The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R, BABCOCK, Editor H W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arzamas Dailies, inn., new York. Chicago Detroit, St. Louis, Dallns, Katisai City,, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Esceut Sunday <RA_ Entered as second class matter nl the post office tit Clytlievllle, Arkansas, under act at Congress, October 9, 1917. Served hy the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner 111 Ihe City of Blythevlllc, 15c per 'cek. or 50.50 per year, In advance. By mail, wlUmi a racius of 50 mites, $3.00 per yenr, 51 50 (or six muntlis, 85c tor three months; by mill In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $G.SO per year; in zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Winter Events Vary With the Weather New England' wcailier prophets arc •muttering in their beards these days. All bets on the wcatliei- ;ire off in Vermont becmise a Burlington hunter shot the ground-hog before groinu'thog day, while in Maine a (lock of wild geese was scon heading due north during o!ic of the coldest spells of the winter, leading people- to suspect Hint something is wrong either with the .•Winter or the geese. But these incidents are only samples of the general midwinter topsy- lurvincss. The Japanese government ;imioimces that it will seek to restore I'riendsliip belu'een Jjijmn ami China, and on the same day starts '1,000 men heading for the borders of Chahar province with all the implements of war. Luiie Velez and Johnny Woissmul- have undergone their llth reconciliation and the state of Nevada has filed mil to collect taxes oil ten .steamships operated out of the port of New York.' '*"• * * * The chief of the lire department nl Jlarblehead, Mass., has resigned because he can't induce his firemen to go to fires with him any more, and a merchant in Birmingham, Ala., has won a ?500 verdict against his lodge brothers because they kicked him in the pants while giving him a fraternal .,... A New York gentleman is 'taken in by the police for begging, and ho explains in court that he was simply standing in the street with his hat off so that -the breeze would make his hair grow, and could he help it if well- meaning strangers dropped $8 worth of nickels and dimes into his hat while he was doing it? Meanwhile, a St. Louis girl, who couldn't take time off from her job to go to the marriage license bureau, sends a girl friend off with her fiance to get the document, and learns to her horror that the 'l\vo nol only obtained the license, but got married with it. * * * The sheriff of Kobci'taon comity, Tenn., running shy of deputies, has taken to arresting people by telephone and reports that so far, u u one has refused to come in to the jail and be locked up on request. Another telephone angle gels into the day's news when a New York phone girl has her cx-swcetic arrested for calling her up 130 times in one evening. And, to cap Uio climax, Chicago detectives arrest two .colored men for trying to operate a "rent a gun and shoot it yourself" agency, seining the 28 revolvers with which the men were e<)in'pped and lodging the men In jail. To all of which you may add whatever moral seems to you possible in the circumstances. —Unite Cation. How a Legal Mind The miming way in which some persons can follow legal formalism regardless of the hiiman issues at stake is illustrated by a current case in the Texas courts, whore someone's mistake in writing a date may menu the difference between life and death for , a convicted criminal. ' A (Texan was convicted of murder and sentenced to electrocution. ICarly in January the then governor, Miriam Ferguson, issued a commutation, and Die judge before whom the case ap- licared prepared to change the sentence to one, of life imprisonment. Then it was discovered that a careless clerk', in making out the commutation, had 'dated it Jan. 8, 193/1, i, : . stead of 1935. So the judge has ruled the document invalid and | la .s suntenced the man to thu electric chair on March 8! The Run-off Repeal The liin to re |, C!1 | Arknnsns' 1332 nw-oir i'l'Jumry luw hns im .vs K i i, olh ], 0 ,, ws of (]|c Icclsliiturc nnd now B oes to Governor Fulrcll Tlio eovcrnor will veto II promptly md vigorously if he keeps (lie fnllli wit), the rank nnd nic of citizens who supported Him In 19T> unit 19S-I, No imillci- ivlml Hi,, arguments advanced against the double primary system the Futrcll udmlnktraUoa Is commuted lo It, nnd ihc Uicoiy I lint 11 has rnllcd after trial In one solitary election is absurd. H Is the argument, not. of [he people, but, of the politicians. Two tilings every American citizen should believe in: A majority vote for every C amll- clntc before ho shall be declared elected; 1 and Hie right of the people lo vote by direct refer-' endiim on any measure previously passed by Uiclr representatives. Tills Is tho ofrsencc of democratic goveni- The alternative, to which'the prc-senl legis- H'lurc seems to be reverting, Ls the old system of elcclliiif c-imdldntes by 20 to 30 per cent, of the louu volc-riiuiing u, c mA wim dummy candidates" to split the opposition. All kinds of force,, arc at work upon the people* rapre.vM,tal-lve s In illie IcsHlaliirc- tradlng one bill off for another lift Just a matter of what you think most Important. The most, important thing right now is to keep in the people's rmmls final authority over their omctnls-rallicr than surrender il back to political jiujKlcrs nud Ilieir "twcnty-thlrt" per cent, "majorities". —Alex Wnshbtim in Hope Star. OUT OUR WAY I witched him (Hitler) with Ulc utmost vigilance throughout- our Icnglliy conversation, and 1 am convinced he genuinely desires peace. —Lord Allen oi Hurlwood. SAY, r FORGOT/ G\-> FIVE POUMDS OF SUGAR r TH' BREAD, EGGS, SPUDS,' \'/ AM' HAMBURG IS ON TH' MOTE, IM TH' PocKiT BOOk-/"" AW POM'T WALk CM MV GOOD RAIN COAT. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY By George Clark , 'l/(l -/f.T- • , [•.-.— _ . ~* '— »/ ' \ tei^AmAsttY^ HEROES AREJy|ADE~klnY ppp h ( j.^.^^^s, "Mr. Baxter is in » K r,m\ humnr. Why wottWn'f (his o a good time to approach him about that job?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD 8 / e William Ferpuson WE1GHS ABOUT J&5 b$ u K$u&oo&nan, . ju.-:i!i.v. fiuiiii TOIIAY r.-.u.i: ifi;,Yiiunsox, iir» (1 v •XI, irnrlm In h .Ilk iu|||, S1 ' lu-r lll.>i-ar-iild lirutlirr, l-J|ii7 l»u',n »!",.,"'sh'J''",<,X."2 1 ;,;; Mm iin iiii k m,r In , !,„ o,,,,* r.nlo Km-* Mkniluc-, liri.afcB Ihrrtliifli tljr Ice nml I* rrnriii*,)* i.v niiiA.\ IVHSTJIOKK ,,i",,° ,.' llifr. mm Ut-nJ. ljullc ib* >»m llrl.m I,,,, rmii,. l,»,,,« „,,' ".' . , M'fir* In I'nrls to "iler'llir m jjj J.rilc (IfKriiitienr* Ijcfnre he letiriu VICKV TII.VI CIIIJll, dnuirl.lrr <il 11011 I:IIT 'I'llA'lTIIKH,R" Mr nil ''"Vllvi!i r . llr]"' 1 '"'"' * ul " 5 " lc » '" I.KUTA IIDI.I.IJII, nimikrr. CM,. "I./!."' ''!.""." |I1B '.-' "'B'WllM »<- ©I9S5 NEA SERVICE, ING, fill »s nil- is,a common expression. Hut air dees have weight it n pound to each 12 cubic feet. The nir of the room in winch ycu .>ou. arc MUlngMmKnblyjvclghs mmc H »,, -your own Lly! NEXT: U W ,Y did people in E S ,,u «, m:c |uy Uu . ir l . lxcs ., Vigorous Athletic Exercise Is Not Injurious to Girls Editor, .foiiriml of tbc rtmtrii-aii ability Medical As.socialion, ami of Hy- t TI, • , , seia, Ilic Health .Mugiuinc Lj, 1^, f 01 ! 1 ' 1 " Ot '<"• '<"' <><- .lU) modern girl dlt from Uic boy in phy.siq for those tiincltons 'o( ous exercise wttlioul « M - If u (jirl suffers unusual dis nbility. including incapacilaitoi that there may hat We body she should Since young jjirls li.r.v :,.;„-,„;<( vice is to live the to come outdoors and take pun ln including games and sports ii, the .sir.Munr take scdntlvc drirs a form of secondary anemia tall- Dame Unisc ~M cd chlorosb. which used to i, c r <_ the most uolcil U ul ,,, ... ,,,„„ ctcdlngly rrametu, Has di^i,™,-. physicians, imc.s c^Ht p™™ .... .. outdoor y. ijjko « ^ S,^'!;,; 1 ;.!;.^ v ^**? h ™ t »™ n ™«* >» col^TxDrc'ir^Mhi ".'.;;•"• '" r'i, T"? " lr " ''''"'^'Sms should not be subjected ':,. ' .,}£ ,,,',,l.,^, i .!" rlhl l ">•'* to all , t Inn r thn " liro- „„„ n ( ™ " undue Unfortunately. III'M"* " ! " lc , Open nir eames ami cxerci<e for dc- women arc noi onlv 1,1,,, , :. C ..^ liTlrji*. (linl' Li-urn | a (l 4. OIJli , Iin , SOW CO OX WITH TUB STOIiV CllAl>T].;u XIX /""AI.K stood still niu! said, "U'liv Josie—'" "Il's the Iriith," tbc a ^ Kl . ]„. slslwi i'loiitly. "\Vait tm vve g fl 'out of hero—I'll tell you more about it." They fallowed llio liurrylug. imslilng crowd aloiiK tile corridor. Hale had heard there were spies In (he mill, that Hie company palil certain men am) women tor kcepius Iticm Informed about what was going on among the employes, but (lieso rumors bad never'seemed cjuiic rent Coulil Josie bo rigln alinul It? Was I.eola Boiler really As they .iMi'iicd' Into tiie wiish ro'i.'.i ;o.-i!u looked back and said Iu >•. „>»• voice, "Walt f m - ,,, c oftlsldft". | tialc nut on Iit>r coat and bat and j hurried out of (lie building. It WilB | onl;- a few moments beforo Josie rciippeared. Another g'.:\ was will, licr and the three , i( ( llcljl wcm down the walk and ihrough tin, i,| s j Bate tOKctlicr. T.Yere Ihe iliirtl girl i set off in one direction nnd Josie ' ami Cialc took auotbnr. lier shoulder ' '• She said ! JOSIB went 011 sneaking. "Gee If you let nnythjng B Hp you'll'be sorry for ft!" sl, 0 propl.esled. "I'm sure I didn't." Gale told "; ShMftougKi U. WM beuer not lo tell Joslo any , nore atoll , llle coiivcrsnllon with Leotn. There was still a possibility ,] lat Joslc ln| .„, i W »°" B ab ' >ut llle olllcr KM hcdier she Is or. nol," Gale as sured IHmscir. "i wotl - t , akt 1 won ' ( °° (0 " 1 Thus she dismissed tho whole al »r, -It never occurred to Gate "inl the Incident migbl have, more serious consequences. She had no time to think about Leotn • Holler when she reached 'o««e Her father lay back'against the pillows and Gale noticed with ' stab bow old he looked. Hc.sreotod | ler c |, c ' c ,.[ u ||,. y -Mrs.' O'Connor had coiuc in ami nought him some food ai noon and slie d been In t, v j ce S |,i cc . .''Here's your medicine.", bale old him. "You're to lake it 'three Imes a clay after meals. Ami here'* lie cyeiiliig paper. I'll turn the (gbl ou and you can read It while I in In the'kitchen—" Hut .Tom .Henderson said he'd athor Lot have the light ou. And • didn't feel like reading Oale glanced nt him 11 anxiously >•><•• the glance lold bar nothing •Sho went to her own'room aud! ctmngcd (be mil) m.jfo,.,,, fcf n: bouse dress. Iu tho kitchei:. it; place of Hie soiled breakfast dishes stie expected to find, there w.-i a Pile of clean cups and saucers Plates ami knives aud forks. - "Mrs. O'Connor!" dale lliou(.ht UlesK lier! I.'ll |, av c to find some way to-make iip for all this- 1 ' She.busied herself scraping carrots and chopping caliu.ige ,-iml cut- ling slices of inusi, ,„ ,A-- rn.ii "Whac makes yon said—?" '° Picked n-i snoonhr around Shekel's IKilrt. for it. Can yon Imagine thai? -•etlln' paid fo r ijei,,- a laul e. laic Sues n-j. the or , ly „„,,_ dlhcr iiicrca iols luoro. Kd Voscl. tlic Kale-keeper, is tbc worst of Ihe lot The low-down, .siioopin' lauie-lale 1 Lehcvc me, when I s<?» him or thai I.eota I keep my distance -\ ner- toil's got (( io b.e careful. I tell yon. sav— I hope you didn't tell her 'Why no," rjalo said (ioubltully 'I don't believe I did—" • Hail she? Had slic iol<) Leota Holler anything which, repeated liloyea were treated. It l,.cru"a wa= " spv—yes, she "might, have said hose very things. ], OI ,in s to Bc , l.alo to commit herself. All at once i.all; rcincinbered about the meet. much. She set llic.lable as soo« as the vegetables were on ihc siove I hen she made toast and .«nn a cup of: tea ami was jn«t ready in-miie it lo hcl . ,. Mm . K] (fill came In. "I'll take it," he offered. "Oh, thanks. Phil.'" • « • s QALli went about gelling n, e meal on iho uible and wiien Phil relumed it was ready. They sat down, facing each:-other', each aware of .the vacant place: at the loot ot the table. . : •' . Phil said. ''He seems •tfcifeV'io-" I night. Don't yoii'ililnk- so?" j "Yes. Only he looks so tired" j "1 noticed Hint." 1'hil agreed I "bill be lold me he didn't fee! | tired." :.... i '"^ou.know he never ailmits'auy- A litllo later he a rote aiid weal' "Ho ihc front of iiio bouse 1 Oa:.c gathered up u,e dishes and pu't c h' water iu the kettle to beat: Slie- was ou her way to her father's' room whcu there'was; a kubck at Studying Cheese Keeps i li 'er tlicy are conductive ov'detri- Two Experts Bnsy'S! l ° " 1C manufacu ' re ° r *** tlio door. Gale hurried forward nnd oiienni Ihe door. She said, "Good cvc". nlug—" and then slopped. Steve Meyers stood on tlio Ibresiiold. He said. "I Iwnrd yo ,, r fatlior waa sick. How is bo to- nljslil?" "Belter." Ciilo told him. "bill ti 10 doctor said be should stay Iu ted for a few days." "Could 1 sec lilm?" Steve asktil "Wily, yes, of course." He came into the house then Galo turned and Steve put out n hand, as thougb to stop her. lie said, "Wnit a minute, Galo. There's something 1 want 10 talk to yon about." She liesllntcd, waiting for film lo go ou. didn't mean what I said the oilier nlgjit." Steve's voico was SClf-COIlECiouS. * » • QAI.K'S eyes were lowered. "I said things 1 shouldn't Imve ot>." slie told film. "Steve—I wlsb "o could go on being friends again " "Do you mean ilial?" "Of course I do." "Then it's all over." Sieve said 'gerly, "I raoa] , n t) 011t ,| JMO | as[ civ days. I've been nearly cr.izv •ale. It's Hie first Uino we've eve- luarrclcd and it'll be tlic Just. I "•on't bo sucli a fool again. Look — "rougbi you soinetliing—" |le held out n package, n long uojr. oa| 0 toot ,[ | 00([ ( llg , |(| .-'ise. Slic untied tlic cord id ,.re,v off l,,o COVCI , .„,„„ ^ .,,,',0 ll ' osclm( l i < "isido Die bov Ob Stove!" slio csclainfed, "you shouidn t—!" "I ttiouglit you'd like them " 'I do lilic ihem-thoy-re lovely.' Move! tint yon shguida'i liave ' douo it: you shouldn't have been so cxtravagiiut!" She lifted the roses and lie!<J them in her arms. Tl.e perfume of Hie flowers filled tbc room aud UicJr warm color seeiiKil tc bi'ing a nuab to Uie Kh'l'a cbectia.- •"fhcy're not much." Stcvo said 'Vot as iii'clty as yon are. Oalc Not uear]y,-rYon uiigbt to have 'Icm'"™ "" tlle llmc - ! wish ' ' Cor a moment, lie thought 'there wcre^ tears iu licr eyes. "Why. Gale." be said, "whnfs the matter?" "Notlihis. There's 1 notliliig il,e luaitcr. Steve." Tlie dark laslics- irerc loK-ercd so that he could not He went ou Mien, "Yon said wo could be friends ajjahi. Gale. DOM that mean I still havo a ' cliancov Tliat maybe some 'day—" She raised lier eyes,'nii'il met his over tho roses. "Let's'leave ihiiias,! iis- Uiey have been for a while." Steve." sho said. "Lot's just bii friends—at for a wliile." There was a moment's pause aud then slic went oii quickly. "Ob, but I niust ilud sometbins to put ihcsu' dowers in. Tlicy oiiglit to he In water!" :•-«f'io'. turned away [o liud a vaso. Lufer Gale 'Henderson was uovcr to sec pink roses jvilliput a tlghloDlne abqut.licr.bcart. lint tlmf was muc)i v l;ntr, ,-iftcr n great many lluiigs^lmd^irinpciicd. , • ;:(.'t'o. lie Co ii t i ii 11 cd) M Wis. WPJ and Charles A. Buck, . , op- c s appear e nf. i M crators of the state-federal cheese c heesenS "mV cs ' ' ' laboratory J.erc. daily relieve the ° 6 ' " ' hcadaclivs of thousands consin ciicescinakers. ve the of Wis- Mctcnr n,,,.,,vrr-.i " iF"^-^^^ " ary ' a 5um '> r has ''cv=aled. There ' ^ ZM P^n^Mwith high schco, '-'liicaticn-.^iaiiu .,.2 lOS 2 completed , fe , ra ' nmnr 'Sdionli work. Thu survey 1!lt ; 'S« «r :),18U of |.|i« baclcriajnjm effort to Team whe- i ncllc^'long"^- cj"Tt"widc OUK~ HOUSE " THIS IS INDtED A TRET1V KETTLE OF "FISH ; E&A,T> ] rv\V TAM1LY eo/VT-OF-ARrv\S ESCUTCHEON "DOWN HERE IN '"THE Wf^STE TAPER/ O P.ESPhCT TOP, THE THE By Ahe BY JOVE,\\\_ IT WAS THROWN. TDOY/N HERE. WITH DEUBERWE INTENT TO SELL ALONO WITH THESE "BUNDLES Of "PAPERS TO TME. "P.^&-M^^1 J HOOPLE HERALDRY, EE AND I PNT)^6.-ro ^N UPHOLSTERED WHO HfMJ A t TALENT TOP, W?T,SKETCH F^- TH1S TOP, W

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