The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
Page 9
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HURSDAY, MAY G, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.y COURIER NEWS of Helpful Household Hints .< and Recipes Concluded by ELEANOR HOWE Ice Cream Cons Clowns: Plac:? a ball of ice cream on a buU?r cookie and with vatsiiis or tiny ffumdrops niak? eyes, nosy !in;i mouth in tin; ice cream. To make ilie tlo'.vn'L liiit, plate a cone jauntily un ti)|> of tlie [ce [rrermi. Add a ruir of whipped croum nr:mrvj the clown's neck. * • * At n .small cost a tinsmith will make a vertical partition in your enlvunlaxl cleaning bucket; lints divided, it is possible to Have liolh soapy and clear water in (lie sam<; bucket and so save many trips to Hie sink. * • » UAKINCT POWDER I'AKKEil HOUSE ROLLS that you can make at tlie rtrop^of a liuli Mix ami sift together 'I cups general purpasf flour, 4 tea-spoons baking powder, 1-4 teaspoon .suit, and 1 tablespoon Migar. Ciit in 1-4 (MIJ> shortenina. Store tins mix in the refrigerator. Then wlicn the menu calls for a hot, bread' just lake the mix out ol the refrigerator, break if, up v/ilh a fork and add 1 egg slightly KEEP THIS E Mix mid Slove in Refrigerator Against Emergency Need What homemaker isn't alway Kccmtiiii; for really good dessert to add to her repertoire? Am when yon do make a dessert that' delicious and practical don't yo always want to pass it on 'to you friends? Well, that's just the wa we feel. too. So we're passing o this grand recipe for Pincappl Topsy-Tnrvy Cake and though irmy seem to be made 'a la Topsy Ttirvy it is right side up when it comes to the eating! But being the very epitome of glorious delcctability isn't enough for this Topsy-Turvy Cake — it boasts another feature also. You can mix it, when you're in a kit- chnneerhig mood, store it away. EA'GE NINE , . and have it ready to bake "against" the day when yon may find it necessary to rush home ' from the club.. or .lecture to prepare a quick- dinner. Here is ' the . recipe for Topsy- Turvy Cake mix. It isn't neccs- ttiry to qualify the name with Pineapple— because this mix adapts itself to almost any fruit foundation you might choose to. use. This recipe makes 2 upside down cakes. Topsy-Turvy Cake 2-3 cup butter 2 cops sugar 4 cups cake flour 4 teaspoons baking powder teaspoon salt t'ttten niul approximately 2-3 cup nilk. Roll noun!) 1-2 Inch thick and lit with round cutter. Spread 1-2 it biscuit will) incited buttsr nnd ol:l ever the other half. Let uiml about-21) minutes, then bake i\ n hot oven (451) degrees) approximately 12-H minutes. Have- you ever been kept awake it niiihl by the dismal wailing ol Din- lonely puppy? The .solution? -Jusl nil a quart- fruit )m- wilt) •iTj' hot water, replace rubber ami kl, '.vrap in .several thicknesses ol icw* paper and place In the puppy's brd. lie will .snuggle up to the hot wat'.'r bottle, give n sigh of con :entmcnt and go to sleep. * • # When members of a family are scattered aud it is dilllcult to kcei up corres[iondcnce with everyone just start a "family chain letter.' The oldest member writes a lettei and sends It to the next otctes. who adds Jn's contributions and .sends both letters on; each member of the family adding a letter in turn. Then, as soon as a letter has been read by every mpinbcr ot the family, it is withdrawn from the envelope, a new one is added and the chain goes on. Caramel Pecan Icing: This icing jives glamour to the plainest everyday cake. "Try it! Place Hi cups brown sugar, ',;. cup white sugar, 1 tablespoon light corn syrup, 1 cup top milk and. 1-4 'teaspoon salt in a saucepan. Mix well and cook over low flame until the mixture reaches the soft ball stage 1238 degrees). Remove from name ami cool to lukewarm (no degrees). Then add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract aud beat, until creamy, place in refrigeraior where the mixture can be safely kept on hand until ready for use. Then remove from refrigerator ami melt in top of double boiler. Add >'•• cup pecan mil meats (cut) and spread in swirls on cake. Add n little cream if icing becomes too thick to spread easily. * * • Make your scrap bag from mosquito ncHing, so that when you "eed a certain piece of material, you can locate it in the bag quickly without emptying the entire contents. * • * The next, time you want to make .sandwiches and 'the bread is too fresh, place it. in the refrigerator for an hour. The lower temperature will make it firm and easy to cut * * * If when making mayonnaise, the mixture curdles, simply beat the mixture into 1 or 2 tablespoons of undiluted evaporated milk, and in a- jitly all will be well. ANCIENT CERMAN BELIEF WAS IN/IT APPLES EATEN ON EASIER MORNING WOULD KEEP AWAY FEVERS. SCIENCE TODAY REGARDS JHE APPLE A5 AH EXCELLENT ANTIDOTE COR SPRING FEVER. .^ ffel i-J.A* THE SERVICE OF A SALAD OOWL- GREENS SERVED WIHI SALAD DRESSING, A DINING CUSTOM GROWING IN POPULARITY IN THIS COUNTRY, ORIGINATED WITH THE GREEKS. TflCY./UE IHfIR JAIA05 AFTtR MEALS, SALT AND HONEY CONSTITUTED ONE OF THE WORLD'S f IRST SAIAD DRESSINGS. THE ART OF MAKING SALAD DRESSINGS AS WE KNOW THEM TODAY WAS DEVELOPED BY CAREME, THE GREAT FRENCH CHEf. IN THE 17$ CENTURY, IT WAS THE CUSTOM TO EMPLOY A MAN TO EAT 3READ AT FUNERALS, AND BY 50 DOIMC HE WAS 5W05ED TO OE TAKING OH Tll£ J)EAD MAN'S SINS FAMOUS GOURMETS OF HISTORY]; THE 'DUC DE RICHELIEU, EOPPISH WARRIOR AND «M(OI»EUR, HAD A GMQUET OF FIFTEEN COURSES SERVED OK THE BATIIE-FIELQ-JO FIFTEEN OF HIS ENEMIES OF HICH RANK:, -^ &£ u~. 1 _L».<. >.f in.vm •"•',. Orange Pudding Cups Here is a dessert, that plcnscs :he children and it's cood for thf-m, too: '2-3 cup sugar l'-j tablespoons general purpose flour 1 egg - (beaten) 1 cup cold waler G oranges '.i pint whipping cream (whipped) • j : _J_ 8 marshmallows Combine sugar and flour. Blend beaten egg with water and add to mixture. Place in top of double boiler and cook, stirring occasionally, until thickened. Chill. Cut n one-half Inch sice from the lot o( each orange. Remove pul|> ami dice. Notch edges of orange cups Add diced orange pulp uiid cu marshmnllc-ws to the chilled custard mixture. Fold in whipped cream and pour into orange cups. Chill. Serve on fern leaf on Individual ulate.s. The vernal equinox will fall back one day In 3323 years under our present-day arrangement of the calendar. It hns l>ecn estimated that there were between 50,000,000 and 15,- tiCO.OOO head of buffalo In the world in primitive times. Cream butler slowly. Mix -find sift dry ingredients and add to first' mixture Blend thoroughly, store in refrigerator. When ready to bake ihe cake, break up the mix with a fork nnd measure out ". of it (sufficient for 1 cake). Coinbin" 1 egg (well beaten), I cup milk and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract nnd add to this portion of the mix. blending thoroughly. Meanwhile, melt 1-4 cup butter in 'heavy 0- Inch frying pan. Add '2-3 cup biown sugar and place several slices of canned pineapple (well- drained) in tire syrup. Pour cake batter over syrup and bake approximately 35 minutes in moderate oven (350 degrees). Remove from pan and turn ui>side down— immediately. Store remaining mix in refrigerator until desiring to bnke another upside down cake; proceed as above. Orange Almond Cookies: Cream 1 cup shortening thoroughly and add »G cup granulated sugar gradually. Then add 14 cup brown sugar gradually and cream well. Add 1 egg and beat thoroughly; then ; add 2 tablespoons orange juice. Mix together and sifl 2 1-4 cups of and add . sugar general purpose flour, ,1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-2 teaspoon soda, and add to first mixture. Blend. Add 1 tablespoon • grated orange rind and 1-2 cup of blanched almonds (cut fine) which have been rolled In 1-2 cup of flour. Form cookie dough into a roll and chill in re- .frigerator for 3 hours or more. When ready to bake a "batch of cookies," cut place on a thin s!iccs,^and well-greased cookie sheet. Bake in a hot oven (400 degrees) approximately 8 minutes. (Makes 4 dozen cookies.) For greasing cake tins, cookie sheets pr griddles, nothing can excel ordinary milk bottle caps, washed and cut square on two sides so that you can get the grease into the corners of square pans Easily. The little tab gives you something to hold on to and the caps can IM thrown away after using. M Xn&Sfteen SCORES BIG HIT in the Motion Picture Cooking School : ;: nod the bride in the story is delighted when she discovers that, with this remarkable flour, even a beginner can make cakes an expert would be proud ofl Pillsbury's Sno Sheen Cake Flour;;; light and white ns new-fallen snow ... is made from certain exceptional soft wheats specially selected and specially milled for use in delicate cakes. Try it and see how wonderfully light, fluffy, and delicious your cakes will be! PILLSBURY'S SNO SHEEN Cake Flour SPECIALS FOR National True Value Week Miiv 7 to inth , ; , Kitchen Enamehvare in the Newest Color Combination In Delphinium Blue, Ilie newest anil smartest color in kitchen decoration. AVilh wliiln it makes as pretty a combination ns you could wish for. 69c Your Choice This cnamelwarc is similar In Ihc modern utensils featured in the Conking School (his week. Wire Garden liorder I'cr Ft 6' White Toilet Seat .'.. $2.39 Galvanized Sprinkler 10 (Jt Hall Hearing Mower $6.45 Guaranteed Hand Saw. 2fi Inch . . Dust Cloths 5 Yd. Roll Curtain Stretcher With Easel .... Wall Cabinet White Enameled 15 C $1.59 Family Scale Weighs, to 2i T.hs.... riollcr Skates Ball Hearing Picnic Jug Gallon Size .. Friction Tape 4-Oz. Roll Ceiling Fixture Without liulhs .. Electric Toaster Nichrome element $1.10 9 C $1.29 Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. "PRICKS I'OK FRIDAY. AND SATURDAY U. S. NO. 1 ih SU SOllr, .llljcy •1112s / Dn/.en lOc Milk Gmnlrv Club :i Tall or (i Small ('tins 19c Lettuce I'Yesli 4!c Stair or Dill Quart 13c ireen Beans 25c Soap 1'. & C. l,ge. I Jure lOc GRAPEFRUIT 19 LIMES Fmsh ttach V BANANAS Golden Ripe |JC 5 t MACARONI PEANUTS 8 "i 12f CLOCK BREAD ',3 9 FRESH CORN °"£:l! 5 C ONIONS NewC 7£. 5 C LUX FLAKES CRACKERS, TCR ECU !/, ],i,. TOMATOES Ttl 15° CELERY FYTDAPT Va " m " I 1 * 0 CA I litiV I S-O-/.. liuttle I J LUX SOAP P A If C Ang«l Fond UHI\L l,t; e . 13-ligg PAN ROLLS iJ COFFEE C. C., 1,1) 27c Frcnth, ],b 2.'!c .Jewel, Ll> 20c Jewel, 3-11) \\i\K 58e StrawfaerriesiilOc 15c No. 1 Tall 'Can 2 for -'-No, 2 Crih ' :i for Avondalo ;e. 2i/ 2 Can 15c OLIVES Plnin Qimrf, ,Tnr Each 37c FLOUR little King 2.1-LI). Sack . •18-IJ). Siirk . 94 APRICOTS 19 MATCHES 3 lioxes BEEF STEW ,,rU5 c 15 C nag CATSUP Eras.. io u CORN FLARES Al'RO 21/z Can 50-0/. Can m om* DVI », Soup TISSUE Clifton Hull 5 C SALMON G'luiin TnlI Can PURE LARD?;!;; $6.75 MACARONI Sl g10 c FLOUR cc CRACKER$ 2I S X 15 C GINGER ALE ^ 25° RDAU I''^AKES C. C. PllHIl 15-Oz.l'liK. ny vnni UAIUUL | forlc; Hntli HAMS Armour Star 10 to 12 or 18 to 20 or Whole Ib. 25c Jack Salmon Ib lOe Baby Red Snapper. . . . Ib 19c Catfish ^Steaks . . . . Ib 29c Fresh Shrimp ...... Ib 25c Armour's Slar 'Shldr. Hoasl, 1,1). Iflc Lb. Hens-Fryers Daisy Cream Cheese Ib 19c Victor Dog Food can 5c Bacon Fancy Sliced Pound 29c Salt Meat ' ° - Kest Compound •1 Lbs. 55c Uoast or Chops Pound 15c Fresh Ground Beef Ib 15c D, C. Roll Butter Ib 33c BEEF ROAST Thick Rib Pound Hriskct Pound 15c

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