. Any reliable druggist wi may not have it on hand "will cure it promptly fcr anyi-one itjtfi wishes to try it. Do aot< accept an/ substitute. ^ -, i ^ CALIFORNIA FIG SYBU&titti SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. -1 LOWSVIULE, M. HEW VOKX, fl'.f, For sale by B. F, Eeesll <md all'i

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