Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 3
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p 7 s 7T*>^FVu ^ ^ Delicious Mince Pie in 20 Minutes ANT TIME OF THE YEAH. NEW EIJeUND "MMIKCE MEAT. In pnper "boxes; onoogii for two Inr^e pics. Always ready; easily prepared, CLEAN, WHOLESOME, CONVENIENT. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. D. E. PRYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces.— PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. S1G E. Broaday st. Real Estate. For Sale orTrade la all parts of Logansport. Eesiden.ee and Business j)ropertv- Sole Agents for the "West End Addi- tion." And • Johnson's Kiver'side Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broadway DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and Residence over 201 Sycamore St. LOGANSPORT, - - • IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases and Diseases ot Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Responded to. Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING, JAK. 28. Beecham's Pills cures sick head ache. . d6t . See the bargains in laces and embroideries, at the Trade Palace. Miss Mary Jox returned yesterday from atwo week's visit with friends at Delphi. Now for ginghams in prints, ging- • hams, remnants of silks and dress goods, at the Trade Palace. John Gray's all the year round prices are as low as the forced sale prices that are going on now. SHILOH'S CUKE will '^immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Sold by 'B. F. Kees. ling . ' 8 THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by .Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Keesling . 1 SLEEPLESS . SIGHTS .made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. Sold by B. F-, Keesling. 2 "' WHY •WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's :.Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1. Sold by B. F. Keesling. - Nervous debility; poor [.diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples toured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples pf ree at B. F. Keesling's. ^ (6) ' Friday, from 10 a. m. to" 4 p. m., the greatest muslin sale ever heard of. I Save, your dollars. Sheetings and Liable linens; ladies underwear will i-also be slaughtered this day at the j. Trade Palace. All for cash to raise [funds. . •'.-'Mr. Wils Berry, the popular artist, has nearly completed a large painting ••-of ; "Christ beside the sea of Gallilee." I It is on exhibition at his studio in tbe Johnson blor.k- It is a work of more ] than ordinary, merit. Lovers .of .art J' are invited to his studio to exatnine.it. Mrs. Martin, wife of -Thomas Kar|tin, aiormer Pan 'Handle passenger Jconductor, died at the family : resi- Jlence in Indianapolis at $ p. m. Mon- Iday. The remains wiil be brought there on the 1:30 p.m. train to-day land will be taken from the depot to |Mt. St. Vincent cemetery for inter- Sment. 7 memory, The \VoOd Cane. Richmond Telegram: Fox & Robbins, attorneys for James A..'.Woods, will file their motion for a new trial to-morrow, and there is much speculation on the probability of Judge Comstock's ruling. This not alone among the masses, where the pre- ponderence is unmistakably with those who think the penalty fixed by the jury out of proportion to the offense established, but also among lawyers and other court attaches. Among the people there are not a few who first subscribed to the character of offense found by the jury, voluntary manslaughter, while objecting to the length of the term fixed, who now think it was involuntary manslaughter since they have better learned the legal definition of the two terms. They thought the defendant guilty of voluntarily going into Mr. BlounVs room and having the encounter in which they were, and still are, satisfied Woods inflicted, the'fatal injuries, and thought that constituted voluntary manslaughter whereas they thought Woods had no intention .of killing his victim, which fact would make it involuntary manslaughter.. And, the defense -claim thai at least two of the jury have acknowledged that was their mistaken opinion when they sub'scribed to tbe verdict, voluntary manslaughter. This would make no difference as to the -right of the jury to- impose the length of term they did, as che law. provides that in either degree of manslaughter the imprisonment may be fixed at any term ' not less than two years, nor more than twenty-one years,, but the defense hold that it m^.k.es a very great difference in determining their right to a new trial, on the theory that the Supreme Court has twice drawn the distinction and granted new trials in cases where the jury. had .convicted of voluntary manslaughter, where they should have convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Of course if there are any errors in the rulings of tbe court, the defense can take the case to the Supreme Court, but it has not been heard what they were,.if the defense claim any.. And if Judge Comstock is convinced that the penalty imposed is excessive, or the facts found not supported by. the evidence he could set the verdict aside. But it is to be presumed that he would prefer to grant a new trial on other facts set.forth in the motion by the defense, and in certain . legal circles it is .not believed that a new trial will be granted, if it is to be really -A trial, albeit they think Judge' Comstock considers the penalty excessive i. e., that if the defendant had pleaded guilty before Judge Comstock the term would not have been, less than five years nor more than ten, probably half way. between. They say Judge Comstock will not grant a new trial, unless he knows the defendant will plead guilty, because he will not saddle the great expense of one on the county when there is no probability of sufficient additional facts being elicited to justify it. The cost of the present trial will aggregate over $1.500. The Free Gravel Koad Bill. Senator Magee's bill, authorizing county commissioners to buy toll-roads and make them free, which encountered rough waters the other day,, fell upon the breakers yesterday and was totally lost. The committee that passed upon-the bill recommended its indefinite postponement, .but. the Sen- rtor from Cass made a fight for it and got it printed. The .people of Cass county voted a year or.two ago, on the matter of the purchase of all the gravel roads in that county and the proposition was defeated. The purpose of the measure defeated yesterday was to enable the people of Cass county to have free roads whether they wanted to or not. Senator Magee appeared to have his views of th» case very much to himself.- He was out-talked and out-voted, and the people of Cass will have the blessed privilege of paying toll until they find there is a better way.—Indianapolis Journal. STATE OF OEJO, CITY OF TOLEDO, ) ss - LUCASCOBNTY,. . J. . • FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he Is the senior partner of tne firm of F. J. ORKNEY & Co.. doing business In the City of Toledo, County and, •State atorsald, and that said firm will pay tne sum of ONE HUNDRED DOI/LABS for;each and »veiy case of Caturrh that cannot be cured by .the Sworn to before me and subscribed. In my presence, this 6th day ot December, A. D. 1886. | SEAL \ Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is'taken Internally "and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send lor testimonials free. ' F. J. CHENEY & CO,, Toledo, 0. )ld by Druggists, 75 cents. Captain D. H. Chase has issued orders for Canton Logansport to meet in their hall over Ferguson's 'clothing store, this (Wednesday) eveining, January, 28, at 8 o'clock in full dress uniform for the purpose of regular inspection, at which time "will be opened the second contest for a prize. Every Chevalier should be present on. this occasion. ASSEMBLY PARK. New- Niinien, More Money and ITIany GeiierouH Promise*. It is conceded that no public enterprise, started in this city for rnany_ years, has ever succeeded as lias the Assembly Park project. In spite of the embarrassment suffered by this laboring man's project pa account of the unwelcome as well as inopportune proposition to raise money by quartering- the park, subscription guarantees have grown each day from the first. It is now plain that Logansport will get a park of some Jcind. Enough money is now i,n sight to beautify and develop the river bank from. Tenth street to Fifteenth street, and this will be the first work attempted. Leave the Trades Assembly alone and they will do SJmethingof lasting good for theiivcity. Monday afternoon the subscription list was again started and some two hundred dollars was; subscribed in a very short time. Tuesday afternoon the list was again set going- and by four o'clock netted nearly $300 more. So far, although no citizen has come forward and offered his service _ in aid as a solicitor of subscriptions except generous Charles Peckham who will work especially on High street, and in spite, of .the fact that the work has fallen solely so far upon one man, the, subscription guarantees have advanced at, an average of $500 per day from the start. Those who give are universally opposed to the,scheme of making any sacrifice of the park area. The liberal donators of yesterday were first, Wiler & Wise, who said that they would gladly threble their offering upon due knowledge of success of the Assembly Park plans, and that they stood ready any time to further the scheme with liberal COD- tributions. Second, Mr. John Dewenter, who, notwithstanding his inestimable good in loaning space to the public, in which to_ display the plans of Assembly Park also gave more than was really his just prorata of the fund. When the grasses grow -green and the trees bud in foliage, and Assembly Park takes on her holiday attire it can be gratefully boped that not a few sales in the gents furnishing line will be inspired and that larger will be the increased patronage of '•Dewenter, the Hatter." Benjamin Martin also generously contributed his pr-orata and is a park man all over. Mr. - W. T. Wilson gave his guarantee and along with H. G. Thornton largely increased the park funds and set the example for brother lawyers who will soon be visited. Whilst talking to Mr, Miller Uhl, of the firm of Holbruner & Uhl, who gave a • large verbal guarantee, Frank Diehl was seen crossing the street and on bein-g hailed came over and after some talk, set down a handsome sum. It. is supposed that High street will come forward with a larger aggregate sum than any part of this city, as with them the park plan has become a speculation of large and 1 certain margins and cot a charity donation. The Salesmens 1 union will meet this evening^and some action will be taken by them in the Assembly Park case. : '-. W. W. ASSEMBLYP1M. Guarantee* of the Success or the Project. Alexander Hardy. - S2W 00 John F.,Johnson :....: 2WOO George Halgh J«0 to J. P.Webster 100 00 Martin Bllgh,....: : 100 00 George'S. -Forgy '. 100 00 Jehu Elliott..... M 00 Mrs.D. C. Elliott.... 100 00 Will M. Elliot J6 00 Harry Elliott. • 75 00 Henry-Tucker .•:, - ™ ?o Vf H.SnJder (verbal) WOO E,S. Rlie&Son 200 0- H. C. TDornton 5° PS -Wlteri- Wise. ....«.........'. 5ii 00 WiK. T.Wilson BO 00 J. C: DeWenter £5 00 Ben Martin ; 21 0 ,T.B/Mes-enger 21 p Dr. J.B. Ljnas Jo Frank Diehl B0 °° Holbruner & Dhl (verbal)..... iOO CO Henry.Brooumeyer (verbal) BO to 10000 Send-names and amounts to Weldon F. Webster. Modern Miracles. A singer'for breath was distressed. And the doctors all said she must rest. But she took G-. M. D. Fur Her weak lungs,,.TOO see, And now she can, sing, with the best. An atblete gave out, on a run, And he feared his career was quite done; fi. If. D., pray observe,: Gave back his lost nerve, And now he can lilt halt a, ton. A writer who wrote for a prize, . Had headaches and palri in'the eyes; G, M.D/was the spell : That made him quite well. 1 Aid glory before him now lies. . ' These are only examples of the dally triumphs of Dr. Plerce's Golden Medical Discovery, in restoring health and reviving wasted vitality. Sold by all druggists. -.'••• - ''• Notice. AH members of Diana Temple Wo. 30.- are requested to meet. at Lodge room, Wednesday 'afternoon at 2:30 sharp. ELLEN COJHKG'ORE, M. E. C. IDA HEPPE, M. of R. &C. Snow Ball flour is now reduced to $2.35 per hundred.—McCaffrey & Oi. At Dolnn'N To-morrow Slight. Boston Globe: Peck & Fursman's Mammoth Spectacular Uncle Toni's Cabin Company opened their week's engagement last night at the Globe Theatre to an overflowing house, standing room not -being available after eight o'cloek. The larger portion of. the audience was composed of ladies and children, who, as usual, cried over the death of Eva. But the comicalities of tbe two Topsys and the eccentricities of the two lawyers, Marks, sr, and Marks, jr., brought forth .screams of delight. The remarkable sagacity exhibited by the trained Russian bloodhounds was a complete surprise and elicited a, perfect storm of applause. Notice. The public is hereby notified that I, from to-day, refuse to manufacture the ' 'Snow Ball" flour for M. McCaffrey & Co. In a few days I will have my own '-'genuine Snow Ball flour sacks," you can. then lest assured that you will get the original Bucher genuine Snow Ball flour, the best flour in the market. A trial will convince those who have not used it. In the meantime, this same flour can be had at the various groceries in "the Bu.cb.er New Deal sacks. EDMUND. BHCHEII, Forest Mills. Log-ansport, Inch, Jan. 26, 1891. jaa28d6twlt The young son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers, of east Broadway swallowed a pin on Sunday and'for a time it was feared that the little one's life was endangered by the obstruction in. its throat. The pin had become firmly planted crossways in the child's throat and refused all ordinary methods to remove .it. 'Dr. Balla<-d was summoned and soon the painful and dangerous obstruction was removed. Ko Wreck Ashore Was ever more hopelessly stranded than a wrecked constitution, whether its disaster be the product oj some formidable malady, or that slow. premature decay that seems to fasten upon some constitutions without apparent attenuate cause. An excellent means ot checking this gradual drain of the sources ol vitality is the beneficent tonic, "Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which promotes digestion, enriches the blood and gives substance as well as stamina to an enfeebled frame. Constlpatlon.fee'blenessof the kldneys : and bladder, fever and ague and rheumatism, are among the bodily ailments which It rem-v^es promptly and thoroughly. Persistence in Its use Is well merited by It. to29 She Suffered for -Fifteen Years. My wife has suffered for fifteen years from congestion and painful menstruation. After using three bottles of Bradfield's Female Kegulator she )'• now able to do her house work and go where she pleases. J. W. DAVIS, Moravian Falls N. C. Write Bradfleld Keg. Co. , Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben. Fisher. toSl A Real Balsam In Kemp'* Balsam The dictionary says "A Balsam is a thick, pnre aromatic sobstance iiowiug from trees." Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs is the only cough medicine that is a real balsam. Many thin, watery cough remedies are called balsams, but such are not. Look through a. bottle of Kemp's Balsam and notice what a pure, thick preparation it is. If you cough use Kemp's Balsam. At -all druggists'. Large bottles 50c. and $1. • eod Marvelous .Endurance. The vast araowt of labor performed by the heart In keeping' Si portions of the body supplied with blood is not : generally -known. It beats 100.000 times, and f orees the blood at toe rate of 1G8 miles a. day. which Is 3,OQO,OOu,000 times and 5.150.S80 miles in a. life time; No wonder there' aie'so- many Heart -Fallurea. The first syrnp- tomes are'shortuess of breath when exercising, pain In the slde-or stomach, fluttering, choking In throat,, oppression, then., follow weak, hungry or smothering spells, swollen ankles, etc. Dr. IfranWln Miles' New Heart Cure Is the only reli- ableremedy. Sold by:B. F. Keesling. 1 An Important Mutter. Druggists everywhere 'report that the sales o the-Bestoratlva Nervine— a, nerve food and medicine— are astonishing; exceeding anything they ever Jiad, while ft gives universal satisfaction In headache, nervousness, sleeplessness, sexual debility, hackache, poor memory, fits, dizziness, etc. L. Burton 4 CO., N. Y.; Ambeiy &. Hurpny, of Battle Creek, Mich-.; C. B. woodworth & Co , ol Fort" Wayne, Ind., aad hundreds of others state that they never handled any medicine which sold so raplely, or gave such satisfaction. Trial bottles of this great medicine and book on Nervous Diseases, free at B. F. Keesllng's who guaaantees and reeommends'lt. . (3) To Nervous Debilitated- Men. • If you will send us your address, we will iflall you our illustrated pamphelet explaining all about Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro- Voltaic Belt and Appliances, and their charming effects upon the ner- 'vous debilitated system, and-how they will Quickly restore you to ; vigor .and manhood. - Pamphlet free. H you are thus afflicted, we will send youa belt and appliances on trail, . VOLTAIC BELT Co., feb7d-wly - • Marshall, Mich. Ten days, remember only ten days, we offer not old remnants but new spring styles of wall paper and mould- -ings, not at cost, but at prices that will be to your advantage to buy — w.e mean business.. Sale commence Monday January 26, at. the Logansport Wall Paper Co. : jan24dSt Notice. Any subscriber failing: to^ receive his paper regularly and promptly will please report this' fact to me at this office. •-.-••-. HENKY F. Jox. Circulator. For Sale and .Delivery. Pure timothy hay for horses, ; and clover, and timothy, mixed, forcowp. orders at tny office. novlfidtawtt P. D. DYXEMAN Attend the Painters and Decorators- dance, Tuesday, February TO, 1891. For rent, several desirable houses Apply to C. E Hale. nov4dtf am laden From the golden gate. To land$ across % sea. I carry sweet (rope (Uus . So AF» As a cargo Made only by« A5K YOUR GROCER FOR IT A Safe Investment. Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory results, or in case of failure a return of purchase price. On this safe plan you can buy from our advertised Druggist a bottle of Dr King's New Discovery for Consnmp- tion. It is guaranteed to bring relief in every case, when ; used for any affection of Throat, Luags or Chest, such as Consumption, Inflammation of Lungs, Bronchitis,. Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup; etc., etc. It is pleasant and agreeable to taste, perfectly safe, 'and can always be depended upon. • ' Trial, bottles free at B. 7. Keesling's Drugstore. to31 Something New lii Corn— \e\v Kiln i Dried Corn Meal. This process retains all the sweets and nutriments of the corn. It is this process that has given Kentucky and -Virginia its great reputation for corn meal. To be had at the leading groceries. We are also manufacturing, pure whole wheat flour. This is also on sale at all the leading gr oceries in one-eighth barrel packages. There is more nutrition in this flour than in any other made. We are now prepared to grind corn for feed in any quantities declld&wtf D. & C. H. UHL. DK. J.'. MILLEK & SONS—Gents: I can speak in the. highest praise of your Vegetable Expectorant. I was told by my physician that I should never be better; my case was very alarming. I had a hard cough, difficulty in breathing,'and had been spitting blood at times for six weeks. I commenced, using the Expectorant and got immediate relief in breathing. I soon began to get better,, and in a short time I was entirely cured, and I now think my lungs are |sound.—Mrs. A. E- Turner. dec~d&vv6m- Kandolph, Mass. A SAD AND" A JOYOUS SCENE.—If .there is any thing under, the sun that will make an angel red around the eyes it is to see a near-sighted bachelor trying to thread a needle. One of the most joyous scenes 'is to .witness the rejoicing of the little family over the recovery of father or mother who has been restored to health by the use of Dr. White's Dandelion after the doctor had said their was no hope for recovery. Such scenes are of frequent occurance where this medicine is used. B. F. Keesling-& D. E.Pryor. to31 Catarrli, Hay or Jtbse Fever. The cleansing, soothing and healing properties of Darbys Prophylactic Fluid are experienced in the treatment and cure of Catarrh and kindred .complaints. Ths'Fluid soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and removes the offensive.odor'," that 'characterizes the disease. 'Should the inflammation have reached the throat use the Fluid as a gargle: to allay the inflammation and to disinfect. to31 Do Ton Conjrli? Don't delay. Take;Kemp's Balsam the best cough-cure. It will cure your coughs.and colds. It "will, cure sore throat or-a tickling in the throat. It will cure pains in the chest. It will cure influenza arid bronchitis and, all diseases pertaining to the lungs be- .cause-it is a^pure balsam. Hold it to. the light and see how clear and thick .it is. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. . Large bottles 50c. and.?!. • eod Eat Candy 'if you will usesozooONT right away, in order to carry off its injurious effects upon the'teeth. .All candy- eaters should carry , SOZODONT with them, if they wish to keep their teeth; sound. _ toS 1 M. J. Bligh, No. 305 Market street is the sole agent^forSchlitz 1 celebrated Milwaukee bottled beer for family aae , jan22d!mo (OSKST""'' —~ - If TO AT YOU WISH Advertise Anything Any time Call on the Journal. •Wo •believe we have a ' . thorough knowledge of all] the ins and outs of : newspaj>er advertising, gained iii an- contract* P: Roweii Go. twentr-five years'"-'' of . sucoessfnl • . -we have ' '• the- ' best ••'. equipped office, and . u-nrl-cplect , facilities In all departments tor careful and intelUgent- service. "We • offer Newspaper W| Advertisiflg -^g.. Bureau, ooaten?pjft? the most comprehensive as well as the most convenient system of 10 Spruce St., New York. $10 or 110,000 lu newspaper ' and. •who wish.: to ttio moat aad best for the Cpttoaa. COW POUND .vond of Cotton Boot, Ttnir lad Pennyroyal—a recent <tt»oor«ry nran 'old physician. It twxcttfuUv »«•< -Safe. SSectuaL Price $L by. lealed. I*dl*J, ask your druggist , Cotton Boot Compound and- tate no ' or Inolom 2 rtampi for stalod partlonlari. drew POND UtY COMPASY,,i;o. S v Blook, 131 TVoodward aye., Detroit. Mich. a- i

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