The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE These Sandwich Fillings Will Also Be Useful [or Infoima! Entei taming When piuilc tlms rolls louti 1 JIM .will want to have plenty of sanii- Klcli fillings lii mind. And bj Mire that your emergency shelf Is well stocked wltli roads that v.HI adapt 'themselves to the preparation o deleslnlile sandwiches for summer oulings.-Many of these will do duty for afternoon tea and Informal cummer ciUrrtalnln? as well. Ripe Olive Chop .. canned rip; olives, sonk over night iii French dressing containing a bit of garlic. Drain, mix vfth maionnalse nnd spieart bo- lueen slices of buttered biead Cut In triangles. Gieen and Ooia Masli the jolks of 2 hard cooked esgs; iuld 1% tablespoons butter, 2Vi tablespoons nmyomialst, 'i chopped egg while's and 1 chopnvl gicen olhes Mi\ logelhei Spread on unbiillcred brown brend slices. Chopped Meat Pt't cold cooked meat tlnoujli the guilder nnd mix wlih nnjon- mlse Season to taste with sill mid a dash of Worcestershire sauce and spread a ejeneioii'; Itijer on bul- lered bread Add a le.if of lettuce or a spreading of plckb or mils!or a thin slice of lonnlo llpjud In French dressing anj cover with another slice of buttered bread Hot Hum If your plans foi a picnic Include a cimp fire 5011 irm s mik» these delicious sandwiches Take a hea\y skillet MU, J0 u nnd Imp it hot vlth a generous poition of melted butler in the pin 'ilie in- Bredleiits arc 1 .cup chopped cooked ham 2 teaspoons Worcestei shire siure 1 tablespoon mnsonnnise .3 tablespoons pickle relish. Add .Worcestershire sauce to- mayonnaise and mK «cll with the enoppM ham Add plckb relish nnd mix well Spread on bultcied bread and top with another sltre of bread Twist cich .samlulcli in the skillet until golden blown linked liean r 1 small cnn baked beans 1 teaspoon horseradish soikcd In 2 tablespoons cold watei foi 10 minutes 4 tablespoons chili sauce Pew diops onion juice Spread between slices of buttered nnole wheat bread Serve with small sweet: pickles. 'Ham Slice cold Inikcl or linked 1mm BLYTHEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS SETTING TABLE FOr? LUNCHEON OR FIRESIDE PARTY THURSDAY, MAY 6, l4 .. luncheon is a pleasant 1 „,..... ion. it can 1)2 diner formal -or In formal, but It miist be amiable nnd unhurried. The handsoine lable '.hown at right might Inspire you :o do likewise. Ths slcrlliv,' silver is an early American pattern. Th: ol!:cr photograph shows a rlmplc. Informal luncheon on n .abb wlilc-li Is »;ci near tin- flre- .IJCT. The silvi-r Is nrrnngod In a wut row. the plates are Miieked. :be collce server and cups are nt Imnd. Tile hostess sits nsar Hit; toaslcr. .serves froin I lip clilcktiii and hum casserole on to hot but- loreil sllers of toasl, pusses cof- fio and dm i s all there Is to It. For either ot these luncheons, a Venuonl. clilcken pie would inaks Country Go,ok Book Editors Seek BcsL American Recipes very thin Butler and wrcnd with prepared nmsl-iid white 01 whole wheat br,cad place a slice of hnm •> thin slice of Swiss cheese nnd another slice of 1mm on n slice of bread Top with niiollicr bread -lice also sp-ead with btitlei nu.I musUiid I Inn ' Mix ground him with nnv of the following foods "chopped cel- erj choppy plcUes chopped hard cooked c;gs, chopped nuts or well drained crushed pineapple nlend wim mayonnaise nnd spi«nd l>-- tween slices of butteied while or rye brend ;Almoh[l and Olive • Combine 1-4 pound finely chopped salted almonds with 1-4 cup minced stuffed olucs, 2 Inbh- spoons-mayonnaise and. l teaspoon French dressing Spiead b.- Ue;n slices of buttered r>e brtud Chccfc ami Green I'cppcr '-4 p:imi cottage cheese 2 tablespoons initiced green n->n- rer '"' •1 tablespoon minced onion a dash of cayenne 1 tablespoon garlic flavored French dressing Blend well and spread IwUeen slices of raisin brosui bread Chicken I.ivcr 2 large chicken Ihers 2 pimentos chopped and juice 2 hard ccoked eggs 1 'teaspoon onion juice :l teaspoon Worcestershire sauce K teaspoon salt < 1-8 teaspoon pSprlka. Chop the cooked livers with other ingredients and mix well. Spread flic .uer ?.nis 'fo , six 'Vo' eight portions: 1 ' " . fowl. al/ijut'..flve pounds, from " to 2 ys'irs 'old; v/alor caver, 3 celery stalks, i modlum onion, 2 luWospcons f.alt, 2 tablespoons liulv ter, 4 tnWispDonV' chicken' fat, tj tablespoons Hour, <3 1-1 nips' chicken stcck, 11-4 cup milk, 1 icn-ipoon tatt ,3-n H'asp'jon. pjppei-. ^ Clean nnd wash fowl,' pines In kiitle, cover with cold wnfsr and a:ld >:nlt, celery nnd .onion. Slowly bring to Loll and cook until tender. aliout 2 1-2 hours. Remove kettle from stove a'n;l let fowl stand In broth until cald. When ready, remove fowl from broth, drain, bone and cut meal in- lo desired sto. l/iy In bottom of , arranging while and dark j Ingredients for el"ht m-vilw' 2 meal In .iiltfrimia .layjrs. Bklm fat j lnl)!;spoons -hnaer.V aijabfespD-ms from brolh-'und niensurc out tpian- llrjiir, >/, cur) chicken Vlnck 2 cups Illy needed for gravy. Place In kct- . - , -snopn sa ew -runs tie. Add milk liiKi; bring to bulling (cayenne, ,'ew gralns'n'utmc-' 3 clips tc-asnopn salt few -ruins ' ''point. Crcanf- ( i>iitUr;' chicken fat and Hour lojjclher..until a smooth paste is founi'd. Add ])uste l:i chLkcm brolli n.'idi,f^iok- thoroughly. Ad:l Eiill'iiiirl i>;i>j>er."'!ipDiir over chicken In c'nsscrolc. Place In oven. wr«h sravy begins to bubble around |hc edges, place Individual biscuits liver top. nuke in hot oven (4.10 degrees .p.) for 10 or 15 and Mushroom Ham. Clilckcn Cns.sero!e: NCAV Is n Good Time to Briisli Up On Recipes Suitable for Summer Now -is Ihe time for all good, homemaktr.s to brusli up on their s»M lore, for hot weather follows close o'l the heck of May—and even May lias Its listless days when a salad "lilts the spot," So the homemakcr can't possibly have loo many delicious salad tempters for warm weather appetites. It's a wise homemakcr. too, who has discovered the dellalitful va- ilclv iliat salads can gtye lo her luncheons, dinners and suppers; and who has found that salads (ilvc interest to Hie menu whether served before, after, or during a meal. For Instance, a piquant salad uf cut spring vegetables and Fhrcddcd lettuce tossed together with a peupy dressing can start a dlninr off to a foregone happy , nn<l allotment of health -In-, the form A inch layer into! 0 f. vegetable juice, try tiits new geralor "chill "mVni 1 "^" '" J efr ' J i""'ingement thought up by some wlmi ni,iii lmtll , m ' m - Mra »- friendly trained nurse nnd lust "lire C „ '^f'" 1 "'. eclatlnlnow'niit on the markel. i ' whl wtl, ?ota,v"," . R y ru W'| colIlljlniltlon or »"> J'UM'of car- Olick and.flMHy BlenS cre^ re-lliv Ss les' 1^ ™« ll cheese with mn«r a,,^ Mdjntoj ^ pa] ai : ,b,e ^^W the whipped gelatin mixture. Then fold In pears. Pour over first layer of firm gelatin. Chill till layer congeals. Uimiold on crisp lettuce believe.- There's juice, too, for your vitamin c"Von- lent. Combined with clam ^\ fe and chilled, It produces- u stirring diced cooked.chiclraii, ].'£ cups me- ed mokcd'hariv'i ci^)-'sliced, saute ~., 6U ., t „„,,„, mushrooms, 1_ tablejfpoon chopped I conclusion. Crisp silvers ot green ijreen psppcr," ','•• cup "diced coljry pepper and a mound of, cottage cheese on a bed of romalne serv- :uul padey. Heal butler, add flour, riilx well, then add chicken stuck"a little at u lime, stir a's it'cooks lo a smooth paslc. Add ham. chicken lciin>e ..,>,! , •••,»•.«,, ivuu™ aim cnnien, it prodi leaves aiicTscrve with mayonnaise, appetizer for dinner. I You Need Vegetables, Too | Whether you draw these popu- j Nir and health aiding .iulcfs from ' bottles, cans or (ho orchard, don't rely entirely on them for your I'ally supply of the things vegetables should supply. The bulk and cellulose of ordinary vegetables ran best be obtained - from the ic-BCtablcs themselves, rattier than from juices, alone. 'Cranberry Juice poured over finely cracked ice ia^ a cocktail Class, then orange juice poured on top, presents an alert nppear- f-nce at Ihe breakfast table'. The combination of orange and grapefruit juice is still one of the bust mornliiK pick-ups'or v/nkcups. breakfast use' of cnnnecl juice is made even more Arc Popular and. Manv V-melies Are Now Available Once upon a.time "ham and eggs and coffee" was the Ameri- Kcih'or f"? (icnnUlo » °f .breakfast. But for mo start' , Vl "° solf -»' s l'^tiiiK egg would and th h±v :*T ," s I'^/vlLioul some kind pineapp - "v "uniL. mini j j*ujl.-JI|JplL: JulCC oi juice. Tlie latest crane Is rresh welcome when "iere's ,,i so „ nm on ||,. wh lim[> Tor generations the gourmets of he' world have, sniffed ut, and scorned ,our culinary concoctions, dismissing the cooking of this coim- ry as something bnrbnrle nnd out- iindish. llut in the last, two or .1'i'ce years, the tables hnve' be™ urnsKl. Today Ihey arc all look- no enviously to America, but noi o the high white-United Mossleurs \vlii> grace the hotel kitchens In the elites, nor to the proreMlonnl cooks of any breed or. place. Tliey arc ooklng to the American lioiise- svlves -because these women hnvc n their characteristic American ipirlt dared to do. The versatility of (he American woman surpasses that of any other female In the vorld, and with every conceivable diH of vegetable, 'meat, cereal, fruit, and gams at her. command. t Is no wonder wo are developing" in America' n hew respect and ap- m relation for food, Or nt least, so think Corn, nose iid -Hob nrfnvn who are writing a uaw kind of cook book. The Coun- 'i\ Cook Book, hi the belief thnl (here's n growing nred for a suiull roncls: American rural cook book umcjica! enouah for constant use jel exciting enough to 'Inspire 'great dishes and good times with pots and pans. - ; In these enlightening, jtays when cvL-ryona is going io buj- or aching to live on a farm, or In see Amer- ( ra in n irnili-r. n book that cnn be packed .along and used should two recipes from each stale, OG In all. A'pi'liM of n free copy plus recognition In Ihe book, will be Hi vcn to each of two iwrsons In each stale who- ecml in the Iwo best recipes from thnl state. Tim recipes must be practical and foolproof wiys of cnoklnit local products of outstanding character— rec- ip.»s nnt found In Ihe' usual cut- aml-drlei! coniiiUnlions—roclpes off Ihe bealcn until. Amsinm farins nhoiijxl In toolh- somc and lusty ,- |iro:hicts such as wild greens, vegetables, herbs, small HaniB, nuts, irr'iins, saps and special kinds of fish, berrhs, fowls, etc.. nnd Hi" Browns swear Hint- local housewives must, hnve special ways of cooking and serving .such, Also . certainly lie most- valuable. The .who have lived in most Browns, . countries. of lli» world, as well as on farms in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana ami have grown. jalhsrcd, conked, preserved ., In owing nnd smoking msal, fowl, and fish and In making food mcd- Icvs like country snusuge. msnt pies, farm cheeses, pjrandinolhcV's rel- l>'h"s nntl j>re.#rycs, nii'd dishes cooked .with nianh svrmj. molasses. S"fn r a>, mi-shrooins. nnturnl spices nnd flavors. The lirowm: Hob, bis wife nose, and his mother. Corn. belliye the ' lulcrc.s.1 in cooking American unlive products didn't die out_\vllir tlie grent irek to the city. They want to prove it by printing Ihe best 0(3' recipes in tills book lo be published in June by The Coun- Irvman Prsss, Wesltiii. Vermont. Vrr<l Orton. presl:lent of The Coiintrjininn Press. e\leu:ls lhroii"h (ho courtesy of tins newspaper n cordial Invitation to 'all American housewives (men not barred) lo - senrl in recipjs nl once to him all Westan. Vermont. Tile best two, frcai cncli .stale will get a prize of I a bank each nnrt rscoanlllon. as nn , , bottled with Ihsir own tiands known kind of American' food nnd luice from egg tomatoes to chinker- plns, green corn to com liquor, still do hot claim to know it nil. They believe there are lurking in every state in the union many inljrest- ing. unique^ and productive, recipes for local dishes. They want these recipes in their new book. ' The Country Cook Book will have section 'devoted to regional American Ciioking which will contain on buttered whois "wheat" bread?" bllle slice5 - )tim and Pimento 1= pound boiled ham put throngl food chopper ' 2 pimentos and juice'chopped 2 ounces tomato soup 1 green pepper chopped. Mix Ingredients and spread between slices of buttered white bread Pickle Sandirich Filling 3 hard cooked egg;, 1 cup puffed raisins 'i Clip chopped sour cucumber pickle 1-4 teaspoon ffilt mayonnaise ' Wash raisins, drain, cut or cho-> Chop eggs, add raisins pickle •salt and moisten with mnjonnalsc Spread beUesn buttered slices of bread • Egf Salad Hard cook 4 eggs and chop jolks and whites together Blend with mayonnaise, add 1 teaspoon of prepared mustard and salt and peppor '°.. tast « Spread between slices of buttered bread Lettuce leaves ma> be used if desired Cream Cheese and A«cJio\y Cicam one package of Phlladcl Phia cream cheese with anchovy PJ S J«- Spread between thin slices of but'cred rje bread Watercress and Pimento 1 bunch watercress 3 pimentos and juice 2 tablespoons mayonnaise !i teaspoon salt Look 01 er watercress carefulh I? 1 ™ 6 ™arsc stems and w« thoroughly r> rj , and ch u {Jlmesitcs .,rtd «ih n! |,| majonnatse Use between slices of rye or brown bread. • Peanut liutlcr and Jelly Spread one slice with butter ami peanut butter. Spread another slice with butter nnd currant jelly. Coin- Mcat Deserves Place in Young Child's Diet Molhcr.s everywhere .ask the question, "When should I begin giving my child meat?" According lo Inez S. Wilson, home economist, must, authorities on child feeding ngrcc that tile child should hnvc servings of tender meal as soon as tie is able to chew, and even earlier crisp bacon and scraped beef inny be given. Meal deserves n prominent plnce In the. child's diet for the snine Bcod reasons (hat it Is included in the balanced diet of adults. II Is one of the very best sources of protein, ihe body building material, and, In addition, it furnishes minerals which children must hnve if their bodies arc lo grow strong and healthful. In fact, it is especially important thnt the diet of children Includes generous nmomlts of protein and energy foods because they arc growing and miist be supplied not only with energy but also building material. Meats for young children should etl with Hie meat course cnn give zc.'l to the plainest meal; and a salad of strawberries and pine.- -—.-.. apple served wllh a fluffy salad ami mushrooms, also p:pp«r an;l i dressing makes a delicious salad- celny. Pour Inlo n well-groused I dcsserl. Furthermore, this is true heal resistant glass casserole and | ot ally one of Hie innnitc variety bake for HO ininulcs. -Servo piping of salads which are now "make- hot,, garnished with parsley, on fresli hot. buttered tosat. and chops and roasts arc' well- suited lo tlie child's meal. Also, slews are good, because o( the combination of vegetables which arc more acceptable because of Ilia meat flavor. Liver Is given a prom- Incut place in all child feeding because 11 is an exceptionally rich source of iron ami coppsr, two minerals so frequently Iackin.r In the child's diet. inil up in small _ bottles, and red raspberries combined with loganberries send their pleasant combination . ... '," IH.IHH.IIMJ JJJUUUl;i HI JiJithS Jollies. Even the apricot has gone oilier is packhi" In for juicing. ! - Will-o'-the Wisu Cookies' 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup white sugar 2 tablespoons dnrk syrup 1 tenspoon soda :i eggs l cup nulmeats 4 cuiis flour 1 teaspoon salt • j. ." • 1 cup liquid shortening neat eggs until light, add shortening, beat well. Add syrup, sugar and chopped nuts. Sift Hour, salt nnd .soda nnd mix well. Put. in refrigerator and chill overnight. - ^ t^icjvivu nit; ILII1U-1I Next day slice thin, -cut in odd [in in boiling water shapes (a will-o'-thc-wLsp is any able"—tossed, carefully arranged, frozen, or molded. And sneaking of molded salads, here is a refrigerator salad tiial's delightfully refreshing-. Tt's a salad you can make up a day ahead of time if you like and have all ready lo serve when Ihe day's aclivilles call for dinner In-a- hurry. And now one other hint about Ihis salad, or any molded salad: ff you wish to make it In a hurry remember that you can substitute lineups of chipped Ice for the 1 cup of cold water, by jtisl adding the ice to the dis solved hot gelatin mixture. Here then is tlie recipe: Undcr-llie-Sea-Salad (Serves 10) 1 package .lime-flavored gelatin 1 cup boiling water 1 cup cold water (or Hi cups chopped ice) .'. . j 1-4 teasiwon salt [ 1 teaspoon vinegar - j 2 3-07,. packages cream cheese l-B tea-spoon ginger ' 'i cups canned pears (cul in cubes) ' Dissolve Ihe lime-flavored gcla- Add cold ' " efc ' s few added, for Ihe . • --...- .u» | ^i vji IUII.KIU is plILUI over the land in attractive | product in glass rolling of thrifty housewives who like a little cxlni for their money. One inanufaeliir- er of vinegar Is putting up his - . . an„ mustard in u; glass bean pot of dark brown Tf -i b'« 1 -^-' uiilll JJUt (J! I _» you like some of your daily ncproof stippled glass. be prepared simply. Broiled steaks iK-an cook shape!) nnd bake, in a hot oven 400 degrees >F.) for 10 minutes. 5 closes June 15. c:ok. Ttc contest Ham and Cheese Salad Pinwhcels (Serves 4) 1-3 02. package cream cheese Hi tablespoons mnyonnnlsc 1 tensixxm chives (cut (hie) •i thin slice.-; boiled hnm' Blend together cream cheese, mayonnaise, nnd chives. Spread on slices of boiled hnm. Roll up each slice firmly, place on plnte, and chll in refrigerator. When thoroughly chilled, slice rolls in 1-4 inch slices am! pile on crisp watercress. - Serve with French dressing. ' LEMON CHIFFON PIE FEATURE IN FAMOUS MOVING PICTURE i * - TC In (he new cooking-school moving pictv^c, "Tlie Bride \VakeS Up", Lemon Chiflbn Pic makes a big'liit. This delicious pie will make a hit at your house, too. Dad will s.iy it's the best pic he ever tasted. It is made with genuine Knox Sp.itkling Gelatine —(he plain gckuinc that blends with ;i!l of nature's * fruits and vegetables. IEMOM CHIFFON PIE fOnt 9-in. rit~uitt only '/« pjtkj&t) I cn\clope Knos Sparkling Gcl.uinc 'A cup cold water -1 egps 1 dip sugar I/, cur. lemon jiuce Vt (caspoonful s.ill 1 tcaspoonful gr.itcj [cnwn rind Add one-half cup suBar, lemon juice . - begins to thick en fold in siiffly and salt to bcaicn cpg yolks anil beaten egg whiles to which the cook over boiling water ur.lil of other one half cup SHR.U lus been custardciinsistcncs-.Pourcolctwater aJJcil. Pill baKcd pic shell or ^rain bowl and sprinkle gelatine on luni cracker crust and chill lust lop of water. Add to hot custard K"f,,r., .-.-.:„.. ...-.'-1 .- ' - . o usr and stir until dissolved. Add grated lemon rind. Cool, When mixture before serving spnad over f.ic a thin bjer of whipped cream. OELATINE 20fi M r . Main , Phono Ifil We Deliver "Where Everyhodv Trades" Strawberries Fiincv No. 1 IMIIshury's F r, 0 U f, 1,1)8 50 Us. ..... Hest U ... 3<lc ... «3c t'resh Process 3.3 1 Pure Pork Fresh nnd 20 C '/i I.b. Pliff. Fresh. Dressed 1,1). 26 ( PURE LARD "•"'- Cnrlnn 5!lc POTATOES S-IJi. Carton 51.if, No. 1 Red 10 I,hs. 37 l Bananas Golden Ripe Doz. 15c Liplons Tea Tea Glass' Free 1-4Lb.24c (i Small or 3 Tall C;ins 23 C Mustard or Spinach 1'- * (i. in- Crystal While 6 Bstrs FLOUR -Special, Guaranteed 21-U). Rack Sterling Pull Quart I 'riiread. Gond Quality Kach 1'repared •! ftt 'Full Quart IU Hiscuit . 2't-I;b. Sk. $1.05 At ' Reasonable Prices' We handle (he .best money can buy. All kinds nf Staple and Fancy Groceries. Excellenl cuts nf Jloiil-^Nnnc hut the Very licsl. Give us a ring. We Deliver ]>hone IS-i ''. -v. NABERS & NABERS GROCERY REFRIGERATORS l-sbye on PRICE! 2-save on CURRENT! 3-save on UPKEEP! • Now you can easily afford the finest refrigerator money can buy. General Electric—the refrigerator that always cost Itss to own —is now priced lower than ever! Don't be satisfied with anything less. Know the thrill of owning the best—and save three ways. Big, Roomy Cabinets • Brilliant New Sly ling • More Conveniences • More Usable Storage Space«More "Cold" Capacity • More Ice Cubes ALL AT LESS COST! Not one bit of traditional G-E quality has been sacrificed . . . these are the finest refrigerators G-E ever offered. New Low Prices Pull •! font hox .. $139.50 Full 5 foot box . . $159.50 Pull 6 foot box .. §179.75 Full 7 foot hox .. $209.75 (Prices delivered in your home, phis sales tax)" Th« Only Refrigerator Mechanism whh FORCED-FEED LUBRICA- TION and OIUOOLING Assures quieter operation, less current consumption, and tndnring economy. REQUIRES HO ATTENTIOHI 5 YEARS PfRFORMANCE PR01EC1ION Compare GB prices with any standard hox. You will lind (hem as cheap or ckeaperVhan any of the lending alors and remember you get the guarantee and finality.

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