The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1940
Page 2
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FAGITWO NEWS 'SATURDAY, NOVEMBER Social Calendar / MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's Auxiliary, First church, meeting 2:30 o'clock tt church. ^Wfcniih'* ' feocltty of Christian Service, Lake Street Methodist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church. . Executive board, Woman's Council, First Christtan church, meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. George W. Patterson. Woman's Missionary Union, First Baptist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church. ' Circle One, "Woman's Society of Christian Service, First Methodist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock with! Mrs. Don Sutherand; Circle Two,, |^|l$| Mrs. Elton W. Rtrby; Circle Three, I ***"**•* Mrs. H. L. Harp; Circle Pour, Mrs. P. L. Husbands. Miss Sara Lou McCutchen entertaining T. N.'T. club. TUESDAY'S EVENTS ' Delphian Fine Arts group meet- tog .9:30 o' City Library. | - Miss Mildred Moore entertaining Double G. Bridge club. Miss- Mildred Moore entertaining Double ^B.. Bridge club. , Duo-Quad Bridge club, meeting with Mrs. Tom Heaton. V : Mrs_ Huhter,'C.. Sims having Tuesday Bridge club. *"*"" i Jesse M> While entertaining '.-Contract cLiib. laiy..-club "meeting with Mrs. Jesse Taylor. v Beauty for the Thanksgiving Table past ?r»nd tnttroh 6f Arkahcas; Mrs. George Raines, secretary; Kirs, t, B Smith, 'grand, tfeprtsentttivfe for Indiana; Mrs. Geneva Fowier, Mrs. Robert Crews, Mrs. John Andrew Edrlngton, and -Mrs; N. L. <3rlUesj>ie of Joiner; the last-three being star points. * .-* *. Attend Referendum Instruction Meeting County agent, E. H. Burns; Miss ! Inez Kincaid, county demonstra tion agent; Charles R. Coleman former "president of the Mississippi County Farm 'Bureau; E. B. Chiles of Pecan Point, Fred Davis, G. W, Roth, J. J; Pickren and Miss' Cora Lee Coleman of" Blytheville spent Thursday in. Newport attending the 1 school of instruction preliminary to Me cotton marketing quota, referendum to be held on Dec. 7. A schedule of meeting places and leaders in the various communities where the referendum will be Voted on will be announced within a few days, it was stated by Mr. "Burns. Coy E. Self res, county AAA administrator of Osccola, also attended the meeting with the gr6up. * * * ' E. H. Burns, Frank Bell and Charles R. Coiferhah attended the Farm Bureau, Supper meetilig at •• Bafisett Wednesday night. Around 50 members from over the county •/were present, , ' v Mrs., John Bthibrd White has return ed'irpm/ ; Uttie fcbtk where-she ^as the guest of her mother, Mrs. Murphy Andrews; Mi's. White also assisted in receiving;; and serving at the debutante tea fciven on Thursday by' Mrs. .'G.> A; Roth -in honor 'of her daughter. Miss" Jane Both, at theif; iEdgehhili. home.' Miss Pretty Soft-Bali Different,-it least, was Katherine, Rbhffer's tvay .of Crashing the movies. 'Miss Roh'rer di'3 it by way of a Hollywood girls' Softball! team for which she ' civJwied aV first base and;hit: at a merry clip for two yelars before an^ M-G-M* JKoiU /spotted- <aiid ^ signed "her. ' Remarkable ability^as. diamond -performers h^vfe .led to' girls obtaining positions in ptHerlines; but Miss Hohtfejr is^ftrst to land.* hiovie contract 'because bi attractiveness in sbftball Shorts. Above is proof that-it frafho trick at all.'tb glamorize the free^swihgirig swatter. ,- •'" ' • • - /••• ''<'•• ;•-.-'<•;•''.. '>,•>• .; -.< j' r' : '•'','<''«'•'>•' V^v;--^;; vSv.-:,:* -s^v./ .'•y'^\ l -•-• • ^!. : ~i&^ : '^^^::<-;^+-''±- i •' 'Roth's-, debut "part^: 1 "wits 'given on A combination 'of colorful fruit and fresh flowers. wiji look ,new; and smart oh".the l^-ThahfcsgiVitig • 8ih« i>.,,.. viir'thrtftv- • : •'' '•• ' ..,,,., ,*-•'* ' < ' •• - .' • •. " i • ~ / • • . t . -. '"'*»'-''.. i. '','•' • L^.- ' *' : . 1 It I *Jll v*lvi<&j fc - * -^ b ; •nhjv tnhln.. The cehterDiece. above, Dosed in the cen'fcer .:bf a ; buffet simper tible.'includes' clusters M; r&i ' w. j: hrtwt-\ainvi: Mainr F P Sacred Music Theme of A chorus of 65,junior high school scents presented a group of sacred numbers, "Joy to the World," "6 Worship the King" and "J Will Extoll You," for a high point on the: program of - sacred music of i. the world presented at the meeting: 1 of the Woman's club Friday after- ' noou^n the auditorium of the First'=j. Methodist church. J Mrs. r Don Sutherland was leader"! of. the program. The junior high | chorus was under the direction of.' Miss Mary Emma Hood. j Other -numbers * were as follows: : talk 911,-'Chants,'' Mrs. Neill Reed; ' organ" 'solo, Mi's. William Hendrix; ' Violin solo, r 'Avo Maria," Mrs. R. G. AUett,' accompanied''by-Miss Nannie ' Clarke Saiith; talk v ".Hymns of the ' Church;" Mrs. Renkerfc Weten- fcamp. - i • Throughout the club meeting . Thanksgiving- was emphasized. Autumn flowers were used both in the auditorium 'and in the social rooms of the church, while turkeys ornamented the , individual cake? j ' served with coffee and other tea decorations. Mrs. "George M. Lefe Mrs. Ney' Hunt and Mrs. W. S Johnston were hostesses. Tr» •*-" Here On Sunday ' Rev - Sunday in the :/ absence of the Rev. Alfred Carpenter-. ^Special music. '•'" '; ;; ^-'-',.'.-.'. ••-. •','V • ' '.'• • .' • 6:30 p. m. Training union." ' ; ; 7:30 p. m. ^Evening vprea'ching sen'ice.'Sermbn i by Rev. Vof; Dell.:will I s the subject ot.' LiUXOlU RAPTtSt CritRGH Ralph L. Dottglfts, Paster aO:pO* a., m ; Sunday- school; Mrs. S.'J. 'Smith. superintendent.. ;' ; ' ; 1 1. :00 a. ; nv; Worship scrvicbs. . The 'pastor" will Yise * for" his •text "Luke 12:15.. "The Sin .We 'Overtook^ ';<'.• -; '6:00 p. in. B: T/ U. Mrs. Mirmie Berry. 'director.-'; '''.;.''•/.• 7:00 p. m'.^Wol'sliip .servtccs. Letus all : ' go ; to church somewhere next. Sunday; if- y6iiva,Te;hot •airea'dy ^attending; a J church, why not come to -the. Baptist services. T\ie pastor extends, :you a- warm veicbme. . ,'•'•'•'*•"' -/•":•• . * FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH which/^ of ..Christ. 'Sciehtist- arid ChnsUan . W.-. J;''Drivet;;.and (Major .P. P yacdbs are .gues^this-week at tht 'ann'ual;: ideer liuht 'given at the J t>\ Befck plantfctiop, hear Hughes Ai-lc.; by:;J; 0. ii: BeckV : iSr. '• Among /other /guests : invitebl were Judge E.^t. McHenry and E. L. 'McHenry;'. Jr., 'Guy Freeiand, Har- ringtoh • -Noe'l Balkuin. Bert he- that haUfth - hii> life rh world .^hall -keep it unto Hfe hal." ;7 abhn: 12:25; • , - ^; Ani'png' the citations which ptise the Lesson-Serlhbii ^ is thie -;iol4 ; . lowing JirpTh the ' Bible V^'This Spirit itself', beareth '-witvjiess' with 'bur ?, that we are: the children -f Bite of Newt Uosdy Periottait The Rev. H. 'C. Leete of Tulsa' : Okla., will -begiu an evangelistic Geb. TV* ;-.-r«L(ct-5ttb.- Minister . . 9; 45 H. m., Bible school, 'Russell Barham; superintendent;'". . ' ; ; :• 1 1 :0b a.- in.; - worship, ; bQ>n'm>iixion and "preaching. 4 ''Sp'irituaV Power"; will. .be the r ^etmoh^.^hemfe.;^'":'- ' 7:30 ix- m., VorslVlp ^atid •pfeaph"-, ing. "D~6 You. Want ? a .RevivaHrrf' How .\Ve 'Have <Dhe, ! ' -wili' ^be th'e Science Societies"-;bn^^ $uhiclay : ,:V^rpv-. Mann of ^Marianha. "VV'. M. Camp- embcr 17, Ii94bl:. - -• . / • rvv [bell, and I^ell Taylbr. : 'The Gbideh'^ Text- is ''He tiiat Geo ^ ^- br'-Joiher, populai iovetli^ -his irfe shall Ibsfe "it; aha:! hi g h s 0 ^!:^ 1 " 0 ^>"^ member oi h^'.that' h-ai^Vi ."vii'«'.-"'tifb-'.i*i •'-•fiiii: the Future Farmers 'of America, is in Kansas City this week attending .'the annual : convention of tht F.F. A. George Sisk was her of the ; recent tractor-plowing contest .over ,'nine other boys northeast Ai'kansa.s and was' enter "eel m'the Mid-South finals in Mem phis. . . ' v Mis. .R. L. Maxwell and daughter plenda , Marie, and Mrs. John Douglas spent four 'days last wee : in Greenville; Miss. Mrs. Maxwe -attended the Eastern ^Star cere •inonies "given by; the .chapters oi Shaw; -Leland and indianola in jionor df'.,Rirs. -Zelpha Mancell. •Verthy-grand- matron of Mississippi. 'Jf|t<) Mrs. : Douglas-attended the bed- f side of-an auht,;Mrs. J. D.- Harper,; .who/-is seridiisiy ill in the King's daiug'htcrs' Hospital 'in Greenville. ;i;While : there Glenda Maxwell was invitecl. to sing. over" Radio station Gpd. :> RpmaiVs; 8:16. ' 'The LessoiirSerrhon- also incluHeV the following passages from fthe 'Christian- Science textbook, "iSciebjce and Heal th .with Key to . the ' •S6iip- by Baker. Eddy: '^ greafc "spirituai fact, must be brought 'out /that;' "man -js, .iibt- sliall be, per^feet'- arjcllmrn^i-tal:'' p., 428. - -'^ For a Smart Snow-Docile!' meeting at the Assembly of God i sermon . theme.; : \~. church Sunday. Services will be each night at 7:30 o'clock.. CHURCH NEWS < Mrs. Ray Mann an dson, Ray, Jr.j have returned to their home in Wilson after spending a week here with Mrs. Mann's parents, -Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Blomeyer, and family. .- Mr.""aiid Mrs. Charles G. More- he'ad "are spending today in Memphis. Ernest Brown was dismissed Thursday from Walls hospital where he underwent emergencj' treatment TEMPLE 1SR-AF.L Hernian Pollack, Kahbi l p. m. Sunday school classes will meet. ,• . .' , . , • 3 p. m. Services. Sermon topic: "Idols of Modernity;" In coriivhem- oration of Abraham, the religious inconoclast, the discussion will be an application 'of Francis -Bacon's •four '^dols of the'"••mind" to the most . cordially, I'ihnte ;. the .public, .Your •'minister, is {Jraymg and working, .'and ^ffeaidBhg with all his earnestness. Are :you graying and 'workih'g with liim? ;T6getner *— with God— we : 'c&nnqt'.fai]. . .'•:..• ASSEWBtY OF GOD CtttJRCH Seventh and Ash streets S. A. Merriil, pastor". 8:30 a.m. Radio' after having been"stnick by an I contemporary scene. automobile Tuesday. j Everyone is welcome to attend. Mr; "and Mrs. J. A; Leech rctuni-! — '—- cd.: Friday from New York City PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH Were they spent a few weeks. En H. J. Keiindicnst, Faslor route home they stopped in Gin-j Divine service with Holy Com- cinnati for the 22nd annual cbn-hrnmlon. 9:30 a. m. 9:45. a. m. Sttnday school. John Davis.' superintendent. , 11:00 a.' ny IvTorriing 11:00 a. r ..m; /Children's 'chiirch. 7:45 p. irt.' '5h ; ahg:elfstic 'serVlcte. ' 'o'clock.: 'Yo'u'ni \_, Personal Mrs.,iVl6uton Speaks . . in the' Making! was tie subJecC ' of , the address- by, ; Mrs. ton df '" liarrisburg. to the ;C)8ceola-; : Pa rent ..Tesciier Asso- ciaiipn in their; i^qvember. • miBeting at 4^e -high sch'ool buiVding Wed- '''' > Moutbh was ^introduced by . HiBirtsill Banks; president. after group singing 'of America and ^rftyer-by'thc Rev> Harold B. 'Tillman. •: pastor. -of , the Baptist, church. The' : ReV;; : 'L. T. . Lawrence, pastor of fche. {Presbyteriah :church, and the •fefev. ."Lester JK1. Bickford, -pastor ..of the. '(SliPrlstian church, . were also reije Manila's Methodist £i Parsonage Free Of Debt ^MANILA, .Ark. f .Nov. 15". — .The W<?mten of the \V. S. 'G. S. 'of the jjlaiiiia ,'M^uipdist church "announce -that' the/Methodist Pareonage is .fteie... of debt; " ; ' j_ ..T^ie women of the' -fornier-Wo- rnan^s Missionary Society, now tht Mention of the American BootUers oT "Carbonated Beverages. T--yictbr Trumble. of San • Diego. 'Calif., came : this morning for a 'Sunday school session 10:45 a. m. Tlir. Lutlioran Hour over WMPS . . ... . . , - 12:30-and over KLGN at 3:30 p.m. Short- visit.with his brothers. Hedge ; No evening \vovship 'Slid' Bert. Trumbte, ;and .' TamiUcs ! P'ngrlm Guild lii'cete Thursday, Wiieh ;he returns tomorrow he will'7:30 p. m. X -I -bfe^aocbmpwiieci by; his brother,! Wa-lr.her League Social Thursday. 3 will spend-;.two "months'7 p. m. in "California with him. i Adra .Gardner, of Russellvillo. | sr.ruction fh. .oyeraight guest in 3:30 p nu having -come- over especially j Training class meets Tuesday and : ; for the Russellvilltj-Blythcvillc game ][Tl-tursday. 3:30 p. m. Fridaiy .itight. :y;"J.:,;C; Canipbell..or Litlic Reck, has attended .to business here lor the; x past two daysV •'... Miss -'Virginia Martin, - daughter People's meetitig. Friday, 7:45 o'clock, Bible stud? The ^ReV.-H. G. Uete of-'TUlsa Okla., will 1 begin an •evangeiistiG meeting at. this'church Sunday- The public, is cordially wefcometl to these services;. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fletcher Spnice, t»aslor Sunday-school opening exercises, 9:45 a. m. Worship and instruction for fill age groups. . • ; ( Special music and singing. 10:45 a. -m. . ' • '. , Morning .sermon by. the pastor, U'a. m. Subject: 'Vwhat Mean. Ye By.This Service?*' AB the end of this- sermon ..we will obsen'e the .5 class on Christian In- LorcVs Supper;, '•-'-, -,' 1 " '7. Wednesday. pri-J ^Jiiuiors .nieeUng at 3:30'-p. .in, N^ Y. P. S. meeting. 6:45 p.- ni. : _ Evangelistic message by the pastor. 7 :-30. p.. m. Topic: "Sahctifica- ,/In : ^tWfe .-board -meeting held at- 2:00 p,;in, Bftrs.'-'A; .F^.Spifese, finance chalriniii, repprted $154:65 realized. froth : ;thje Hall'pween Carnival. W, 'of toe ele- , assumed the .responsibility" of payinfe .off -the. .$1'G90 indebteclness _i iv 1935. 'Since that time the women have kept, up -, the monthly ,'pa'y- "intti'ts" on 'thCj loan, . the 'insiirance ar»d:.rnade payirt6nt5 on the princU ' Society ^Personal foods for •winter was^read by Mrls. .F*. '• JB.'A Wahl.' :"Mjv" Favorite Cookie . Recipe'- : "was -• given ^"by Mrs.. .Essie Davis, who' led' the round _;. ;ta'bie dis- musstbri on yarietles' of- . 'cookfey and their place..|n rnehu Jplanning •Garhefil were played', difrmg; ; ; the 'social hb.ur :,ahd ^refresrjmerife served ; by- the 'hostess assisted by Miss '; .Mrs. R. E.^L. Wilson. II. was the a t^hich;'tirirt.- the ! annual > election guest '.of Mrs: Lee ;Wesson when ^ ' she- entertained :ll>e Wednesda\ Club with : a. bridge ^ncheon at her home- on Wednesday will' r conducted; -• rooms \of attractive Cape Cod'home of Mrs,..Wessbn were very. I lovely ' with large Vases of fall- flowers; including large chrysanthemums from the:.hostess' garden. In tiie. bridge .games-Mrs. Ghas. Lane scored high;.\vith Mrs. Chas. Lowrance of Driver,-receiving 5ec- 'ond higli.-' '-'•'• • •*.*.Mrs. .Ji- L. Millican was. .removed to the. .Baptist Hospital .in Memphis, where she underwent a major operation^ on Wednesday. Her daughters. -jSdith .,and Betty Jack, i spent Thursday visiting .her.- Mr-, -.and .-Mrs. J. A... Ap^le are spending;'today r .^riday) ;in{ Mem'- 4 'phis-on a.-businessitrip^t J.^- ' ^ ^ ' Mrs.. W. J.. Ludwig^left' Saturday || 1 for Cape" Girardeau.7 Mo.; to Aisit " I i her mother, Mrs. F. J. Baltz, who. is | j "convalescing'-at 'tiie home b'f-aiv- {other daughter, after an operatibh : St. Prancis Hospital. combined, and" Marvlandf i'cbufity, "Calif., of Massachusetts HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS ft Grneral Repaieing, Across from Reel Top Gin Cassidy's Best! Demonstration Club News Notes \yHEN sno\v clouds gather, re •»'" sort s „ _ .Society" of Christian Ser- VV "sort styles'blossom out Flat Lake ClBb Meets Group singing opened the meet- is a lovely Brigahce -southern re-- ing of the Flat L'ake Home Demon- sort sports dress'that'you're .like- stration club Tuesday afteroonn. ly to'summer resorts next Roll call was answered ynar. Skirt, with.slip^ top, is;-ot member's giving a Th Thanfcsgivibg 'r«l'Of MVP dpbi- Thfc; locf ,^6r IQ^Q CiOSett •-Wlin CrOCHeiea uwt-twiw. ^*5 ^ ; \J- .year, 1939, M rv Hull TOade the rnatching -of:-tlie-Woman's Missionary society. 1UC11 -- "'•„; ^ n ^ DC / j ----- _____ -, ---------- ..*....... . -, ----- „..— a .white pique. Jacket is of banded BU>] e verse. The devotiorial • 'was cotton -lace, finished with 'pique, given by Miss aeabrice Hargett closed with crocheted buttons. host es s . Mrs. G. L. Abbott :rea'd a Missionary Society the last $150 and'clear- , Schobi and .chairman .of the;i:S9tnn>ittee i* purchase $150 in playgttitmd equipment, had much "of -tfie- "new equipment, oh display and slated that ping pong tables. sii rfflfle board, and other equipment. would t>e set up m tiie recreational rooms • of both -schools within the riexl few days. . Attendance awards went r lo Mrs. John .R. Miller's -second grade room and . to the. twelfth grade class. . ' ' Mrs.' InMiig : ,'Cireer' of Harrisburg. who is remertibercd- as. t-hc Fornicr Miss . ^Marj* = 'pa'fvherinc Spence of Osceola,'; ftccbmpanfed Mrs. Mou- tbn frorn Harrisburg. • '. .: '• .";-"•'.;; ' ' Atjtiid, 'Gin are-free. from 'debt. Besidte paying -for the 'parsonage the"';,Wi,B. G. -S. ;has furnished and taken 1 , care of the upkeep 61 the iJarsohage. ^ Shawnee Is To Have Homecoming Friday S^iawnee school of Joiner will : hft\'e .its Homecoming Day Friday afternoon following a special enter- .t'ainment. Tuesday night ,at which the;.; Homecoming queen wtlftoe selected; ''.•'•• •Anna Ijouise Perry, .senior; "Betty Ob^erst,, junior.; Rose Eeddoch A. cordial wp.lcomc to nil. METHODIST CHURCH E. r>. AVHJiams. fastor 9:45 a. m., S. K. r.r r\« '•>.•»,« -^ir».^' C- t> ^r^i^' , • ' -•'--' «. m. . V/MUI i^ic o*.-nvrui, \3. ix. Si?-^^^vnSJ?"' 2™ I Gft ^-. *«Pfcrintenac rt l. We have : .Mary"".yirginia Cutler havt, a returned jlrom, . X'icksburg. Miis.,] for eVRr- v - ago. - •* lion." Prnyc.r '.meeting.; Wednesday,'.7:30 p. m. •'• .; ..'."; •..-.-. -c. Prayer -and. - Fasting. •Tliurs^ay. 12:30'p. ;n. . '•-'. •'. 7' .",.' W. M'. t3. Meeting. Thursday.'".!':30 p. m." , -M..S m.' . _ , - meeting. ' Thursday ' " . ' : "; -\ ; •*' Sutiday lhat we :cqlV ' ' .Xhis-;is 3ect .our .ThatiK 'ofterihg, : for sions. Let everyone bfiilg; . ' dcpart- ments for Epworth teawie The ^guW evening veiope or bfter.ftig to ; Sunday '-'scliopU You are in\-ited > to '. worship -' with us.- s5t>hb'raore; .Dot Speck, freshman; " tbetli Vroomnn, eighth grade; ."Wilson, seventh grade, have r pt-pmiiient 'iueii here j been fiiommated Trom their classes rot" the -reopening : of the Plaiit;eys [ for' this, honor and the person re- Gin'-Company-on Wednesday fol-j cei'ving the most votes cast at a lowing their' destructive flre -17 days theater ; attraction Tuesday nigh' ago' wqro S." C.~ Go<Jscy and B. F-, j will "win Ihc title. Memphis; "T. L. Kinnc and] --'A motion picture of t'hc Alabama- teed 'of "Dallas. Tex.: -ft; E. -"' ' ' " " Tliibinpson of^ \Vest- Memphis. -' • . .•''•'• , * ;"''•• • •\yill 'At tend Grand .Chapter Tcu rmcmWrs of • -'Uie Osceola pique gloves. Gly-berme will keep " frosfe 'Alndows. . '<"'. poem ,and the story.-of the first Thanksgiving was"-told by Mrs. M. G. Crittenden. ^-, : '. ofij. A paper on tiie best; methods of ; I st-oring s^eet .potatoes arid "other ClarenceLMuliord's^^j THREE M FROM TEXAS »«-c- WILLIAM BOYD Cartbbh & serial "Green ; Arch«r ?> Ccntinuous show jfrcra 10:15 'a. in. .' 11:SO p.. : m. '•;'•"/ SUNDiAY & MONDAY O. c\iapter 'Order-, of^aiitcni Star • arc planning' to .'leave 'Sunday and Mbnday idr the- 'Gratid " Chapter mecttrig' .itv 13itt\c'-Rock from Mou- day • through NVednesd.ay! thost , iiiannlng- 1 to. attend are .Inmfcs A. Church School. 9:45 a. , m. ;• - ,,->_,. -~" .;., . • , . -I • •"" V- •'"• V"K n:«u rs CjSinic,,.Memphis, where service. Sermon bv pas . b«en;^miijergQing;tt^tniehfcj. Vo«-.are rordiallv invftod to 5 u- S^'^qrj^nji^.feceiv^d : m. » high- icnti nil our ?cr\te N;- :^ay^ r ac^(\2ht; nvjei^^ccks "ago.- was I . _^ ' iS^^iM^-^^S^ BArnST'CllAPEl, - ; Evening -worship. A:00 ,.p...' nv' fei^^.^ni*^?.^-^?.^! v ' ceks ' ' UHy St; . ; Theme.."Man's-Wisdom and <$vfrs"\ "•'' v ^^^^fe'^^;?592W-.' Hc basl 9:30,a.'ni. Special revival services Midweek ;^rvice Wednesday-,7:3Q aVfrastyred Jiip, Mrs.- Hahna accom-'begin; Tlio Rev: Kalph Douglas, of-! p; m .' . ..-•-. - : . : •'• 2^ : ^^B^^ aui:i1 -^xova;ieadmg..Nat.H, BHtaln'di- ' Cll 0"' ' pi-actice ^VecinesdaVr'8:J5 Bro^^rjdaiiss-Maude--Brown vectimr th P mnsin-'' . .. ,V ,;, .... • ..- v 1 :'^ . .Schooler, worthy matron of'the' Qsceoia' c'haple'r; Mrs. E. H. Stephehs-""-',a550Ciatc matron: Mrs. Colemaii; Crews, .associate conduct-: \ Tentessee -'football gnnic will be shoVnfat the Joiner theater Tuesday/, night- for the benefit of the six-man football team^hich is now in -the Northeast Arkansas 11 Football League. • • .\T3ie ] .queen will be crowned at tlic^ Shawnee-Marion .Rea'd Courier News \vant ads. ' 1 ^,r« - - • " •;;; ,'iT^ -' uoenjan. urews. .associate conauci-: T^-'^i W ^ H ^^ '. li °? ;: -5:. m - r«w:'•'?*»«.'K. R; Bojran of uixon,;i I Theme. '•Why.-jBe^ •ChnsUan?...,; S _Li-L->— ~^-. *-._>;... ....... ;. .„ ', FA'PI-llMf T1-r%Vct\i>\ "^-(Vl. ^ m I l*MU^BBMM^HMM^BBMB^HklKK*^HB>MI«BV>MMBai^ Bro*rji Arid !Mtes v Maude Brown \ \ ectiivr -'"'• ''" f sl " ri ^"" : " V-been^, here ' for I §>•; -fonift ^yer' to 1: |p. . All will continue "each night, j You arc cord ,\'n *-.•« invited to-attend, j tend''these scr: 1 | the program t OHCIlCil i Eglitb. ..._._ j CIIK ,... _..__ school."" "'~~ - i "•""' lie's. i .-10:40 a. m. worship service. The MORTALS WHY PAY MORE; 1.— Shdrl tcnhs considered casn. 2.1—Evprythinj:, everyday, the best for. ^ais LfcSS. , RITE PRICE GRO. & MKT. lii-ii3 E." 3Iaia in Blythcvillc Phoivc 234 "LET ME EXPLAIN/ DEAR- No, I didn't S&KEP in these clothes —/ jusifowotto send them to Bly- IheviUe Laundry. But when, I do they'll fix *em up to look fresh and spotless *..and all will .fee Htime Sivect Home again! For Better Lauiidry ami .Dry Gleaning STEAM LAVNDKY. London C»n Take -It.!"- ; nons ?how- Swwlay from 1:45 p.m; lo ll:3 MStEN TO 'K1C?I. 10:00 a.m.^12:4 Phone Rfti 224 E«ity 322 Gartcoo & jst'rial "Oeaflwood Continuoos show, from' IZ; 45 -to ;';';..-;.', ,.• 11:39 p. m.~V.,-.-,;'' • ' ' SUNDAY &-MONDAY Fr/x Xfcws & Comedy

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