The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1950
Page 7
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MTORDAY, MAT W, Bt,TnnCVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN OUTOUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople MIGHT AS WELL eo BACK #7 TO BED ER TO TH'HILLS/ -, . I'M GOMfJA POT . THAT BIG CHEES& <• OF tfAKe'S UMD6R SLftSG, I OUGHTA KMOVvl 60METI A8OOT HIS PASSLIN& STYLE-,' -«•*•-WHACT'S HE SHOT X SAVJ HIM 8EPCT A GUV CAN'T DO ATHIWO AROUND TH 1 RANCH TODAY--SOCWS PUT HIS BEDDIM 1 OUT TO AIR. AN' IS (SOME 15 BRUT6 STRENGTH! rye sseio HIM SIMPLY i MAM IritOA CDMA WITH A HEADLOCK MO style AT ALL/ HIM BV THE AMKLBS AMD BOLMcet> HIM UP Ar-IDDOvJN 50 MUCH -THAT WO\M THEY CALL HIM rclcvisinn on Saturday 12:30 p.m.— Children's Parade, ('til conclusion) •1:45 — Nature of Things 5:00 p,ni. — Young America ' 3:30— On tlic Fur in 5:55 — Commercial Apiical Preview 6:00 — Ken Shirray 7:00— Ed \Vjnn 7:30 — Saturday Revue S:00— Lone Hanger 8:30 — Buck nosers 9:00— Wrestling 10:00— Cotton Carnival Activities We offer complete Television service., supplying and installing General Mlentrie, Motorola, and Capchiirt models. SAtESANOSERVIrt : Our Telephone Number 443 8 Shelton Motor Co. Fema/e Help Wanted WOMEN earn money r\t home. Sew our ready cut "Rap-A-Romui." Knsy- prof liable. Holly wtxjct Mfg Co., Hollywood 4(5, CfilJf. 3|i:j pit 5JI4 Wonted to Buy CHICKENS BLAYL.OCK'S North Hwy 61 Ph. 3172 5J13 cfc tt tEi pnccs rmm lor CHICK-ENS— Asb Btrees Oroccry & Market AKD ||7 ci U Highest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS Nabers Gro. & Mkt. ?liono SOI STAMP COLLECTIONS 0- 6. or Foreign, old u. S Envelopes. Conrcrterata or Civil War Envelopes. Duck a tumps. Good prlcrs paid. Call or wrlto: T. E, ScoU. c|o Telephone Co Ph 431. aijthcvllle. Ark 5'e oh 8'6 Any G. I. leaving town and € anting to sell his equity in is home, call RIALES LAND C., I'll. 3322 Russell E. Riales, ph. 4139 W. T. BhTiielt, ph. 2262 6-13 ck 20 Fertilizer applied to the farm fish pnml will increase the growth of plants on which fish recti. hence will increase the fish yield. I'lIK STUUY* Cirmc-Be; .\urillH hail aul iMIrnilrd lo !•!! l» luvc tvhrn ,l,t *\rnl to llvr wllb JUH iind !*yrl«- .% mhrrtry IB .Vorlh .* r- 'Inu^litrr Unlit. rhr Arnhfrlrr* Her ivlih Jim'H hrnlfcrr rirrp whit. like* tviiiurir' tjrt>:iu»r or Jl*ri|>- uid mil Ihf IC.TJII or IhMr Iroiililm - l>ir (KTikni-Ki Coi ilrlnk ill M||> nrnmer Jo». On • moonllKhl rid* ivlih I'lrrn. Ctfinrnr? nnkx blnit •Muni roD b^ lormrntrfl r A r* Ihtrr no nay* ol rJif-nlirf* To nlilrh I'lrrn •n^TTfriii u t am Ite- clnnltiK In vronilcr \t Ikrre MiKbt «Gl he • wny.^ XXI MADNESS to lot nerselt believe something which mighl be only Dorn of wishful thinking, Clemency lold hersell. Hut sane or mad. there was a new surging baiipiness in der— a nope of which she had never ue- tore had even n (ilimmer when an lour luler. the car finally stopped ID the drive belore Red Aloes. They had driven bach chased by } IJttle moaning wind, and clouds thai had blacked out the stars be- nind them. Helping tier out. Piers said: 'Wait downstairs tor rne. will you? I shall just drive round to the garage—1 want to speak to Jules," She nodded, unable to trust Qer ^oice. Then Ahmed woo was always on duly, opened the door and as the car drove oway she entered the hall, glancing at her watch. It was not so very late alter alt (July Half past 10. Clemency thought: I'U run up ana see U Uaba is all right, and come down again. I'o come down again be- :ause Piers nan asked der to wait tor him seemed quite natural. She was walking quickly across he nail when someone came out •hrougb Uie arched doorway of '.he salon. Thinking with a pang al dismay that it was Jon. she glanced over her shoulder. Then she stopped abruptly, one foot already on die bottom stair, realizing that the person who was looking across the hall al her with coldly angry eyes, was not Jon. bur Syne. WiUioul any preliminary greeting Syne requested In a tone ol ice. "Will you come in ncre. Miss Norton?" and turned buck into Ihe room behind her. As Clemency crossed Lhc hall she did not know whether to wish lhal Piers ivouh] come in quickly, or that something would keen him away until ihis impending spot ot trouble was over, for that there was going lo be trouble seemed a foregone conclusion. When she entered the big room Syrie was already seated. CHE had chosen a nigh backed, winged chair in vhicb she sot very uuricht, nor (lands clasping the arms. Sfie wns wearing a dark, severely tmlored suit relieved only by Uie merest suggestion of white ar the throat and wrisLs: her bright hair gleamed in the lamplight, Dul she looked curiously older Clemency had noticed long ago that Syrie hail a bad tempered mouth, but she nad never befort seen It set in that straight, hard line. After all. I haven't commuted a neinous crime] Clemency thought, the singing gladness which had been in her veins a lew minutes ago. still echoing. "1 had no Idea thai you were corning oack tonight. Mrs. AmUer- ley." she said quietly, meeting the other womans hardened eyes. "Obviously," was Uie curt reply. "I did not think it necessary to announce my relurn. L arrived ar: hour ago. and was told that you had gone out driving with Colonel Amberlcy Was thai really so?' "^es. lie asked me." "He asked you!" repented Syrie. The short laugh which accompanied the words was as insulting as it could be. ant) Clemency (lushed, ailing del Up to keep back an angry relort. "Poor Piers!" Syne gave a Just perceptible shrug, and Ihen: "Are you in the habit ot leaving Baba, to drive about the countryside wilh any man who 'asks 1 you?" Ignoring the question Clemency continued: "Baba was tound asleep when 1 left aer—Louilie wat within call If she should wake. Colonel Amberley came up lo the nursery and said he was going for a drive, and 1 was tc eo with him." I'he moment the words were out she knew It would have been beller not to explain anything. Foi an instant fury contorted Sync's lace so that II was almost unrccogm .able Uecause she ore- erred lo see people squirm under her oiling tongue she usually kept hci lempcr within bounds, but always when she let go she was like raging fury Ever since her arrival she had oecn seething and now she threw self-control lo the winds. "He 'told' you to go with hi 1 suppose that you mean you showed nim so plainly tlial you wanted him to lake you, that (eel- ing sorry (or you, he simply bad to ask you lo—- plIAT is uol true. Mrs Amber- Icy." Clemency was white and very quiet. "Of course I ought not to have left you. out I didn't know Jon s going iway And 1 thought you were the sort ol girl who could be trusted not to make • fool of ncrsell. 1 suppose like the other fools vou Bung yourself at Piers — and you oave evidently been cleverer than the others—or he is weaker than 1 have given him credit for being." Syrie was literally ocside ocrsclf and hardly knew whal she was saying "II you think you are going to catch him you are quite wrong—like most other men he no doubt takes what is oiTcred to him. but you will llnd it ends the«e—" • "How dare you!" exclaimed Clemency, unable to oear more. "How dare you!" retorted Syrie, though something in Uie younger girl's scornful eyes made her al least drop her voice. "You sly little fool! Do you really imagine lhat the lover of a mghl Unnks seriously of—" Rage choked her. "It's quite plain, Mrs Amberley." Clemency told her. "that 1 cannot slay here any longer." (To 8« Continued) Pont specialists report thai children outgrow their shoes every one t" six months until they are fifteen. Vuu'll Love Our Flowers! BI.YTHEVILl.E FLOWER MART Mem phi? UJwaj t'hont t>002 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NLES & NIES IAI1 Types Eicepl Cancer] Clinic 514 Main. Blylheville. Ark LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United lorance Agency Isl A Main Keai OH) Ornc Wylheville, Ark. W IS THE TIME! Use MIXED FERTILIZERS To Get More Cotton! And with locJuy's reduced cotton I acreage H's even more Importnnl [ (01 you to Increase the yield per 1 acre Thai** wh^l our fertilizers I ran do Tor rou j \Vc b;vvc on hand all of the I mosj common I) use a grntle& of I mixed fcrlHircrs and nitr.ilc ol I sml.. Get TOUT.* nnn and pill III down while sufficient supplies I arc nvalTnHn. ORDER NOW! Blytheville Fertilizer Corp. Highway 61 South Phone 4471 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Ciislom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oi] mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch IhicUncss. Frank Simmons Tin Shop H7 South Broadway Phone 2651 Hearing Aid Users Now, yon can gc! fresh, prc-tested* Unit cries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid al KIRBY DRUG STORES FOR SALE Concrete cnlvprla. 1Z Inch to 4S inch, plain or rcentorccd Aim (Joncrctc Building HInrks cheaper lhan lumbei for barns chicken houses. pomp hnDscj. tenanl houses lool shrrls We dtliiet Call fli for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. thonr «1 A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Deafer" RAILROADS ASH PHONE 6888 KKECKLES AND HIS FIUENUS BY MKHKILL BLOSSKH The Knockout No SUPPER FOR MOM! |M f BATU POOPCO! | witL WHAT 4 / R E s T YOU, SON; REACH THE SOAP' ITS MR. SIMMS AT IHB GAS IVHIOM/ . OWE HIM I HE SEEMS SOME / To HAvn WORK//f RtVIVED/ "I guess you're right. Dad, there's no excuse for low grades like that—unless maybe you slipped up on some of my homework!" KISCU.I.A'S P01 IIY M. VRKMKKH mf YOUR DAUGHTER WAS VISITING US TODAY! I'LL SAY THIS... YOU'RE A VERY LUCKY M/XN! JUST SUPPOSE VOU HAD THREE OR FOUR OF 'EMI YOU REALLY i THINK V so? Let's Even This Un IIY MICHAEL O'MALLEY nni] RALPH LANB I'M JED BREW5TER, T^ I'M A TWO-TIME LOSER AIR. STEELS HANDWWN.X ON STEALING CHICKENS OWEOf/VWJOWISkEEPIN' BUT MR. 51EEL TOOK A PROWLERS AND CHICKEN /CHANCE AND INVITED WItVESOfFIHE PLACE. ±- ME ANYWAY. BEEN MOVED/ SOMEBODY'S SNOOPING/ ME WKV VOiTRE HERE I COUIDW'T TELL YOU NOBODY VMS ASKING CAI'TAIN EASY BY l.ESLIE TURNER ...PEOBABLV \/ BUT HOIV'O TO PEEUEUT Y PAVIM 1 ME TO BElUfl SHOT IU I, KEEP A CLIW SACK BY \ HEftD SAVE A AMD HE COUUIUCED IKOSE BOVs"\ WU WEC& TO SIVE IT TO THE Hfr'D WORKED OUT SDHIE SUCH FBI, WHO WOUID HUD PROOF PEVICE! BUT THBV DIDN'T KHDW 1U5IPB THAT THE PIJGHS IIAO JUST WHM, OK VmERE IT HAS TKf PUOH BOYS'A WMO FROM THEM HUGS BUNNY EHW, WHAT'S 1 I'VE GOT A FLAT UP, ,/ TIRB, AND I PETUNIA? /[ DON'T KrJOW HOW TO CHANGE IT/ This Is Distressing HY V. T. HAMLIN f '?J$y HE .* VSMT.' HI '#-*3TH'GRAND W S \BALONEY.' IF V7U EVER cu W° CATCH WEEKS... IT I I'LL BE IN TH 1 i PNEUMONIA... HJM r MJJK:T >^ HOUSE MOVING? J UNTIL THEY'VE BEEN TO3K :!ft OUT YHKT" BOOTS AND HER UUDDIKS I!Y EDGAR MAUTIN

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