The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
Page 11
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lilA'THlOVU.U'.! (AllK.V COUK11DU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate \)?r line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line 10° Two times per line per day ... 08e Three times per line per day .. 06c Bix times per line per dtvy .... 05o Month rntc per lino .....' 0"c Cards of Thanks 60o & 15c . ^iinlmuni cliarfe 60o Ads "ordered for three or Elx tlmei and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes the fid appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy EUbmltlccl by pcwns residing out- 6ide of Uic city must be accompanied by fash. Kates may be easily computed.from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility -will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. PHILLIPS WALNUT A'f FIFTH ST. Why Take :i Chiinee When liuying it Used Car? liuy a Used Ciir Here With Our II. & G. Money Hack Guarantee. •38 FOUD V-8 VOIWOH Sl> DAN. Only Trunk. Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture 1C 1HE COMING PROFESSION Le=rn this pleasant work which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable V'jitlon Mrs. ".VlllUm Berrynmn Elaine Beiuity Shop WANTED ! ! Ball Players Between ages A and 76 To See Our i\'cw Line of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J.W.Shouse Wilson Henr Seeds - Plums Mamoioxi Soy Beans H. M. VLHEMAN MANILA, AUK. COTTON SEED lalf & Half big boll 1'lanllng Seo<l Grown nnd ginned exclusively I year from Crook Bios. $CO per (on Stillman Gin Co. Peach Ore-hard, Mo. • fae letter For Less 11)3(1 {'lli:vli<)l.UT STAND- AIM) TOUN Si:i)AN ... ?IS5 IMS: rili:VUOli:T Si:i>AN MASTKIi. Business Directory NO EXTRA COST lor Monltc Process moth-proof cleaning. Insured for 0 months. BAND BOX GLEANERS Phone 171 — 411 W. Main 35 1'IjYMOUTlI HE Ml X F. COUl'U. A Dandy S3D5 '30 FOKI) V-8 COACH. New Tiros. Color lllack !i •35 FOIll) V-8 COACH. Color Green ....,: S •34 CHRVKOLET COACH. ''3,1 License 5 V-8 COUPE. New Tires. Kuns Good • 34 FOIin V-8 T!!l)()!t. Color Jilack. •:» License ; BARGAIN'S IN USED TRUCKS 3(i C!Ii:V!t()l,ET Slork Holly Long Whcclbase S5" 5 30 FORl) V-8 PICK-UP. New Paint. '37 Ijccnsc —.... $115 31 C H E V H O L E T TKUCK. L o n g Whccluasc. WHli lioily 52U5 '35 FORl) V-8 PICK-UP. '37 License 5^15 Kemembcr — I'rices of AH Cars Plainly Marked On Windshield. Terms'.'—We Have Them! Drive By - - We Trade! Phillips Used Car Lot Pliono 810 oy Calvin, Mjr. Used Car Dcpt. Half & Half Collon Sml Jsl year Iroin breeder CAI,L 201 !!>:)•> CIIKVKOI.KT MAST!-:!' . COACH. Willi Kaillo .... SKp 1031 ClIUVKOl.IVl' COACH .. ? iu:i:t CHLYuoi.KT s i: i> A N. New IMilll .. ..... ....... 5195 1935 FOKI) \>8 'Vl'lHlOlt ..... $315 l»35 FOltll V-8 iSliDAX ..... -$ ;••<) it i) . v,s -co u i' : With ' Kailjq ..: ..... IIJIS. .NAKCISSUSKS, I,U,Y OF j VALLEY plants. $1 l«r hundred! , i Mrs. C. M. Gray, 1028 W. Mn'ni.l Jlimy 1'urils, Oluivrnlflv, 'linil Ollu-i •1-ck-ll' M:ikcs ,)s 'l.uvv As 525 Real Estate ""•'Oil SALE: MY 11OMK. IMS W. Walnut. -I bedrooms, nil con- vcnicnccs. Damiilu if sold al once. PJ E. Cooley, phono 111. 1-uk-U For Expert Beauty Service Modern Beauty Shop IIP S. 2nd Phone 249 Three fine Jersey inllcli cows. Good milkers. Mrs. J. P. Smith's farm. \rmorel Road. 5-pk-B-5 Let Us Grind Your lawn Mower A Trial Is All We Ask Blytheville Machine Shop PHONES 808 & 848 . 'v>-,"All ^nopnlar-brands' o( CIGARETTES 2 packages for 25c Good Whiskey 18 lo 1</i years old 50c per hall pint Good Baseball Game livery Sunda HARRY BAILEY At ttl'i State Line Cafe in connection — Fresh Rivi Catfish Farm Loans! low nates - Slight Tcrrv Abstract & lically Co. 213 W. Walnut. Phone Gil Pliimc To Buy WK PAY CASH l-'OH 2ND HANI) KURNITUUK 1 Hubbanl 2nd }!:aul Furniture Store PIioiiu 1031 We Buy Wool A croscent moon, with the open side to the eiisl, Is n waxing moon. With Ihc opi'n .side to Uic weal, It Is u wniihiti moon, A woodpecker iiccl:5 lo dig out a nest and to obtnln tood; he clrutus for pleasure, or to cull other birds of Ihc same species. Head Courier News Want Ads Scrap iron Jiljtlicvlllo Iron Vt Metal Co. :heiry fc n, R. Phone 448 Batteriep ' IIATl'KKV SliHVlCK Call J Photic 8 at ' For Rent Farms For Sale •!93 Acres black Cypress •ociited 9 miles NW Sikeslon. Mo., 'ii Stodilard Co; 130 Acres in '.imber, lialancc In high state cultivation;' 4 extra pood houses, 4 room FUHN1SIIED house. conveniences. 124 E. Cherry. We COMPOflTAHLB BEDROOM. 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed imrdln. M-ek-tf rxxl houses. 4 310 Walnut, ravel highway. ! Nice Large Bedroom. Mrs. Nok-n, 20c ktf \Vi in,. ; 10$; St)U>Arllve ClKVEl.AN'n !(Ul')-*Ivsi I.lbliy Chi'vnikolf, ,108 ]years 4ld, 'ft resident of the 1 Orlhodijx lOldj Home siiiMks fiv^ hininui!;^' W .still ac- tivi v . otijtiys tlirtM! melils 1 - :i tl'.iy aiul insists on making lArSown* bed. Have You Visited Our New Minimi Service SlalionV \Vlillc Kose Gasoline tlnoiljcar Tires Willaril Hallerle.i Koail Service On - (i;is - Tiros - Wrecks 21 1KHIH SHIIV1UK Call G:ili For Tromiil Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. For Sale Price $GO per acre; \~ cash, rjal- MICC to fiiiil purchaser. 325 Acres black Cypress liuul waled in' New Madrid, Co.; iMis- ouri; 285 Acres cleared, '10 Acres inbcr; G mtlcji NE Parma, Mo. rice $50 per Acre cnsli. Call or tt-rilc 11. li. Haiidoliili, Sikcston, Mo.—Phono 2-11 Electric drink box, water, beer oil; small National register; olhci ate equipment. Fine business opportunity now. Phone 238. 29-pk-b Real Estate! Buyers' & Sellers' .Exchange Perry Abstract & Kcalty Co 213 W. Walnut rhoue Cl a or 3 room Furnished Apartment, wllli garden. OI<1 Hcnrn. M])k5-20 Nicely furnished BEDROOM, Cll W. Main. Call 1180. Hess Hall. 12o kit 'IlIiltNAT'- KNITTING YAKNS 1--R13K 1NS-I-RUCT1ON8 Now Kpriiii! and Mimnicr yarns Latest Styles Clnssrs, Frldny, 3:30 1'. M. wits. U:HI,IE IIOOVEK 00 Chlckasawba Phono 76i Phono 700 IlLl Till \ IILK t'noi Coal <S Mining Co. Girls usually cense lo grow .between the n (jes of 15 and 1C; boys KO on developing'for.en additional two years 'or more. Drs. Wert & Wcrt OPTOMETRISTS Over Jon Isaacs 1 Store MVE MARK 'KM SEE" Phone 640 24 Hour Wrecker Service liest Prices Joyner Motor Sales , Calf 1000 . Storage Phone 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work Body & Fenders A Specially BARNETT AUTO SALES The barbed wire fence was first patented hi 1874. FOR SALE We have ou nnnd severaltons of Stoiicvllle No. 4-A one year from bi-ccacr, stale tested. A 'cw tons of D. p. L. No. 11. Beans, Laredo, Virginia, Dclsta, and Mammolli Drown. Peas- nixed, New Era, and whips, Peas and Uciius recleatied and traded by us. Will trade lor cotton seed. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Collon, Collon Sccil ami Coal. Telephone 15U-l'-3. i'arbro, Ark. FARM LOANS' I.owi^l ratr's—Inivest expense Also clly.'properties DON H. KASSERMAN «oom 220 Lynch BUlg. Plione HV7. P. O. Box 470 FOR SALE SOY 1IKAN HAV VI,ANTINO Si:i!l> STONKV1M.I-; 5A STONI'.VII.I.U 4A 1st. year from Stoiicvllle Station 8 DOZ. 1'UnB UflED \V1IITU iiocic I'rcsli lleircrs with Snmll Calves [. H. C. Knappenbergcr HAHNA FUNERAL HOME A beautiful and sympathetic scrvlco nt moderate cost. Ambulance Service 111 N. fsl riioiie 53 WALL TENTS for sale al 'reasonable prices. Phone G43. CAKNEY AWNING CO. 113 S. First SI. Sporting Goods of all kinds Onliorms & equipment for base- Ball, handball, Softball, 'soccer tall, tennis, track & boxing. BARGAINS ! ! ! 1936 P.i Ton Chevrolet Truck 1935 Chevrolet Pick-Up 1929 Chevrolet Coach 1934 Chevrolet Sedan 1936 1'i Ton International Truck 1929 I'.t Ton International Ti'uck and Trailer Three 1936 International Pick-Ups 1834 114 Ton Dodge Truck All Equipment In A-I Mechanical Condition and with Oood Tires. Delta Implements, Inc. Best Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. Poultry & Eggs POULTRY WANTED Wo pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher S Ctaincs at Galncs Grocery & Mar ket, U W. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom HaUhuig MARILYN HATCHERY Ilwy, 61 North, Blythcvliiu Coal & Wood FOR SALE--Pair good farm mules. Also want'to sell several hundred bushels' Dclsta soybeans $L75 bushel. Stock peas $2.15 bushel. PAUL, BYRUM 27c ktf Sis room House, with bath, servant house and double garnje. 102 East Kentucky. $500 cash, balance like rent. Phone 543-J. 9p k5-9 Good heavy 4 wheel trailer. Buchanan coal yard. Phone 107. 3-c-tf Five-burner Perfection Oil Stove. Cheap. 818 Chickasawba.' "MY COAL IS BLACK— B UT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 New Bargains! We have some especially good bargains In cars, trucks anil pick-ups. Sec Oiir's Before You Buy! 1930 Chevrolet !',£ Ton Truck 1934 Chevrolet Sedan And Other Bargains Delta implements, Inc. Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL Shaver-Foster Gin Co. phone 278 Chickasawba &R.H. \ Repairing Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. , GOLl>nSII MINNOWS G. C. Hanks, 300 F,. Main Practically new Automatic Dclco Light plant. With radio, fan and Iron, will sell for half price. Mia implements, incorporated. .Automotive KINNEVS SHOP. 129 S. First St. Saws gummed. Tiled; circular saws hammered. Furniture repaired, rc- flnishcd. Shoe Repairing If you think tnry fan't he used, have them made like new nt the. TRUE TII.UE S110F. * HARMAb N SHOP - - 310 E. Main CITY SHOE SHOP We strive lo do the' impossible— To Plo.ise Evcrylwdyl M'M. FREEMAN & J..B...HOLX 4 Doors East of Penney's Goodrich IJuclgcl Plan Tires - Tubes - liatterics Home, Farm and Auto BUFE JONES-TIRES Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers hr>A<l*rlio5. Active l.i'vor Pills v1 ICA! f^nsc of your stncpi*lm<r tnakc yuti 'efi like a new |,fr.<n yonr system of sur|,!u< poihon* .Vclivt Liror Pills, nnfmlfs!,' senile. 1 Sold al ill Klrbr Drus Stores. Now Locnl&l at 101 North S««nd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU COBB FUNERAL HOME DON FI)\VA1!I)3, Proprietor All makes ot Itcbiillt Tyiicwrllcrs, Aclillnf PI icnlnn Calculators—Itcjiilrlns—l'art»—Jtlbti' >< Nicely Furnished STEAMI1EATED U13UROOM, bath. Cull 500. k5-4 ]'() DINNY'S UKSCUf—IIUR11Y! 'f HMM- 5OTKI5 15 WHERE \DUIANDED WHEM ' VEP- SOU SUP fJOWM ( AM' SOMEWHERE UP THERE 15 , WHERE I \ DINWV 1 . J ALL RIGHT ••DOWN "THERE- [CMOS). VUH MftKIN' / y&H.BU-r WED OUT ALL/ BE DO1NS' BET1EIZ RIGHT? / IF YOU'D GIT A WOVE ifJT —\ ON-VOU'REHOLDIM' •1 hi/!' 5NALHKMUST BE A.WIZARD. 1 HE WENT UP THERE JUS' LIKE A LI7ARD.' HOOTS-AND HER BUDDIES !,D IT, I'RGFESSOH! WJMT PEV1NSV MARRIED TEVL BY GY.OR.V" WONi'T •Vl-VERES TOO VUSCVA O? WW SOME ACTVOM SE . PLENTY 07 ACT10M f\NO MO VOOUOEVi WASH TUHHS HERE -THRU TUc WIMOER, QUICK'. BE WOTHIN'LEFT VE &OTTA GRAB PEE 'EM, SONNY. MY MASHED PEE- CHICKENS AT STOP £AW Wf TVI&T FOfJKy\K)R£ VH5TAB SOMEBODY, TATERS.AFOKET FRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS IN TIIH TIDK! "TEM MILES TO DO X /ER I PRAY 1 MAY REACH THERE TOV/ARKI LADY GEUEV!EVE .' »-TY STFsEWGTVl is EBBIWS i AM FAMISHED! FOOD! F-OOOD FOOOOOOD !.' ;-- F^E S A GREEM CAt WAS LYI.-JG FLAT OM THE GE .....THAT'S SUPPOSED TD BE THE OCEAW M THE WEXT SCEWE ! BOYS CRAWL IT AMD MAKE THE WAVES. 1 REMEMBER, IF AWYTHIWG GOES V/ROWG TRY TO FILL IM LIMES AS BEST CAW ! THIWS ? AMD YOU STAGE HAMDS COME V/fTH

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