The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1947
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 1C, 1<ld7 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS *AO» mi TVA Supporters ExpeciBudgeiCut $31,746,918 Item j May Be Pared Down To Mere $13,117,521 WASUINOTGN, July 1C. (UP) — . Senate supporters of the Tennessee Valley Authority \vere reported rei- , tly today to accept a proposed cut in the- 19-18 TVA appropriation without a fi(;IH. Tlte 'J'VA appropriation \vas the Widest item in' the $31,740.918 RO- i^vc-rnmeiH corporation appropriation ^uill wliieh the SeniUe expected to pu.s.s today. TVA backers indicated willingness lo agree to the Senate apprapnx- lions roniinittee recommendation of $13,117,521. The administration requested $27,C57,500 for Die agency, and the House voted it, $2i,i4:t,5ou. .Senate supporters of the valley authority were more interested in preserving a senate committee recommendation to junk a houso-ap proved plan for a -10-year »niorti/i- tiou of Ihe government's investment i in the TVA. The House plan would require the agency lo pay :it least S87,OI>0,8IO each 10 yeurs for 40 years. The Senate committee recommended amending (be bill t<> require TVA to pay 810,500,000 into the treasury next year with no provision for future years. It S:IK] approval of an amortisation plan •should await a report being prepared by the coniptioiler general. The Senate bill also would rein rect the Office of Housing Expediter, for which the House voted only liquidation funds. TVA supporters hoped the '_•:>?!- ference committee that adjusts dif- fciinces between House and Senate - bills would accept the House fi- gurc for (he appropriation ami tile provision on payments 'o . the treasury. If Other agencies with funds in the Kr bill included the National Housing '-,,., |i Aifi'ney, Federal Public Housing. An- Mjtc heli |t thuity. Jnstitntc of Inter-Atm-ri- | -NO,. .can Affairs and Tincr-Amerlcnn fn.nilv' - ! ducalional Foundation. The government corporation'bill ,V,TS the lOtli of (he "12 'major ,ij>- I piopriation bills lo go before the |;t"£emite. All contain funds for ;h™ |£ fiscil .year that began July 1. Only Iric have been sen 1 - to the White Kilted Scot Joins Imported Cheesecake Display JM0SS Arrests I In Romania [Anger British l.ONI; ON Foreii'ii <;fc'i,.| tiny Ihat c;r. .sUli-rinu uc\v lo Kom:mi;t. rest o[ !,M< Party tin , against ihr oru'tl. era] ol (lie the IVasiuit lion (iruiip .seized .within Dr. .liiliir-, the nnd vet;T;ii! was iv»nrt"ii A Fuiv the offic • Inly 10. i U.I', t—A : •|)i'ke.,iHan suld tti- '•M lirtluiii wa.s eon- moves with ri'utml \UUMV the mass ur- -fi-. of the Peasant .•luu^cs of plotting "oyt'L'imirtu was re- dis|-,iiiches said sey- toptll'jlit orilcials of ! J in ty, rn lin oppo.- i- "ill.sUlo Ihe Letiisi -I'l-nment. liuil been .be lust 'j| hours. Manln iirrsldent ol I'ari.v. former innnii'r Koiniumin MuU'Miiiui, under hortie -irnst Instead of standing back to admire Ihe scenery when t\vo . f ello\v-passenucrs posed for (he traditional ship's rail leg oil, J. T, A. Dicli, Scottish vacationer, hopped up on the i ail of the -S. S. Mauretania, docked in New York, and lent hit kilted knees to the display. He i-> flanked by British war brides, Mrs. Joy Carocuri, Iclt, on licr way to Stafford Sprint's. Conn., and Mrs. Jane Rochester, N. Y. Jane Hain, heading for n otiu- Mad divided in dispatch a new noli- n lioinanla answern.i! Itamuniiin itltrfiiUlor.s of Anislii • American (nierlorcnce in lioiuuu- :»ul idniiiiiMniUvf :in-l lirliish were Hole received '• ! Offlei 1 received new I reports inih.-an,,,; thai a number of Krmitnnan oiipuslliun lender:; were under The otllce Mill I had received •.,., explanation o( the i lai'ue si'.ili- arn-.sis in micharesl which be»:ui in MHCC,,. Tlie ,-a'n- paiiju wa.s alhlbuied by lioinanlaii authorities lo aliened underground aclivily a inmM ibe rjovei-imient. I Greek Soldiei s' Skirts Once Caused Arguments Between Prince and Chum i Parenthood Role for Lad oil4 Causes Some Serious Thinking ! ATLANTA. Ga., July 1C. I UP I Hy HAL CLANCY with convenience like a lot of old-, Creek -oldiers' skirls e uised a lot UmlHl Tress Staff Corrcspmulont cr folks do." ; O l lights between Philip .Vlr.unt- CHELSEA. Mass., July l(i. (UP) i T i 10 serious-faced new father i batten and War Veteran H --His new role as n father weigh- ,, r j, u , c d nurocmcnl and *,hi-ii held j Fmiklin Miillip-i. of Uremeii Cia heavily on 14-year-old Miller h | s wirc - s ham | whjl( . ho ul ,ij n ,. (1 l ThiH -A<-.S 20 years :u;o w-hen :hel| of Chelsea today. i Ilis .„],,„,; <•„,. - hc future. ] they wr re "b?U rlinins" at Elms fnnilv' *illd nli 'i tt ^ tl 1 ' 1 I " ir ' n working hartl in iiop's co[]or a iot'of things.- he aiirt as !«!!.'», ^J 0 ^ ^^,^ 1-JTtousc. and four oil-ers have been I*'sent to House-Senate conference committees. The Senate ;nsip.i two 1-ills yas- I terday. carrying a total of neaily 1 SI4.000.COO.OOO. and c pnt . them tjl s h c said conference. One wa.s a SS.OIQ.OIB^OJ "B U t j appropriation for the War Department. The second was a $8.307.970.- W appropriation for independent offices, including $G,985,49!>.300 I or the Veterans Administration. The indepeni!ent offices bill also carried 3250.000.000 in new funds and the same amount in contract authorizations, tor the Federal A- lletler Tluin Spcelfied The W:i'.:iu llyer blpliini! more than fullilli-d ',|ieeifleation s for Its accc|,tanre ), y ti , 0 united Stales Army Air l-'on-e.s In 1UUO.'by slay- inn "I"" lor an hour mid 1'2 inln- iites, with an iiveraue speed of more th.m -lo miles per hour. Porcupine is considered a delicacy hy mountain lions, .says a University of New Mexico roscurriii- ' but we may have to -spread and get a place of our own." Shirley smiled. She said it wa.s up to her husband. "lie's the head of the house/' OU 1,] Mrs. Mitchell started to ' and then looked bashfully at the ring of newsmen around her hospital bed and checked herself, she husband - got my career r.:l planned," 'Miller added. "Just, like my pop I'm going Jo learn all about, metals and how to make tilings jwith 'em. ! "I'll ue the best coppersmith in 1 tite business and earn a pi'e of ; dough," he said gently to his i pretty, dark-eyed wife, youimesti i mother in the history of Chelsea Mrs. were in Jove— r was tonne Energy Commission. Memorial Hospital. n»th Houses approved conlereiic,: "What if we are young" itports .yesterday on a S3.433.046.100 '-Mitchell asked newsmen. "We bill lor the Navy and a S55.282.435 rppropriation for the legislative biTtiicIi. Those were then sent to the White House. Supply biM s which have not yet den-Mi the senate contain funds for the War Department's civil I functions and the District of Columbia. VA Officer Here Speaks Before IReal Estate Board Members of the BIytlicvillc Ren! Estnlp Boat'<3. n-o."t..,ip Ins? niTl'.f in the Delta C;ife. hcnrcl ;t tnlh t>v W. II. Pope, contract rcprMpn'ii'- tive of the Veteran; Aclmmixtraii >n. who explained thjt iHnlion of Die ouni; when we tell in Jove—r was O. I. Hill which t in t'.a \mh :'ovrvn- 13 ;>nil Miller was 12—mul we' nient gimrnnty of Io:>ns for VR'.CT- vcrc young when we were married fins. Dayton, O., last August. ]lul| Mr. Pope Ai;s;iist. we can love just as much as older people." Mitchell and his bride were narriert with tlic enthusiastic permission of their parents. The young husband's father, Elia Mitchell, said he favuracl yonng marringos because "thut's the time people know rr they're really in they get old enough love—before to mix love Mack Grider Post to Induct New Officers OSCEOLA. July 16. — The newly- elected officers of the Mack Grider Post 150. or the American Lesion here, will be installed at the meeting of the members in the Legion Hut toni»hl. CommaiKlcr D. Prcd Taylor, announced today. Lloyd Godley. a past commander of the post, has been designated ns installing o.'ricrr. Mr. Taylor stated. Mr. Godley was appointed as in- slalling officer due lo Mr. Tnylor being re-elected as post commander. Officers to lie installed Mr. Taylor; vicc-comni.ind julant; Sieve liowker. finance offi- Morgan. Joe Rhodes, T. W. Mark- eer Harold Hendrix. chaplain; Earl hum, Fred Hcndrix, Leslie Spcci: Hoberts. serijeaiit-at-arms; Dr. J, and Ray Morgan, Jr. stres-ud Hie in<; feature of the ^'la'-.inty provisions .iiicl •'xplai-iecl its ndv.VnhuTes He poinleil out Ihe cle.sii.iliilitv of apsisling veterans with hoiis'iiK problems and emphasized tin e'lee. housing has on the well -he;]-- ol the community. "The government is willhiK to D. Mnsscy, post surgeon; and Myron Nailing, judge advcontc. Jfembcrs or the executive and olhcr committees to serve for the coming year will be announced at tonights meeting. Mr. Taylor stated. Delegates and their alternates t» represent the Oseeola post at the State American Legion Convention to be held in Little Rock July 2729 have been appointed, he said. The delegates include Joe Millar, Assistant Attorney General Jim Bunn, James Coston, Sam Hodge-; Lloyd Oociley, O. L- Wntldcll. Jr., James Bass, Jack Uzellc, Bill Wn'.• son and Ernmelt Davis, include^ Alternates arc Tim Bo.vlcs, L. Waddcll, Jr., l Walter Manchester, C. 13. Driver. Joe Rhoades, cvcl- Joe Martin, Leon Chamberlain, Earl best wheth- j guarantee or insure its lawlul portion or any sound loan." he s.iicl, "and soinicl loans mean sound business. " Col. ivy W. Crawford applied for membership in the organisation and was unanimously accepted by the 1G members present Board President IT. c. Campbell presided at the meeting ant! the association's industrial committee submitted a report on its efforts to get new industries for Blylhcvtlir. wore Munich! it was protly funny for soldiers lo wear skirls but Plil'ip didn't think it, was so' fun- Jiy." "I kept Icllhu' him the American Army was biaser Mian t:he Grei'k Aruiv." Phillips remembers, "and ,he suiii Die Creek Army WHS "He v.-ns n pretty rou^'li kid. He would |:n'l linir." The Gecnn.ii :>t<.endrd tho =cht:ol for one ;.rar mul hns- n't seen Philip since. Read Courier News Want Adr,. cranky 'every month'? Arc you Irouhlircl by tllslre^s of ft-niMc fiiii(:llon;i] pfrlotllc dl'ilurb- 11111-,-s? pi,,. s ihls innkc ynu tcel so tlrrd. llli-li-sliLi:!^. jKirrott.s—nt fmc]i tlnir.s? Then r.o try Lydhi r. FLnk- hiun's Vc:;t-l:ibltj Cornjjound to relltvo -MK^l syni])loins! I'lukKjinrs Compound Is mndc cspcciallif fur iromcn It also li;iH '.vliiit Doctors call a .tomnchlc tontc Any <!rui,'slorc . , "LYDIA E. PINKHAIM'S If'Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Here's How You May Help, Whether You l:at 500 Ponnds or 2000 Pounds of Food In »Ycar You cnn't frcl cheerful, bo litinny nncl alci-p u-i-ll. II your stcmmch Is iihvny.-i up. BCI. As (IK? ritlvta i>8 lha "old stomach' nrcds more lielp. The IL-HSUH JB this: KvcryUrnc food enters tho aloninch L yhnl gastric Juice must rtow normally to hi cnk'Up certain font! particles; else tho rood may reriiu-iit-. Sour loot], achl IrnU- ficfiiluti mul utia frcqueiUly CQUJIU EI mor- Ijid. touchy, fretful. pcuvlsh. nervous condition, loss of ii[Jiittlte, initlcnVoli rr-iiu-ss Kleep. weakness. i To net renl rplln/ you nuist Incrcnfto Ihr ILnw of this vltnl nn-ilrlc Julrc MnM- cul iiiitLiurUIc.*. Iti tiuU![JC>tlili!iil Inljtirn- lury trsts on hutnnii Attmmrhs, hnve by pt)>:ii[v« [irool Aliuwn Llmt .SSS Tonic La nrimKlnjjly ttlcctlvo In Inrrpnuliu: till- Jlov,' ivhon It la too IILtlc or scanty thic to n, iion-orgniilc atomnch tllsturliimrt* Thin b due to the SSS Tonic formnlA which contn]ii« vrry cpcclnl inul polcnl acUvfttluu Ini'rcclicnls. Also, S33 Tonic ticlnn build-up non- orfrunlc. wcnk, \vatt-ry blood In mitrl- tlonrjl nncrnln— w with n yooil (low ol tills Knstrlc (llEPBtlve Jiilco, plus rich rcil- liUiud you BlionU) cat belter, jjlcop better Iei-1 linttcr, work belter, play better. Avoid tHinlshlni: yourself with over (loses ol BOdn cmd other Rlkfill/.crs tr comitcrnct f-as nntl bloating when \vlrn you EO dnnrly need Is SS3 Tonic lo licit you digest, fooil tor body Elrcni;th QI;I rc])n1r. Don't wait! Johi the host o hayipxr people Has Tonic hui hcUieil Millions of bottles sold. Clct. a bottle o .c helps Ilulld Sturdy Health. "Special "Thursday 80c Firemen Make Run The Dlylhevillc Fire Department answered a call from Charles Corey's Cafe on the corner of Fifth Kfnf ,., and Ash streets, hist night at 10:15. : — according to Fire Chief Roy Head. Chief Head said the firemen found an over-heated refrigerator motor. 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