The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 19W House Defeat For Yugoslav Aid Bill Seen j&' By BARN'EV UVINGSTONR ™ WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. Ifr- President Truman's f»min* relief . 'Ogram for Communist Yugoslavia ran up against the unexpected threat of radical revision or possible defeat in the house today. ' Opposition to the *38,OOO.COO food* . aid program scrambled party lines; members of both parties spoke out againtt "appeasement" of Communism in any form. Although the senate o.n Monday approved 60 to 12 a $50,000,000 grant for drought-stricken Yugoslavia, of which $12,000.000 already had been spent, the relltf proposal ran into bitter House dispute of proportions which c.iught leaders by surprise. Leaders still expressed confid- •LTTHETTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ence it would be approved .in some form when- the showdown vote comes by nightfall. Some changes appeared probable as the house, on this second day of debate, got down to considering amendments. One of the principal proposals, to be offered by a group of Republicans, would make Die $33.0:0.000 a loan to Marshal Tito's Yugoslav government rather than a gift. Another being considered would .,put the entire relief program into Rthe hands of an independent, non- government agency like the Red Cross or Society of Friends. Seek to Exploit Breaks The administration bill author izes the president to help Yugoslavs get through a food-short wintei occasioned by last summer's crop failure. About $32,000.000 have been spent already on aid through various government agencies. Congressional approval has be v requested frankly for reasons o expediency—to exploit the break between Tito and Moscow. .The hope is that Tito's 32 Army divisions a least would nob fight against - thi West In event of Russian aggres slon in Europe. In advance of today's session Rep. Vory of Ohio, GOP Foreign policy p spokesman in the House predicted the bill "will be beatei unless It Is substantially amended.' A rash of amendments was anticipated by leaders—some of then possibly proposing conditions fo freeing Greek children taken hos tage by Yugoslav guerrillas or religious freedom in Yugoslavia. The Senate version of the bll contains an express statement tha the united .States noes not approve Communist suppression of liberties It seemed unlikely this would satisfy those House members demanding outright defeat of the aid plan. ' , Breaking of Phone Lines LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 13 Wt — Southwestern Bell Telephone Company has reported the breaking — apparently deliberate — of 48 Ions distance and. 26 private lines near Hartman. Ark,. Monday night. The company's information office said it appeared seven wires o a main lead had been twisted off No wire was taken, and it was believed If the culprits were thieves they may have been frizhtenet away. It was possible to reroute the private wires, but linemen worked all night before restoring the long distance circuits. The phone company spokesman said the FBI and Johnson Countj authorities had been asked to in- TOO OLD, SAYS BOARD-Lit- ue Elmer Slonaker,-Jr., 3, dressed up In Dad s combat boots and with toy machine gun ready, studies no- trce from draft board that he Is overage for military service, at Baltimore, Md. Elmer got a draft questionnaire several weeks ago. ^Umer, Sr., figured It was Intended for himself. H e answered the questions and sent a note of explanation. The draft board's reply was addressed to Elmer Jr CAP Wirephoto). 575.00 WEEKLY AND UP In your own Whotenlc Row) Jobbing Business. No Investment necessary. Selling wholesale to merchants — Dry Good*, An to Supplies, Cigar Sundries, Dross, rovs, Cosmetics, Watches, Gift Items, School Supplies, etc. Call or write for appointment to i»r s . cuss details and available territory, H. L. BLAKE Broker * Factory Distributor 112 t. Markhim Uttle Rock, Ark. ACCOMPANIED UEKOIC TJ. S. MARINES—Grimy unshaven Jack MacBeth, Associated Press correspondent sits at a typewriter somewhere in northeast Korea and - writes the story of the Marines historic retreat from the Chang- Jin area. MacBeth was. with the Marines during the most hectic -Stages of the withdrawal against hordes of Chinese Communist* and impossible weather conditions (AP Wirephoto via radio from Tokyo). vestigate. The U.S. attorney's office at Port Smith said, however, that apparently no federal dffanse was Involved. The break disrupted service between Little Rock and Port Smith. Pact Chiefs Meet On Defense Plan Joint S«»ion Held On Move to Bring In German Troops LONDON, Dec. IS. MV-MlltUrj oft the AtlanMe' U a'i y f ° ttlgn "'listen session today to approve a final Plan which they hope wUl hr oerman troops Into their defe; line. The plan expected to call for rearming .enough West Germans to form as much as one-fifth of the troops defending Western Eur, from, any Eastern aggression The German'units would be-limited to brigade size—about 4,000 to 6.000 men—and scattered throughout other Atlantic Pact armies In Europe. The recommendations of today's meeting will go before the pact's Jortign ministers at 'Brussels next Monday and Tuesday for final ap- _ ?5. c r e '« f y of State Dean Acheson British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin an(! rrench Foreign Minister Kooert Schuman are expected to discuss world problems in private meetings while they are attending the Atlantic Pact conferences. Defense Work Drains Farm Labor Supply WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. (IP,— Defense industries and the draft have started a noticeable drain on the farm labor supply. Rep. polk (D-Ohlo) *aid today. Polk, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, told a reporter farmers—especially those living near Industrial centers—are finding it increasingly difficult to keep hired help in the face of stiff wage competition from fac lories Uiat-also need manpower. "Fifteen dollars a day looks mighty tempting to a young farm hand," Polk said. "How are you going to keep them on the farm at relatively low wages, when they can earn at least that much In a plant?" Polk said It Is too early to tell just what, will have to be done If the farm labor situation becomes critical; WMffi<M&M YOUR CAR DESERVES 'luhri'fecf/ori' Phillips new method of processing special base stocks by continuous "colci fractionation" means that the oil is subjected to lesa heal. So it retains .more of its naturally fine lubricating qualities. It resists decomposition better , . . clings better to metal surfaces . . . protects better than ever. For outstanding lubrication and^ change to new Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil. -4®rANTI-CORROSIVE ACTION! Htlpi protect against main couse *f w*w on piston rb** and cyllmkf vntll. MQrV ANTI-ACID EFFECT.' Helps guard agaimt rhe damaging afhct d odds M An. #€W CLEANSING IN&REOIENT! H«lpi prmnt powcr-rooMnc slude* and m*bh. IMps w SWBILITX! (kip, maintain extant kr.1 «,( «J V|«.s»ty mltc .11 dririn, « PREMIUM MOTOR OIL oiiciuNS HTnt...auiiCi tviiT Hw Rex Allen and the Sons of the Picmeen Fri night! OB C. B. ft. Dewey to Urge Defense Build-Up Governor to Call For Emergency Action To Gird Nation NEW YORK. Dec, 13. MV-Gover- 'Plastic Gullet' Saves Persons With Disease of the Esophagus BALTIMORE, 'Dec. 13. (#j _ A man who five weeks ago was slowly starving because of a diseased gullet is now eating normally^-thanks to a piece of plastic, Surgeons at Sinai Hospital cut out the tube-like organ connecting the mouth and the stomach and replaced it with a flexible plastic. The hospital, In a tormai announcement released last night through the associated Jewish charities, said It was the first successful operation of.Its type on a human. T"he operation was performed by Dr. Edgar F. German on a patient su;:ering from cancer of the gullet (esophagus), it was the result of three years of research by Dr. Herman and his associates at the hospital s Hoffberger Laboratory. The hospital stressed thai more operations of Its kind must be done before its usefulness may be evaluated properly. • The surgery takes about 90 minutes to complete. This compares, the announcement said, to Ihe as much as .four hours required for the conventional operation in which the esophagus li cut out and the stomach is brought Into the chest so that food passes Into it directly from the mouth. Or. Bcrma.i believes the prime use of the plastic gullet at present would be in patients suffering from cancer. ^ , The announcement made it clear lhat doctors offer no hope of a cancer cure through the new plastic tube. "Only a possible palliative or relieving effect." It said other surgeons have commented (hat if the plastic gullet. should work successfully, it would be especially beneficial to children who swallow lye or adds and suffer irreparable damage to the eso- ph.agus. In many of these cases, fear tissue continues to form, making a construction that must be stretched periodically over a period of years. Two of br. Herman's experimental dogs have been living for over a year with plastic tubes in place of guilds. The hospital said that it ha s been found by microscopic study on animals that an entirely new esophagus lined by mucous membrane grows down around the plastic tube. This opens the possibility, Dr, Herman said, lhat after a time, the plastic tube may be removed, leaving a new and perfectly normil gullet. The Hoffhcrger Laboratory a't Slnal Is one of the H beneficiary agencies or Baltimore's Associated Jewish Charities. PAGE ELEVEN hotel. It will be bro»dea*t. Dewey, who hat renounc«d future White House asplr»tlona, atld last week that "thli moment U not he time for further criticism" of the Truman administration^ "r»r | Bast policies, in the past, Dewe» has been a frequent, sharp critic of the administration's China oo- licy. ^ Dewey's secretary, Jarnet O. Ha»- erty, said last night that la hia speech tomorrow night the governor would "outline In detail the step, he believes must be taken by tha ptople of this nunlry and by th« national administration to strengthen and defend our nation in thl» time of serious crisis." -— Truman tomorrow nlsht I? £ ke emergency action to gird the "nation for the world crisis. De\ey «i|| recommend 1 n a ween moves to increase the na- 3ijs armed strength and to con• n Industry to wartime produc- The former Republican proslden-1 tiai nominee, now national titular lne 'OJiowm* couples obtal leader of the OOP. also will discuss: marria S e "censes yesterday ,t mm! V' 6 bcllcvts the People 1 ° f( '« °< Miss Elizabeth Blythe", must make "i,, hlghe taxes anrtl counl >' cler *: Marriage Licenses The following couples obtain** to remain controls- If America strong and free Deivey will outline his Ideas In a speech at the annual dinner of As- » °; D ' . B «!) n « lt * Jld M ™> LOU w» Nesler, both nf St. Louis, Mo. L. C. Jones and Mrs. Ethel Harris, both of Wardell, M 0 . I. W. HARPER The Gold Medal Whiskey Bottled In Bend Kentucky Bourbon ^..ifl alwnyt a too rioor • HKiutur smitm minion WHISKY • i. w. Htura oismuxt t»., I AMERICAS AND FINEST LOW-PRICED CAR ' , . , Tn« Jmnrj Now H.tllk. D. luu 4.Door SW Ttl« Smart N«w StyUlint D« lu*» 2-Door'Stdci lour choice for '51 - REFRESHINGLY NEW THOROUGHLY RELIABLE NEW uutKiN murr Brilliant new ityling . . . featuring TOW grille, fender moldiogs and rear-end de- •ign . . . giving Chevrolet that longer, lower, wider, big-car look. NEW iiattici FummtD •00115 IT FISMII NEW " OHIN-MOM Wilh »tritingly beautiful lines, contours and colors... plus extra sturdy Fjshcr Uni- steel construction, with Curved Windshield and Panoramic Visibilily. With upholslery and appointments of outstanding quality . . . and with extra generous sealing room for driver and all passenger! on big, deep "Five-Foot Seats." NEW WFirT-SiGHT INSrtUMtN! flML Safer, more efficient with overhanging upper crown to eliminate reflections in windshield . . . and with plain. easy-lo-read instruments in two latge clusters. Of all cars, here's your choice for 1951-the new Chevrolet— America's largest and final !o\v.priced carl II brings you .-ill Ihc new things, all the pleasing things, all Ihe proved things you anJ your family are looking for ... including flcci, powerful Valvc-in-Head engine performance. And it brings you these things at lowest cost! Come in-sec and drive it-iodayl rowiiFui linn (»** DM-til, ,b*),,tkr<,MWwl Largest brakes in the entire lowrprice field . . . giving maximum stopping-power / with up to 25% less driver eflort-and longer brake life. Making steering exlra-cvy, just as Chevrolet's famoua Kncc-Aclton Ride u com^ fortable beyond comparison in itj prica npg*. MORI KOPUi MIT CHIVKOLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! CHEVROLET PLUS TIMt-M(OVID POWER AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION -prov«d by more Ihan j billion miles of perforrri»nc« ia Ui* hinds of hundreds of thousands of owners. _ , - " ••"•Mfiiioragam H»M">i<«p«u«««»*i.«i..(t ) ^ ULL 3L^ ELS °N CHEVROLET CO. Phone 578

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