The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
Page 3
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;-f!r?tfes'DAl FEBRUARY 7, 1935 Tl i FROM COURIER NEWS J. I';. Shilling, Opornlor o{ Store on Ashport Few Road, Robbed .!. fi. Shilling, • proprlf-lor of n gwccry store iir-ar I ho lovre nn Uift Aslipoit Ferry reail, wns ro)>- Itfi) oC morn than $50' Monday, of thlr; f(f\: -\>y two men who flrd in mi autpmoWlo from wlilcli tlioy PKViously -tind removed Missouri license tags. Today's Markets Nciv York Cotton NEW YORK, Pel). V. (UP)-Coi- ton eliis^d .steady. open high low eloso Maivh. .... 12Sfl 1334 1257 1232 Mfiy rjsa 12.12 1232 .Inly 1?.?,2 1241 1230 rVi'.. '.',..'.! 1333 i23fl 1230 ilfln. , 1233 I n 30 12ST' Gpnts clriwil at 1255. lip (i. 1210 1540 12511 12:10 New Orleans Cotton ,Th« two ;nen nrrlved ni Die store I before 9 o'clock In the momlng ?]?„ and sat around for some, time, ex- * J y • plaining 'tliat they had come lo. i|y • meet, some friends they expected • „'_ • to cross (he river from Tennessee. Customers were in nnd out, of the store' during the morning and nbmit, II o'clock the iwo stiangers drove off towni-d the. river. When they returned a short time later there was no one !r| the store but Mr. Shilling. 'J'hc-y Immediately covered him with Eiini! "one of Iheni said: NEW ORIGANS, Feb. 7. <UP)~ I Cotton cltwd sieady. open . 1231 . 1233 . 1234 . 122li . 1232 high 1232 1240 1242 1231 1237 low elos? 1227 12:11 1233 123B 1233 1239 1228 1230 1232 123G "I am' sorry, old man, but we must have your pocketbook." They took $50 (mm his poeket ;i(id .1 niianllly of elinnEe from the cash drawer ami forced hltu to accompany them about a mile claimed persons. dowi| 'he highway. V/lieii Mr. Shtlllni: was released ho noticed that tlie cor- can-led no but Hurry Wbrslfy reported that It had Missouri luen when it was iwrkcd in front of the store earlier fri the day. Apparently the tags were removed when- the robber.-; left the store to drivt! Rcross the levee. 22 Junior High Pupils Win Honor Roll Places Twenty-two students of the junior high school v,-cre placed on the honor roll for the first semester. Tliiiy are: Rvr.sril parr. Mansfield Washburn, Lloyd ward Jr., juaiilla White,' Amy Ruth Morris. Billy Leggett, Dan Warrington, Carolse Wood, Harold Nathan Rosenihnl, Mary Adah Robinson, Jimmy Orook, Jerry Cohen. Mary llostettei-, u. Vv. Moore; Joyce Somers, Tlromas Heay, Alice Saliba, Jean Bourland. Marion Caldwell, Josephine shibley, Sarah Jarie stovall, Ruth Prances Sutherland. Spots closed rpiiet at 1250, unchanged. Antiquated Electric Chair Gives Negro Respite C/osiH0 Stock Prices A. T. nml T 104 1-D Aiuu'oruln. Copper 10 3-fl lielh. rtwel 29 Chrysler 37 1-f (lilies fto-vlee 11-4. (,'ola :...!.. — Gen, Am. Tank 3G 1-?. Clftl. Meilrlc ?2 7-B flr-n, Motor.-) :10 1-1 Int. llaivesler 40 ftfcKroson-Roljblns 11-2 Montgomery "Ward SD'S-B New York Central 126-8 Hacl:nn| 42-8 Phillips Pel 14 :i-4 Radio 51-8 St. l.ouls-S. P ) :i-8 Simmons Bwia fl ft-h Btnndni'd of N. ,l :l'J Texas Co 19 !-•) U. S. Smelling Ill 1-2 I). S. Steel 35 V-8 Zonlle 4 uermany to Try American as Spy UALR1GH. N. C. (UP) — The Nortli Carolina electric chair is so Toledo Mayor Assails City Managership "Ills" TOLEDO (UP)—Cincinnati's 'city form nf government PAGE IHBE'K ? attacked Ijy Mayor Solon T. iflot?., antiquated, llinl tlic execution of i of Toledo, here, In it speech before Gec!-go WhUfielil. negro, liari ton " ' Th« duilr has executed 146 con- Al Ihc- execution, it took a rluh. lie rliatpx-d Cincinnati is Hie "most crime-ridden town in tlic state." Tlie city mutineer plnn, Klo{r, said, violates the most fim- Fndhg trial In derinniiy a« a spy, itleliard Koldcrnr, abovti,- muiirallzGtl Ain«rlriin, nlr.o may bn liullrlei) on a cliarco ot "treason 10 mo sLile." by Oor- maiiy. Notns aboni Gcriniiti inllilary Coreea worn foiiiid on tin! former Cleveland, O., man v.'lK'ii bn irl 4 lo cross tlio bor- Uer lo SvfUm-iaml. lierlln dia- more thnn .six minute,; nf shocks j ihimciunl principles of American to do ili_- work. ' iKOvcinmem. while the method of The pre.'cnt venn-a) .»:f-[iibly of ,(il«'lini! cmwcllnii'ii iindev it lakes the state. i:o<>: in session, i:; ex-lawny Hie rieliU of American t'lti- pecled to apprcpriiile lund.s for /enslilp. Sur-ii a meihod "would n IICT.' cli.iir. | not i>e tolerated In' nnssla," lie de- clnroil. Mrs. Charles Putnam Dies at Deering, Mo. Mrs. Charles Putnam, of Deering, Mo., died last niglit at l home there following several we illness. ' she Chad been In the Bly- thevlllc hospital '1ml' had 'rclimtcil 'home yesterday, a fow hours "before her death. ' ' .She ;!s survived by her husband, (ortr cjuldfeii anil other''nilidiife, iliciiidhig'a hnlf-brollicr. A. o. Hutl- iioh', of-' this city. • .Mr: and-Mrs. •Hiiilson will .attend the funeral -services tomorrow ,nt Decrlng. ' • "•' •"":..- '." Imogene Smith Armorel "Schools Most Popular ,Miss .IinoSeiK? .Smith ami Harry McKIilnon, .iVon lionors in, the re- ceiit'/'Who's Who" 'contest of' : iiic ArmdreV school. •'Miss'ismith was declared the" popular and to girl athltto; niuflliiiry -MeKinno Wfls declared ihp.'bMt'lookhv; :i(i ii|03t ; j>w>iilnr boy. ! .'Mlss'Maiuine Harrison., who was lecently crowned .queen of tlie school, ivfls voted the prettiest girl and Miss Marjorie Needhiim was declared the most studious -and most courteous girl. ':.'•• Louis Smotherman won the honors for the best athlete among the boys and'T. v. Bell for flic'most stiidlous and most courteous boy. Negro Cave Man Calm When Found Snowbound DUBOIS, Idaho (UP)—Blizzards and deep snows havs fe\v terrors for an aged negro recluse cf (hi: action. He merely hibernates, waits philosophically for rescuers, Severn! months ago he appeared, made his home in a cnve riu-: •into the high Irani: of Denver crepk in an isolated r-.-f.oi five inilO- sonth of Spencer, Idaho. Then came a blizzard. B:avf-r creek was tilled with 25 r-i't cf snow. Four dnys |niss<iil and someone remembered the negro Sheriff Hairy Pa.rocr set out wilh riepntlos to acnrrh f or the body. They tunneled t)ivo U ;)> t |<« deep mow to the mouth of the C-UT A blanket }mng down over the cnlrancf:. Iiv;idc WBS lnc np ro alive, happy but noKiliw tlmt clrj beans were pocr lojd for n s>-,ov- bound hf-rmii. English is displacing French ns the first forcipn language tati«ht in many PriLSslan schools, " HEADACHf AwtefuntUoiwt onlalni severa njrodknU »Wch id toircelifr to give quieter relief for hcjjaclii! as nrtl u „;,,„. lot lo (rcsh folds, rcuralsl., Bnd lor nuiculsr and Jotnt .tcha. Ajle for ^fltdiM Wdulcl or l)i» modiflM for. ml>, ClpwHne. T«oltU. lOc, SOc, 6«c. CAPUDINE Calfish Ilrdtfd Oil Driller* MeAU.EN, Tex. (UPI— Drilling ' All cotton blooms are white on on an oil well 25 miles west of the first, day of blooming, red on McAllcn in the aimfordyee pool Uie second day and they fall off wits temporarily stopped oy a eat- ibc- plant on the third day. lish. When boiler trouble developed - --------------------------- iroin using salt water from a """ """ nearby well, n line wn^ run to the Hio Gi-nnde. The pumps sucked u? a river calPsh and the drilling .-.-as lialtrd until the fish was re- Chest Colds Don't let thnn (jet. a strangle j hold. Fight thi'in quickly. Cveomul- jston combines 1 helps In one. Po/v- erliil but, hainiloss Pleasant to take. No naiTollrs. Vnnr own clniB gist !s authorized to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold is lint relieved by Crco- miil.sion. —Adv. 'I TOO t.,\TK Tt> CLASSIFY FOUND Four keys in Shouse-LHllo holder, in street between ,loe Isaacs' and Penney store, one a Yale key. Owner may have same by cailin, at Courier and paying; charges. HAVE YOU HfAROWE NEWS/ THE REGULAR PRICE Of CALUMET BAKJNGPOUWtfttfNOW ONLY 25f* A POUND/ I'ERSONAl, New neauty School oiieniiij; in niythcvillc, if you are interested in enrolling write "Mrs. X" care Courier News, at once. N€U) CAN 15 $O CASV TO OP€N I KIRBY'S 5 SPECIALS 50c Ovaltine 39c 60c Sal Hepatica 39c COD LIVER OIL Norwegian, Pint - - 59c Super D 39c-79c-$1.29 Super D, Perles 100 $2.89 Cod.Livef Oil Tabs 49c 25c Hinds Honey and Almond Cream -4Cc Fletchers Castoria $1.25 Creoinulsion Ipana Vicks Nose Drops or" OA /HP „ -fifp ut)\j ilttli Pepsodent Tooth Paste H8c Anliscptic 19c-lc-79c Beave^Flojting j_ath Soap, 6 Large Bars for 25c |r Spicers Nux-Herbs-Iron H5c Bromo Quinine 25c $1.35 Pinkham Vegetable Compound — CLIP THIS COUPON— -tn I 1» n — jJPalmolive Soap CDCC'if not delighted •I*C«K, to gain NewYouth, Worn-oirt,0!d. Felt i T; +. g V B WlrtwiSSi* 1 '^ 1 = ^New Oyster Tonic ' l VI UU1 UlC taiy-to-llVt 1 "I Ml ol.l l.rforc ' my timo. No viKor. . Tf. rn [ ;rlc»l I OS-I'RK.V. I Ml ' SO yrsn rt »«« youth .'-Wulil »t 40 or in. ( . quick. Tolc nrw diarovory, UM i(b.\ . fcntiuiu ntnarlabtr cloinrnl fouml in I 1 Mir nj-i(T». !V-|fir5 pay this c'emrnt f* ' . c|uirli»t ctanil ta-icOTfilor. Also cr -.-:. litoort-rrgcncratini! Iron nml '2 itini 1 twU-iKd by American L r nivrr*Uy 10c Razor Rlades 3 for 19c rcSim".! I . llMlor ' K lite prime cf Jiff. «i*y. Ft./ m?n v *n,l ' ..ix^iiv^ii ^nivrrwxy No^li •y prolonn ihp prime of lite is, stny ynim" " " tililol! toii-iy. „ „ I TIT" r'H 11 'If" ""'' Wlimt. It nt>t . I ucligMc<l Mlh nuicl: rtMiUs, m»I;fr rtfunik I I nioocy you |nuffor lliij pncknj?. Viilut 81 ' L SPEC IAL this *eek 79C.J MAIN AT SECOND MAIN' AT BROADWAY PSGGtY vvIOGLY fR/CES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SKINNED HAMS Pound Mince Meat Spare Ribs Beef Tenderloin K. C. li.'er HICK Itlli, M. CHANCES i< ff- Head FFMft'N^ ( ' ;llif(iniii1 IQ ( - I;Llnl>lSo l.iirne. u m . I,) FLO'l]R. vt: - HOMINY ' Ml c APEICOK l * PUMPKIN ™ ' PRUNES Kvil ""'- ilU i:l () { Country Club :i Tall or- li Snuil! Kan'cy Texas Seedless for H Plnritln, I) fo PEACHES Goiiiilry ; Ciili Sliced- or "Halves CHERRIES g. !i. VANILLA FRESH BREAD',:S1« C PLUMS ""••* C '!L, 15 C ST ro ",:;,, 17 GINGERALE 2 APPLE ^L^LW c. ,c. -jo H-Oz. ijoitle 16 BUTTER Sprilw ' }rn ,l F I?YTR A TT vaniih, 900 Ml It All a-nz. Kotuc^ EsxsEasicsia^ Sugar F.leclrio Heat PAD $1.49 , Coty Face Powder 75c <£1 1^ . .ipl,l() — - ' - . "^ \pUin* |lx- t!>ai^r|iH|-:|>VJJ(j-,/ 3 PRICEUSS INFORKAT;O« —for those suiTcringfroai i STOMArn OX »l r CI>FN\] 5 POOH DIGKS- BJ

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