The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1933
Page 3
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102?, Bl.YtttEVII.LE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Young Roosevelt SccksJjNo Favor Motorist Alive By Luck In Earthquake LIFE ITJUEtt F. I). Roosevelt jr., Wants j lo Be "just Another I Harvard Freshman. IIY i:. j. OORWIN NKA Sirvii'i- Writer BOSTON.—In ilu- dimly lil cui- rldor of Harvard's least pri'li'ii- tlnus doiuriiory you . v.'ill iind ihc diioctory of ih" - lii-.-limcn '-11.- denus living iln-re :i Cohen. ;i !•'••ley, a Ucmri-i-hi, ;i Kr/tlmn-i and :i At Ihu f<ii4 of tlie u>:;!tiii|>o!ii:iii list is tilt numfc F. D. »i>astvi-U. jr. Ollir-r lio'jse\ r e!'.s ha\e \r."M at Harvard, but li-w.. have beam. Uieir iinckT(;r:iduali- i-:nws ih-r.- with inon; modesty and less c-i-re- money than the Handsome si son of the President o! ilu 1 Unin-il Tncccion- |{iic.'V-i'e!i, win was in. become prcsiilenl., lived v.'hiL' 1 :ii! Cambridge in a private residenci: and enjoyed Ilu: liiii-r aiipomt- mi-iils. Franklin n. Ituusuvull. j who was to occupy t:'.c Whiu.- Honsfr. lived at one (if the col' swankier gold coast dormitories. | Bin for Franklin D. Roosevelt's i ton. wheezy old Weld Hall, svilh ii>. \ creaking wooden siairs. and its Imr- ' lap covered .sliidy-rcom v.nlls, is (;ood enough. Young Knoscvell r«ims \vilh his cousin, li. E. Delano, on lilt third floor of Weld in a .suite monastic in its simplicity. He pays to live in il 5^20 a year, iviiich is less | Uian half of what it would cost to j tesidc al one of Hie liner dormitories. With no private bai!i. he uses a washroom in common v.-ilh the other students. 'Hie Roosevelt-Delano study, light and airy, is equipped only with a. large table, lv,'0 desks, four wooden chairs. In each ol the small bedrooms lending o!f the study is a bed. a chair, a dresser. If Freshman Roosevelt wants to go in for refinements like ru?s. curtains, pictures and the like, it's up to him to get them. Perhaps it's because the Rcose- velts arc familiar '.vilh freshman life al Harvard that a bundle of bed clothes \vas sent from the White House to suite JO, We!d Hall. And perhaps lhat is why Mrs. Roosevelt came down lo Boston to shop around for such things as rugs, hangings to maich. and a toffee percolator and a bread box. And maybe that was also the reason why the First Lady msiKcied sin's room to calculate measurements for curtains. •'.. - v "• In arranging these appointments, by the way. Freshman Roosevelt had boiler be carefu! nr,; io violate college rules by defacing wa'.ls with tacks and pins. And he might also keep in mind tr.c rule warning against pressing trousers on the college's electricity. For all this simplicity an:l humbleness 'young Roosevelt is iruij gtateful. Just tact from a tour o! Europe, where lie met nnd was fet- i-d by leading statesmen, the president's son wants to be treated like any other of his classmates who live in the freshman melting py llial is called Harvard Yard, and has recently her-n tagged "Ifar vard's Ellir. island." At ihe Harvaui Union. v.'her: he pays SO n week for his meal? Koosevslt nibs elljows r.'ilr: the c?on: of laborers and he wants to be ci filial fooling with them. A "I want lo t? treated just any other Harvard freshman." h told reporters. "I don't want any thin;; special because I luppc? be tlie .son of ti'e iiresident af th Unil«l States. I want people i foryl that, and 1 u-nnl to ?tnn on my own." With this conviction, the la] ftllablc Ireshman has st'-a.'lfasil refused to grant formal intervieu or to pose for photographs o[ rim self alone. Wlien. at 8:M on lii ,' morning of Registration Day. he • boiindfil from (he gloomy port-.:;,! of his dormitory nattily attired in white shoes, smart brown [ell '-at. Cray flannel snil. aixl saw a camera aimed at him. hr side-stepped like n startled dei-r. darted behind n tree and dashed across tlie lawn. Safely out of focus, hut- still MnlliiiS. he shouted lo his would- Ix- phoiographer. "Sorry . . . ,«ony . . . I'm not (joins in for thai kind of stuff, you know." And he snid what he meant. A ftv days later he appeared at Soldiers' Field with the intention o( trying for ct place en (he trtsh- mnn football team. He drew a uniform, but as promptly returned it. He had seen through the windows of the field house ihal an army ot photographers was awaiting him. Then this athletic freshman switched to crew because he "did "'I want to b? hounded by photographers." But still they 'followed, and (he Roosevelt temper mounted. And so. finally, when one pi them sought to snap 'him in row- Ing trunks. Oarsman Roosevelt loM him: -ni punch yoi: in ihe nose Ariel I really mean it." Publicity-shy, earnest. t;- c so:' of Ihc president of the United States proposes t o heed President James Bryant CoViant's advice to Ihc first j-car men lo be lolerant. (o cultivate companionship with others, »nd to guard against "in- Cli AUKOlCS .IHOtOtl'H Is nil Jin win i v ij<'wliero wlseu m^e K-i:iio!i ot curulce ir::s!a-il through lili car during 111 a redout eiu'tlictuako lia-U 1 , us in light, llelow. fii b'iTc-1 at Kir^t aim iy. Out 1 woman uan n:.1 t.i:vvr;il i \V;illrr Sr>w<'ll, Hurl in Ac- cidcul Fahil lo I ni'cc, Shows Improvement. Ki-iini-tl. Mo injured in iit.i .shu-ii ihreii livi-:; v.:-!' 1 il' 1 :l I'.l Ij! 1 nilll.iil'ili". Klulii v.Hi Iu>s;iilu! l-iclay. s'.i :air.i d ,i head tnjiivy :in inn .. Inns fur ionio tiiili'. K'S -AI L'I- li> h:' hi-UI l^d.iy :il llM-rola I .! ]>.,:,,thy l.ilnlli 1 llii|V.-r ID-nmilll .-ii'nl vii-llin 11! 111.- 'l'r:'i- ill-ill, «h:, 'A.,, 1,1 I;,. Ijurii I Ij •.. 1 hi r lalli- ! In .ni O.i.vH.i •r. W. U H'.|,'.'l'. mill I \!:-. (I A. H-J|i-,'. vv L,:ir<l m tin- ar-i ii'i-nt. M naif-Moon .iy lili r;i'.!:i!' MLS. n. i, <'" [li" f!i!HH-:' ar. Mrs. Henry C.C.C. Workers Boast A Harvard freshman who wants no favors and seeks no special privilege is Franklin n. nsos-vfll jr.. uippcr iefl) son of the presidenl. who lives simply in old Weld Hal! (iipjivr right). Thouish ,.e has =;eEidfasik- declined lo be interviewed or photographed at college, lie couldn't escape tile cameraman when as "shown below he took his place in the stroke position in the yearling crew's first p/actli-2. are located as ' ^-ii r I •£ in tin- wiuilesalc markets.; Change Ot Lafe healthful out-of-door work; No medicine can prevent the hns built up the health change of life, but OARDUI hM me:, in Hi,- C.C.G. io siicn , , , { n, ousands or W0me n to nu cxu-nt thsil it hns Iji-cn t-stt- i ' . .ii.ui'd tliui 12 pounds per man. or overcome much suffering at Uiat M l»l A-nml'tr, ill: " llt :i.MU.Qtt() pounds, have' been Unit Purely vegetable, harralta. neaitliy rtppeillCS , iul nv ,, m ,,| n 1( . ,-i|j s u i [| K > workers. Ask the dnifilst lor CAKDUL Duncan and Bunch Trial ' , )A ^ ™ !^^ n w Postponed Until Today . Cilley, r TPTcn' ™^°< c r IT li P rvlct.onacho LULU I LU'tcry, and.Sh. . the sjime tnaehine 1 ously for CO years. George Duncan, ex-cou- charge of assault and bat- ' operates a power hammer. iep Bunch, county farm ' guard, on a charge of carrying a j . concealed weapon, were continueit abov Convention RelUSeS unlU today by Municipal JiKiuc- C.' , . ii ft- • i n : A. Cunningham ytsterday. i to Hear. Unotticial Ke-| The charges wcre p . c r errcd jn ; connection with 211 aileged attack j by Duncan and Bunch on a negro j WASHINGTON i Ul'i — Reports Mri Lois H:iv.k!i:.s ha 1 , bccn-fioiti tt-.c Civilian Conservation COLD WATER, Mich. lUP)— A : .| •ry vr't. ' Cnri:.-; Indlciilc 1 thai the uoys are stamp found by Sherwood Wake--I The 1!-months-old r.on o( Mr. :;cUi!i? plnity to rat. i- n an when he was lODkinu I'.nbuglijl id Mr.'.. H-jiiry Kidiardson died The hur.o 1)111 of fnri-, includiu;; • tliii fUeii o( his phailaWlst friend, I or/ember 'M of liruiu-hiu; piwii-1 5'.; iiiilllcn iKiuiuls cf brcf. n!fHO,-. W. C. Bailey, is re-puled io bell shop continu- u:o.'!:a. Utiriai '.'as m Sawyer ooc CK^ and Pi million pounds of worth S2.HCO. It was by Ih-'J Al prest-nt he . ccineterf. btcon ]ic-r month, has l:ueii a .slim-'to'.vn of Mvlnc'ston, A!a.,- during 11 JK PortlocV: and Hill Buci: ulF.ui to trade in cinumunlii'S (hu- Civil War. Mas been employed in' I If I 5c - 10c - 15c BORUM'S lie[ Committee. •.vonien ... „,. , „,,„ „. to have become involved in the af- I •oup'or 20 -men and women - n ^ empted unsuccessfully ID lore-: . * • • heir way Federalion of L: jay «-ith demands for unemploy- usuccessruliy ID ^ | his aid . d ' ec)arillg lhal the n ji ro j before the ., nmcan - . ed IQB rob him 0 . -;,..[ m Labor convention to- • * * ijtnl insurance. TSie group was ejected to; poiiii. Tnc negro was a stole witness against Duncan several ] years ago in a case which resulted • fo«'Wv | ui a prison term for Duncan and •om the ball room of tlie Willard . t >,c latter lias been annoying the lotel by a sergeanl at arms nn-J [i E gy o since, officers sav. , hrce plain clothes men. i Ross Williford wa-; cleared of a The group ralline itself the A.; ch f kl drh , ln ; .-••. ol -L. Trade Unmn Committee ; „,£,. Tml ^ c|e! ,_ red o[ , ( f . or insurance and I f |a and slle] , N( .. v _ Relief, claimed to be composed of comb negro _ also won & j vMM on .aid up members of ihe federation. | a d ]K cha Its !iead M unrters are in New York I J C3SC Qj rcceivin sloicn op ami the commKtee hns just con-1 crl illsl Glls Flcmin was nol](; eluded a two dav conference hero, i pj-osj^J Louis WeiustKk. cecrelLtry of. the i On|i mAn was fmC( , $ , 0 |or b . round invading committee, sent in n ; President William Green a renws! i (or ]>ermi5Sion to appear, before t^e ! convention. The sers-eant-at-urnii. j an elderly whits-haired man. re- : turned and told Weiuslork t'mt '"and his companions could net enter. Tiie three police ouicers closed in and immediately herded t!-e invaders into elevators, accompanying them to ihe eronnd llccr. lie drunkenness. Read Courier News Want Ads. Anatomv Exoert Mexican Indians Shy k< oi" ^'"knov.,! ,;ru^ One Sure Way to End Coughs and Colds 1 Persistent couglis and colds leatl ;o serious liouble. You can slop! Kiem no\v with Cteoiuul.sion. an t.-mnLsilli'd en'USUte tlKll is p,L'a>:- ;'iil lo take. CiTotnul-'ion is a in 1 ; ' ::u-<lic:il discovery wull twii-luid : :.<tion: il soothes and he.Us th • infiamod iiieinlirinK-.^ and ml-.ibi; r;IOV,'tll. NEW 11 cuuiii:-:vd by hi'-'h nu<Hc:i! .uilho:- ORI.EANS lUPi—You can jitie.s as one o: (he Hi'taiot IH-.I:- lal:e il from Dr. S'ella Lechc of the department o[ anatomy of Tnlane University medical schnol 'hai the Indians of Mexico are n 'hv racu! RetiirninR recently finm nn ex- licditioM amon!: the Mexican IribL-s. ,i 0 p n,,. Dr. I.cche said her si-ientific studies were almost wrecked uv Hie Indians' 'ear lhat slu- wanted to kiss them. "You ^ce." slic said, "f had to ing ayencie.i for pr-rsistt-nt c!iu;:h iind cold.s and utlie.' futms u, troul)le:- Cri-ouiiil>-li>n eoi:- utins. iii ariihtmn lo ^urjo:.. mil: i 11'iiliiiy eU-inenty which soothe aiul lie.".! the iuinu-d Membranes an.l iri'it-Aliiin and inllaimna- lion. wlille (hr- crersote goes on l> ::ie slimrach. is nl»orbed into the ' bicod. ni-.d attacks tin- of Ihe i\ mv lips like this lo ?how the Indians how ! wanted them to hnlfl Iheirs while I measured their focos. They couldn't uniler- • stand what I meant when I told them in Spanish, so 1 hnd to 1 ow them. ' "Well, each lime 1 did it Ihe Indians would set up ami run nr ;e hang their heads in shame. Finally T dlsrovered they lhon?hi I wanted to ki« them and Cri-DimiLsirui is ^u.iiaiitei-d s:itis- ' ti-flovy in Ihf n\.:lmeni ct p -.silent coituh:; and colds, bronchial ;is!hm;i. bitJiictiHis. anrl i:; t,Awj][t'i (. I for buildiu;; no llK 1 system alt? edits or tin. Ynur i:\ui <lrii;; i.-, j .nifhoriyeri to rt-tund ycntr hiun- , ' i.n the <pol if yjiir ooujl. t;r ix-Ui , i. 1 , not roU-ived b> f'ri-omulsion. Ativ. wanted to kiss made them shy." Delaware's Charter Business Slumps tellectual snobbishness, sci-.ool clan- nifhncss look." and narrowness of W1LMINOTOK. Del. 'UP)—Delaware, the legal home of hundreds' of the nation's largest corpora-1 lions, may have to find n differ-1 ent method of financing the slate than the present corporation lax- Thc charier business started in 1898 and has been on the gradual, decline since Ihe starl of the pres- '.-iit economic depression. I Then when an upturn seemed; in sight, the business of charter-' ing new companies took a sndden out-1 rlump with the approval of the Federal Securities Act. LIFE INSURANCE \Vhnrc your <!oll:ir is al- v.-ay.s .safely invi-.-li-il: lh« l>cKt e.stnto In leave your loved one°. All niodorii Conns :il I o w n n n - |Kirlu-i]>:ilintt i-atus. Our nc\v lo\v rate ordinary rate for liusiiiess men will interest you. A lalk with W. M. BURKS, Agent Jefferson Standard Life' Insuranrrt Co. will con vincp you. and pure WITH 11M TOBACCOS that's why Luckies draw so easily You've noticed it and you've appreciated the smooth, even- burning quality that is so much a patt of Luckies' character . . . Round and 'pure— fully packed with the world's choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos—and no loose ends. That's why Luckies draw so easily, burn so uniformly. "it's toasted " FOR THROAT FROTF.CTlOJf-FOK HETTKU TASIK

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