The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER IS, 19W V BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Weary; /^ and Proud, Marines Emerge from Red Trap 8.T TON LAMBERT (For Hal Boyle) ; WITH THE U. S. MARINES, Ko- « i (/fl — The weary, dangerous id to safety lay steep on the arp-ribbed, snow-capped moun- ; tains. Then it unfolded leisurely : along i brown,, siiow-dappled*val- i ley crusty with frost. ; The Marines came down.the road • slowly. Their eyes were red with President Shows Gratitude To Blair House Defenders President Truman said -lils yesterday to the uen who defended aiuwiy. -meir eyes were rea wun eseray o e uen who defended fatigue. Their faces and hands were him in the Blair House' sssasslna- prinn7 r Ptin\r r-Hll nmvn itnHap r-H* llrtn a t f pmnt VT^,» i . - ' . ; eriiny. They still were under the • tension of th« past terrible 12 days . which shall be written' boldly In ' Marine Corps history. i These were the last Marine troops ; to come out of the Chinese trap I which. the leathernecks themselves ^ had jammed apart. They were tired. : dirty and bearded, but unafraid and ; proud with a pride which brought ' a lump in your throat. i They were not all there. Not all ; who drove far Inland from the sea; through snow and ice and freezing cold to Changjin Reservoir. where the Chinese tried to spring ; a trap. For many Marines died alongside 1 that great .reservoir and .011 the bloody road back to safety. Their bodies will lie forever in this barren . and inhospitable wilderness. : This was the source of great Vjit- , tcrness for some, that other marines •pad died In a battle which, the living could not win. Those who came bnck haKed briefly in the shadow of the mountains. They dug dirty-handed into , cans of cold O rations, their motions clumsy under the weight, of • winter clothing. 1 They were gentle with each other, like brothers, for.theirs is the fraternity of danger and battle and j you enter that fraternity only by sharing danger and battle with them. ' Some climbed wearily from their ! vehicles, many of which were gaudy, . like gypsies' wagons, with the vivid . red and yellow and white silk from , parachutes which had floated food and bullets to them while they were cut off from all help except by air. : There were the tired but joyful f 'cries of profane greetings — like j "Ifey,, Red, you bastard, I heard ; they got you"—which failed com- t pletely to hide their regard for each I other. .And there were low-spoken ; reports like "Bill got It at Hagaru " As Ihey halted briefly under a [ warming sun -which half melted, the road Ice Into slush, they ignored , the nearby artillery which - rocked , the valley with thunderous blasts They gave ilttie attention to the - ever present Marine - Corsairs which ! circled overhead tirelessly or darted down, strafing and bombing the se; rene mountaintpps. Then the Marines climbed stiffly : back into their vehicles. A few . drivers; grinning weakly, tooted their °J$t, ft. ^P? 058 : *« . tn e peanut •iriistle shrining from'tuVlocomo- ivea which had hauled some Marines south to safety from the valley railhead. One giant, bearded Marine crawled into a Jeep trailer, -one hand holding his BAR (Browning Auto- lion attempt Nov. 1. The widow of Pvt.' Leslie Coffelt, who lost his life-In defense of-the President, forced back Her tears as she accepted a gold medal In recognition of her husband's heroism. ."You can't understand what this means to me," the President said In a solemn ceremony In his of- happens to you, you how much It touches fice. 'Until it don't know you." He said he wanted to thank the survivors who "did their duty so bravely." Police Pvt.. Donald T. BIrdzell, still suffering irom a leg wound, hobbled up to the White House for the ceremony. Pvt. Joseph H. matic Rifle) and other stroking the whimpering head of a pup almost concealed in the leatherneck's parka. Then the convoy rolled south into the dusk, the vehicles faintly lighted by a thin sliver of' moon and the evening star. ' ed, also-managed to make, the' ceremony on his own steam. • Also decorated were Pvt. Joseph O. Davidson and Secret Service special agents Floyd M. Boring and Vincent P. Moroz'. Their wives ana tiieir children also were present for the ceremony) Secretary of the Treasury Snyder gave Mrs. Coffelt a gold medal, x gold lapel button and a. certificate honoring her husband.'for '"the demonstration of outstanding courage, a nd voluntary risk of personal safety in the face of danger." Similar gold medals, and lapel pins were awarded to Downs and BIrdzell. . • , • Sterling silver medals and lapel buttons were awarded to Davidson. Boring and Moroz. all of whom shot at the assassins. - ' . . . : The Blair House guards killed one man and wounded another In the attempt by two Puerto' RIcan Nationalists to storm the 'residence of the Presidential family. Norway produces 46.000.000 matches dully, about 75 per cent used for domestic consumption HOW TO COOK WILD DUCK It's complete!; different cooked with Burfundy Winel And here's how easy ii Is: Clean and dress duck. Stuff with slices of onion, apple and orange; a stalk, of celery, and if desired, a half clore of garlic. Ru* breait .with salad oil. Place' In' baking pan. Roast uncovered In.a very hot oven (454-500 degrees),' bast- injr often with California Burgundy wine (about '/, cup lo a duck). Ro'astinir time: rare, 15-20 minutes;, well-done, 45 minutes. Remove stiffinr before serving. Serves 1 or 2. ' Kalian "Swiss Colony Burgundy Asti Burgundy FOSTER'S ...fifth. . .86c fifth...$1.44 Broadway Liquor-Store LR Health Officer Quits To Join YA Hospital Staff LITTLE ROCK, D«c. 13. - rilllam P. Scarlett has resigned as UttJe Rock City Health Officer to Join the staff of the new Veterans Administration Hospital here. .His : .restgnatlon Is effective 'Dec. 31; ' ' • ' ; ' .... . ' Dr. Scarlett practiced medicine In Russellvllle and was In public health work In.Salt Lake City and Ogden. Utah, and'Corpus Chrlstl "ind Wichita Falls, Tex., and In the irmy Medical Corps before Inking he Little Rock post in September, 1943.. The authorized .strength of West Point's corps of cadets Is 2,496. 'Put Gun to My Head, Fired- Bullet Bounced Off/Says GI GENEVA, N.y;; Dec. 13. (/]>) _ The North Korean soldier had his loot on the QI's i«ck. He pul the muzzle of his rifle to the til's head n«<l pulled the trigger. But, wrote Pfc. Richard F. Webb, a mctnl plate in his head—placed 'here three years ago after he suffered a fractured skull In'» (rattle accident—•proved' his 'unexpected life insurance "policy." The bullet, Webb said, bounced off. Webb's parents here learned of their soil's close call from press reports last week. . ,' Today Ihcy learned details, recounted In a letter from'their 18- yenr-old son to his fiancee, Jean Stivers. H was during a night attack Nov. 27. Webb wrote, that he and four companions were cut off. • 'Vou Cl?' "All at once, a whole'group nf North Koreans came In on me. One of them pointed at me and said "Vou GI?" "Yes. me GI," I said. Tlicn he knocked me down and put his foot on my neck, "I'll never tripe about that metal Plate in my head again. Never let anyone tell you prayers aren't answered, cither. The first thing 1 llioiifilil ol when my head lilt the ground ami the North Korean put his foot on my neck was the Lord's Prayer. I prayed that prayer as I have never prayed before. "The North Korean put, the muzzle of his ride on my forehead. "He pulled the trigger and my head hli doinj on the ground, but I was not even knocked out. My left ear was ringing something nw- ful from the -explosion. They evidently stabbed rue with a bayonet oo because l,, s l night f found a llttlehole in my back but I was all right. "The bullet, must have entered at an angle and was deflected off th« metal plate that was nut In mv head-In 1917. The North Koreans left me there for dead and I played dead for two hours." Webb fled to safety In a Jeep after the North Koreans left. Hull Calls on Acheson WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. (AP> — Former Secretary of state Corddl Hull callcc. on Secretary Dean Ache.son today. . The 7Q-year-oid retired official told reixwlers his is-niinnte visit was simply to pay hLs respects to Achc.son. ton — o*ul a Mvw Ch/ust iruuiI I rp HAT'S wlial lliis beautifully decorated•^- Christinas window, typical of tin; j^iy Christinas windows of li<]uor stores from coast to coast, is really saying to you! Yes T thanks a million, friends, for your patronage through all tlic months of tile year- ami :i iMerry Christmas to you! Auci more than tliall It says llial here in this neat am! attractive, tliis smoollilv run store you'll find a wide aHCi tnii'iil of llie he»l brands. What's niore, you'll find • .courteous expert to help you choose the truly perfect gift for the person lo whom fine iiqiior is a welcome gift, a gracious expression of Yulvtiilc fellowship. And here's a suggestion—ili> your Clirislniiis gift-liiiying early, lie fore the lasl minute nieli. In.this way you can IK; sure to gel tiioaiienlioii, llic thoughtful acrvic^ which are ihia scrvitc-niimlcil neighbor'! fiivorllcuuy of sayiug:"i\lcrry Christmas!" Tltis mtsst'tSK ofiijiiiieciniion to tfic '• Ucenneil Liiimr Dealers of the United Slctel . i'.i .yioiijorci/ by 'flte.llotise af Seagram.' THE.-HOUSE OF SEAGRAM. .^^ SEAGRAM'S,/ CROWN. .1 IWIO 'wH IS KEY." J6.B PEOOF. 6J% MAIN NEUlRAt SP1RIF5. S E AGE AM-D 1ST It tCRS 'c ORI-O^ AT I O N , KEW yo 8K •"T-'*-- J ~-'---"*--------*'i%^ .. v ^^Kft9w^^^^^^^H^^^^^Bii^^^^^^^^^«»iHHI^^afflBHPIHBm^BWV • •* >& H^HV^rJ^^^^^^^^K^^B^^HB^ • • V ^^^HBBIIP^nWBVBHE.,^BB7^B S . 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