The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE; I?IGHT BLYT1IEVILLE (AKK.f COUIUBU NEWS Foods for Strfe'a mime - : ;JSgures Because debulanlcs lives arc strenuous, filled with social acliv- ity from morning till night, they must keep nt to retain their liyinvs, Impottant Thing Is To F o 1.1 o w Relrigei'alov Maker's Diveclious By MRS. G.WNOU MADDO.V >'KA Service Staff WHlcr Ice 'cream without effort Is a cooling IhougU' for these early suinpicr days. That's where the modern auloniatic refrlgeralors play: their part. Whether your refrigerator Is electric or gas operated, be sure lo follow directions of the manufacturer when you inaKc Ices and creams and mousses. T! 13 manufacturer knows best just what Ills product can (to. The best, general rules for i: Ingl frozen tlesserU In automatic refrigerators .lire lliese; follow directions given In recipes carefully chill (he mixture before freewill' measure carefully, do not have mixture too sweet—usually 1-4 cii|: sii°a> to 1 Clip liquid is the corrcc! amount,—do not open and close tlKrretrigerator door often, do no IryiJo freeze trays of water at the same time with desserts, do no wlij'p -cream loo stiff, mash and run-fruits through sieve to remove anj£ large pieces. The length of time required for freezing depends on- many factors and therefore no ileffliltc lime can be given iiKlivkl- ualjcclpes. The approximate freezing-time for a. tray:serviu; C persons is 2 1-2 hours lo 3 1-3 hours. . GrapcfruJI Frozen ruililiug Tuo egg yolks, 1 can sweetened cojiilciiECd milk. 1-3 cup lemon juice, 1-4 cup grapefruit juice, cup; grapefruit pulp. 2 egg whiles bcutcn slill. , condensed milk, lemo'fi 'juice, grapefruit juice and pulp cut in very sujiOl pieces. Fold in sillily beaten egg- whiles, place In freezing (raj and freeze 2 to 3 hours. .Chocolate Mini Ivc Urea in >" (1 to C servings) Jr«o sqiures unsweetened chocolate. 1-2 cup water, 1-4 cup mill:. 1--8 teaspoon sail, 1-3 cup sugar, l-lf teaspoon vanilla, lew drops essence of peppermint. 1 cup cream, \\hfpiied .Combine chocolate, and wnter in top" of double boiler mid heat until molted Add milk, salt and sugar. ,... When sugar is dissolved .remove j tur«. Return lo freezing tray atul from fire and cool. Add vanilla stir again ivlun mixture Ims frozen and peppermint. Fold slowly into I back to mush. Freezing time [nun uhip])"d cream. Pour into frcez- a to 3 hours. From experience they have lefirn- ed lliat nillk Is a' nourishing, nonfattening food mid u good "?afc!- guiird" to licnlth. Tliey know lluit butler Is 11 "B«ld mine" of vitamins and energy and for tills reason it is included in reducing diets. They arc aware Hint fruits and vegcla- hles, aloiiij \villi dairy |>roducts. arc good sources for minerals and vlla- inlns and thiil they cat plenty of tliesj "protectK'p foo:i.s" to maintain health inul psp for work and piny. . Cliicaao "debs" prefer Ihcsa simple 'foods, iiccurdin^ to a society editor's description of a recent parly. Spicy hot gingerbread will! plenty ol bullet', lart apple sauce and milk is a favorite combination for attcr-llieater; supiicrs and laic evening smicks. Tender and fluffy ^lnf,'crhrend Is delicious wilh Hie favorite llavor ol butter and lurl apple suure. Milk makes Hie combination Biib.slaiHlal i<l satisfying. ''."'' We arc deHiilited to pass on ,lo you Aunt Susan's recipe for gingerbread made''with .sour crean wlilcti is a delicacy worth trying when you serve ilils Debutante ing trny and [rccn; 'J to 3 hours, M lo (i servings) Twenty tnar.ilinuttlows, 1 ci:p vva- ter, cup j spoons sugar, 1-8 teaspoon salt, 2 | CBg whltfs. ix?ateii stltT. Place mnr.slmmllows anil water in lop of double bolter. When marsluniillo\vs have melted, ccol. 1 cup sugar. 1 cii]i innliisseii :t cups ilinir :! ti-iispanns sod.i 'J teaspoons cinnamon .' 1 1-2 toaspooiis 1 leas|j;K>n elove.s 1-2 teaspoon iirate<l 1 cui> sour cream. Deal [["separated es(!S until . l mix with sugar, add molasses. .ariib arid Combine Well in Stew THURSDAY, HAY G, 1937 ^ Wheccvcr you go, l:inil),.stc'W;'ii> favorite kimi. because of'..jUj <ie- Iclous flavor, [jamb'iimy'<bti:i;9!n- iln'eit wllh practically; any; ycgc'- ables, tliosc nviillablc lii'iniil-'win- cr and early .spring as well as hn fresh .green vegetables of the .varmer months. The yiiouldsr, breast,- shank, or neck of lamb nrc Uic.usual ciils ct',oi?n for .'itv-w. These 1 , are economical and, at Ihc same lime, Ih'cy ire chock full of flavor. Have'lhcsa joned, and cut Into pieces of the sli.e desired. 11 the slew is to'hi arranged on a platter fur .serving, tin; pieces sliould be Hoo one to two Indies in sl/.e. Tlics= may be dredged \vllh your- an;! browned, lit hot. liird, lh(jir covered with liot, wlW, and allowed lo cook slowly iiiilll 'done. ' • ~*Tlic vcg^Utblps^tilipuUI lie added to ;i".sicw'ji/sf' long'enougli"'beforc' serylng so liiey will be done, not Tlie Complete lAjnd Slore 3M \V. Main St., Hlylhcvillc, Arli. Specials F<i>r Friday and Saturday Why Pay More? Till' HKST For LH55S Kroy Sliced Pound Fresh Country Do/cii iMi'diuni Grade Pound Kuhy fllC li-()y.. llotlle Ingredients,' iillcrnale with sour ciciiin. Bake In bullcred f:(inuri' tin 15 tn 20 miniiics;lil nml- ' crate oven. If sour crehm.c'anuol be obtained, use l-2_cup!butler, 1 cup milk, 1-2 leaspoon spda and iis baking powder; other in- Kit'dlimts as listed. Combine us an ordinary cake. 'I'll? apple- sauce illustrated is D ol impeded apples, Sliced and cooked in a sugar-and-watcr syrup until clear. You may prefer to l.yK-Me 2-1.1). Uox New No. ) tted I'oiuul serve tlu! old-fusblmuid apple sauce. i'M;iiiliinnllo\v-HifC llcliglil j raps cooked rice 1-1 Ib. maiElmiallo\vs (cut (pmrtcrs) ! ciii> canned fruit (drained) 1-1 teaspoon salt 1 CUD whipping cream (whipped) liehcal rice In double boiler and \vhlle hot. add marslimallows and ajlow llicuvto mell. chill, then add a, i oilier. Ing'.-rllDiils. Serve in sherbet dishes. Garnish cash individual serving' witli one whole maraschino cherry. Vap.sUiin 'I'll!! Can sugar. I*our Into free/Jny tra.v atul frce/e to mnsii. Combine remaining 1 leaspoon .sugar, salt, and sillily beaten egg \viilt;s. Stir tlio partly frozen sticrbel into tills mix- WHILE SUPPLY LASTS-AT YOUR DEALERS Mustard or Turnip Hunch Lord Chestei'Hcld Sunlust arifi 1 .Size Dozen I'inniiiuun Sliced 2\v Can Offer Good Only While Supply Lasts , FULL. SIZE lOc PACKAGE OF 0 X Y D 0 L OXYltOL Imflictn tKlol mid u[>p!mJ ty'Gmit Ihasckapfn •Institute. Spring Valley 2 Cans Amazing New "No-Scrub" Soap Discovery That Soaks Clolhcs 4 lo 5 Shades Whiter Uealllv Nr>. 1 Tall Can Small . Large PUg. Small JJar Large liar Small Phg. Large I'lig WITH PURCHASE OF ONE lOc PACKAGE AT ANY DEALERS Red, Pitied No. 2 Can Farui Hraml ':.;' Quart CHOCOLATIi PUODINC or C.ELATIN. Pkg. Domino. Brown or XXXX '" " ..... ' Koscdiilc No. 2'/ z Can Pillsburv's Cake Hour Mi. iiox IMNKAIM'LK JUICH a No. 2 or :! No. I Cans UA»Y FOODS Irradiated :) Tall or ti Small . . 22 Label Kan. S.VTIIH Lihhy's 20-0/.. Can Pillshnry's I'arina Cream of Wheat, Sin. .. l3cCampl)ell Tomato Juice Oranges, DOT: ......... :!lcNo. 1 Can ........ Tic OfftrtdSolflyToAcquMntMcicWrnicnWIlli Procter & C.ntnbleV Ne»» i\nd Improwjd L.-mn- drr So^pThat Soaki OuL DlrL In IS Mlnulra —Celt While Clothe. 4 to S SS.Jt. Whiter — With Ulmojl Safety to Colors, H.ncli. D E A LE RS - H U R R Y- BEF O R E TjO SAVE I«OI4EY ON SOAP AND GET A WHITER WASH MONDAY SIMPLY DO THIS: Go lo your dealer loday. A&k him For a regular ten-cent package- of Oxydol. And receive an Ten-Cent Packaso FOR ONLY ONli CtNT more. Do this—and sec your while clothes come 4 Lo !i shadee whtlcr.—ullerly wilhovit Imrd £crub- bmg or boiling. And colored things wa&li 4 sparkling bright, like newt '• Madam! See jour dealer ami accept thi'j generous offer at once! You'll tc astonished, like thousands, at your fhsl trial ot OXYDOL. Just 15 minutes' soaking lo tlic lubful... no scrubbing, no boiling . .. and white clothes • wash so white it will ainaze you. You'|l ( Wo,nder how a.spap that vorks so/asl. cari be'io'so/c. Here's why! It is the result 'jot t uWy formula which makes mild, gentle ;;nap 2 lo 3 HIIKS ichilcr il ftifr! And-a ivitcnlcd piocrw Hint niakr:; \lfar jastct mling! Tluw you Ret tlic washing &ix;ed and the whitest cfotlu-.; . . . wilh Ihc utmost yifety. Even siiuir prints washed 100 consecutive'times in OXYDOL suds, showed no of fading. Hurry . . . While Bargain Lasts Try OXYlXiL now—at this amazing bnignin!, All you do is go lo your dealer and purchase 1 , one regular full-size package of OXVIXM. for lOc. And then receive another full-si™ p;ick- • agc for only Ic- more. But go today, before : dcalcrs stocks are exhausted. The Procter & Gamble Company,

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