The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1947
Page 8
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>jta|i EIGHT BLYTHEVftJtE : (AKKi) COURIBft NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY, 1C, 1947 Defendant Lectures Prosecutor SAN DIEGO, July 16. (UP) — Mrs EJizibetlv Ingalls, fanner Bos ten Kxrfallte charged with keeping a Negro maid in slavery, yesterdas accused U. S. 'Attorney Ernest To- Hn of) being u. 'Communis-." anil acting;"like n Stalin." Mrs *"ing'Ji's ' .charged'.with keep ing Don Jones in bondage for 3! j<v>!-:i b'as Itealifying In defense o l-.oistir and 'Miei'.. husband 'wlioi suddenly she began lectining To lin, the government's chief prose ciilor. '^ •.••-.. "You have '.i^ted, like a Stalii Ysu have completely kept 1112 fron " seeing'Dora," Mrs. Inealls cried. Despite related requests Iroi FeJcra'. Judge Jacob Wcinberge Lo "ffessc' answer Uw- question and do not ,iet, oif .itlie subject. Mrs. Ingalls went on: "I don think the United States govern n-nl meant-for''Wining like th to (le done to a United States clt izcn of my "caliber." "My ; daughters have been mad monsters," Mrs. Ingalls said. Speaking directly to^Tolin si raid. "I wi-ctc you that the pro edition C'?nie utout Because u .Rol-en'/i (Mrs. Tngalls' son-in-law) | nnrt Mr. TWin are Comnmiusts. I wauled to spare my daughters.! They -are now despised <*l .the country lor what they done to me." At this point Judge Weinbemer flillin Intorrupted nnd asV.ed Her to answer questions. "I'll' try, your honor, but I've been darrmsd up for five months nnd it will be hard," Mrs. Ingalls Plan to Circle Globe in Piper Cubs Brothcr-in-Law. l of, J^f.\ ••,• Morgan Takes Own 'Life N'EW YORK, July 10. (U?) — ritr.ds Relieved yesterday that .ncMr.ess t'.'.fsed Herbert Llvingr.- 011 Sa-tlerlee, 83, wealthy, while- dnd brother-in-law of the late p. Morgan, lo commit sui- de. | g.i'.-.crlec, lawyer, .banker and' Walhroplsl ,1>(ul removed hisi lollies, folded them nently and', cattct him'iclf in n lialf-filledj ntlilub. He was shot once in Hie- eini)!e, near his riaht eye. | Dr. Milton Helpeni, deputy chief i'dlcali'xasnhii'i 1 , said, "No ques- ion about il. He did ,11, dellljer- itc'y." . •'. '. Friends said f.iii'.isrlce ,•)>•«! lost nl'.Tcst In all activities since th'r- iralli of his wife, the - former l.miishi PicriXJiil Morgan, sister of J. P. Morgan the younger, lasi O.'luljer. She hud been an invalid and S:ii,tcrlcc spent nrast of hi? i::r.i' with her. The U B. has enough coal reserves lo .supply all the nation's heat, Unlit, power, and other uses for 1500 years, says one leading, en- (•ine-er. <liavc George W. Truman, Icfl, of Los Angeles, and Clifford V. Evans, Jr., of Washington, chart their 21,;i50-mile course for the first 'round-the-world lii'htplanc flight In history, which they will make in two Piper Cub cruisers. They plan to leave New York on or aboul .July JB in Iheir lUO-horscpower planes, which carry 133 gallons of gasoline and have a range ot over 2000 miles. , said Previously Dora, was Mrs. Infills 11 "primitive Icslified who "loved with all her might and U .'led her might." 'Read Courier Ne«:> Want Ads. DEHTH of a A SERVICE. INC TIII1 STOHYl Hlllh ltrf, h!l» lK'1-II llll iiiuylUB li>li> nil -f chill Cur ulrlM. (ilu- mrl%'t». 1K1-IU >vnri« In Shi- ••--••! !<r :i i^irly. - *>i"<n». lii Iit-1- . tniK tlir llri- es «». lhi- h.. <|I[<*«1M thnt Ni: • Klrl for n I'liurlr her Will, Hulh 0 AT; 10:15 she heard the steps. She had the door open before •Mrs.iFister reached it. "There was no trouble?" Mrs. ' T/islef iisked. "Ot>, no," she said, .edging 1'or- wnrd. (j^'v-i^'.j-.. Mrs. Fisler tried fq take her . nrni.j "If you'll 1 wail, I'd like to give you—" "No, thank you. Good night." She '.never did know what Mrs. Fislei- wanted to give her. Back in her own toom she! locked the door and; turned on every light. The ceiling light, the : desk lamps, the lamp between the two beds. They would, shine from the vl-indow down into the courtyard; articulate in the night. They would tell a watcher in another window that she was there. But she wouldn't be; she'd be gone. i She put on her hat and coat ! and went to the bathroom, groping i to the window in the dark. There : she 'stopped. The window was | open' as she had left it, but il j the \ though h n r door \vr.s less thau '11111:0 yr.ils ;v,v:iy, she ran. By Ihis llni 1 ; she was frantic, and she wi.lhud tin- llo.-i: 1 until she was calm er.f>ii;;h to P'-MI again. The lire esf.apc mul been a bad idea n the first place. Dav.gcrous. Tile nain entrance was still hopeless nt 10::iO the lobby :md the lounge would be ofCUE'icd. I'll go in the moriiini:, she thought, MS early as 0. I'll put the blue in my suitcase, and if anybody snys anything I'll say I'm iR it to the cleaner's. They all saw me spill the lea. Then I'll go,to Blackmail's for one day only, so if miybtvdy checks on me I'll be there, and it'll look nnlurnl. As if I meant to I'omo hack here tomorrow night. Miller. I've got lo make a very mporlant call. It's long distance, Miss Plnmmer, bill do I have to lay for it right away?" Miss rhmmier said Ihe call could be charged, and there was n lew interest in her voice. "CJo right nhcad, dear," .she saul. 'It's to a Mi 1 . Norman Crawford, person to person, please. In Chicago. 1 ilon'l know the number or Ihe address, bul he's very prominent in Chicago and I know yon can find him. A Mv. Norman Crawford in Chicago, the one who used to know a Ruth Miller." for Complete Protection Against All JNSURABLf HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. ' 124 W. Ash St. I One problem In air disaster's Is autokinetlc 'Illusion, the tendency of a person, locking nt a single. fixed point of light, to think, tlio light Is moving. One cubic mile ol air from the Gulf or Mexico may conUin -as inucli as 40.000 tons of witter ivjicin. it Is over, say lo'wa. ' Read Courier News Want Ads. Club 61 Blythevllln, Arkansas Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Forties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. <Red) Bickerstaff and George Ford For Reservations Telephone 9i4 "Wo rnie;ht as well turn right nround -go home—the chiidreifhave emptied all tl.u picnic baskets on the way!" FRECKLES,&, HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL._RT,OS3ER • Lion Forms 1st Right AT, 11 o'clock slio was thirsty, so •'*• Uu'-sly lluvl. thinking about the cold valor in the hnlhroom was almost iinbcni-iiblc. Shining nickel tap.s, beaded with culd nuiistu Was it safe lo ijrv out in the hall t it? She \\-c.l her ilry lips and figured her chances in the hall She was in a blind alley, n (lent end. Pjicki-omns lo the right, tire door to the Icfl. Beyond the fire door, the sUiiv. 1 ; ;uld elevator. II someone came clown the hall 01 the other side of the door, wonk she hear the steps in time? Then asjfl'.e visualized Ihe hall and saw the door, Hie Ijalh, and the pack rooms, she saw something else The telephone'. Bl;u-k, shilling beautiful. The telephone! There were millions ot people :i other end ot the telephone. Free Delivery Call .' migh't as well have been barred. ; Rain : fell steadily, striking the : narrow, iron platform," rebptmd- 1 ing from Ihe glistening skeleton ', steps. She couldn't believe it, and '. put out her hand to . touch the •dripping rails. Her hand slipped 1 as if;shc had touched grease. I'd break my neck, she said. "he retrieved her wet suitcase —1 went back to her room. Al- The whole world was at the other •nd. Paris, London. New York, San Francisco, Chicago. She gasped. Chicago! She threw a triumphant look, abmit her. Chicago! Miss Plumnior's voice was sleepy, but she didn't sound surprised. ''Miss Plnmnicv," she v.'hispcrcd, "Miss -Phimmer, < this is Ruth S HU leaned ugr.inst the wall, one hand still on the door. Mr. Crawford would know what (o do. vas the one who'd i;ivon her money and told to go wny. He'd remember. He'd rcal- .ce bow bad it was. She heard Miss Plumnicr speak ) the operator and then Miss lunimer said, "We're trying, dear, jut it may take a little while." •he pressed 1 Ihe receiver close to I - er car and lislcncd to the distanl 'oices. Far away someone spoke a lumber. She let go of the door while she wrote the number on the telephone pad. It would bo a luod thing to have, she might need it again. .She slipped the (Minolta her pocket and listened eagerly. Voices came and went, u voice that was New York, a voice thai was Chicago, liehiud them was a sound of humming. She called it singing, .she called il a singing wire. H was like music. A new sound joined Ihe others, a low grinding sound like a metal wheel turning. ' '['hat's interference on the line, she thought. It's got lo slop or I won't be able lo hear. I've gol '.a hear. "Miss Phmmier?" she said. "There's something on Ihe line." Then she remembered how cleat- Miss Plummcr's voice had been, even while Ibc grinding sound went on. Thai meant Ihe sound was outside the telephone. She fought paralysis and turned her head. The heavy tire door was opening slowly, inching open as she watched. Then il slopped. She Hung herself into her room and locked the door. (To Be Continued) PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba MOW \VHAT IN TAKNATON GC£S CM-' GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left .at the Arch W Ft. 7 Crown •. . 1.35 Calvert . . ..... 1.35 Schenley : 1.35 Cream of Kentucky. .... 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill 1.40 ; OW Taylor ........... 1 Four Roses i 5% Beer .'. .... . . ! GAS, reg 17.9c; 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 .per Case $3.35 Etnyl 19.9c :AII Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35 Ke Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY i 08 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNKH BILL WILSON NEVER HEARD TELL OP LIONS ^M THESE VOL)'RL r DUE" FOB- SURPRISE THEN' \yt,]L»yji y i J&W® /G-lAMT OiRCUS «f<< THIS WEEK OMLY // Chamblin Sales Company Sales — Stmlebaker — Service You've been hearing; a lot about Studebaker Postwar cars . . have you noticed what Stuilebak er trucks are doing? Buy With Confidence From Chambiin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks Kilt 1917 Chevrolet }4 ion pickup 1MB Studcbaker y. ton pickup 1913 Dodge '.'2 ton pickup 1941 Chevrolet % ton 194C Ford Super H-'limr Sedan 1941 Studebaker Champiim 4 door 1941 1'ontiac 8— 4 Ooor Sedan 1941 riymouth Deluxe 4 door LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete Line of Sliukbaker Parts and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studebaker Dealer "First by F:ir With a Postwar Car"^ ' ' *•' • ;'*. Bill Chamblin —RR & Ash St., rhone 2195— Lex Gbacibl'n WASH i H P-S Falling for It ' PCXWIPEWCE V...OMUN6, 1<WE« {•EflMJST— WE HAS SWLED ROKSM— SAVED IN FM.L TO THE RING ON US AGMU.MR. BV HER FXTHEK.I STILL REMEMBERED KR1HGIE! LOOk, !A ONE OF THE FWED FWIN6 K.OMA1S! A, SWELL THE STOE.S VIIU. STlLU BE FRESH IN EVE£V- /BUT TILL THEM OUf'S WNP VJHEW / KEEP POUHDING- WE UNNOJSCE 5HE'£ THE PHRASE "ARF THE lUCKf BPkBN: ITU i 10V THE URIMSIE B^BS?"I^ITO THE ; Our Boardinq House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way VJUHB 'SHEER IMGEMVMTY.TVOISGS.'CIAIEF Ve CAM.E TO MUSE OVER. ' OLD UOMTlNiS -? S }. RECORDS NE.VSR AN5NiE>iED THE ABANDONED LfxMD AMD AW TRAFFIC AKR ^V VAS Ihi NOUR. DOSTBO\NL JWMD? By J. R. Williams YES. IT-3 HIM - - AMP WE'VE 1 ONLVBEEMAWAV TWO POLICE.-. KMPIM6 VIC FLINT You Do Meet People (JY MICHAKL O'MALLKY and RALPH LAN UED KYDF.R Dark Deeds HY K1>UAK EE VEAIS AGO >*! RfrtffOC* > 'X VKZLEY utf tiilRZE^ZC Bf s avwzr A \v n;ex VOL DA ; '•-• HESE'5 YO^R V.VFOF THE r\o«£if, SSICK.' \s!E'LL GE1 RID CF HIS BODf AFTIR R.1SHT •' FIGURE HE T TO IF ANY &0 DY E.V ER 5A\0 US WE<V?lNy HIS FArtCY 6L1M6ELT THf OU1 WHAT HAPPErtEP i il i ^i i 1 *fcj M THE FIFTH W PM OF THE PUBLICtTV CWAPM6M IWT BREST IM THE B^6H'S \1,T,F.Y 001' Ciin Dream, Can't He? By V. T. HAM LIN ROB=3TV\ CRUSOE.EH? WELL. V.ELL.' If I GOTT^ B£ A, t^STA.\\'AV. I DON'T SNOW'S T COLIUOA, PICKED A NICE.R PACTV T'SH/VSE MY > \V!TH--\v'E OUGHTA SET ALONG FSsTTy SWELL.' I NEVEB READ AMY- THINS IN THAT / LOCK XT HIM..: YARN ABOUT n-s AND HER BUDDIES News? FUK1) IIAKMAN if A. J. Mogul, the steel tycoon,said he wanted to s«e me, who was Vic Flint to object ? 'DON'T WORRY ABOUT MV MAME, WI55. JUST TAKE A PEEP > k "AT THIS CARD. MR. MOGUL WILL SEE YOU IMMEDIATELY, . KINDLY COME WITH ME & moment later I was ankle deep in an oriental rug and facing A.J. Mogul himself. .. cure, TO OLK?-\- UP,

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