The Van Nuys News from Van Nuys, California on February 2, 1968 · Page 55
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The Van Nuys News from Van Nuys, California · Page 55

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1968
Page 55
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32-A-Central TO-A-Bur. 12-A-No.Eait 12-A-North 32-A-Wttf 12-A-Eott T H I N E W S Von Nuyi (Calif.)--Friday, F.brmry 2, 1961. tv/ radio 'Skinny' Carson's Sports Show Set By HAL BATES In the days when kids were trading bubble gum cards ,of sports heroes, he didn't have any. \~ There were no national sports to cheer about on the . ^plains of pre-World War II Nebraska. And Johnny Carson vgrew up oblivious to the Dodgers, Green Bay Packers and ·"the U.S. Open. y ; The JfBOTV "Tonight" host, who was too skinny to gplay sports seriously as a youth ("They would have killed me in football," he says) suddenly finds himself as the -"quarterback" of the nation's best known athletes. On Wednesday, Feb. U Carson will serve as master oJ 'ceremonies of "The First Annual Academy of Professional Sport* Awards 1 ' in a live network colorcast from Bnrbank. Carson credits his Interest in sports today to their .'extensive exposure on television and he marvels at how ·everybody in the country also seems turned on to sports. "On any Saturday or Sunday afternoon some kind "of -·Kame is blaring at yon from the minute yon get up'until yon go to bed," he says. """ He thinks the osmosis has been terrific and doubts if ..there is a housewife from Nebraska to New York who .doesn't know Sandy Koufax. Although Carson turned down two invitations to co-host the annual Emmy Awards, he was quick to accept the bid to emcee the special. He took on the assignment because he is an avid TV sports fan and because he also feels sports heroes have been neglected.. There isn't any doubt in his mind that the ' show will be a popular, annual event. Carson says he is also happy about the show because he will have the opportunity to keep it "loose and entertaining." His brother, Dick Carson, who is director of the "Tonight Show", is staging the special, which will be . produced by Gerry Gross and Mario Lewis. "Although there will be a lot of outside, non-sports personalities as presenters of awards I'm not going to throw in comedy sketches to keep things lively," says Carson. ' "I'm depending on the athletes, many of whom have" been on the 'Tonight Show". It's about time the nation was alerted they aren't country rubes." KVFM ANSWERS REQUESTS Under new operation* management, KVFM, Stereo Radio in Panorama City, is not only offering a bright new pound tn Valley listeners, bnt also living up to its billing as a community-minded station. Program director Bob London tells of recently receiving * letter from Air Force sergeant William Dodd who is ·fattened at Cam Rahn Bar In Vietnam. . The sergeant reported difficulty in receiving broadcasts from Saigon radio and requested tape recordings of KVFM broadcasts. A tape of one program has already been sent to Vietnam and Subsequent shows will be mailed about once a week. . . · ' " . .Valley resident Mrs. Brace Allport asked that taped broadcasts b« lent to her Seab«« husband, also in Vietnam. This, too, ha* been done by KVFM. r Allport travels extensively throughout the demUitar- Ixe4 zone and many U.S. nerVicemen will have the opportu- ·ftjr of hearing statesidemimic. - - . TV/RADIO TAG LINES Anyone depending on Bill Keene's KXXT wnather forecasts had better be warned. Bill's predictions are for ·winy days all the way to July when his lovely wife, the former songbird, Louise Vienna, gives birth to their first child... I recently went ont on a limb calling Grant Griffin on* of the greatest gingers around. After Grant appears on the Joey Bishop Show Wednesday night, I expect to have plenty of company on that high perch. . . Looks like Bob Dornan will share Channel »'» 8:3* to It a.m. "Tempo" ·pot with Jo Ann Pflag, permanently. . . At a inncheon for the Eye Dog Foundation earlier .this week, luscious Patricia Barry told me that the "Jadd For the Defense" episode ·he recently completed airs this month. . . An invasion by the Klnj Family is set this week cad in the Valley. Preparing their, Baater special, the Kings show np tomorrow at the Mormoi Church in Tan Nays. On Sunday, they take over Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks . . . Joseph L. Jones apparently has found the secret to success. For two years he's been employed in the mailroom at KLAC-Radto. A few weeks ago, the screenplay he'd written was sold to a movie producer who has tentatively scheduled it for filming in London. Along with this news, KLAC's ad and promotion manager, Bob Harris, informed Jones that he has been promoted to the station's publicity department. . . Sara Taft, veteran character actress; signed for a role In the 420th episode of "Peyton Place.". . . Werner KJemperer, Col. Klink on "Hogan's Heroes," gets to do a love scene with beautiful guest star Antoinette Bower on tomorrow night's segment Werner calls it "Prussian seduction.". . . Bob Cnlp appears to be the first star up for Emmys the same year for both acting and writing, all in "I Spv.". . . KCOP han scheduled a second showing of "Minis and Bikinis," an hour-long special coproduced and cohosted by Lennie Veinrib and Gary Owenn, on Saturday, Feb. 17. DAN'L TURNS DIRECTOR Fess Parker, star of "Daniel Boone" series, sits in director's chair behind television camera for his first directorial effort which airs Thursday on Channel 4. Episode .featuring Parker on both sides of camera is titled "Then Who Will They Hang to the Yardarm If Willy Gets Away." GEOFF EDWARDS, JACK ANGEL JOIN KMPC's EXPANDED DEEJAY ROSTER In a major move to expan ts roster of music personals es, KMPC Radio announce the signing of two additionall alented performers who wi )e incorporated into the sta tion's musically middle of th oad-top personality format. Geoff Edwards, who has es ablished himself in th Southern California market a highly regarded mornin man at KFI, joins the KMP rew on Monday. Jack Angel, a young prove alent currently with Golde IVest Broadcasters, Portland Oregon ;outlet (KEX), .ha een brought to Los Angeles t fill the midnight to 6 a.m. Urn lot left vacant by Paul Comp on who reportedly resigne Pre-Hbliday Spec Stars King Family Tomorrow on 11 A "Valentine's Day With The King Family" holida special will be telecast tomor ·ow at 7 p.m. over Channel l: Jumping the gun on Valent ne's Day, the program is dedi cated to love and will featur all- 45 members of the Kin amily, including the Kin Sisters, Alvinb Key, Bo Clarke,"Kent Larsen, the Kin Cousins and King Kiddies. An interesting 1 facet of th lour-long color special is re ported to be the fact that a tie musical numbers contain the word 'love' in their title. The program begins witt 'Love Is A Many Splendore Thing," and includes sue ther favorites as "Easy t Love," "Secret Love," "Lov r," "Love Is A" Simpl Thing," "My Love," "'Hell "oung Lovers" and "Tru Love." Introduction of the six new ywed couples of the Kin Family concludes the pro gram, with each couple wear ng the suits and gowns worn on" their respective weddinj lays. STOP! Before You Tune in ... Turn on ... Plug in ... READ- Happening Behind the Scenes of TV/RA0IO Each FRIDAY THE NEWS TURN 'EM ON! BOB DORNAN JO ANN PFLUG "TEMPO" 1:30--10 A.M. because of health problems within his family. Edwards will be heard Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. Angel already has started his midnight to WhittinghUl stint- ' · KMPC's 18-year veteran morning man Dick Whit- tirighill continues in his role as "Los ^Angeles' Alarm dock" from 6-9 a.m. "Dean of the Deejays," Ira Cook, heard, on KMPC since 1948, hosts a lunch hour pro gram-newly created for him. In addition he will be featured from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays and will function as KMPC's "Ambassador of Goodwill" in keeping with the station's policy of community service and public appearances. - Boge.r . Carroll continues with his 1-3 p.m. .arid 6:30-9:00 p.m. programs, Gary Owens place holds down the 3-6-p.m. time slot and Johnny Magnus hosts gel the 9 to midnight show. a closer A T T E L E V I S I O N By ERME KSElllNG NBC's two-hour original drama "Flesh and Blood" emerged as a literal, gpelled- out "Who's Afraid, of'Virginia Woolf"; but one considerably .ess successful than it might have been. Playwright William Hanley, who, for a fee of $125,000 from NBC, brought into the family iving room some of the gamest situations and language ever to leave the theater. In itself, that's no reason to fault "Flesh and Blood," but the fact that .the openly dis- rassed sordid but real situa- ,ions and the non-TV language ailed to add up to the coherent drama it might have been 'orced the liberties into sharper relief. In a more compelling and 'orward-mdving drama, the new, frankness would have been more powerful, and more meaningful. But "Flesh and .Blood" was not a total failure, by any means. It's shortcomings are measured against a high level o*' expectation from such a costly and ambitious venture. 'Performances by Edmbnd Q'Brien, Kim Stanley, E. G. Marshall, and Kim Darby were, all superior, but Miss Stanley's consummate artis try for facial communications aets her slightly apart. Although there was little conspicuously wrong with ( the direction- I can't entirely shake the haunting idea that this is where the presentation Bailed to realize its potential. * * .* STARS of Tomorrow telecast on ABC was bnt the first of a long series of award Face Court Battle Stars of "Mission: Impos ibile' and "Mannix" televi 1 sion series' and members of the two production companies play an exhibition basketbal jame for the .benefit of the of; Hope tonight at The Forum in Inglewood.. Charity game will take during Intermission of the game between the Los An- Lakers and the Seattle Super Sonics. - - «howB ahead. Let'i hope those following are better, ,The Stars of Tomorrow was dull, atilted and a mono* mental bore. Prepared quips between Gene Kelly and the various "presenters" were soph- moric, read woodenly from a tele-prompter w i t h o u t timing and self-consciously un-funny. A number of young per* formers who were awarded something or other for their potential proved unequal to the future on at least one ·core. Most of these people have press agents .they should have called on for a fresh idea, thought or sentence, instead of standing and muttering inanities. Some say award shows are overdone. Maybe, bnt I also wonder if it isn't the acceptance speeches that are killing them off rather than the awards themselves. · · · CAPSULE REVIEW: Iron side with Raymond Bur seems to be slowly settling down into a reasonably gooc weekly detective series. A recent episode with Per Roberts as guest star wa a cut or two above some episo des I've seen. It wan a com plete etory, one.with a begin ning, a middle and an endin ; rather than a collapse. · The .character of Ironsicl himself, however, seems slow in coming, into focus. He'; still a concept on paper rathe: than a believable person anc I absorb the feeling that Burr is still struggling to identify and sketch the real Ironside. , , · · * · * IT'S NOW estimated that one home in four now owns a color TV set, a jump of about 7% over last year. What's more, it's found that color owners watch TV an average of between · and 71 minutes a day more than do owners of black and white sets. And how jnuck do -you watch? -Tfc«- Tel«vWo» -Buna of Advertising claims the average home haa TV taned on fiv* hour* and 42 minutes a day, up -if minutes from INC. who's coining to kmpe! Great GRANT GRIFFIN Singing Sensation rf ibc Century Guest Stars r»n the JOEY BISHOP SHOW ABCTV --CHANNEL 7 WE1KVESHAY---FEB. 7 GEOFF EDWARDS Starting Monday, February 5,9 am-12 noon KMPC/710 TELEVISION LOG KNXT KM 2 3 KNBC 4 KTU 5 KABC-TY 7 KIU-TY 9 KTTY 11 KCOP 13 Any program deviations from these logs are the result of iMt-minutt changes by the stations. C-denotes color. Monday Through Friday 8:00- 2-CtpUin Kantaroo-O 4-Today-O 6-Cartoont-O 7-Girl Talk 8-Sunup-O 10-Today Show-C 8:30- 4-Today-O 6-Filra Feature 7-Loriene Chase-O 9-Tempo MJ 9:00- 2. 8-Candid Camera 3-News Background 4. 10-Snap Judgmeht-0 6, 11-Jack LaLanne-C 7-Mike Douglas-O 9:15- 3-The Answer 9:30- 2, 8-BeverJy Hillbillies · 4. 10-ConcentratioB-O 6-Coffee Break U-Les Crane-0 . 9:45- 3-Inquiry 10:00- 2, 8-Andy Griffith 3-Leave It To Beavtr · 4, lOrPersonality-C 6-Dating Gam* 9. 11-Movie . 10:15-13-Film 10:30- 2, 8-Dick Van Dyke 3, 6, 7-ttonna Reed 4. 10-H'lyw'd Squares-C 5-EdAUen-C 11-JoePyne-C 13-Roy Rogers 11:00- 2, 8-Love at Life-O 3, 8. 7-Temptation-O 4, 10-Jeopardy-C 5-Movie 11-Truth or Consequences 13-Romper Room 11:30- 2, 8-Search, Tomorrow 3, 8, 7-Your Mothef-in- Law-C 4, 10-Eye Guess-O 11-Sheriff John 13-News U:45- 2, 8-Guiding Light 12:00- 2-Keene at Noon-O 3, 8, T-Bewitched 4. 10-Lef s Make DeaMJ 8-Giri Talk 9-Tempo H '·-.- 13-Adventurt Rendezvous-0 12:30-' 2, 8-AJ World Turns-O 3. 8. 7-Treasure Isle-47 Johnny Qrant-O U-Movie 13-Dialin» For 12:45- 5-Movte 1:00- 1, t-Lorf. Splendor** TMog-O Ci *, 7-The Fug**?* 4, 10-Th. Docton-O 1:30- 2. 8-Art Unktettv-O 4 lA-Anotner Wortd-O 13 : Mr. Blaekwea-£l 2:00- 2. 8-Teil The Tnith-0 3, 8, 7-Newiywed GUOM 4, 10-Ton Hoot Say-O 13-lTaces and 3:30- 2, S-Edgt of Nlfnt-O 3. 8, 7-Baby Gama-O 4, 10-Mateh Gamt-47 5-Lands and SCM-C [Mj 5-Cooklng-O [Wed.] 13-Daring Veoturw-0 2:55- 6. 7-Marimt Sanden-O 3:00- 2, 8-Secrat Storm 3. 6. 7-General Hospital 4-P.D.Q.-C 5-Danger-G 9-Outrageous Opinkmc-O 9 Heart Special [Tbun.] 10-Movie 13-Bozo the CJown-O 3:30- 2-Sem Hunt 3, 7 ; Dark Shadow* 4-F.Ti-C 5-Perfeet Match-C 6-Merv Griffin 8-Divorot Court-O 9-Children's Theater U-Billy Barty-0 13-Hobo KeDy-O 4:00- 2-Mr. Ed 4-Movie [Wed.] 3, 7-Dating Game-O 5-Divorce Court 8-Truth, Consequeocas-O 11-Winchrtl-Mahoney-O 4:30- 2, 3, 4-Movi« 5. 7-Newa-C 8-Bob Dale-C 10-News 13-Bozo's Big Top-O 5:00- 6-News 9-Pat Boone-C n- Woody Woodbury-O 13-Amazing TTire* · 5:30- 5-Rawhide 5- Year End Review [W] 13-Addams FamOy FRIDAY EVENING 6:00- 2, 1 8-Newi [2, 4-O] T-Movie 10-Huntlejr-Brinkley-O ll-nintitOMs-O 13-Patty Duk* 6:15- 3-Sketchbook ·JO- 3-Newt 5-Ozzie and Harriet 9-Groovy-O 10-News 11-HazeJ-C 13-McHale'f Navy T:00- 2. 8-Walter Cronkite-O 3-Newi 4-Huntley-Brinkley-C 5-Al£red Hitchcock . 6-Movje-C 9-F Troop-C 10-Movie n-i LoW lacy 13-Gffligan'i blattd-O 2. 8-WHl Wild We*t-O 3-Movie-C 4-Tarzan-C 5, 9-Movie 7-Se« the Wizard-O U-Truth. Cotaequences-C 13-Perry Masou 2. 8-Gomer Pyle-O 4-StarTrek-C 6, 7-Operatkm Entertaia- ment-C IS^awafl CalU-O t:00- 2. S-Movie-O 10-Star Trek-O 13-Excitinf Worid-« 9:90- 3, 6.' 7-Will SonoMt-fl 5-Santa Anita Pi'tvWi»i f^Tempo mo 13-Silent ComecKan«-« 10:00- 3. 6. 7-Judd for DefvMM 4, 10-TeIepbotw Honr-49 5-Newi-O n-New»-0 10:30-13-News-C UKM- 2. 3, 4, 7. 8, 10-Newt 5-Movie 6-Ricbard Diamond 9-William Buclcley-O 11-Joe Pyne-O 13-Movie U JO- 2, 3. 6, 7-Joey Bishop-O 4. 10-Tonlgttt Show-O n-Le» Crane-O 13-Mov* 12:00- 2, 9-Movie 13:30-n-Elevwita Hour 13-Movla 4, 7-Mo«)a 1M- »-Movie«0 . 2, n.Kovi* 7-hkr *· UTftbtf ML McQuMn, IM tanftk, DOT rar. Wlfa diiilvtioiwd whm ·«- ^^_ ^^t^^J a * ··· HMDn I 1M5. »9W. 7.3*. 3 lfe»"»f Snob. "P»Sr~C»*- tmm. Vnt Crttfcr. Aitiin. EntcrtAinv funv InM iwaifinc hoMl 1942. »-««M «(. iMt iiUm. Thoiiaton. M*b Pumii. Exotar- ·r ereiiu Affic*, hn*i* i* ·« 1WO. C I 19M. MiOO* 5--Nlw^wv !· 12-Ufi I* Hmr. Tw Mvtfei. V*n Elhw. C 11.-00- I-tnrt 0«r hi M ln»- ·off. T-dlW*. rf H*H tjK L«*i«r. SATURDAY DAYTIME 1:00- * S-Captata 2. C-Caspcr-0 4-Super Stc-O 5-Gene Aotry Show f-Cartoons-O »-JO- 3. 6. 7-Iantastte Four-O 4, 10-Super ·-Action Morit ·:00- 2, S-FrankenstHtu. Jr.-C 3. «, 7-Spider Man-O 4. 10-nintstows-O U-Xone IS-Gmby Cartoons-O 3. «, 7-Oater of Kartb-0 4. 10-Toung Sampsoe-C 5-Movie 13-Morj* 3. «. 7-Kins Kong-4) 4, 10-Bir*n«n-O 2, 8-Space Gbost-C 4, 30-Atom Ant-O Z S-Moby DlcMJ 3. 74. 10-Top Hodc«y-O 10-Top Cat-C 4, 8-Lone 12.-W- 4-LA. State 2-Joteair Quwt-0 3, 7'HappeaJUc 4-Voice of 5. 2-Lone Rafer 3. 4, 10-Coilef* BasketbaB-O S- American: 7-Movi* 11-Opipion 2-Road Huamtr-O S-Daacetime~O U-Movi* t, 7-HearywcigM HanisattouaCI 2 JW- 5, S-AAWU i, t, 4:39- 2-Satita AaMi KM** 4-Stegpteetmae O 5-Flylnt; 2-The 3-World of Spark 4-WorldofGotf-O 5-Pro Hoc*ey-43 31-OuUr 2-RAlp* Story's ta IUoca-41 EWSPAPER EWSPAPER

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