The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1044 BLYTHEVIU,E (AKK.) COURIER NEWS F.D.R. Proposes Aid For Schools Poorer Rural Areas Should Have Money From U. S., He Soys WASTINGTON. Ocl. 5 (U.P.)— President Roosevelt yesterday pro- 1 >»«.•(! Dial Uncle Stun step In mid Hive financial help lo rural schools In pool- communities. The President pointed out thai "several thousand rural • schools' closed within one year after Pearl Harbor because their teachers conic! not afford to remain In those schools, and he said some means imitl be found to c'osc the financial yti]( between richer and pooi communities. This must be done mostly, he added, "by raising (lie .stiuidards in the poorer coinmun Sties, lew Officers Selected Fot Cadet Wives Club "Hie Lonely Hearts Club" might veil be the name of the Cadets' Vivcs 1 Club. Meeting every Thursday noon for lun:heon and enter- iilnmcnt at the USO In Hlythevllle, tie club helps the women pass sonic of the long hours during which their husbands fire being put through their paces on the field. Last week, new officers were elected from among the wives ol ;he new cadet class of 44-1. They are Joyce Garrod, president; and Yvonne Ilahn, secretary-treasurer The custom of chousing officeii from among the sew group is due to the fitet that upper class cadet;, liave more fre; time, according to Mrs. Fred North, past secretary o the club. "We don't like to be lick any unnecessary responsi- cas e our husbands shouk some ' extra free time," sin down by a bilities in c linvp som explained. The meetings of the club largely social, luncheon with bridge and free-long-distance call as pi'lzc. Tor" the afternoon. Wednesday rp, -. , . ,, ... • evenings, when the women are al n, e Chief Executive told n rural , , OWK , » n thc flcU1> in(oni , nl t education conference that this f I- togclhers such as th movies nunclal help sliould be given with- fwlms m - c frequently planned to ..... out any "federal interference.' And he added: "I believe that the federal government should render both husbands and wives. As soon as the free time of das 44-1 is more definitely established financial aid where It .Is needed, Hie club will be able to plan Officers Sent "o Boston For pedal Course Another change wfis made Is of- Icei' personnel Mere, when two vet- nm UAAF officers, c«i>t. Ruins H. Dobbs. Jr., CO uf Section 15, nnd "'apt. E. Weil. AC Supply Officer, eft tills week on (cmiiornry <Hily at the. Wai- Adjustment 'IViilnlns School, Soldiers Field, Huston. The jnrpasr of the course Is to truiii officers In negoll'.illng contract termination and readjustment. Before his assignment us CO of Section !i, Capt. UoWis wns Icca boards nn,| clulins ollic-cr ami Inter CO of 700th Twls Engine Flv Training Squadron, Ueul. Mon- rovio J. Aiijje.ll, Jr., \yho was the odjulanl of Section B, has been assigned present CO of Scetlon 11. Capt. Well's first assignment 01 the field was Unit ol squadron CO or 102nd Twin Engine Flying Train Ing Squadron. He was then asstsiK-< ns sub-depot supply officer, niv finally Air Corps supply orficei Cnpl. Emil .1. Crcsc-eiu'.li recentl transferred he-re from Newpor AAP, is replacing Cupl. Weil us AC supply officer. and only where It Is needed In communities where fanning does not pay, where land values have depreciated through erosion or through flood or drought, where industries have moved away, where transport facilities urc inadequate or where electricity is unavailable for power and light.'' Mr. Roosevelt added that Uie problem of general health is closely related to the problem of rural education. And he pointed out that about 40 per cent of all men examined by Selective Service had to be rejected for physical or mental reasons. He went on: "We could not'be satisfied with the stale of this nation until there was opporiuiity for all to achieve good education p.nd good health. These goals could not be reached overnight 01- by wishful thinking, but would come from hard work and realistic thinking and could be achieved by striving day and night to take the rural educational system out of the 'horse and buggy era'.'' Youthful (Gesture PORTLAND, Ind. (OP)—Ten- year-old Marilyn McConochy presented the Judge Hayncs school new set of play swings. It was at unselfish gesture for Marilyn, foi she purchased the swings with ; cash prize received last spring in a war bond sales contest. She ex plained she wanted to do some tiling for her schoolmates. Read Courier Bcwi w»iit MI*. cllvllies in more detail. 22,000 Cotton Pickers applied For Arkansas LITTLE , UOCK, Oct. 5 (UP) — Associate director Aubrey Gales of he Arkansas Extension Service to- lay said that approximately 22.000 cotton pickers have been supplied r or the Arkansas cotton crop. But t was estimated that less than Iwo- h'irds of Ihe number of pickers that nre needed for the Arkansas cotton crop are at work. Because of the drouth, picking r larlcd about three weeks later than usual, and plants report that fespite four weeks of ideal weather, work Is between two and three weeks behind normal. The slow rate at which short-handed compresses arc being forced to process and store cotton has increased dependence on fair weather. Cotton bales left in the open suffer much dnm- agc from rain. Gates said labor has been recruited from every possible source. Anc that an undisclosed number of prisoners of war are being used. 75 Norrcoms Promoted The status of ratings at BAA hawed a little last week, with tli csult that 15 Gls began sewln new stripes. Read Courier News Want Ad». AT FIRST 5IOHOF.A- ; -'. £,~, j Gold.Preparations as directed PAGE AI The Mospiluls Walls llosplliil dtnllk'il; liprntcc Wccms, clly, Dolores Miirlo Penny, city. Mi-s. Floyd Riser, Curutlicrsvlllo, To. ( Jiimes ISolln. Hollnuil, Mu. llsintssccl: Mrs. Ivlvlnn Furr, clly. Joyce Uiiinon. city. Mrs. U. O. Citsli, city. .Mi-mphls li:i|i|[s| llus|iR:ll Admitted: Hen Ht'L'wcr, ll»s.sett. W. W. Clreer, Osccoln. Mrs. Elmo Mlclile, Steele, Mo. .Mciniilils HI. Jusi'|.h's llos|ill:il Admit led: Mrs. Wliecler Spurks, Joiner. Doris Miuii 1 IVnrcc, Cooler. Mo. Mrmiilils iMelliodUl llusiilhil AdmlllKl: Mrs. Cluules Uwls, IDyrsa. Horn to Mr. und Mrs. J. IS. Sim nidus, Osceola, 11 duuisliler. Horn to Mr. nnd Mrs, J. D. Uowtl Hnytl, Mo., i\ dunijlitvr. tnyllicvillr Uu.s|lll:ll Admllled: Chiirles Hiirrls, cily. Dismissed: Jeri'v Wndc, cily. Mrs. Ray cmlji, Kl^'ood, III. Adeli? Cherry, eily. , Site For Camdcn Plant Inspected By Admiral CAMDKN, Ark., Oct. s. (UP) — Hear Admiral W. A. ICItts, nsslsliu | chief o( the Utircnii of Ordniiiu: cf tin- bl'4 $110,000.000 naval ordnance plant which is to be built at unulcii. Hear Admiral George Frederick ussey Jr.. of the Htivemi of Ord- imce Inspected llu; site yesterday, Itussey witil u new lyp« of weapon njenlly needed by llu> Army and invy will bi- assembled at the- plunl i-oin pails to be shipped by nmiui- .iclurers In Ihe Ensl and North 'Ihose receiving promotions were: Ms scheduled lo arrive in Camde To master sergeant: S-Ssl. Frank early next week (o discuss ilclal . Alexander of- Section U. To technical sergeant: S-Sgt. Walter K. Skcllon of Section C. Those who sewed on staff sergo- inl stripes included these five buck sergeants: Paul P. Si-hrleue Jr., Raymond L. Tucker, "Indzinski, nnd William H. Ryan. ill of Section C. and John w. Koss of Section A. Promoted to corporal were Pfcs Hark N. Christnin and William V. .ucas of Section B; Pfc. Albert W. Milan aiir] Pvl. Enoch T. Willinnis of Section F: Pfc. Jolm J. Jud- rman of Unit Hq. Sec.; Pfc. Geun;e B. Walker, Section WAC I>fe. Kathcrine Ackerman, Section Pvt. Irving R. Clark of Section A. 'he nlnnl will be owned by Hit v'uvy bul will be operated by Nil- lonnl Fireworks, liui., of Hanover Mass. Resident officer In charge at th iluiil will be Mciitennut Cmnmaml er White of Ihe Civil Ktiulneerin Corps. 1). S. Nnvy. Comimnulfv M. l/.'Wls, now executive officer ( the Nuval iimmunUion deimt at M Alestpr, Okla., jnobably will be cum mandhif ofllccr of Ihe ordniinc plant. g I'huits al Hope loitay nnnuunc- ' thut duo lo labor 5horlnt>cs they to close, The Union Compress and Wave- lonse Compatty, which employs 100 ersoiu ut Ihe |X>ak of the MHSHII, motiiKi'd II is susiiendhii,' opern- ons temporarily. Ami the Temple Cotton Oil Com- aiiy mill, which requires 80 per- ons for a full operation, closed hen the miiiiugrinenl snlti Hie re- svorki'rs asked pay In•eases Ihut could nol be met. liow- ver, Ihe Temple Coinpnny will lo receive seed. Labor Situation Causes Closing Of Compresses IICI'IO. Ail:.. Ocl, 5 I III') — Tl iiianiiKonu'nl.s of Uvonilton process- TASTE SENSATION full SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS; w ^ • ^ * projiorly designed, arc remember ,d always Our flowera »r* al- vuys iiesti* ami all work u guaranteed lo'ptease. Let bur'np»H' ^signers help you with your floral needs. • * , TI L<LFLOWERSHOP F.T.I). Service We Deliver Anywhere I'M. 491 Mrs. J. M, (Mac) Wllllamj, owner • Gkneoe Bldf. VI BACON snao "0 o o il n» 11* n Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches TliijOldTtMlmtntOftenBrinjjHippy Relict Wlipii djsortlpr of Jdilncy function iiorinild pouonmui niMUr to rfiuniu |ji your bWl. il liny cflU3ciui(S[Onj;lincluiclic,rliClunatic iiniiia, Ion iiiuii. loss ol i>t|i niul cncr B y. c clliii|! nn iiiltlilt, Bui-lliui!, jnilHncu under (he oyci, hoiuhiclics find dininr-ss. I'rcqucnt or Bcnnly I^u^^ca with Einarlini; nml l>uiniii|{ Boint^ tiliio.i Bhows lljcrn is Boirictbin^ uronr wllli your tjilneyi! or Ithililcr. • Don'l wuitl Ask your druiU[V< for Doan'n lit,. i»c I .iiri-CMfully by mnSiw for ovrr •10 years./I Ley un-c lni]>j>y lellcl un-1 will l.d], lire 15 miles o( biilncy iu(>c« llusli out imiion- oua wajlo from your blood. Get Dunn's 1'j I la. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites mny 1m ruining your property. Call W« f(K e)iock-up without coat or obligation. K:\TB, BUCK AND HOACII CONTBOL GUAHANTRED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P IV) r.. Kentucky HHM MM OLD JUDGE COFFEE cic'i of its K O( luesis lii-s in itradidtion — a process 'tliat vis ii :t ilnilliii[ l /i'r;t i (j;-iooj/—niiikvi morecupi per pounil. ly n li —so tani:tli/-in|i(y fi;if,rain—you ca'n't * in! c; p. Crown mi sun-knliul ttojics in Cui.Cnl ' - Old Juilsc iiti\v awnitf your apprbv^V jrs or iluo-lilm luy.J, n.vvii>o.KVAXScot' ST.LOUIS2, MO. COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buy! J. L TERRELL Office 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 \ Here's the same delicious fruit- cake we found so popular last year. .. And AT THE SAME PRICE! We're mighty proud of these cakes, and we haven't stinted on any of the ingredients. You'll find them just as good as those Mother used to bake . . . Your grocer will have these cakes for the next few weeks—try onel REMEMBER Don't Say Bread Say "HARTS!" Hart's aKery Blytheville Owned—Employing Blytheville people V /*** /"** T />> in» r" n T c? • i OCTOBER 1 5th LAST DAY l« f\ ViJ • *jy a\. B For MAILING CHRISTMAS OVERSEAS PACKAGES! Fruit cakes are tops on the list of things the serviceman or woman likes best for Christmas. . . . To facilitate mailing, we're baking a number in oblong shape, just the size to fit into an overseas package. Perfect Bake 100 Lbs. Grey f Wheat 6 Ibs. Free with Each 50 lb. Sk. 147 35 Rox 30 lb. Pails Mothers, Rolled Cup & Saucer r Deal, Box Search l,i(f] (i Uoxcs While RlLilt. 35 C SALT MEAL I'OKK & BEANS Avery's ,'1 I'm- wirlK o'C'orn 10 Pounds Vim Cum;) No. 2 Cuii, 'i I'"' Dul Haven .Burly.Jim No. 2 Can, 2 for Gold DoHiii " i Harrel ' Toilet r Cc Tissue.''P: I Red Triumphs 3 Ibs. Rocky- Ford Calif- Doz..l5c Full o „, Juice Pk..-7 Each Kach Pound Uctl Tokay Pound CVabapples Pound 2 Tin u dies rge While Heads JOO per cent Pure Pound Pound All Meat Best Grade CLEG CHEESE EGGS All Sweet Pound SPREAD American $4 .45 3 lb. Box I Fresh, Country Dozen 46c i ;TY SUPER i J, K, Sanders, Mgr. 109-111 West Main •J£' Ll lM!!^

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