The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
Page 5
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FBIDAY, FEBRUARY ir * JLYTHEV1LLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS I Social Calendar FIUDAY'S EVENTS Mr. and Mrs. Max D. Miller, Dr. and Mrs. Hunter C. Sims, Mr. and Mrs, Harry Kirby and Mr. and Mrs, Russell Phillips having dunce at country elub. llaby Named The daughter horn yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Dill Secoy at tho St. Bernard's hospital ot Jones- toro lias been named Billy Rose. The baby weighs four pounds. • » * Compliments The i .,, .Misses fiiliabunty Robert Ware entertained with a chili supper Tuesday evening at his home, 31S North Sixth St., in honor of Misses Ruth and Catherine Dillaljunty who will leave soon to make their home at Marie, Ark. Later there was dancing. The guests were: Misses Mary Elizabeth Borum, Virginia Murtin, Burnellc Bcula Bell Bradley, Gwendolyn Fisher, Frances MQ- Haney, Ruth and Catherine Dllla- liunty, and E. B. Rogers, Floyd Wise, Jack McHaney, Emmett C. Jackson, Yank Reichel, Bill Harrison, LeRoy Brown, nnd Albert Ridings. Dick Burns IliiVd Itook Party. . . Mrs. M. G. Goodwin and Mrs. A, M. Butt had members oi the Tuesday Rook club and several tables of guests for a party Tuesday afternoon at the Butt home. Potted plants added to the living and .sun rooms where the tables were arranged for the rook games anil the serving of a salad course. * ° * Large Number Attend Founders' Day Program. There were 165 persons at the Kudbury school last evening for the National Pounders' Day program, presented by the Parent-Teacher association of that school. "Realizing the Hopes of the Founders" was tlie theme of a tall* by Mrs. Ernest Fry who commented upon the aims of tlie organizers, W. Leon Smith, deputy prosecuting attorney, discussed the laws affecting child welfare, and the national president's message was given by Mrs. p. J. Rogers. The singing of American folk songs by the Sudbury glee elub and the candle lighting ceremony, in which 25 participated, concluded the program. Cake, coffee and hard candies were a, social hour. Hiiodway Club Meets. The Flood, way Home Demonstration club rfiet at the home of M.r;. E. G. Massey yesterday afternoon. 'I xi following officers were elected: "president;' Mrs.' Ray Linncy; vice- president," Mrs. Sterling "Lowcry; secretary. Mrs. Fred Dcmpsy; reporter, Mrs. Ernest Massey. - The new chairmen are: gardening; Mrs. Clarence Nelson; canning, Mrs. Sam Christy; home management, Mrs. James Harris; yard improvement, Mrs. Joe Thompson; clothing. Mrs, Sterling Lowcry; foods, Mrs. Blanch Mncksec; poultry, Mrs. George Ben- nlfield. -.•••- - •• » • • ., There were'six new membcrs'cnrolled: Mrs. Sam Christy, 1 Jfrs. Kirby, Mrs: Frsd' Dcmpsy, "Mrfii Clarence Nelson^ Mrs. George Ben, nifiold'and Mrs. James Harris. The hostess served cake and reaches with •• whipped cream and hot colfee. The-" meeting will be with .Airs. • ' March 1st. John Armstrong Needs (Breaks to fjitje Slam Contract Solution to Previoui Contract Problem BY 1VM. E. McKENNEV Secretary, American Bridff Learve High cards arc n detriment'to a lot of people, rather than ftli asset, Aces mid kings—how some (xople will butcher a hand when they get few of them! You should be thankful when you jet aces and kings dealt to you, but don't become elated and decide you're going to do all the bid-. ding In the world. .I've sacn too many people who, jus^ because they were dealt some quick tricks, got into too high a contract. Let's take today's hand. There are plenty of tic.os and kuigs In the • North, and South hands, but it's rather foolish to get Into ft six no trump, contract without a long suit. To make six no trump you usually need something besides high cards. You need at least one flve-eard suit. However, I will say this about 16- V K'9 7 6 S + K104 Duplicate—None vul. South West North Kast IN.T. Pass f N.T I'ass 5 N. T. Pass « N. T. Pass Opening lead—4 •). 7 day's hand: :r you get into a six no trump-contract, you should do your, best to tryrto wake It. The^Flay •When West opens the four of spades, declarer should play the ten from-.dummy, hoping- jf will hold. Qf'course, East plays the qiicen and the trick has to be 'won',with the ce. -•. •.. '-.' _-' •' ; .- . • flow, you can'sec that there is'no chance of.making the'contract uri- day evening, 7:30 - o'clock, and" prospective members'arc iiiYitcd to these gatherings. '-•'.. : : ..-.'• -* • .-. • '-. .•';'••• • Given Shower Mrs. Laerone .Whittle was,guest Jf: honor at a miscellaneous'show- er Tuesday evening ".when . Mrs. Fred 'Copeland and,- Misses- Pearl Graves,,. Helen .Grimes : 'aiid;.Mars' Hires entertained employes' of the local telephone office and other friends at the home of Miss Hires, .here were' 28 : guests. - .' • -The Valentine motif was used in,the decorations, tiio games and the . refreshments .of sandwiches, pickles and coca 1 colas. Sirs, .loc Uillahunty Complimented Willi Parly Mrs. Joe Dillahunly, who will move soon to Marie, Ark., was t'ucst of honor at, a Valentine bridge party given by Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise and Mrs. Paul Greemvell Wednesday afternoon at the GruenwcU home. The coming holiday motif was emphasized in and candies. the flowers, tallies Hosiery was Mrs. Edwin Rouin- hlgh score, Mrs, received handker- .•:on's gill for Meyer Graber chiefs for the cut prize and Mrs. Dlllnhunty was presented pillow .slips. rt Milad plate was served with t of ta:. Club Mrs. Jocl Cancilcr played cords with members of the Young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. was hostess. Rilcy B. Jones Tiic prize, guest towels, went to Mrs. Murray Smart. A fruit salad was served with sandwiches and cotfce. • * * Clucsl ill flub Mrs. Baker Wilson was a t'ucsl of. the Wednesday Bridge club 'this week w;iicn Mrs. w. J. Wundcr-f llch was hostess. Mrs. Wlut Good-' man is a new. member of this club replacing Mrs. Bob Wilts' who. resigned. . A two course menu was served at small luncheon tables which had spring time'- tallies. in the card games Mrs. Wilton won the prize, lingerie. » • • Woodmen's Circle Elects Officers Mrs. Homer Tinker was elected guardian of the local Woodman's circle in a meeting Wednesday evening at the W. O. W. h.atl. Other officers named were: Mis' Dill Fraser, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Nick Dawson, advisor Mrs, J. W. Gototli, commander Miss Marie Collier, chaplain; ' Mis* Betty Fisiier, hostess. The circle will meet sa lYIiss Hallie Marie'Hughes to Wed I. 0. Westbrook OSCEOLA, Ark. —, Announcement has been made of the engagement of Mtes -Hallie Marie' Hughes, daughter.of-'Mr..-and Mrs. Cha'rjes A. Hughes, of Joiner, to Mr. I. o. Westbrook, "of. Joiner, Eon 'of Mrs: I. O.- Wcstbrpok, of BlylhcviUe. The wedding is to take place March 3, at 5:30 p.m., at the First Methodist,church, Joiner, with the ncv. E. K. Walker, of Memphis, pastor of the East End Christian church officiating. The prc-nuptial music will consist of a violin solo, "O Promise Me," by Miss Sarah Marguerite M.tchcll, of Memphis, and vocal solos, "I Love You Truly" and "At Dawning".by Mr. Don Fletcher, of Joiner. .Mrs. Paul Allen, of Memphis, will accompany, the soloists and also play ih e Lohcnbrin Wedding March. The bride will be given in marriage by her father. Mrs. n. L Dcdman, of Memphis, will,be ma- :ron of honor, and Miss Uvata Boyce, of Wilson, will be bridcs- ' ^'• J - A ' Huntlc >'. of Mcm- will bo best-man. The train bearers will be little Rutus Holt jr.,' of Osccola, and little Miss Jean Dcclman, p[ Memphis. The bride is,a''graduate'ot-Shaw- cc liigh school. ;\tf., wcstbrook is a gTHduatc of,Blythcyllle h|gh school and attended,the -UnivcrsHy of.Ar- kansas. -He is a'member.of ; lfie : Phi Kappa Alpha .fraternity. 'HCiiS an employe.ot thc-.ricdcral- Emergency Reflet, organization'at Osceota. Numerous parties arid .-receptions arc Today's Conuact Problem .. Suppose ' you . had been forced Into a s|s heart contract, with the KOI Hi liaiul, a'nd )Jnst opened tlio olglit oC diamonds, tlio only unblil suit, dummy played tho ace, and West the Jen. Could you Itml n w«y of makdiff your contract? 4 None f AQ9C 9764 li 3 » K86 2 4KQJ 10 + 107 4AQ 10 5 2 » J10 1 4 A3 J^ A & 3 Solution' In next issue. less East has both the queen-jack of clubs ' and the kliif oi' hearts. Next, three diamonds are cashed. On the third diamond trick, West discards the three of spades, marking him with five spades. The king of spades is cashed. Then the ace of clubs is played, followed by a small club, upon which East drops the jack, and the declarer's-hopes Tlse. The trick is won with the king and another club led. East winning with the queen. East has nothing but hearts left, so he returns a small heart, which is won in dummy wllli the queen. The eight of clubs is led and the losing spade discarded. Tho heart is led and the ' jack finessed, which gives South lil s contract at six-odd. Were'East to return tho king oi hearts, declarer . would win the trick In his. hand with the ace, play a- small lieart to dummy's queen, discard,.-the losing.spade on''the'last club and. then re-enter • his hand with the' fourth diamond. •This Is how the liand was made, was not a good bid, for declarer had to hayc liick with him and find the queen 'and Jack of clubs, logellier the king of hearts, in the East' hand. (Copyright,' IMS, 'NBA Service, Inc.) being planned in honor of the bride. Following the ceremony the young couple will leave .for a short bridal trip',before making, their home at Joiner. ••; . Shawnee P.-T. A. Will Give Minstrel Tonight The_ Shawnee Parent-Teacher as- Eociatioi] is sponsoring a minstrel show tonight in the school auditorium. There arc 50 people in the cast, chosen from tlie community and the school. • Miss Sue Prater, of the Wayne P. Sewcll Production company, Atlanta, Ga., coached the play. Brisendine Baby Dies The infant son 'of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Brisendinc-of Clear Lake died at 8 o'clock last night at the Blytheville 'hospital.- Fuiicral srcvices. will be held and interment will be niade this afternoon at, Maple . Grove cemetery. Tlie L. G. Moss Undertaking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements. Tiie baby is survived by his parents and" live siskirs. Ed Smith, late of Brew, Miss., las arrived here to tie manager of ihe meat market of the Plggly Wlggly store. Ruins Saliba, formei manager, has been transferred lo CtarullicrsvlUc. Ho will go Uxlny 3ut Mrs. Sallbii will not; move uti- :ll school closes. Mrs. Lewis Freeman and daughter, Jlmmle Frances, nccotnl>anie<l by Mrs. Freeman's mother, Mrs Frances Murphy, of Holland, were In Jonesboro last evening visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bill Secoy nnd In- lant daughter. Miss Kathryn Grear, who recently returned from Chicago where she had been employed, I now teaching music In (ha Armorel school. Lewis Freeman is attending tc business in St. Louts. Jack Rldcnour, who has bcei attending school al Montlccllo Ark., has relumed home. Mrs. Fielder Perry, who has been visiting relatives in Memphis while recuperating from n majo operatic-)) performed al the Bap list hospital two months ago, has returned home. Robert Gamble, of Memphis was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. F L. Husband yesterday while at tending lo business here. Paul Greenwcll returned yeslcr day from a business trip to Walnut Ridge and Is now 111 at hi! home on Chlckasawba Avc. S. J. Cohen has relumed Iron a business trip lo Memphis. Mines. Bernard aooch, Charles Crlgger jr., w. N. Williams and-Y V. Turner spent yesterday in Mem phis. i Mr. and Mia. w. K. Ingram and haby, of Marlon, arc spending i few days with Mrs. Ingrain's moth er, Mrs. McKinnon, at her home in Armorel. Mr. and Mrs. Y. V. Turner havi rotnrncd from p.ira^ould wheri they visited relatives for a shorl time. .. . . • : Mrs.'Louts l«roy, of Memphis, I the guest of her sister, Mrs. Louiw Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Griffith j of Memphis, were giiesls of Miami .Mrs. Louis Wilson yesterday ness in Oseeola today. Mystery Riches A riddle murder in tho basement ot a Chicago Gold Coaat clalihauso rovoaled tho victim, Dnrtonder Louis 1C. Straub, below, aa a man ot mysteriously largo weans and led to savera (trilling ot lila widow, Mrs. lielba Stringer Straub, forrnor, uliowglrl, auove. Seron bullets killed Straub as ho cowered iii a closet. PAGE FIVE 'llicre will bii n Joint meeting of tw six P.-T. A. unjto.Tuesday to ibscrvo Founders' Day at 3 o'clock it ihc high school auditorium. The P.-T. A. ,10113 will bo sung by ho group. In u tiilfc Mrs. B. A, 4'ncli will give "Purpose of Found- vs' Dny," tho history of Iho P.-T. \. will be told by Mrs. Sclnia wnlz ttoiTlton nnd a mnslcnl number will given by Mines. Russell Parr, l L. Upton and Oeorgo M. Leo, nd Mrs. 0. W. Alftlck will give a rlbiite to tlie founders. Miss Hazel Sample will be In linrgc of the cnndlc lighting ceremony and each of the six presidents will take part, "Parent Cooperation In (he Ar- tansas Cooperative Program to im- wovc Instruction" Is the subject of i study course being conducted by he high school. Junior high anil central ward P.-T. A.'s. This course s beInj held on ch Tuesday evening roin 1 "until tt o'clock for seven vceks In the high school library. The state will give n credit cci'tlll- eatc to all women going (o'slx out of seven meetings. Al the llrs^ meeting this week Himlcr Slcndman was In charge oi the program. He Introduced the >mrsc and this.was followed by an nterestlng general discussion. There were 3-t present. i Misses Hav.el Sample and Martha Jean Winburn will bo in charge of the next meeting. Transient Boys Make Own Home in Capital WASHINGTON (UP) —Twenty- lour yoiinti transients are engaged in n project here which may result In solution of (he country's boy transient problem, Under the supervision ot Ihe Washington Transient Bureau, iho uoys have been given the job o[ making their own home. They nr first of Its kind in the country. The house Is a rambling, tlircc- stoiy building with many rooms Kitchen and dining room arc in the basement, recreation rooms Is Never Done" The old 1 rhyme, "When wius aie nuay liu.sbinits will piny , is tnknut an nivful licking nt I'tcmlnetoii N J where Com women ate del lalncd from returning home for Hauptirmnn jury service. Pictured here at their home arc I icd Snjdei, Uncksmllli husband of Jury- woimui vcrnn Snydcr, and their son, Johnny, pausing In the housework that has fallen to their lot In Mrs. Snyder's absence. Corset laces Offered l'rc« MAET1NS PEliRY, O, (UP) — Piibllcallon of u story here regard- Ing corset wearers' dllllcuHies tn obtaining led to a Pittsburgh .--„ _.._, ..„,,,„, *i.i,j .111. vuvtaikiiik£ ILIIIO IIAI in u I'lLUiUUn,! reconditioning the old Grant house, wholesale- house's sending n do- Tlie iiroject Is said to bo the partmcnt store here a consignment for free distribution. Squirrel Electrocutes Self FOND DU I,AC, Wis (UP) — A Bray «(iilirel, seeking lo hide some , nuts In a transformer, unwilling- - ly clcctroiuitcd himself and earned $12,000 damage lo electrical eciui|i- Tuent of the Wisconsin Po*er and Light Company here. Tiny Boat Has Crossed - -. , 4 . ll <^ unovuitlll., ICUICttUUU Atlantic Three Times nlld offices on the nisi lloor, and sleeping quarters on tile two top Jloors. , of WASHINGTON (UP) — Peter Darker lias crossed the Atlantic Ocean (Hrce limes In his 35-foot Marconi 'rig boat, Enterprise. Barker, who hails from Cowcs, Isle of Wight, England, carries a "crew". of one, Agnew Fisher, of Connecticut. -One of his. Journeys was from -----r ^* j*"'^"".). the coast of Africa to New York Hemp Glover attended to husi- It took him M days.. His' other crossings consisted . of . p,' from , r . m , «" . vnAjjuisa mi»i;)l.t:u. Ul II llLp.llOin MJ. and Mrs. Jack Pmcher spent (England to the United States in the past weekend with the lat- nn ' ''""- 1 "•-'•'' - —'---•- • - ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A T Tosh and family.' Mrs. lla Piiichcr; davs ; country in 3G days. ' . ,,, „ _, , . ,- Although 40 years old,, Ihe -En, Mrs. Ha Fuichcr, accompanied tcrprise. is c'ompactl/.bullt Barker by her mother, Mrs. Andrew Tosh, 'carries supplies anipie-for several and daughter, Ruby, Mrs. Albert month's. He bathes ; by phiEgtiiK LaFarlette and daughter, LaDesta, ' the holes in the cock flooding it Mrs. Boyd Hamle'tt -'and James — -• "'-'--• " ..... ' Arnold Eerwcr, University Wisconsin grndimle, who Ls in charge of the work, said the house •'was In pretty had condition when we came In, but we're workini; on It hard." He believes tile work will be completed In a month or so. I en Crop Harvested SUNHUUY, Pa. (UP)—The 1035 ice crop so far has been a bumper one. Workmen are busy "reaping their harvest" from reservoirs ncnr here. The lee, 11 inches thick, was regarded as the ideal siM, nnd sawing was speeded along before it froze deeper. Tosh spent Tuesday in-Kennett, Mo. Hospital Notes .Admitted lo the Blythcviliu hospital: Mr. W. K. Pcttigrcu, Port- agcville, Mo.; Mrs. T. A. Knobloch, Dell; Miss Vcmic .Richards, Holland, Mo. and using it as a bathtub. ..The ship Is equipped with charts of all parts of the worldVa, radio compass and 'navigating. Instruments. ' Barker is 20 and pliins'a trip to the West Indies iind upon his return lo the United States intends to jlisposc of the boat and enter bus-kite.;. Muny Court "Pays Own •iir 11 , i*. i r* i OI1 the Fi .Way, to UlSpel Doubts are being i Stables iVuw chicken Pens HANCOCK, Wis. (UP;—Tlie ones famed stables of Efmt'r Hiickins on the Fish Estate near here now arc being converted into chicken . pens, in his time. Huckins raised MANSFIELD, O. (UP) —when!several noted rucors. The estate Is ' "-'- '-'— ' i" the possession ot a local municipal court was here , in 1928, jurists Called to Texarkana by Death of Mother .'•Dr. 1 , p. B. Elliott went to Texarkana, Texas, today for the funeral of his.mother, Mrs. E. S. Elliott, 1-1, who died Sunday night. Services will be held tomorrow. Mrs. Elliott visited here a number of years ago. • • . . Mansfield's established .,„, , and laymen questioned whether it would be able to pay Its own way. Now, all doubt as to the answer has been dispelled. Judge n. E. Hutchinson, who has occupied the municipal bench since the court was created, said thni receipts for the past seven years have totaled $208,510, as compared with expenses of only $83,397, for tho same period. Between two. nnd three million golfers play on the more than 60CD courses in this country. ; ' ; Says' CirdBi Soon'.Htlpe* ... "My 'mbtltcr' was v sUch:a>!>e'lie.vcr in Cardui that she give' me," writes.Mrs. Sam,: Ftrrara;-pf .Hammond. La. ; ,'-' V .was • siiftcrtiig ( wlUi my back'and side! -1^ would'get-£0 4li!zy' I', could . hardly i siarid ' and then )iav(!: a weak. Reeling-- In niy back. •'This''inade mG-vcfy- itervotis and ,F did .not • rest ; .well- at night !• felt" better'after. my! first 1 bottle tif Cardui. .I. took two 'bottles Bfid felt' a great 'deal • better.-.' It ''ceir- a-ftne,. me'cpclne."- •.' . • '• Successfully used oyeri-flfty-'years . Tliousandji of wopien.testify.Cai 1 - dul benefited them \» : lt 'dow -not tawftt YOU, consult a lumberman. Uranium .worth 510,000 u has been found in Manitoba. Ion How Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Bad Cold Minions have found in Calotabs a most valuable nid in Uio trenlmcnt of c«!ds. They tako one or two tablets pie flrst night and repeat the third or fifth night it needed. JJow • do Caiolsbs help Nature throw off a cold? First, Calolabs are eno. of the most thoroimli and dependable of all Intestinal nllmlnants thus eleati.slng the Inlestljial tract of the ^crm-laden mucus and loxuics. Second, Calolabs arc dimrtic to the kidneys, proinollnir the elimination of cold poisons from the blooil. Thus Calotabs serve the double purpose of a purgative and tlluietie, both of which nrc needed In the treatment of coin's. Calotabs nro quite economical; only twenty-five cents for the family package, ten cents for (he trial package. (Adv.) WASHOUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Bade Pep ... Vigor . . . 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'l.b. ....:......; ...... .... lOc Mntcd Sausajc,' or'Uam- ' finrfcr, Lb. !.,-..„'... 7!ic. Snow King Flaur, S. ft., -."'•' M-I,h. . Sack' .. ........ 8^0 Cream Altai, Z'l-U>. Suck 65c F»ncy Drcssrd Htn5, Lfc. 2Zc. Silad Drttsins, '<lt. Jllr 23c Canovi .or ' Ma \ivrll House '' ., . .... ...... LoHucc, Firm Ueads. L'n. So Cilery,' Fancy Jufnbo. &i. 8u Turnips,, Sweet and Tender, •ti>. •......;..;...:..... ma Sn$»r, Fiire'..rin?. 10 Lhs. -17c '.Stojisi-Kft.tS'.'Sizc. 1-iicli lOc .Onion .Si'ls, 1 -, Yellow, (jlolic. (Jalltm , ,-..-.' ........ • . . We i.'hum S.Umon, 1-Lb. Can lUc , Fmcy C»N»«e, tb ..... 2!io C«nj«y ToUtt Swp, i for l!o 'Pork A : Beau, No 1 Cios, * tor ;...•. ............. I9u For Our BIG USED CAR SALE '-.'•. ''•'' SaveMoney : ••:' • Shousc - uuie Chevrolet Co, Newest: Styles '•'•'/ '•••' ' . Laclies Early Spring FOOTWEAR styles 'in the ntnvesO loitlliof.s. P u m p H, SLnipa, Tim u n i| Oxfords in various" liculs, ' liliiek,-'Blue, Brown, Ucigc a n d Grey. 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