The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1933
Page 5
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TUESDAY,' OCTOBER 3, 1933 BLYIHEVILIB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE HIVt SECTION - •OTOIIMATION 'Jaily rule prr line for tousccu '. HC- instrlitKiF: U-'ivc average \voi'ds to a line) One time per line lit Tv.o times per line IK:' day .. Ool •rae? limes per line per day .. fci:; per line per day — Oj Month late per line M Miniintiin charge Sue Ads ordered for llircc or si lii'ics and siopiicu hoforo c.spira-' linn ttill l)i di.irgci', for slu.- 1111111- r.i-v of liiiic-i lie ad apncurcii mill adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising topi' submitted by persons ivsiuing out- Ml': of llic city initsi IK nceoin- 1 anicd by caili. Haws may be ranly eo:npuird from above table. No lespoiisliiliiy will lie taken Day .V Night Service S.tplion Compk-r Line Shell Products Repair Wrrk al Any Time I'hOllC 1)05 Milloi. Siernbvrt; 13c kill-13 Keeps Nerve % -FOK SALE 'llu- ni:KK «hc arc drinkins KlID- WKlKUl, kh-R of bottled Rttt. 20c klO-iO [Oil EALE-!033 IX- UI!iC Ply- .iioufli, almost new. 11 yon are iLinkins of buying a car, here is a real bargain. Write Box M, Courier News. 23c klO-23 HEAL"ESTATE _ fume ir., list juur real esl.itr See uiial we have lo sell I-:. M. Terry. Licensed Dealer, Iciry-Worililuslon '1'illc Co. icr mor; tlnin of anv one incorrect ciabsliiod ad. li'jllieville phone en 23c klO-23 WANT LAND - We have buyers for 40's, 80'.s am', larger tracts. Can •••'1 (HO tract Fee THOMAS LAND COMPANY. 29c Advertising (.rdcrcd lor Irregii- l;iv ina-riium UIKL I he one lime rate. Phono 306 oi-307 "S DIKKCTOKY Nciv ami llicil l-'urnilurc Houijr.i ;ind tiuui Stoves rei/'ircu—-Any make A'.uil liaiily oil \\. As" y::n can buy a home In Blythe- villc on n.oiithly. installmenlb its:: than il is renting lor. I'd lie ulad to tell you how. E. M. TEKHV, Afenl Phone 017 or 346 Be kiu- FOR SALE Acres rigiv. at town, on bar 2ad. nice ic-sidence, elcctricall lirjhied. Price $75.00 acre, terra THOMAS LAND COMl'ANY 30c k leyeals Slimmer'? Absent-minded|ie»s "Happy days an- bcic aguin." faint Ul'UWElSKIt, king uf bot- tli-il beer. Hoc Klv-'it AValcr-Prnnf 'I'arpaiiliiis ">:l S^.7j; 8x!0 33.20; .0x12 S4.35; 'Jxl5 5C.W; other uz:s and weights nisdc to- ordc-i. Carney Awninf Co., 113 S. First St. 18p klO-18 FOK RENT NEW it with mi. unccdolc. ' lie «ild lie had mentioned (His lorgetdiliietis lo Professor Simmer, ' and the luilcr nskcd ))lm If he JiAVKrt, conn. (UP)—In. li»<l cvcr heard of an ullilelo nam- "-'"™ » 1111 8*.<XH) alrliilws. yet the [ got tlirouth with him, 'Numc'J'l und the whole class u llllle shocked." JIK1.KNA, Moill. JUI'I — A |j.iln ot li.Girt LUIS In lolal counm-ix-hil (MI' loading lor Munliiim dmiut; the llrst Mvi'>) montlis of 1033. lib cDMipurcd to tlic siunr- ix'rlod ul iu:<2, hns been re|X>rleii by llu- S'.jle Jlallroarl ComiiiLsslon. Tolal Sumner lo'jlilm up to rcdle unil while he was I leadings (ur ttw year were 4(j.85fc i volume of iwrsoiml rejnlnlscciiues' cd Slant!. Keller had, "Slug" be- ol Wll|in,m Ornham Sunincr, writ- Ins Yule's lamous Amos ten by A. O. Keller, I'lofcssor of Slogf. Science and Society nt Yale anil' "Pretty prominent fellow, wnsn'l JiiGl publifihcrt by tliu University he?" nskccl Professor Sumner . . ,. . Press, Professor Keller ipcallfi the I 'Tlioughl so. Well, qnec_ 1 cttl|e<l S'.jte Jlallroarl ComiiiLsslon. Tolal Inability ol tile ~ •-•<•• - - .. • .-•- ...._..,... Greyhound rnelns Is. still popular r f ,'n England; last year over 20,118.- jll jiiar'ntotii iliu "siw"of a! SCO iisrsoiw paid iulmisslon to tile ;l [50 licensed tracks. V:| ~nii~s~cuRiQus WORLD -"] icmcmijer tlic names of tile sUi-'un Ills feet 1 foisol his name, luv.rb, compared to 42,200 mrs dents of his class, aijd illuslrnles often did thai. So I asked, when I- OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Abern !-OUSF:KEUPIKG, front, room, i VC---I: free. 9H. Hearn St. 30p ko E.iPERT Typ'jwritins and Adding Machiuc Uc'joiriiiE. U. S. Blan- CTnship, 11C E. Hose. Call 1C5-J. 21c klO-121 t'pcnccr Corsctierc I'hoiic « 20c klO-20 OWE DEDHOO.M lor rent, unfurnished, reasonable. Call SIB.' F(.'UK ROOM Apartment \vitn l-alli. Call K7. after 6 P. M., 55. 27p M'idern 3 rco'ii furnished or un- iiirnishcd np;rtmcnts, newly dcc- •iratcd, over K'rby Drug Co. Also Iniildin? adjoining Roxy Tlicatre F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. 761 27C klO-27 Smartly dressed nni ehecrtul, | Katlierlno Kelly, Mite ot <'t!a-| china Gun" Kelly, stepped from tli* plane carrying her from Jlcmimis to jail iu Oklahoma City and greeted her mate frith, "Hello, sweetheart, keep your lip shut," according to focleral officers. She is ehown hero »a she •was photographed at the start-of •tlie flight. London Parrot of 2C Years If Educate* LONDON 'UP> — Polio, a 20 ye;'.r-old Londrai parrot, can: 'lake the- crs-K mil 01 a bold- iv-en standing . on tiptoe; i L'sc a tooth-brush; I Go fishing—und then fry Ills; Talk .into «. model telephone; Eat with a spcon or fork; Put pennies Into his money bo\; l.d Drink out ot a wine glass. His favorit" liquors DI-B port or * PARROT CAUStS ARR&ST OF NOTORIOUS _ G^NS€>TER rv\OB- A T>ET PWJROT OF PATROLMAN DENNIS rWAKDEN UTTEREt) TH& NAMES OF PIVE MEMBERS OF-THE , WHO WAS SWOT UXST VEW?, •REFUSED TO NAME OTVAE-R MEMBER Of- Hie MOB-TIP "By "PET "PARROT UEKDS POUCE H. COMPLETE "ROUNt)-' OF TERROR. SANG>,WANTED "FOR MUTiD&.'RS, HOLDUPS -J-D KIDNAPPING-" FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably :'or man, Jurracc heat. 514 Main. HIED P.edrocim. Call after iock. A'.rs. Ed Hnrdln. 1011 21c klO-21 ive Bcdrcoin, 618 W. Main McMullins '-Phono ..SZt. 21c klO-2 Ke klQ-l'J Blocked •I'.'j 171 20c 1:10-^0 'nUESSaiAKING SiiWINCl. Alt..rnalions. Very Rea- Funaijb. Misc Lxjuiso Crane, Plione US. 2^c klO-22 """~S1'bKTIN(; GOODS V,'c arc roiitinniitj; our r.»l[ II-'iH Sslc Offrr—t'onic in :inil imiuirs ;iljui]l il. l!ub!)ird llxrdivarr Co. 12C kill-12 'ANTEO TO REN'T MV.JDERN RESIDENCE, c or more rcoitis, p-jrmauent. reliable — o v:>;i exchange cheap rental Ely th.-villr. Reply to P. O. Box. 231 E'ythcvilic. 27c SLEEPING ROOM, 2 men. 2 beds. Apply 11H South Railroad Si. 2p k8 WANTED TO BUY USUAL. HOOPLE LUCK "PWKROT WE SOLD TO NO WONDER. \T TALKED THE OF UNITED STATES HAS HAD NING DIFFERENT CAPITALS. YORK, LANCASTER, GERMANTOWN, AND PHILADELPHIA, IN PENNSYLVANIA; PRINCETON, AND TRENTON, IN NEW JERSEY/ BALTIMORE-. YORK cny,- AND V/ASH1NGTON, D. C. DISCOVERED THE FACT THAT STORMS ABE HDOIES TfJAVELING ALOHG THE EARTH'S SURFACE. HIS DISCOVERY CAME A-3 A RESULT OFAKJ INVESTIGATION AS TO VVHy A NORTHEAST WNOSTGRM STRUCK PHILftDSLPHf^ 8ETORE IT STRUCK BOSTON. ONE HUMORS VEARS LAtEC If \VAS DECIDED THAT FRANt'LIN V/AS RKSHV. % THE MOUNTAINS OF THE V/oriLD SPRAKG UP FROM LOW RJRROSVS l^ IT3 SURFACE. Heiijanihi l-'raiiklin a nlind, biith \xm", inuicsltci in nstronomj'. || once ;iyrecd lo observe uu cclii^t 1 fruiu tlicir tcs'.icclive towns ut the ^1 same instant. A northeast rulubtonu set In at rhlloclclphki and • r.iwilcd FiaiiUlin's plans, und hi; »:n .nu|]ilsMl to later that the storm did not striki 1 Uoi'on until the n-xi munihn;. nils' !>l:iil?u his lnvcbtii;at:un »f sloims ami tildr h:Alls. NL\T: lluiv illd Ihe »iii-u-nU iu-i-oiinl fur llu- fusdh Ihcy uncovcreUV MOOTS AND.HER JBUDP1E8 \.M> VMO SiVD TrttRE Wf^i. MAKE HIM ST01". GOOD SECOND HAND Chevrolet or Ford C"3ch or Sedan. Ad- dicss "S" Courier News. 30rt5 HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires iimcr tubes, iron, inclals, niaga •:hif.«. liidc.i. i'iirs (a wreck. Wo! Ar'iiin, l'J8 E. M:iin.» Phone 176. Oc klO- WASH TUBES _ _'_ '3WE-ACES 0'BRIEKi'S FAC'G TURMS FIE.RV RED, HIS bV£5 «TO TINS SLITS. HE Gl-ftPES AT WASH AK1D EK5V AS TWO HE COOiD KILL THEM. KASY GKTS MAD! KAJJ10 SKKV1CK KXIMiKl i!.il)H) Sl.lIVICJXO But hiiuippcti ono;> in Biytnevn':-; li.iiUji.o nL'L>r,L'K>' — i IIO.M: i JSATJ'iiUiliS For 1'runipt Ilultciy Servile I'honc S fcn Clinic 2ci:ll-2 Nu 1 .! 1 Ford La I tones ltrntal-nr<-li:iri;it?-I>cpairiii; -.7? Til! 1 .: *; PATTlLllY STATION 25c klCl-25 ALL KINDS Children's 370 K. .via WANTED .Men. Women and ^ii eloLliiny and ciisli |]ricr. I.eigh- ;iin. 9c klO-U IJriuk ti IJU beer. l)Cbt for tbc bumc price. king of bottled 20cklO-20 WANTED . . . Local agent to sell Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake in Blyihcvillc. Must have truck. commissions, lifetime job for ri;lit man. See II. H. Sims, Ilclel Xob'.c. between 2 and 5 rc. in. 3pkC Iw Iltiillby Di'ps feed Jl-lln's It:ilir.n \- ([llirk l.ulll'li lU'l!15AIt!> IlAKDWAIti: CO- i lie klO-11 i!UII,l)I\(; .MATKUIAI, "\VA 1,1. I'AI'KR "" Kindle vom lut.s Si.GO :KOO loih old pattcri::> ai 6c nu with vehicle lo iinloaJ coal. Apply Rthfr Coal Co. 3pk1 ANNOUNCEMENTS""" HE Apyf-MCESTtf^ SOVOURE A PARTNER OF GWL WEBSTER'S, too ei.p.NKE'ry-BLp.NK POLE.CKT" Tl ME AS MISTS R By Cian. ADORCS; ,^Sn °> / - -%<^f <£S <^L': SALESMAN SAM 'Hetie'a T«e"onw \ COULO FIUO UP'IM I hare tir.ujrlil tt'c Xicklc launch Liml l.nvc taken cli.irgc. I b^vcthc ^.^n]R rcffcc. romc in und try it ci;a WRIGHT. r.pkin STRAYiRT) Strayed 2 mules. 4 ycai-old. about ':;'4 MAYFLOWER hue lOc lo 20c 15 hands high, dark bh;p, match- ROBINSON LUMBER CO. •20c klO-'Jil WOO!) COAI, <£ Si'C KM;rr Hi f ':io you ii;iv ^.^\^ money. P>i Kailro:ul and ^s ed. ;vcislit about 900. Strayed from Highfill pasture on highway Gl. Notify HighiVil Mule Barn or J. Jack- ten. 1510 West Ash. Spko Ccal Co. Cr;a! — You AL'TOMOTIVK (J;i(cuay (;m<*j;r < ; 'n:l .>lechatiirr-\Vfirk (juaranlecd I'rirrs KTsjht LEGAL NOTICES IN Tilt; MISSISSIPPI CHANCE RY COUilT: ClilGKASAWBA DISTRICT. Comincntal t.-ife Insurance Company. a corporation. Pliiintill vs. He*a Roscnthal. Koscnllvnl STOCK I;.SI:D Memphis ;i!id Kt Loius '»••'• Auto (;in:^s — Phone fi5 J.U'KSOX AUTO 1'AUTS CO. 2c kll-2 Auto All Kil rts i'hc Ark-.Mo tall .".OR— RcilV 1'I.icc 1I8K. Stain I'cr .\iilo !'i\intinir l!rdv aiifl Vender Service cl ;il. Defendants. Tl;c defendants. A. Grabcr. Sam Gr.ibcr. Ix>uis Gr.ilxrr. joe Grabcr Max Giaber and U.ivc Grabcr arc uarnod tn appear in the Mississipp Clnnccry court, Cliickasawba • District, within thirty days and an- suer the complaint of the plain tifl, continental Life Insurance InMslle-l Company, a corporation. Lumber' fu Witness my Uanii. as clerk of sa 10- klO-10 ""'ft. and the teal thereof, on this 26 d:iy of September, 1933. R. L. GAI.NES, Clerk. 26-3-10-17i' Voimcrly with Rhoiuc-I.ittlr Co. AR.OUMD SHfe. L6.FT TH' RACE 15Y JJI.OSSEt f BUT, 1,'C-I OAMeeo vr- vK*tJ '.' : ;CTcC.-- I PROVE. T.HPCT v fft C-oT TH 1 stbLeM k WAG-IM NeP. PCT .N'OU'LL flsID OUT! FRKCK1.ES AND HFS FRIENDS : GES, COACH,!^ GLAD \ SO AM I / IV.NOA Tri.MK > RED!? AND MY 9 ' A WORD i ; UOM TI1K COACH! 15v SMALL DETECTIVE V-'OSK 1SOVE.Q.. < / MAYBE PAMN'TOO .' MUCH ATTENTION MO"IHAT,,V.!DTOO IUTTLE' Little to. 26c klO-26 Head Courier News \Vnnt Ads. I ;.i,-:..^_./J AVJ,VJE-HA'.'£MT HAD A ' "J^^Li'r CHANCE, VET,TO S^O^O'jq • -• ; .' "' -\S>- REAt STUFF, HUH,RcD? V- R-G'rlTo.' Tt-AT LAST G-Wr. V.".? EASY A P:;?H- Ov/HR rCf: V.EU.,ULT HE TEILUVOU, THERE. ARE SOME "••TOU&H GAMSS ,VtE\D OF Us, A.hl' \^'c.'RE GONNA iEtO SOHt REM. 5TUF-F \& ^ ^/>-.a:v

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