The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEXTBOEVIEEE ^^^^^^ -.mi i. __ M.W«» A LTm «TVT*ron * Y*e»r» rtta 1 RIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 171 BJytUevllle Dally New*. BI>tU*YlUe Owutor. Valley Leader BlyUierlUt HLYT11RV11.LK, ARKANSAS, WKDN'KSDAY. OCTOHKK •!, SINGLE COPIES FIv'.CRK'ffli WIN SECOND GAME FROM NATS, 6 •;i GoslinV For .Only Semitoi Sron OH Schumacher. Molds Senators To Lone Ruh Kenatojs fjianls l r, i; 10 POLO GUOUNnS, N. V.. Otl. 'DPI — One brc-alh; innini; :p;Ulei-i-d with hlLs ami i-lu'c:rs carried Mu- New Vork C;i:uil.s to ••' smashing viciory over Washington's Senators loilay in the scf-onil giiint ot the world scries. The .score v/a.s G to 1. . The fames now siai'.il lwo for New Voik ami none for Washington. First lulling; Senators— Myc:- valkcd. Goslin oul. Ryan lo Terry. Myer takiiiB second. Mannsli Hied Hi IXivL-i. Cm- I nin faimeit. No run 1 ;, no !ht.-v "° errors. Giants— Moovc fanned on a sinker. Critz was out. Knhrt inv.i misled. Terry filed 10 Gronin in a-.nrt Ipfl field. No runs, no lilts. :in errors. Second Inniny Senators — Schullc grounded 0111 Kuhel filed on'.. Bluege walked. Sewell flled out. No nms, no hits, i - no errors. Giants— OU walked. Davis sin- ! gled to short center, OU «oing to I second. Jackson sacrificed. Blues*! to Kuhel, Ott and UavB advancing. . Mancuso grounded "in. the runners ; holding their uases. Ryan was onL. ; kn!:el unassisted. No runs, one nil, j no errors. ; Third Inninf ' Senators — Crov;dcr grounded oi;L. ', Kennelt Cotton Gins Hire Expert Classer, KRNNBTT. Mo—Oclllng -.iw:iy from the prac-'i<v of paying u dm prin' for cation, n'tiaidlr^s »[ tin- grade and Mjpli-, ginnera of KIMI- I'.i'll luivi 1 hin cl an i-xpiTii'tu-rd I i'o'.ton clu.Kr.f-r, I, p. cin'haiu, anil | Imvr ojxwed :i i-mimi class olllu- in, Hi*- .Slicer building on Pir.u sii,-"l,: , i n I' f \V/ 1 I whi-n- all rullim ciiiiii-d In Ihis <-:iv ' > IS AncdcS KelK'l WOlK- u m ;„, ,.u l: ,,, ( | i r ,, m j. ( ijii| ( .]y niam; (Of Mug (jliini-d. TMP gins llu-n v, ill pay iho hrxh- price ]»s.«b!c for Hun pailiui- br grade iiml Mr.pli'. •itTorillnt: lo ll:i> busi.s sin-. I. iMahli.ihi'd liy tin- rl-.iw.i-r ni the classing oflli 1 ''. Tin- HILLED B! J. B Wlritworth Hurt • When Car Turns Oover ccs 'lan|)C( n Ravne: \w Circle o( Flames. Rcaslcy, f>2-Y«ir-Olc ['isliorntiin, Is Whin. 1 J. 1). Whtlwoith, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T Whluvorlh of this clly. .'mlnim'il 11 broken nrni when Ills rur imni-d over hisl I'rlday nlj while rimiiuc from ';ilfl<>v.i. Al.i.. to Oxford. Mi>s. uivmllm; ! to ur.rd rrci-lvnl lu-iv huluy. i Wllilwwlli. will) I;, lii-ail DiLsi-l much :nl<l ;|-.;,i:.l:llll fui>1ll:<ll Hcii'll ;ii ihr Dnivi-i.slly of AI:Llxtm:i. wjis Ills W;i> lu M'lllll Mlc Oil- Mi'- ii kiM wi'i-k tt'hi'n tin I.OS ANfiEI.ES. On. 4. 'UPl — Uolx-il llarr, ill. was iimVr arivM. today in ccnnccliciii s'.-ilh Ihir Iragic lire " swc-pi OrillUli |WrU niglu. He wus lak-n Inio nisiiKly shoil- ly uiti-r sevi-ral smaller brush lli'fs broke mil in lhe vicinity o: lh<> large b'.aw. LOS ANC'.ELKS. n;-l. 4. (UP)-1 BeUven 50 iiiul 75 men perished and 42 others were seriously burned .in a brush fire in CirllTHh p:uk. a chock or the blackened mra showed today. The vlctlfns. all county welfare workers, were cut down by flames :hat trapped them in a cone ahap- ed ravine where they had gone to tight lhe Jirc last nignl. Some of tliose who escaped lhe fur claimed lliey were ordered to ihc ravine by "straw bosses." City and county aulhorilies opened investigations lo fix respcnsl- bililly. Firemen blamtd tlie victims' ignorance of fire fighting technique. In fighting the brush fire lhe wollare workers buill a backfire un-.l allowed themselves to be trapped in tlie ravine between the two tires ] iif ill-Id tins i ^' ''' tiiimiT hiis the cr.oico of wllnm l'> j old' V)k''i.:ikr ''iKIiviiuan.whn wiisj the K in when- the cotton was e ln- ! tlMalMv UHfA whrn slrurk liy im! nrd al ihi- pi-la- » lilch Mie - •Insscr .vn-; [his pailHnlur uradc mul[>!,' is woi'ih. o; he can st'l] to any otlK-r buyer. Tlieii. will tr 11:1 storage rhaiw lor leaving llu- i-ul- I ton on the gliiivr'.s platform, up to ih rep day:; SEtKS ECEIR FOR iiulomnbili- lliv.hwav IB dim- Hill; Im i-> r;f Hi- uir. Til ni.'--i\-; iLrrlar I.UjIdlll))- . i' ycslrrduy nni r Uoschinil. Mis.;! Mnnlhi. was clriv- stai licrforuuince against the Senators yesterday iial Schumacher, right-hander ol ihe New York Giants, gave lhe New Yorkers a manrtlii;! Ic.-.d in. iho world si-ries by defeating Ihc American '^e 1 " 1 1 11lal more m i n did no i lose Ihei- champs today. He hf-ld them lo five hits, duplicating Hubbell's per-i[ ives (n tne [e acup-like canyon was *u. . Nine of the Injured were in crit- ,m- 'leal condition and physicians feared their burns might be fatal. il llii 1 nctlili-nl un. slry l s .said to liuv.- onln tlic- hltfhwny as Kiss Hulrlilns drovi- from behind u vajon. When he saw U:e iip- ! urouchln-j cor he apparently bi-- i-niiic confiLsril und ?ip]ipcd into 1 Its pnth. Ills iu-ad was Jammed IX 1 ! twcen Ihe uullitlcr nml u llRht and us I'yi'w'u-1 Rockies Program Will cdili-nl un- > Mi rv I I 1 C •M,\ In Imv.. lilll'l UlSilblffi, LOIII- Pelttion Driver Before Courl at Jonesboro Today. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Oct. 4. -- Mrs. Jessie P. Driver, president of the Driver Cliu company of Osceola. has filed u iictition for the up- ncintmsnt of rienlli WLIS instant. lieaslry, v:ho had lived al UlK niimlKT of years, live children. Ills wife receiver for the company, which owns gins Osi:eolu and at Joiner. fn survive:! by liilcnncnt was made al lhe Ma- nl'a coiupicrv wlili Howard and '1 homus Undertaking company In This is the fourth serious accident which has occ.nnrcl on Ihis read In the past two weeks. Reg- u[ iiu;» i LUIIUILI"H iiitii 11. j.> ii*iiiv.«i, ••••!— iifiup \ riv i\pt\ wnco Mircli " sibic lo drive a car off the pave- "^ ^ ^ ^ ,,,„„ any r.; menl lo avoid an accident. t n fm . th(1 alstMeA „„ o[ , hc Myer out, Ryan to Terry. Goslin j hit a home run into the unp?r tier ' ct the ri'ht field stands. Manush flisd out to Moore. One run, one hit. no errors. Giants. — Shumacher fanned. Moore was ouC Crowdcr to Kuhel. Critz walked. Terry flied out. N'o runs, no hits, no errors. Fourth Inning Senators—Cronin filed to on. Schulte was out, Jackson to Terry. Kuhel out, Crilz to Terry. No runs, ho hiis, no errors. Giants—Oil senl up a high pop fly which Kuhel took in front of first base. Davis fouled oul. Jackson out, Cronin lo Kuhel. No runs, i no hits, no errors. Fifth Inning Senators—Bluege filed out to Moore. Scwell om. Ryan to Terry. Crowdcr singled. Myer forced Crcw- (!er. No runs, one hit. no errors. Oianls-.-ManciiEO wrs out. BHiC'»e to Kuhel. Ryan singled. Shumaeh- cr hit into a double play. No runs one hit. 113 errors. Sixth Inuinf f ? cni 1 i / 'r t -—Ooslir, singled. Manush walked, cronm fouled out to Mancuso. Goslin and Manush i'd- vanced on a wild pitch. Schult grounded to Jackson and Cos!in • was run down belween ^ome llhrd. Klihe) walked, filling lhe bases. Bluege struck out. T ii r crowd arcs? and gave Shiuiinchrr a big ovation. No runs, on? hit. nr errors. Giants—Moore singled. Pril- forced Moore. Terry doubled ts deep left. Critz goiuj' lo third. Ot was intentionally waikel O'Doul batting for Davis, singled 10 cen ter. scoring Cril? and Terry. Ott stopped at second. Jackscn short"-" 10 riglit center, Ott scoring from ""•ond and O'Doul EOina lo third Manct:so bunted down tlie third base line, O'Doul scoring and Jackson going to second. It V.MS a hi' for Mancuso. Ryan struck out Shumacher singled lo shorl left. , scoring Jacteon, and Mancuso stop- oed at second. Moore singled thru Ihc box. scoring Mancuso. and Shumacher stopped at, second. Crow- dor was taken out and Thomas went in for Washington, crllz singled tormance and aiioning hu; cue score, Goslin's Ihird inning homer. credited to Los Angeles city fire.'men, who arrived in lime to warn Ihem of the death Irap they had enlered. -. The flre apparently started from i a cigaret carelessly dropped by one. I of Hie thousands of men working" |for liie county and being paid out r>f unemployment relief funds. It started near lhe bridle path in the municipally owned park and, fanned by a brisk east wind, galn- _. . : n . , r ., v, • • fanned y a brs eas wn, gan- Rev. J. L. NeWSOm. ot IhlS KesidentS Tile retltion cd considerable headway before it City Elected at Keisev Meeting Yesterday. Witri County Judge Zal: B, Harrison. v:as reported. There were approximately 5.0CO ! county weliare workers in the park. '. Most ol them were ordered to help Lee Wilson A: understood that KEISER. Aik.-Thc Rev. J. L. j OSCEOLA. Aik.-A pelition for "SM the fire. towsoni. paslor of tlie Second : the incorporalion of the town of, baptist church of Blythpville. was | Keiser was filed In county court Icctcd moderator of tlie Missis- i here yesterday and a hearing set ipiri County Baptisl Association. by County Judge Zal I!. Harrison I .ii lhe annual election of officer; I for Monday. Nov.. G. ii«:d al tlv Tint day's session! The petilion was ;;is;ied by :)J here yesterday. " ! residents o; lhe oominumly and The Rev. R.' A. Kimbroinh. pas- ; "k;d lhat R. II. Robinson. W. 'or of lhe Luxora Baptist church, j M. Taylor and J. K. Childs be w : as elected vice moderaior. W. T.'; clesignatod by lhe court to act Thompson of Maplb, treasurer snd i in behalf of me petit'CMrs. B L Holmes of Clear Lake clerk. : Keiser, located about Q miles Approximately 150 ministers and, west of 'Osceoia. has a population laymen representing the iixle?n o' approximately 750 psrjons. A naplisl churches of the county i '«ri« P nrt - ° r lhc property ln lhe were in attendance at lhe open-! area which it is sought to incor- ing session. The anniiDl sermon I porate belongs to was delivered by Rev. Newsom Company. !t and report? weiv made on home i lhe petitioners desire Ihc commun missions by Rev. A. R. Harwell. : My incorporated for the purpose- pi rlver ^f^. re moval from tin paslor of lhc Firsl Baptist church ,ol installing n city wnier system. B|yt). eV IUe hospilal by her sis'.cr o; Blyiheville. and on slaie mis-1 Electric lights are supplied the nnd broiher-in-law. was lodge:! in 'ions by lhe Rev. Kimbrougli of' town by lhc Arkansas Lighl *'. ,i lc co unty jail today when s'.ie iA.xer.1.' The ovrniiri sermon, fewer company's high tension; |efl tnf , i, OS pit a |. she is accused ctliiTitMl by Rev. E. I,. C.'olr. pistor : hue- I as accessory before lhe fad to •l ihn Osceola Baplist churcli. ' The IKlilion was filed by Al- imurdcr Hen L. Utilise.-, ol Little • lorncy A. W. Young of O.sceolj. | Hc5p i ta i auiliorllles Informed I?nck. "env-tarv of state missiouf.: ' ; sheriff's deputies when lhe gir! this morning, und Or. ,i. N.I, ^ , „ ... (mother insisted on leaving the in- u!ar travelers of lhe highway soy .~ U1 ....that lhe iralflc is heavy at this A hearing! !-ciison and that the shoulders of Ginitneyl the pavement are In Mich a poor lor this| condition that it Is iilmost impos- af'.erncon. Tlie Driver Gill Compa 1 .-,. f. = .O.OCO corjKiralioi]. v.'ub involved in' litigation rccmlly when ivJrs. Driver secured nil order restraining stockholders Irom holding the annual slock holder's meeling. Her petition for the restraining order charged -conspiracy -between A. -F. Eulese. mchager of th'e gin. A. F. Barhnni, a director of the gan, and W. H. Dycss. stnte relief dime- ior, to gain control of lhe gin through the sale ol n portion of her stock to Dyess. Tlie slock was up as collateral for a loan to Mrs. Driver from the gin. Tlie court {ranted the restraining order, hold- ,ng that while Spicse haci n right to sell the whole of the collateral stock in seulement of the debt, :ie was without authority to sell onlv a portion of it. Tlie amount sold was sufficient to break Mrs. Driver's conlrol. Mrs. Driver's petition for a receiver alleges mismanagement of thn gin properties on Ihc part of over mutiflcr Johnson Witnts. CHICAGO. Oct. -I illl'l —A flioiiB winning lhal Iho American Legion sluiiiU al lhe nosiionils of luiiuo SIII-CCKS or lenewvil al was presented by Niillonal Com- muudcr Louis A. .lohn^dn lo Ihe national Lrp.tim convrnllon toilay. "Tin- decision must be yoiuii in this convenlion." raid Johnson "vlietlier we shall conllnue to liavel Llii 1 riijhl road, the roac lhal places love of country abov, uli else, and Uicrcby march on to Ellll greater glories, or whether we shall retrace our stciis and follow lhc i-oad of recklessness and extravagance lhal will surely lend ns and Vhose comrades who arc dependent upon ns for protection to disnsler nnd disgrace. 1 "If we conllnue alcmn the rond Sr.vm- Damage Already Reported Prom Cuba as Slorm Moves North. HAVANA, CM. 4. i UPl—Warned liy t!ir imllonal uh:;ervulory lhal a huiTlnini 1 liad rhriiiged dlrrrlion und vvns hi'adi-d with increasing ln- trnslty ior Hiivanu. rc.sldenis ot lhe cuiiiUil Loday made fr:iiillc prr-pri- laliuns 10 ward oil' calamity. Will llll Kluridi KKV WKST, Pla., Oct. 4. lUP)— l\ tvoiiical !-lonn moving slowly northward out of the Caribbean.sfa s I'Npected in t-lrlkc lierc nnd along lhe eusi Fkirida coast IhLs iitiernoon. Winds, increasing in veloclly, aud n falling bnromclcr lu'raldeil the »|ipronrh of lhe slorm. Tills morn- Ing the baroinelet- stood nt 9*1.3:1 coiup.iicd lo lhe reading of 29.52 nf mldnlgiiL. Tlio wind had Increased ta H5 inllos an. Im.r. R was not certain whether lhe storm will strlkn with full force on the Florida coast. Storm Warnhus 1'osled WABHINCITON, Oct. * tUPI— 'Hie wcalher bureau !?d[iy ""'"rwi slorm warnings displayed from .li'nSter +n ihf^ ^'^ <tlf i keys and north of the keys to Tar- lion Spiimjs. Fin. The bureau sold a tropical disturbance ccntei 'IlKhl'-v "Ihcast of Bavin w unenlly moving north nor i west, nllended by shifting gales!" %'•* . b(-ncnis lhat rightfully should bc- lltns; to them. Before you depart ! from such a policy I ask you to i remember lhat it will be your disabled comrades who. will suffer I most." , \ I 'Johivsrtn; fallen .ur/ou~vn.B .. to adopt fl policy protecting both Bovernnicrit and disabled veterans Placed Under Arrest Immediately After Leaving Local Hospital. Miss Opal Hnsscll, 20-year-old "•ull'er ol a baby girl who was al thrown into the 1 Rolls UpBi S Wet Majori-j lies on Both National and Slate Issues. RICHMOND, Va.. Oct. 4. IUPI — Re)X?al of tl'.e eighteenth amcnd- nieiit today needed the approval of I E. SUM IS Nil HERE only four states to become an ac- ,. ,. D • tualily as wet forces chalked up'Ash btVCet tiUlldinaS Being Repaired for Wholesale Concern. Ihcir 32nd consecutive victory in Ihe once slrong dry stale of Virginia. The wci victory was by a mn- two and Drv forces not only were routed clc°sVTThe U 'gin U "t "joiner 5 »vi°n 'he oi.cstion of national prflhl- of the tin at . J ° t '™ rcot -_ bluon bia suffered defeat on the effective i ^"e ot state prohibition. A propo- Spie e in the P 1 Approxlmately S7.000 is being spent by A. O. Shibley, of Lux?™, and J. A. t.eech in the remodeling of three brick buildings on Ash street across from the E. C. Rob- ton season, and lack of effectively o. suuc P™»'«'»«';• ".} "^ illson ^mber company, management due lo disagreement. ""on ""•"» J" " * ' ,"'''„",(. I Mr. Shibley. who recently pur- nmong the Ihree directors, Spiese, of a llnuor control plan for state adjoining buildings Barham and herself. .prohibition was approved in about^ l E ddle Wolff, will move Mrs Driver is represented by C. the same proportion. h,is wholesale grocery company Buck and Harrison. Smith and Florida voles on repeal next | • mylheville about ,vlor of Dlylheville. Horace Sloan. Tuesday. Six stales vote November h ,.. (0 " Jonesboro represents A. F.h. Only four wel victories m thel^ 1 - 0 ^ 1 « ,earr,in?emen and A. F. Barium, and D. seven slates will dnorn nalionJlj' 0 .. 1 > • m w(irel , OUS[ . alu i ga- ^ „ . . _ r_ „„.,!-. ml f ftl- 111 r-h !Ki r irtll IIUl n.t \jtiiwv. , Ta ot TUlKeu llll* muiinii^. .iiiu ui. ,i. -.-1.1. AID I* I Mallorv. rrf-sinctn of Jonesboro • Lone Up.K BapllSlS to Hold Homecoming Istllutlon today and an officer called for her and accompanied her to :the jail where she asked lo be tak- ^en so that she might talk with her The Lone Oak P. T. A. met Mo:i-i s i5[ fr day afternoon. Only a few meal-1 while at the Jail visiting her G'IS- NO.IT Vnrl- W nn .^n bers w " e ln """idance but a very ter> Mrs Mae Prlli u. a nd the iai- new IOrK^ woman uiteresting program was enjoyed.; [ er ' s husband, R. P. Pniltl, a war- FilfS Divnrrp Suit Here following a brief business session rant, issued last Saturday, was read **"" X'lfWl^.V •"• » •*»,»», j . ._._,,.- ... rt r rni>j-,fO.-l 11-LtU n I-ft1r!-l_ ..!-_ .. 11 i v_- __ Itaptisi colleae is on the afternoon j program. The- t\vu clay's meeting \vtll close* following &\\ evening session today. . ......... - .,,.. F. Taylor of Osceola Ls counsel lor . picln . oilier minority stockholders Roosevelt and Banker Ask-. $15.000 Damages Discuss Credit Program Fr ™ Wilson Company ries of Shelby filed suit in Mis. Fein Cvftno. fonnerly or O.s- the group was favored with a read- h 0 by liitle Helen Forrest. Mrs I jjassell. and she was con. Sheriff Clarence Wilson s-Md New York i, "ned wu in Lltuto Ba "« elt M in \?™^ I* ordered Ml^Has.^ll'.s arrest at- lorK, nns intti suit in .. „.,,.._. „ OTA Q^nnlH VTann in i-^ i_-,_-_ ,. ,...-,_, .!.„. (.hnucrry court licre for divorce from George Crane under Arkiin- ;ar' 00-day stalule. off Cronlii's glove, niliiig the bases Terry forced Crilz. Six runs, eight hits, no errors, llircn left on Sevenlh Inning Senators-Scwell flied oul to Oltl'h" peiUlon. nreerlion who nuidi' the catch against Iho a-; cionnd'; for of "What a P. T. A. Should Mean to | er being assured by physicians thai a'community and SchMl." K;vera: j imprisonment would not be rtan- interesling points on "How lhe H.|gerous. No 3ate has bscn sol te T. A. Members Can Stimulate In- examination. is alleged tlie suli. Ilie uc-i waiters- ii6hl field wall. Rice, balling for Thomas, singled. Myer Hied out. Qoslin flied out. No runs, one hit. no errors. Giants — McColt became the Washington pllclicr. Otl was out. Cionin io Knehl. Peel was oul, Myer t 0 Kuhel. Jackson was out. Cronin to Kuhel. No runs, no lilts, no errors. Eighth Inninj Senators — Manush singled lo shorl rlaht. Cronin hit into a double play. Schulte fouled out. No runs, one hit, no eTrrors. Giants—Mancusco flied out lo Manush. Ryan was thrown oul at first. Schumacher was out at first Kulicl unassisted. No runs, no hits no errors. Ninth Inning Senators — Kuhel died out to Moore. Harris, balling for Bluege, was oul. Jackson to Terry, nolion was out at first. No runs, no tills, Iw errors all. lion was filed through Sam Man-! M'*. R»lh Davis gave n talk on "The Aims of Education." ! Plaivs were made for a Hollo- Qfrml- Pri«n>e- vvee " P nltv ' ftnd M1S - J w - FMds rtlOCn r riCKli j and Mrs. L. Wakefleld were appointed as n committee to arrange for the entertainment. After the program doughnuts and coffee were served by two of the teachers, Mrs. Lucille Baggelt A. T. ar.rt T 120 1-2 Anaconda Copper 171-2 Bethlehem Sieol S,i I-B Chrysler 45 7-8 Cities Service 2 3-8 j and Miss Lois Fields. Cora Co!a til General American Tank 32 1-2 General Eleclric 207-8 glue Eagle DOOSted General Motors .11 I--4 International Harvester 38 1-2 MonliomiMj- Ward 21 | New York Central .. NEW YORK. Oct. 1. (UPl-Dis- cnssion of his credit expansion program was carried on today by Pres- ____ Ident Roosevelt who mel with Hen-] tnn fpr S150M ry Brewer, New York banker. | t(1|t o( inj prominently mentioned as the new ] [e |, f| . om coordinator of federal credit agen- ; carpcn t pr ' s cies. ' Brewer called shortly after Postmaster General James A. Farley visited Mr. Roosevelt's house in Kast 65th street to congratulate him 211 hLs Chicago address and at the same time officially to apprise him ot the results of the Virginia repeal election. Farley predicted thai other southern slates would follow Virginia into the repeal column. OSCEOLA, Ark.—C. E. Himinh- county, Tenn.. has circuit court here |roge of Ihe firm. All modern equip• ment will be used in trc buildings The adjoining building, owned bs Mr. Leech, which was recenllv d^m aged by fire, is bo Ing complete! remodeled. This building was for merly occupied by the Farm Tin plcmeiu company. ngalnsi 1 Wilson A Co.. of Wil- ig<\s as a re- ii.\s received when he i scaffold while doing work on tlie store building erected by the company at Pride in 1933. Humphries, ivprespnled by David Hanover and J. C. Strickland. Memphis attorneys, charges I tie ^ rompnnv with carelessly and negli-1 . ..'".. Etiilly couslnictinq an unsafe "'"™,J .TafTold fiom whit-ii hf fell nine fi-ot to the i-riiind. breaking throe cr foiir pelvic bones and su.stnln- iiiR other injuries. Four Hurt as Steel Workers Join Strike PITTSBURGH. Pa.. Ocl. 4. 'UP> —On? man was sliot and Ihree olrers beaten as more sleel work- miners on strike in , Riven Out of B>nlu HAVANA, Oct. 4 (UP)—Heavy • rilns und hurricane wind/, -swept the central provinces today as tne . ,_ government hunted the leaders .'of ?l opDositlon oartlesjln the "^capital,.' r -' ; -4F destined to bear liie worst' of the hurricane and several houses col- bpscd In Cicnfuegos on the north roust ot Santa Clara, while in Santa Clara, Comaguey, Matanias nci Havana provinces rivers swept vcr their banks in low-lying dis- rlcts. " '' Because of rough weather' the.; Jnlled Slnlcs batlleshiu Missi.ssili-. n rlrstroyor of Ihe patrolin^ lect moved into the harbor.'Sevr -al ill seamen aboard the.destroy- were taken aboard the Missis- nni for treatment. Tlie hurricane was observed vcslwnrrt of Jamaica yesterday norning, -moving uorlheaslward ;to- vard Hie Cuban south const. /.* Pcnulaee Wamrd It is believed damage and -in- lury to human beings miRhf^bn minimized because precautions .liftd iieen taken. Residents of some lowns took sheller on high ground nland. In the capital the torrent of rain diminished interest in pol- itlcs but lhe Rovernmenl proceeded after Its victory over rebel ; of- ( ficcrs in the National hotel battle., to round up opposilion leaders. Arayo Mtmocat, former presid.entj and Carlos Mendieia. two lending polillcal figures in Cuba, were In hiding. '. Jj: An officer and three soldiers rearchcd Mcnocal's residence last, night, seeking arms, because ot nim6rs that snipers were aclive there during lhe shooling that lerrorized the city Monday night. They found no one at home but " three rifles. Telephone Inquiries New Orleans Pushes NRA Park Program NEW ORLEANS (UP)—A project has been storied here which will add 50 acres more lo Audubon Park, and at the same time 'Youth" Could Not Take A ™ nal Airplane Ride Honors NEW YORK. (UP)—Septuagenarians and octogenarians are more workers employed by the Emer- terr ^ "B sency Relief Administration. The project Is one of the larg Loien Morrison, of Council Blufis. Iowa, decided to observe ris 80th College Enrollment est OH the program of the welfare i Wrthday by making his first air- ndmlnistration and will consist of'P'ane trip and Hew from Omaha to reclaiming land from the Missis-; the Worlds Pair at Chicago. D?- Packard Phillips Petroleum 40 1-2 j NFW ORLEANS (UP) i the Blue Eagle scores! Again 10 1-2 Radio Corp 8 i oyola University registered 100 Simmons Beds 22 1-2 before. St. I.ouis-San Francisc.o 3 1-31 Standard of N. J W 7-8 Texas Co '•••• 27 1-2 II. s. Steel 48 1-4 students this year than ever ust bs lhe effect of the Blue Eagle," said Rev. James A Greeley, S. J.. dean of the college of in Us anil sciences. b t'CmimlriK ionu ii uin tnc iTn.-ioi.j- > - - - .ni i fippi River along Audiibon Pork i c 'ding to make a day of it. he also from Audubon Street to Exposition J smoked his first cigaret. Boulevard I Captain Martin U Hissem, ol More than IM men now are at! New York, read about this in the work clearing away the river bank newspapers and. although lie never underbrush, after which hydraulic "ad been to an airport before dredges will pump sand from lhe boarded a United Air Lines plane river bottom up on tlie bank, and flew to Chicago Hi 4 3-4 hours Roadways and bridle pains will be;remarking: "Morrison was only a conslnicled and shrubbery planted young fellow when lie made his lo enhance the natural bcauly, I first night, ns 1 am 88" Labrador ior Grazing PORTLAND. Me. (UP) — John Han. 30. a nallve of Arizona, is en route to Labrador lo look into .he possibilities for cattle rang Ing and prospecting, there. Harl pul up here for a short stay recently after n Irlp from Saybrook. Conn., In n 15-foot St Lawrence skiff. When he gets far into lhe Hudson Bay country lie will change to snowshoes anc skits. From Labrador he probably will push nlong to Greenland and Iceland. Hart has been prospector, movie r.tunt-man. sailor and yachtsman He was second in a yachting rac from Ihis country to Spain In 1928. . - .He rowed all the way from Say : brook lo Portland, but plans 10 acquire an outboard motor. tour men, none believed wounded, were victims of .. clash at Ambrldge. Pa. when workers attempted to break thru a picket line. Who fired the shot which wounded Luke Starcr.enko. 37. n nickel was not determined Immediately Witnesses said the firing 00111? froir ,l-.e direction of the plant wh;r< company police and deputy sh-:>r. .ffs were on guard. al Men- dicta's home mel- with a request o call against today. Ten Miles of Highway 77 Listed for Improvement Announcement was made nt Little Rock yesterday thai consirnc- llon of 10" miles of gravel highway sou til of Manila on Highway 17 had been approved as part of the public works highway construction program for Arkansas." This was the only ccunty projecl llsled. Mississippi Corporations Conceal Facts Declares Dillon WASHINGTON. Oct. -I. (UP1- Vilal Informallcu regarding the business of some corporaibns wlr.s? stocks are widely traded in on the New York stock exchange is withheld from the investing public, sen- ale slock market investigators were told today by Clarence Dillon, head of Dillon. Read and Company. Dillon said he had teen unable to obtain information regarding several unnamed listed slocks More Checks Received {or Osceola Farmers OSCEOLA. Ark. - Etghly-elght checks assvegallng $50.645 were lecelvcd by county Agenl S. a Car|ieiiter Ihis. morning for dls- Inrsement to formers who plowed cti up .cotton In the acreage re- auction program this summer. WEATHER Arkansas— Generally fair tonight and Thursday. Memphis and Vicinity-Fair tonight and Trmrsdiy. vfpl i;iiiirtiiicu luvcti aiwu.tva. u »•» I think 1 more detailed iiitoniia-[ The maximum Jempmture her.. minimum tlon of every charnclcr should t«. yesterday was 75, available," Dillon told Ferdinand | Hear, according to Samuel 48. P. Pecora, commlltce counsel. i Norris. official weather observer.

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