The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1933
Page 6
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"AGE SIX 13LYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Series Front From Air as War Begins TUESDAY, OCTORKR :), 1933 Former Washing Ion Hurler Says Nais Can Beat Team Without Punch. • EDITOR'S N'OTE: This !s thei last of n series of six arliclc-s by! Walter Johnson commenting on| the u-orld series beginning today j bftween the Giants and his oldj i< am. the Washington Nationals. HV WALTER JOHNSON : (As inld lo Hill llrjmrhrr, Xl!AJ Service Sports Fdilor) NEW YORK. Oct. 3.-Washim;- lon to win—in not more than six liame.s. That is my si/e-up of thei v.-orld series as Ihe two teams lint', U|> /or.the first g.ime today at \\ Pfdo firounds. rn ihe last analysis R seems to me that a club with |»wcr, plus a fine defense plus a (soud ptichiiii;, Maff i headed by the best of them: nil. Alvin Crowder i. will heal n! c!«b with u tjood. but nol preat.! c'tcliiiu.' staff, and a good defense : bin lacking in punch at the iilale. Hubbell mav stop the Washing- i ten hitters. But. I believe he Is ihe only New York pitcher, with Ihe possible exception of Pitzsim- moiu. who can do It. On Ihe other hand what are the Giants going lo do acalnst such fine pitchers as Whilehill. Stewart and Weaver —and. if they stnrt him, nob Rurke? Sooner or laicr Ihf Washington bats will beain to click. There Is no nabe Ruth amomr them, bill cvcrv man on Ihe club hits hard I', will bo n <;tjff tesi for the Giants' defenw. Next to the work of Crowder i exneci. the finest Bitching for Washinetnn during liiis series will be furnished bv Walter Stewart. He is the kind of smirt. steady Miulhoaw baseball men like lo hnve on (heir ball clubs. Besides Hubbell ami 'Pilz, there Is a good chance for Hal Schumacher to sec service In the box. He has a fine sinker ball, but his youth mav count asainst him in n series where the pressure Is high and where so much h exoected of u pitcher. Paul Derrlneev. n fine Pitcher for the Cardinals a couple of seasons ago. but when he nol Into the world series asal'" 1 the A's he could not get the ball over the nlale. The Giants, besides Hubbell, Fitzslmmons nnd Schumacher, have Herman Bell, Adolfo Luouc Walson Clark, Lcroy Pannnlec. John Salveson and Glenn Spencer. I do not expect the Nats to haVe trouble with any of these latter six pitchers. Tlie Nats have looked at better pitching all ytar than I believe they can exited to see from these bos men. nnd have beaten .all the good American League pitchers at one lime or another. * • • II this were to be a pitching! problem—leaving the Hals' super-i ior batting out of it for a moment —I prefer the Nats' staff to that of the Giants. Offered mv choice! as a mannger between the two '•• staffs, I would take Washington's. The nine men of the Nats' pitching department are Crowder. Whitehlll, Stewart, Monte Weaver. Al Thomas, Alex McColl. Bob Burke. Ed Chapman and Jack ! Appear Best Bets to Win ! ! lonors in Kaslcrn Gnd- | iron Compo'.ilion. RY .lOCK SlTKr.ltl.ANI> Couch, Univmlly of l'itlshnr K ll I'lTTSHUHGIL— A i'oild iu-;!'jJll i team .should be moasuu-d by liiii cahbe: 1 o! its tj;>;>^s;i:;i;i, nu' v by • tin- number of'S \von anj l';:t. Many a yo'xl tram 'A'jll not lut/c . (hi 1 winning j/MT'-ntaiii- t.t an •!•:'.•en thai ha. 1 ; rusr.rd thiii.rjh n nic.-- : ly buill hp .st'hcdiili-. utm-.y li- 1 J cause the lorim-r had lo |ji.iy fcir or tive strong opjyjri -si'.-*, r.: Grim Reaper Takes Decision ball there will be liillc <!';nbi as :j ; il.s Miperi'jjily ovvr the ]::t!rr ! Then. ion. a M-luclnl" might have r 'im^ii trams on i:. Inii I'M jy m1f4h'. :;:' -so n:r<'ly sandv. i^h'd be- twern vliip c:;nto.sts tr.;iL tilt «l;;e will I/.- taken off v;c'.o:y. On the O'.IUT liand, SOMH- cardi h?.ve i:n- tani in!:-J'. ;Mf :li'.>nn] ^.inu-s .^.-'p-i- r.T!e<[ by c-'iR'.rM!, with r.LTtiunal rivals. p lt)^L- •,:((.' h:tr:l. I'itubM^l had tneii a v:.ij-d last year. nn:l hi: scries i another •,'.[•.; fall. Thri-i" are Iwo teams in the ,-ai! j that have belter than average chances of finishing the 1933 season with winning records. While there an' going to be iots of oth- I ITS who are likely to turn up with : exceptionally strong teams. Fordham and Colgate, on paper at least have t!ic most, cheerful nrKpreis Fordham \ L :il] be under Ihe di• reclion of Jimmy Croivlcy. fonnei : No'.re Dame "horseman" and snc- ; ccssfii! coach at Michigan State j He is taking the job held by ;hr late Major Frank Cavanaug:!, whose death shocked the football world this last summer. Crcwiey is a good lootbal) coach and at Fiirdhain will grt :he '.f.osi out of his material., has one ol the toughest, si-hrdnles in the east. Colgate will have fe-.v wur- Weir/.lcr and Fonclren Defeat Lmlzenich nnd'Fos- sick Over Local Course. J. C. ronilren ami Jack Wenzler. Memphis pros, gave jimmy Fossick, rilytheville country club pro. and Ifo ijnlzonlch, club champion, a lour and three defeat over ill? lat- lers' home course here yesterday, j ... Young Fondrcn turned in the ! ^ numl>cr of last autumn's lead- best medal score of the group, tour- l ' 15 w '" not be so formidable. The ing the nine holes in two i:ndcr. Army, usidcr its new mentor. LSeu- par on one round for a total ap- j tenant Davidson, who is replacing proximate score of 75 strokes lor| iIil J°r Ralph Sasse. will find t!-.e the two rounds. .Linlzenicii, the 1 ' Koing rocky. The Cadols lest only 17-year-old [oral champion, had an to Pittsburgh last. year, and their approximate 10. Wenzler an 80. an;! j 1M2 victims will tt sjiinnini; fo: Fossick 81. . them. Harvey Ilarman's Penn clev- The match was n low-ball slrmr- : °". also lost only lo Pitit,bnrgh. but nle. Tiie Meniphlnns took an early " lls i' el( i' will be hit by graduation lead, winning four out of the first. ; ".'^ wi " nnvc a difficult time win- five holc-j and the local pair never nill B as many games. Brown and Rot back en even terms although ' Cornell face the same problems, they held il:elr own after the first Pittsburgh in turn must replace BRUSHING UP SPORTS lew holes. Fondrrn 5iibstitutetl for Warren Heller and three veteran linemen. Our 1032 opponents will W. L. -young" Stiiblina. Georgia liKivyweljsht Ililucr. died lotl.iy of injuries received when his speeding motorcyrle was .struck uy a swerving car on a highway near Macon, Ga. Slublmi; was Imrryinq Russell. Ray Prim, a newcomer, is to a hospltnl to visit his wife and two-week-old Inby wlirn Ihe acci- not eligible, but I understand he idem occurred. Amputation of his left toot failed to xiv has a screw ball a bit like Hubell's and that the Nats have been Dtaclicing- with their bats against it. To sum up. the Giants will be, itolng up agntast just as good a' defense as their own, will be batting against a pitching staff superior to any in the National League, and the Gianl pitching Etaff will have to throw the ball past an offensive power the like of which they have not. seen all season. It is my guess that Hubbell will «in a game, anri that Pitz antl Hubbell will win another. Washington takes the other four. He is pictured above motorcycle. life. , he Icoked-in iiahuni; and vn IRS lavoriTs He was ulso an cx|x?rt aviator. He Drills Nals On Screw Death In Win Over Stribling MACON. Ga.. Oct. 3. — W. I.. "Young" Stribling, who suffered only one technical knockout In his Icnj ring,career of SM fulils. look the count today in his battle ; against death. The popular Georgia fichter died juries that he suffered when lus i motorcycle was r,ideswipod by an ; auloincbile Sunday afternoon, re- niltiiii in the miniiitution r^f hi> j l( ft foot. V^T^i' Stribling lay in a virtual coaia j for the last nve 'hours of his lite, i occasionally rai! ig his arms as' though in an all :npt to ward off death in hi' gri:n fight. Members of the family of Ihc ; fighter were in the :ooin as he ' died. : Pa and Ma Strlb-ing. who had! trained and managed the fishier 1 during tlie 12 year career in which : Iv was n top notchor but r.r.vr a i champion, were in his "corner" as ; they had bf-n ro many limes in' the hundreds of limes lie was fighting. , AFRICA Giddens. Helena pro. who was nn- ' vol: ch for the dilllcully of this task. able to make the trip. ' However. Pitt's chances must b? — •'. rated as reasonably bright. i Tlie real challengers for tr.c pacc- | setters will br> the Navy, where Rip i Miller is looking forward to'his best ; year since taking over the reins at i tl:e Academy, and where two cf the East's outstanding players, Bob llarbold. center. and ODVrtor 1 Chung-Hoon. halfback, wi! form. ' Teni])le, with Pop Warner back An Afjisl for Cnnnle I in the easl atler an absence of Muter Connie Mack, referred to; nine years, an* Columbia where frequently as the lean and kindly iLcn LiUlc has his system fairly leader of Hie A's. isn't playing out | established, should offer the stifl- there on the field any move, but, est sart of opposition N Y U he must be eiven credit fnr an oc-| will be stronger- rasional assist, and far be it from j There 'me other schools where tins column to retrain from giving] t ne r j sc of cnc o ,. civriit where credit, is due. ! stars hitherto The man Connie assists ntv,v and' SLIDES ^ BILL BPQUCHER, two individual unknown, m a y A Cinch! A younR. ambitious lad named '. McKcllhan started to uilrh Eddie Casey's Harvard team will bear watching. a n:l Jack Cannell': Dartmouth Indians are about due • for another great year. . ball game for the A's. The S»n-L^ ^" S °'\ "'., Syracuse and ale.', cot six hits off 1,1s delivm-l "™ a , r<1 ""Pfler. Techs new and in four innings. At the end ol !!•>£? .. mcmor - mr »' S»'e better fourth inning the score was 8 :o "ajswtneir schools. Greasy Ncalc 3 in favor of Ihe A's. It appear <1 nt " e ? Vll 'B'»'a Had a sophomore I'Vmu Suulli Afrir;i ronirs lion .Mil - "i-\nic:.ili'. annllu-r liravyxv.M^Iit lliivat. 1«> w.^e war alone tiio lii^lity 1-0111111101.1- tiv j [hi 1 ! MrKcitlian was in for a pleas- I ant afternoon since Washiny'ra. j with a pnmanl cinched, and wi:ii • Gccral Crowder knocked out of ' the box, wasn't particularly an\I iotis. 1 In fact Joe Cronin *o r.en:lyi reached Ihc point of yielding that . hi' sent in a rookie sou'paw fiiMi j from Albany—one H;iy Prim .is jnn experimental Rest lire. There ».\s ! no indication whatever that the t Senators were about to eel lous-u I * * « I Mack Looks Around But in the fifth imnnc. when it came the young nnd ambitious Tun McKcithan's turn at bat. tho lean ll nun! v:lli l'i-iui,i Kome. «in llio live ,l>i i nnd kindly Mack badcc hi mbo 1 to the showers. A pinch «r i would 1.0 in for him. Mister M:irk d^,.' " | looked over the bench and up a:idj '" team last fall, and these sophomores should benefit from exper:- Duquesne. Villanova. Lafayette Holy Cro-.^. Boston Collece ' anc Manliattan .ire angling for a move secure place in the sun an:! nini arrive Ihis year. Rcgpic Hoot, in \m first yr-ar a Yale, cannot hope for a let'of vie lories. Penn Slate. I.ehigh XK. Rutgers are not optimistic. Lepanto and Marked Tree Teams Will Meet Frida; LEPAN'TO. Ark.—The Lepant football smiad will meet the Mark tm ^'" " Anchor In Navy| Forward Wail Union feats Rough Housi City, Tenn.. ««ts Rotola. *an of Union Jimmie Morris, two out oL.rt e&falls, in the feature match onl Bonday' night's jipnday night's match card. '" In (he preiimiaary ' Emti Firpo. on . '.said to be froaiiSfclh America, de: feated Tony RStjU'jr.of Memphis. Tcnh., two oiil''<^THliree ..rails. Loyola is NEW ORLEANS'^OP) —-James T. Nix. Ill, 15, . has. been dubbed the "baby" of Loyola -.University. James, who graduated- from Jesuit, High at the 'agfe-of 14, will take a pre-mcdical course, preparatory to ecoming a nhyaiclan like his" father, Dr. J. T. Nix, Jr. Robert -Butch" Harbold ... of ihc XavV . -ink nnny an enemy ship thus season. is expected to l:elp GUESS Water both lighter and heavier than natural water has been man-m iifaciured by the Bureau of Stand-! I HOC -V I U\.'k". V ROXY .-Thiirs. _MAT. and N1TE—10t - 25c LOVE'and iLUXURY ^^ K ^i^£\ Tuesday - Weds. ' MAT. 10c-25c NMTR inc-35c ly lip.Viirh'il Hie ..\ntei iea ("1111 in 3 :>.".!>. Tlie ,.f Cilirnllar is l-!('il XKKT lii:Ji IJT.MI i-iinVs Jirst in vroduttion of silvi-r in i Head roi:ri.'.' News Wanf To Insure Your Cotton Call 197 Caudill's Anency GF.XKKAL tDG Nurlh She OfTered Kim EVERYTHING- Htt Hcan. ..Hn Ha-,a...ond Htr Ha;bo,-,dl Ilu Etr^ct «^t brfiLLTg— kK h*- iKtrr suspected it uivl • ": sk-ppf J out of I i,;> lu, ,,« .,,«! i n ,, !n i « Kir^ !ii» {\xizrt ! Imj^tnf ihe fuiifclxnlMiriBlwttllha- ! down. There were not many pinch Primo' illl) YOU KNOW THAI XorlhwcMnn lias a sopho- I mere guard named Taugova i with a 200-|x>und chin . . . ; nnd keeps wagglnp H all the : lime. . . . I3ob nnd Irish Meusel. Ihe lamoiis baseball i hitters around. So lie sent Mrr- i rltl Cain, another pitcher, to TO I Ihrouch Ihe exercise n[ tap;nna; i the plate nnnd swinging at a lew i of Prim's tenders. | Now to find a pitcher to replace i McKciihan. Who would protect Uie i A' s fuT-iiin lead in Ihls rles|M-r,itc i and crucial struggle of Ihe dm- its initial bow thi: Tree Fri i season _ while the U-pantoaiis sally forth •_; for their tocond venture.' Thci- first game was lost to Kci~>r !a<n week. "Habbell's double." iliey'rn Oiling Flay I'rini. almvr. In Washington these days. itp.y Is k ted-tianded screw hull ari- !st the Nats got from Albany K« pHchea to Cronln's boys in batting practice lo get them i inch sleeve: 58 Inch tc<n>*tni«<) with that swtdely- • - . . . lieraldKl screw ball 1/ubbcll will try to breew past them In Shirt Order rf , n ' Mcuscl. Ihc Inmous bappball raCtOfy BUSV brothers, aro tending bav in SOUTH BE^Trnd. .on.-^ IJ^nie ' Kc^s' S- \^^^ ^^^ %%£ ^ JE,^' ^r!"^ -largest" order ever received by a '• ball's greatest plaver of all j }Uf ^°]^{ "i^. ™,^ a ' ; >1 J. n ',?S p «»'-Vlwnia annual ca^t is abotir t.ime. . . Oefidentol Colirirc. near I.cs Angeles, has a system "player-control" which al- Cost Stair 585 Each HARRISBtmo. Pa. (UP)— Pennsylvania Department of Public in- slruction has estimated that Ihe l*r pupil in publir shirl factory here c.imc from Pri- : mo Cancra. world heavyweight boxing champion. Measurements sent with the order require a 19'i inch collar; 37 inch sleeve: 58 Inch chest: 41 Inches long, eight inches longer i than regulation; and the cuffs 13'.-; ! Inches long, four and one-fourth; | inches larger than rrpilnlinn ' of lows any player to question the judgment of ihe coach on Ihls or that . . . the first thing the players ought to ask is he reason why Occidental has to play Southern California »v?ry yepr. .i- pie of sanies lo fatten his rc.vidi O1 ' c '° five doll!lrs a >' oar '"« to the iwint where he W il-.e! "^ ^"^ for "K 1 United States.! league in victories? ,' " '" ' „ ' • Icm amoiiG sewers not lo credit a ' Hero's Hie [Jiib j starling p : .teher with a victory un- i So Grove was rent in. anri tl-e he has twirled five full in- scorers dutifully put him down as i nings. the winning pitcher when the ! Add ano'.her same lo Grove's < fins! score wns 11 to -t. | fat rerord-snd let's Iv l-.ome to 1 Ynn scp. it happens In be n nis-j supivrl HUMOflRHOinS tPilrs) cured ivilhmit (he trifc. Skin canrrr, vnricnscd veins, tonsils removed non-sur^ DKS. NIKS anil N'lER Office S14 Slain Phone US Shop and Parts Dept. open 'til J10 p. m. every night Shouse-little Chevrolet Co. KlOKDEtl GtNE..(Vl TOtl W AIK(H WtLLIAM WAIIACI FOKD HtllN CHANDICI (UTH DOHNIlir Were dfirer to her thsn loyalty! \ i n f drama; with, the "Grand Hotel" star' at hli flnesti yo f Lewis Stone Rtnlla Home, EUn- btth Allan and Phillips Holmes In

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