The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1949
Page 8
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PACK EIGHT BI.YTHEVTLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1949 Economy Houses Prove Popular • : 'Minimum-Type' Units :'.' Are Being Erected 'By the Thousands' Home builders say the "economy : hoiiie" Is here. Despite the )x>p;ilar belief that postwar building costs have priced i Die "little man" out of the market, '.the building industry has been able to,produce minimum-type dwellings that sell in tlie south and southwest for as little as $100 down and K9 per month. In northern states sucli housing prices lange slightly higher. A survey of low-cost homes conducted by the National Association of Home" Builders 'shows thousands of "economy houses" being erected. They arc described as comfortable, (Durable housing for families of modest means. Builders, according to Carl G. Lans, technical service director of that association, arc striving to .get good housing on the market at. cosls substantially below (he general prices of homes. ''Contrary to common opinion," Lans points out, "thousands of homes are being buill anil sold, including the Inrol, lov M.5IKI to $1.900. They range in type from the Uvo- bedroom house—simple, unpretentious, but nevertheless including all the'necessities ol comfort and safety, sanitation and structural soundness—to the three-bedroom houso fully equipped with Die latest accommodations, .snch as automatic washers, electric range, hot water heater ami aulomlte healing plant." The key to mast of the ojxralions lies in ma.s-s production, site-fabri- caiion of'wall sections find roof trusses ami substitutions of less costly material. Local building Just as Effective QUINCY, Calif. — <>n— Could, be that K. O. Williams ot the Plumx 1 ; Comity Chamber of Commerce Is a cynic. In tills deer country the usual highway hlsn reads: "Drive .slowly—Deer Crossing." Williams has put signs along a do/on roads Unit read: . "Deer krrp off higrnvay—motor- ists passini,'." f A "Bargain" Paint Is new S a bargain. It pays la buy « coif the best Jft . I Drab walls and woodwork reflect adversely ** ana your family, KVp-ahKr r,n;^f»,i... :_. i: codes and labor condition.; naturally govern the location ot this, activity. tncxix-nsKe land Ls one of the essentials. "Financing is the question mark in the mind of the home builder," Ijtns explains, but the survey shows that in many cases adequate loans have been obtained to accommodate families with annual incomes as low as $1.800. Representative examples of "economy houses" revealed by the sur- vev follow: SAVANNAH, G:i.—S4.500 two-bcd- ronm house, 700 sr|. ft., slab floor, concrete block walls: down psy- nWnf $100; niontlily paj'incuLs $29. FOfl'l 1 H'OHTII, Tex.—$4 DJ|) two- bcilroum house. 100 sq. ft., s!al) floor, block walls: clowii paymeni S115 for veterans, S125 foi' othei'.s; monthly payments 531 for veterans, S32 50 for others. BATON KOUGK. l.n. — $6.300 house 857 s<i. ft., pier foundation, shop fabricated frame structure; floor furnace; down payment for veterans S3l3. Sl'OKANi;, Wash. — !C,200 t\vo- bedrcom house. 700 sq. ft., slab floor, shingled frame walk; ens * a " furnace; (town p a y m e n t S790; monthly paymeiii.s S13. Obio — SC.500 t«'0- bcdicom house, 672 sq. ft., basement and storage attic, pre-fabrlcatcd house; wurm ail- heat, autoipntic hot water; down payment $300; indnlh- Iv pitynienti $43. Sli i jDouble your enjoyment c-f home by creating - u - atmosphere of charm with a bright new color : ' ' v . ^fceertul rooms make cheerful, people. « Be Wise — Spetify ... VANE-CALVERT PAINTS E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. — Courier. News 1'tioto NEW OLSEN I1OMK— Above is the 'new six-room home of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Olsea at 1502 Holly. Krectcd on R buiH-up foundation of concrete, ttie dome has three bedrooms, kitclicn. batli and a combination living-dining room, [t is of frame construction with cedar shingle siding and composition roofing, interior walls are of plasterboard and hardwood flooring is used throughout, except in kitchen and bath. InlaM linoleum covers the floors of the bath and kitchen. The house is hented by a propane floor furnace. Vari-Spooked \viici 1 3 English bicycles, unlike .American ones do not have the same number of spokes in both wheels, but have 32 in front and. 40 Iti the rear wheel, according to the Encyclopedia Brltannlca. ' ' In Mexico City there are ;-no i(ar maps to guide their ships. Only 5 Building Permits Souahfr During Past Week Applications for five, building permits for an estimated $0,500 In residential construction were filed during Hie past week in the office of City Engineer .'oc Carney. Pour involved small residences a"tl the fifth was for an addition to a house, Applications \vere filed by the fol- — $8,300 f 0;v j ng . two-bedroom house, 768 stj. ft., -slab | George Smith, for a four-room iloor, frame walls; gravity 'gas heat, frame residence In- Wison's first automatic hot water, aluminum Addition: estimated cost. §1,000' .screens and storm sash; down pay- ) Fred Ferguson, to add two rooms mcnt none for veterans, $1,200 for to residence at 1310 Chlckasiiwba; others; monthly payments 348 for estimated cost SI. £00. veterans. 5-11.50 for others. | D, L. Lurkln, for a four-room The tlrivo for "economy houses" ; frame residence 011 Bust Highwjy i.s being pushed from many quar- I 18; cslimalrd cost, $2.000. ter.i. The New York Division of I Henry Johnson, Jr., for Housing recently conducted an architectural competition to produce designs for sale and • rental housing within the means of families earning from S4li to $58 iier week. More than 300 entries were received from which 43 winning de-. Isli! 115 .were selected by a ten-mnn jury of leading arcVriiecLs. The Federal Housing Administration, locfil -lumber dealevs", and various lending 1 institutions nlso have been campaigning for popular "eco- hom'y 1 houses." room frame residence in Larry's Piftli Addition; estimated cost, $1,000. , •;Marvin Palmer, for a six frame tenant house at 801 estimated coat, $1,000, Block 7 of the David Acres Sub- div'stpiv S850. - W. C. and Anna Catcs to David and Janie Mne Smith, Lot 15 of Block 3 of the Elliott Addition and Lot. 14 of Block 3 of the Elliott Addition, $^50. Mrs. Alia and T. F. Dean to Arlie E. and Edith Hi yeans, Lot 3 of Block 30 of the Blytlic Second Addition, 54,500. Joseph L, and Elsie Oradcll Ful- jham to Lonnie and Billic Van Ful- gh.ii m. Lot fi of Block 1 of the Ful- jhain Addition. $100. . Gilbert D. and Lame Hammock :o Malcolm G. and Hortcnse Hyde. Lot 6 of Block 5 of the Replat of of Block a of the Chicago'Milt and Lumber Company Second Addition, Kenneth Max and Alma Lucille Lash brook to Paul F. and Pear: Phillips Lloyd, Lot 7 of Hlock 7 of Lhc Gosnell Estate Addition $4.099.19. Fred ntid Alt:\ Wilson to Roj Wilson. 40 acres in Section 30-15N- 8E, $2,66G.GG. room Lake; /ariety Can Be Added To Groups of Houses .Selection of contrasting siding materials, alternations i»i roof lines, use of different colored roofing and variations' in the placement of porches, terraees, garages and entrance ways are among the major mecin.s of LTpatiu^ individuality for :ach home in a group o[ similar huus rs- : Exterior color styling, partieultr- lyin roofing, has becomd progressively more and more important in postwar years- Discriminating home own ens take full advantage of the \\idc nmge ol solid blended colors available in asphalt sbingle.s, the mosLAvidely used home roofing material. ; Variety also can be added by differences in design of shtitters, trellises, trim and other minor Adornments. Colors of flowers planted outdoors should be coord in-, alert with the color plan of the house itself. WATER is your Cheapest Commodity - - - Use it FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. Real Estate Transfers (Clitcka.snwba District) Hildreri G. an<l Eutojlia W. Bunch lo Netn Bimch. their interest In NWJ4 SE^ of Section 25-lfiN-IOE, S10 and other consideration. •W. H. and Marie Horn to Joe and Mvitle M. Ramolps. enst five acres of the NWJ4 NWiJ of Section 31-15N-OE. 54,000. Susan Moore to Freeman and Annie Lee Welch, Lot 9 of Block 3 ot the W. w. Hollpcter Second Addition, $200. Susan ^loore to James and Cora Lee Williams, Lots 22 nnti 23 In Rlock G of the W. w. Hotipeter •Seronrt Addition. $400. , Sillar Reynolds to Lennie McGoe. rot 10 of Block 12 of the .Edwin Hobinson Addition, $1 nnd other '•nnsideratlon. ' Harold C. Thompson, Sr., and ^dell ThomoFnn to nobert t nnH '^athleen M Tlion\n-:on. a -pint MS 'net bv 150 feet hi Section 15-15N- '1E. $?100. J,r. C. Outlaw to Alice II. Outlaw' .''4 acre In Section IG-I5N-11E, and ~"ier consideration. Xf. C. Outlaw to Alice H. Oiltlaw. "f-.RK acres in Section 33-15N-10E. '11 and oilier consideration. Jesse and Fstell* H. Farrls . To 'f'ssc Donatd «nd Tlar.ol Mnric Av- -ick. Lot 13.of Block ."D" of the ''•^rron-and Lilly Second Addition. "•'50. Ulice E. and Jewel T). Nichols lo '"eoree and Carlene croft, -Souib f '0 feet of Lot 10 in Block "I" of •''e Barren and Lilly Addition. S365 Max nnd Annie Laurie l.nean and •'irold B. and Marie D. Wright to forest L. x and Jewel Latigtey. Lot M of Block "O" ol the John B UMkcr Second Subdivision. $800. Obert and Fannie Mne Hitch to Tils B. and Kaf'Tinr Webb. Lot 'fi of Block 4 of ihe William Lee Wnlkcr Subdivision. $800. Max B. arirl Annie I.nurie Loaan -nd Harold B. and Marie D. Wright io Shirley C. nnd Cora M. Covlne- fon. Lot ff of Block "K 11 of John B. ! Walker Subdivision. S800. Lone Oak Churcli by Trustees. J, W. Fields ct nl. to Mrs. ' Eva Miller. 1'2 acre in Section 18- 15N-I1K. $75. Hazel Marie Aycoek to Estella Farris. T.ot 14 of nioek "D" of the liarron nnd Lilly Addition, S10 and other consideration. Jesse E. and K-stclla TI. Farris to Hazle Marie Aycoek. Int 14 ot Block "D" ot the Bnrron and Lilly Addition. $10 and other consideration. Lois Joyce to Thcron T?. and Hoth Sl-.r.rp, Ix>t 4 of Block 15 of the Origitial Survey U> the Town ol! Leachvillc. $4,500. I Ruth Knaner to Roy Wilson, 401 acres in Section 30-15N-8E,' S2.666.G6. Max B. and Annie Laurie Logan. Harold B. and Marie 11 Wright to William H. and Uaylc K, Looper, Lot 21 of Block "E" of the John B Walker Second Subdivision. $900. Henderson and Ernestine Mnthis to T. J. and Alia Smith. Lot Ifl "t Heaters irh Midget f\ Mod.I 3155—.13,CK» B.I. Economize with the fuel-5nving Perfcctioa Home Heater. Its exclusive "Midget" Pilot burns over <(0 HOURS on a gallon of oil. That's real fuel economy. And with a thermostat, you save even more and get FULLY AUTOMATIC HEAT— no work, no worry, no waste of fuel. See this beamy in modern home heating - PERFECTION; See Your Perfection Dealers HUBBARD & SON ' FURNITURE HUBBARD HDWE. CO. PE WARM « SAVE FUEL .WITH A RIRfKJlOg Sec these nvp fine Crane lavatories today—they're gleam* ing white —easy to dean—made of qual- porcelain enamel on cast iron—have easy lo operate ese tomrols. We'll help yousclcct a lavaiory suited to ) r oiir needs and make nil insiallaiion 10 pro- * vide years of trouble- free operation. DAY. 4-i>j. thtl/ ' 'an. Dial. THE CRANE RHODILf. 6-iti. b.ict. Sisi' dt- I prttiiv"- conlrah. Single ipout. • Dinct W tratk. 5/rr 20 x IS j " FEATURES YOJ'tl LIKI *'"" - 5//.W,,, . • Jintt lift PETE" The Plumber 109 North Isr 100% LOANS VETERAS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Jusf think, for a small enrnc.sI-nKmey depnsil you may noir secure one .of these nc\v modern two lied room homes, now under con struct inn. /Aluriy are making their selection so come while you may choose. Beautifully designed, sturdily built, some have picture windows. In neiv subdivision. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Holly Development Corp. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Cuslum vnirk lor gins, altaffii mills, oil mills. Cuslom Shearins up lo !/J inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sntilh Broadway *l'hone 2651 Prcsli Slock Guaranlecd Best I'rices Kirby Drug Stores DEFOLIATE .. by AIRPLANE I'eiTecl coverage. Defoliant available al competitive prices, SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SERVICE 2 Wiles Soulh of Wylhcville Phone 4388 SACKS 21 Bu. Size TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL, TIMES . ,m Doyle HendersontSoybean CCK 1 Highway fil Sn. Plume 2R(>O i / THE GRMSjCOMRVsY I\E \LTOl\S Real Estate - Mortaaqe Loan^-- Insurance sctoix - BmHivir" Phone 521 Phone 3075 BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS \Ve offer new bags, nevei used, at:about the prfce of used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches' nij bad seams and no rotten bags. Also No 1 used ba^s'as* low as 20c each. The bags are stored <tt Ga\ A: Billings warehouse across the street, from the Fusco depot See the samples there and buy brigs that \s;ll last you thru the season. Phone 3478-3752 PAUL D. FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 \ FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 Automobile (all forms) Burglary Business itltcrrupliocis njcrs * Cltancis Kxlcndcd Coveiage Fire General I.tabllltj Marine (all forms) Pcrsoml l'rnr«r(j Plate Glass ' •Residence Llatpililj - Tornarlo Truck Car^o - Wfnrlsttirm Workmen's Compensation W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY

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