The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1940
Page 8
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.'BLVTHEVttiLR (ARK.). eOTJRfER NEWS FRIDAYrKOVEMBEH li'- , , <*v l '>' ; ^f : «' x Y't '/> Selociive Service (Editor's Note: Below is published a ; list,-o'f , regLsirant>. ss they, arei sent questionnaiieh by Mississippi' county's thiv*- oia.'t boards. Earlier yroupt havp already- been 'published in their cider, munber and othei.s will follow,-) Scotsmen^ Inland Board.. A 49, O. crstiles n; 50, John David Burnett; ;5i, Frank Jackson n; 52, J". C. Lipscomu; 53, Roe Butler n; 54, Jessieta" Sweet; 55, Floyd Pernie Pieree; 56, August Henry Lewis; 57, Charles Dillard Thomason; 58 Bennie William Brown n; 59, Wylie Horace Spence; 60. Joseph Clyde Kinningham. j 61, William Roy Cuppies; 62, Albert Camper; 63, Levenzie .Cam-! t mon n; G4, Elmer Harper n; 65, Granvil Oxford Davis; 6G, Orbry Ehnore Merritt; 67, O'Dell Willie Wrighi; 68, .Paul Vemon Ames; 69, Exer Gamer; 70, William Paul Mahon; 7IV Theodore England; 72, William Paul Allen. 73, Robert Lee Kiiox n; 74, James Roy Graves; 75, Joe Hunter Crook; 76. William Reddia n; 77, John Miles Miller; 78, Roland Millard ; Flake; 79, Oscar 'Sylvester Bailey; 80, Grady Bowers; 81,. John Henry Frasec; 82, William Cecil Maughan; S3, Jessie Norris .Moon; 84, Elmer Odice ' Powers. « 85, Robert Portwood n; 86, San- "foroVButler Boone; 87, Charles Duke Ing; 88, George Hunter Jr. n; 89 .Robert Roy Haley n; 90, Harold Carl Coggins; 91, John Hughes; . 92, William Richardson Buck; 93 Conrad Fitchie Shelton: 94. Robert Perry McGee; 95, Von Campbell /.Mullen; 96, Henry Cherry n. Board B ." 49, Albert L. G. Epperson; 50 : ^ Jack Lowman; 51, George William *Holcomb; 52, Howard Selby; 53 : /James Kendric Davis; 54. Henry -.William Copeland; 55. Clois Guy -Clark; 56, L.D.-Redmond; 57. Guss Martin: 58, R'oy Phipps; 59, Marion Crawford; 60, Preston Joe Baldwin. 61. Walter Buford Denton; 62 James Calvin Barber; 63. Cecil Ect- .dings; 64, Cleo Clifton White; 65. .Robert-.;w. McMaster; 66, Venion Ashabrauner; 67, James Thomas "Edwards; 68, Lenard Clianuin Carter;\ 69, Ployd D. Sweet: 70. E. D. .Ward n; 71, Raymond Calvin Sebourn; 72, Rush Edward Nash. 73, Felix Doyle Ay cock; 74, Loral Benton Hubbard; 75,. Arbhor Church: 76, Ed Lewis n; 77, Clarence Henry Overbay; 78. James Elverette Knight: 79; Herbert Lee Horsley; 80 v Gilbert Lee Brewer; 81. Clyde Burgus Jeffries; 82. John Barket Garner n; 83. Euless Other Payne; 84, John Henry Smith n. Troop 3 85, Ray Charley Lyons; 86, Norman Lowell Rauls; 87, Willie Lee Kyles n; 88, Charles Thomas Long; 89,:Carl ; Paul Hitt;.90 ? Rav Tillman Perew; 91, Floyd Franklin Han- Ta'ylor.' nersr92, Virgil Lee Clark; 93, Lester Donald Har veil; .94, ^David B. Moore; 95. James Law/ace Pirtle; 96, Johney Otis Whitcotton.' Board C 49, Stanley Walter Pettigrew n; • 50, Sidney "Raymond Coatney; 51 Willie Jones n; 52, Charles Franklin Julian; 53, John Henry Jimason n;.54,'Wallace Martin Fortner; 55, Gordon Lay Flanagan; 56, Leslie, Jones; 57, Robert Flemings n; 58, Cleveland Williams n; 59, Lawrence Ray Taff; 60, Virgil Holmes-n. ;61; Charles Christopher. Young; 62, Nathan Weinberg; 63, George ' Andrew Pope; 64, Romie Lee Rowe; 65,-James .Tot Bowden n; 66, Har- .rispn ; Kiinball Cowsert: '67, Hershall Hale; 68, William Strickland Bara- bih"n; 69', Joyce Lee; 70. Edward Bethel. Allred; 71, Mose Linard ir 72,- Herman Broday Rogers. 73, Huzell Perkins n; 74. Raymond '.Ralph Young; 75. J. M Cummings; 76, Joseph Edwin Harris; 77, Paul Hunkapiller; 78, Rob- ert'Lee Bailey n;- 79, Ocie Garman n; 80, Henry "Chambers; 81.. James Robert Jackson; 82, McKin-, ley'Richardson n; 83. L. C. Carter n; 84, Roy Thigpen n. 85. Ed .Millsap; 86.-Clyde Calvin Richards; 87. Cicero Cray ton Cork; 88, Faber Allen White; 89. Paul Fairley; 90, Robert Harold Tom- linsqn; 91, Delton Tucker; 92, Wes Campbell; 93, George McNary n; 9.4, Brown Sisco; 95, Noble John Jackson; 96, Robert Linzy Ward Burglar Steals Cash Register LOS ANGELES, Cal. (UP)-Alvis B. Minor, service station operator recently bought a $225 cash register. On the top of it he, placed a sign Beading: "You Can't • Take It Witli You." ..Several days later he reported to police that burglars had taken the register along v.'ith $3 in it, but had left the sign. It's hardly n battleship, but this outboard motorttoat can navigate the waterways of Scotland where regular naval ships can't go. So the Home Guards of a Scottish town have organized patrols "in these small crai'L to proved their villages. Lewis machine gun mounted on bow, i.s the "heavy artillery." • Rifles complete boat's armament. " . .';. Scout News •" Boys M - 4 Girls jnusuai Marriage Ends For,Ex-British Soldier Troop 38 National 'inventory was the principal-item of business at the regular Monday night meeting'of troop 38 of Boy Scouts of America at the Christian Hall. Scoutmaster of the troop is Robert Reecler. ; j A final check was made on the j national inventory and roll call— n nation wide movement to obtain accurate information concerning all boys participating in scout work so their aid may be enlisted in case of any emergency. . ; . • Later, games -were - played , wltl the "Crows" winning over_ the "Cranes". A.Green Bar Patrol meeting was-held, to make plans for the investiture ceremony uncr initiation to be held Monday night. National inventory and roll cal of "Boy"* Scout troou 36 were com- blet^d .Tuesday nichb at the meet- ing'""'ut Lange school with Hnrmnn Three complete patrols. Pox, Beaver and Wolf., we'-e Dfcsczu-. Pafcrol Leaders are Jack' ; W^grvn, Ronald Broedon. and Gregory Atkins. An e?pecifll effort V'b h^int; made to have ev'ei-y scout attain at least a ^second class rating r dur- iticr NovMiiber. it was statecV . Troop 36 has inatiKUi'atftd a svs- ter,\ by whlrhnnv scout "'hn 1)0-cautioned'{twice in one ^•tomaticaUy, is sentenc.?^; to i li "dumb bunnv" squad. This, squad can not partake in any of sanies for that particular nl«?ht. A'scout is also sentenced to this 1 if" he misses two meetings \Y;!,bnut a logical excuse. Jack Wp«mon's wntrol has "the •highest•'rating 'to date in so as advancement is concerned. Atkins and his patrol had the p- o?ram which consisted of n quiz l contest. The vame of "Actors" was played. At dismissal, "the 22 boys sang "God Bless America." Carrol Stanfield was appointed to the position of .scribe for me troop. - CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—A onetime British soldier has won a divorce from the mother of the sweetheart he lost IT years ago while, campaigning in India. When Fred Prior, 39, , returned from India his fiancee was married, so he took the hand of her mother. When the mother insisted that she and Prior 'live with-her daughter, ic was too much for the India campaigner and he came to America. His wife refused tO ( follow. , ;: '" iTHE HOUSE OF i >*?&. , iV ">{' '^t'< . JV X « &* : :<^V *.*•"«, :fe : >T$ CUMMINS DISTILLERIES CORP. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY iS ** *V ,0j •»"/> /.> •*,; ^£& ^ Dr. Saliba's Clinic EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT 128 E. Kentucky Ave.. Corner Franklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED J. A. Saliba, M.D., M.E., Ph.G. Office Phone 418, Res. 410 sy^/j p^77% PC^/SR X 'J%x ? * 2 ^ ^ ^•'4 wa \ \ / h?: ^/^ ^¥« **/ THE HOUSE OF MEAD Heads upj comes Mead's march of STETS VX- I*/ 1 4'*V>/ •^M" -VA-;' t^< ^ ^ ^ -+f •• •, '&;*• ^*> HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General RepaiPing, Welding Across from Red Top Gin Perhaps They Did Knowingly BELLEVILLE, 111. (UP) — The bu.;glar who obtained $10.40 in cash from the Geissler Roofing Company must have chuckled v;when. he left by way of a window. Members of the office force locked up>for/-'the night, closed the safe v . therr'huns ^a card with the com- v bination on the safe door." FOR SALE New ]941 Chevrolet •1/2 'Ton Pickup Driven only 80 miles. A-i condition. Will sacrifice for quick sale. Hardaway Appliance Co. I'honc 233 CENTURY CLUB tV ^^ •v *' ^ .V ^: '*V •'^, X'^ ^? ' ?v :->5^ . 'Vy s ^ S 'v/ f j r*-S " ^y,- ! 'FVr»X L'i*'^ ^^m^'IN^ I^^ 1 s^ -^ ^ Radio says..."COLDER" :>- *. B*f?' IH*; ^ KKA^J- The sun's out-h's WARM -Taddock" Here they come! The greatest selection of Style Stetsons ever presented by Mead's . .. raw, bound, welt and stitched edges ... in smooth-mix, lustre, suede and regular finishes .. . tweeds, sash and other novelty bands. America's greatest $5 hat value! As Usual the Best Is Always At MEAD' No matter how the weather goes; you have it beaten in the Detaehable-lined Coat by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Fall is a tricky season. The weather is apt to be warm one hour and cold the next. But with a Hart Schaffner & Marx detachable-lined coat you have the solution to every situation! If it's cold in the morning; when you start out . . . z-i-p the lining to your coat is in, and off you go with a snug, protective heavy coat! If the weather warms up as the clay nro^rcsses . . . z-i-p again . .'. and you have a comfortable, ' & " • • • topcoat, without any lining! II takes expert topcoat makers to turn out a coat as ingenious and as foolproof as this one. Hart Schaffner & Marx have been in the tailoring business for 53 years, and from.our standpoint this is the outstanding detachable-lined coat available. In a number of smart fabrics, smartly styled, and equipped with a lining that's no trouble because it's all zip and no trip. MEAD'S 322

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