The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1933
Page 4
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PAGfc BLYT11EV1LLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY^ OCTOBHH 3, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS 0. B. BA3COCK, Edllor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New YorK, Chicago, Detroit,-St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Hock. Published Every Afternoon Excci>t Sunday. liiilercd as second clai-s matter at the iwft office al Hlytlicvlllc, Arkansas, under ,;cl of CoiiBiess October 9, 1917. who liitijpcns lo be- piiyitiu him, :i passion for justice and a recognition of the fact that a lawyer win .soil hi* liands h.v liandling thc wrong kind of business— arc tilings we must liavo if the lionso I'lciiniiii; is really f" —lirnte Cation. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ..J" Served by the United Press. SUlToCaiPTlON KATES By currier in tnc City of lilylhevlllc, 15c ucr seek or S6.50 per ycnr in advance, ny mail within a radius of 50 miles. 53.00 per year, 51.50 for si:t months. 65c tor Ilircc months; ijy insil iii iXKlal zones Wo to sis, inclusive, 5650 per yea:, in zones seven :md eishl. $10.00 |;r-r vrr.r, jnyable in advance. One More Bhu) al the Criminal Wliuntver you take up 1'n: iiviildom nl' critnn anil it;- in'cvcnlimi. y<M! s'.ro pretty likely u> liml ynin-.-i'll' lalkinu about tlie lawyers bi-fure you «cl ti.rjug','.. Atlorney ueneral Ciimmiiiu.-/ an- noiiitceintnl that the l.)e|iarlmt!iil of Ju:;li"f i> prcpariiiK lo opt'ii lii'i^ on lawyers suspectwl «f uiiilerwoi'lil connection shoukl not be stirprisiiiK. 'riitil there are lawyers wlio work hand in glove with notorious crooks is perfectly obvious—as, likewise, is Ihe fact that the crooks can't be curbed effectively until soinelliiiiK is done 1 to I hi 1 , lawyers. ' "One of the must important elements of predatory crime," says Hie attorney seiieral, "is thc manner in .which some members of the bar co- I'Veviite with the underworld." F * £ Any man accus-eil ol' crime, no matter how black his reputation, is entitled In the best lejriil defense l:e can t;ct when he gets into conn. That much iroes without saying. But what the attorney general is talking about i.s the lawyer who ml- vJ¥U. ; . the gangster on how lo commit .and cover up crimes, wlui helps him slip out of 1110 law's grip when lie ;:ets caught, uses'trickery to guide him safely through trie courts and ii\ KCII- oral slews over the ethical borderline in looking after his inlerosls. There are lots of lawyers like Ilia I. Kveryone who has hail anything to do with Ihe criminal conrb 1 . knows it perfectly well. So far the various bar associations of the counlry seem to h;>ve been eilh::r unwiltiMc 01- unable to do anything very ell'cclive about pulling such lawyers onl of praclice. AK an emergency measure, acliun liy lite federal jrovernmciil would be a very good thing. Undr Sam has taken un a lot of unfamiliar jobs this year; if be-witnts to tackle the racketeers of thc legal profession, now. we can do nothing but wish him loU of luck. l!ut in the long run U:e jot) is up to the legal profession itself. A much liner sense of the, necessity of living up to the profession's clKical sli'.ntlanl-, a finer sense of ihe lawyer's responsibility to society as well as lo Ihe client Borrowing lo Pay That (loliKhli'iil air ui' nllev inii-wilily which lianas ov«r mtr-'.i cif I he war dc'ut (lisi'iissiims scr-nis lo lie iiivcslinj; Hit: luitsi pluiso of it—Oit n-icwod i-ll'orl lo t'ct si sctlleini'iit ol' I'u: I'.rili-l:- Americnn debt. Ono til 1 t'i'j siijrKcsliiiii.-i, I'or iii.slinice. is Ihat thy ill-lit lie settled Ijy imymiMil of a lump stini ciiual li- <i lentlr of Ihu Kiipili'.i Viilllt!—foi-i'-llliiiK lil«' $:!GO,000,000. Bui il is mlilnl that if tliis woi'L- doiiD, Britain would want l« borrow iitonrjy from I he American public to make Hie payinc.-it. A bond is- :;ui! would 1)0 iloalei! ill UK; UiiiU'il Stall--' (1 with the |iroi-c:N WiiKlninl's debl lo lh« L'lliled Slales would IJQ paid. One mijclil imiiiiro, iilayl'iil'y, if sm-li ;t Ijumi issue would (ji'l '>>' muiiT Hie new fwk-ral blue sky. law; er one Jiiitflit ask just what the sense is in Ihis business of borrowim; money fi'oni the; left-hand pocket lo repay a loan made from the rigiil-hand pockel. Killier way, it all looks sorl of ' / !••:*; Wf •'?*&'•• •••• f y : ; -TO v v:' -v? ' : . -i. • • •$' &. --j •-/ .^^ .-- f^ v ii ::! ! "/*|l ( ^tI - '• - 1 l i- -¥l > H \ ':\ -\\ |ii M"**?^ ! A /f- V ••' J-:i ; i^\ (/ 'Y\ '<•* \-n ^i •• : : m Nearer ihe Light That IheiT i.s in AiiK-rk-;i a eerliiiu iitnoiiiil of disilhisionint'iil sibotil tl'.e NKA program eiinnot lit: I'enied. The hasn't brtin.^hl Hie niilleinnni It hasn't restored prosperity ;is fa-i ;is sotiu; of i!s ilaretl U> hope. It hasn't relumed men In work at the rale wo would like to see them returning. Nevertheless, il is worth remembering Hint its accomplishments are very iri-iiiiini! Mild very much '.-.•••irlh while, ['resident (Jrcun of the A. I 1 ', of 1.. points out, for oxiiniple, lh:il there hit-' IJITII a 20 per cent ivil'.idior in uncin- ploynient since .Mareh. In Anj-'usl fully SIS,000 w;i};e eavuers relumu^ In woik; !hc iiulk-iilitin.s are that Septemljcr will show an even belter percentage of improvement. In other words, if we aren'l out of the woods yet we are a whole I»L nearer the educ than we were before. It's too bad Ihal nnemploymenl hasn'l been reduced by more Uii.n one-liftti; on the oilier hand, il is exceudinjily line thai even that much of a reduction has been made. Blood Cell Count of Men | Higher Than That of Women j BY DR. MORRIS FISHBKIN Ldilor, Journal of lh« American Medical Association, and of Hye«l», (he Health Miraiirtt The blood is the most vital sub- tlance In the human body. By Its circulation It brings nutrition to the cells la various parts of (he body and takes away wnale matter. New methods of measurement end standardization demand new rludies as lo what constitutes the noimal for blood In the human body In order that variations from the normal may be detected and controlled. For Ihls reason, Dr. M. M. Win- Irobc of Johns Hopkins University iTcendy rcinvestigaled the b!ood of 86 male medical students and 101 nurses and cpnlparcd their blood with (hat of 43 other persons taken at random from the com miinlly. His ' studies indicated that the man an average of 5.400.000 red ; cells anil women 4.850,000, and ! man 16 grains of hemoglobin a.s ; contrasted with 13.9 for women, i The old-ttme standard for moas- I urlng hemoglobin used to calculate BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the flies at the Bljtbeville Daily Courier ,,, . , , ., Mfdnesday. Ocl. .1, Wi. Mrs Johll Lo nti was ylven hemoglobin per 100 cubic cenli- ' number at lier Wends meters of blood constitute 100 per ' alld neighbors. T "e B"«ts spent cenl. ! a deliglitful evening. There does not appear from i these studies to be any geograph- 1 Blyilievillc and suburbs have leal variation in the normal blood. I raised $2.500 for the Herman Danor are there any significant var- ^ vls niemosial fund. In addition iations with age after a human Is ' Manila has ralstd $1,200. ol which j SaOO is lo go to the general fund many ' anci " le remainder wilt be once grown up. There are. of coutse, jnuje uic. vi i-vuioc, tii.iiij ---- — .......... - ...... -* ....„.other facts concevniiiB the blood I lo Purchase and prepare a sult- whlch arc measured and tleterniin- i able Place for Hie reinterment of ed in relationship to ihe occur - 1 <'"-' " n(I llu> erection of a rente of disease. Tlirae factors in-1 '"ennnient ever (lie burial place chide (he white blood cells, the I ° r thc stale's greatest hero of the blood platelets. Hie fluid matter of i Wor1<1 lvar - '-fachville has .i>lcdB- the blood and its content In sugar I W and will raise $500, and thc Osand various salts. blood of man contains from 4.900,- Included also is the ability of 5 ccola district will bring ia not ! less than $2.000. so that the conn- way over the- top ., POO red blood cells up lo 6,050,000,- the blood to attack germs of vari- ' <L. L<~° ',*? COO red cells up lo 5^50,000. The O u s tyjxs and to tlcstroy them "" n)lng co '° rs body of the woman is smaller and obviously demands less In the way of red ceils In the circulation than I docs that of the male. ... Similarly the red coloring raal- ', (er or hemoglobin In the blood j of man varies from 13.9 grams for i every 100 cubic blood to 18.7. whereas i women varies Irom 12 centimeters that to 10.6 grams per 100 cubic centimeters. This very accurate measurement of i hemoglobin or red coloring matter [ Is Important, since it ts the hc'mo- | globln, thai is responsible (or car"H's iiuctr siiK'o litcv'vc nil gone ;uv:iv. [ UCCH thinkin'j r > :fn s oxygen in the blood. ' ,. . . , ,. , ,, I PiYim thpsp pvqmlnfllTriTu; f (Item tike (Key were when they we IT little. 1 ages were calculated which give when they get into tlie circulation. Inniinierato reactions an? studied in relationship to blood to determine the pre.soncc of various specific diseases. So important is is today developing in medicine a group of specialists who arc coi Manager Agnuc of the J. L. C. and C. announces thc road will install a new train to take the place of the morning Irnin west out of I Chrislonher Columbus made bis " | discovery. The new train Is being ... ., , . '"" completed in the shops al Jones- cerncd only witli the blood in re- , ^ nm] wl| , ,, c S|)jc ' and lationslnp to health and disease. ; ; BALTIMORE (UP) — Unidentl- j One fnnniila for finding out how fled Bnltimorc thieves apparently | Jong one should live is: Add the have been having trouble with. lives of yonr parents and four their teeth. Using duplicate keys, grandparents, divide the total by they broke into offices In the s i x and for every five years Unit Medical Arts Building here and; exceeds GO. add a year: the "re- stole $158 worth of gold crowns •• suit is the approximate length ol and old gold bridge work. | your life. CHURCH EXCUSES By (ieo. W. Barliuin C/A55,Vi/? tSJIZc. KC. WD were ii'joul really to start • ;i;iii^ lo our r:iiirch tl:oin;h we ' i-tvi! KOI Li-rn Mr.ce vr moved ; 'vr- .srwval yciiis ai;u. Then* lias ; iro:i so ninny llilivjs come up thai ' il seemed lhal we simply could not set .slaneil. We were both \ n xnlar cliurcii i.uers until v.-e mar- vr (I mid for :! '.'.-liilc afterwards. I Mipnost.' thai Ihrrc is samelliiiii;, •]>:" happens :'i>.d often Just some lit'.lr- sini|ilo thin-; that will chanac I!'!- cuur>.<! ol uiv.-'s v.-liolc life, and j ii'.nally wliatoviT It is that hap- p.-'-s .'Uick.s ><i onc'.s - mind tuul| -.ln-ii :.r:iir'.Mm.r happens in re-" Mind yon. one i-iin't .ticlp but lie j:ileclcd. Nt:w in oui 1 ca^c. Geor^i 1 ; i.:!' lu iiiu- '..illi :n'j. while we • '»ci'f diM'iiisrii' a \',;\\\~- of wcodcn' tj.oc.s mid nn>< ho :=ays h'j aui'i • cci.t- to cvrn loo!-'. r>t shoes trade j a I;. In chniTli Ki'^nii'-; womlc'll ;.lio. s j hi.' lu- say.-; w!:eiv Him 1 is ;i | nowd vol. nv\ K-pctl Ui M-C most i rir.ylliiiii:. :i:u' as 1 liavc bund i il to I;!" 1 ii .'a'.tc ol tim-j ;=nd | n-calli tu aic'.n' '.villi hiiii ucl j"s slay ,iL iu'inr. in ni'ili^r nw.iy i IK in ciiiiiTii llii)i!;'.li we can KO ! in the show a-; liiey ;nv' m'.. lishr- | cii iij:' anil llu'v n.^iiiiliy have hcj'.vy I c.ii|Kl.s on I 1 .::: liuor :,u he can: nrirlir-r i;n- jxuiilc's fi'i-l 01 lic.ii" I ihi'in walk. llo IU:M.\ 111:111 iinn ivi:vjn\, 1,1 nll- . . fiidirr i-t ImiliMiij; ' i>Lint. n«ilj Irhii ^Irl he » ml new tcx- find n the ten In ril j»in^ :it JL Junior , Tlii: uitl N JOA^ iljrr nT nn InipoTer- Klinl Irunily ttlth nn nrlHtorrnlic li:u-l;i;riMind. Jono's nioiKer lone* fur her ilmightrrM lo hnve llie «u- i:i:il p.i^iilnn rlRhifulU ihflrn. .Inrtn has left r-oTlrire before £rriiilri:i1lnn in n^^ist rhc fnnill; In :i finniH-lal cntf r^curr. I'.IT. ker I**- vcitr-olil xI^tiT, hni a Ji>b ns (riiKl. I'nl lovr-i plrnAiire and prfllr clnlJif.i ttnil |>t;nit to rxfiipe lirfi nliiiiiH :i ixl tiionotiiiij tkrou^h l n.rrf^ %iin <if i!:itr « fttty ur l';it. JKtlUV return L him nn.l If I She lute cci.t- ..- ot w(io:i. 1 loi 1 him il is positive- i I;, .silly lu ex:'Ct to FCI- iinynno nu.ssi.t is almost tlic roinitry wheri- man wander freely ivillm-.ii det^ini; catn- F.vperlo .„„.. LM. »a.. ut . i._,.., ,,,i,..,... ^ U ,..,K - l cli , a , ls need if, hoiirs rest out »i crnmm nnrt repailcia. :i :;.":K that DCCOIIH-S pvcry 24 hours, and thai one so.;d | annoying nfter Iho Ilrst fe'\ years. — Cut. Clias. mc , R j j s sufficient. I A. Lindlwryh. tn Ml SCOT nr.crvh'W. * * * I'm only six tcet one. but five m? ;i to grott. —Dave llulion. Jrrrv kI«M her. ,l,KLn ic n^lrnlr^ ivlth Tnt. nbn H-M-IIU Mils Intvi Tf rcuec. "\'vt lirnl':i mniil tlnii> irrnl I mrnn t» linvi- m,iri< ol Ilirin." Tnl *;tj*. ICAIIHAltA C()UIITM:V, Ailionl !!.>!, IKI.I knoiin Iii .»ir Yiirk. ln- ilti-i lilin lu ilinniT nt ti£r bonic. .NOW CO ON WITH THE CHAPTER V n.\T vm living In a whirl of Raycty these days, golne some ivhcro with .lerry Forrester most c-vory niglit. lint for Joan tlie time iiasscil uneventfully. Tho carc-frco life at Jlolbrook Hall \v:;j fast Eiccoming a distant meni- ory. Kowadays slio spent lier time Irying to lessen the housekeeping burden for her mother, fixing dainty Iraya lo tempt Benny's !iat;ging a;tnelile. reading alouc lo him, laking him for spins on rii;M days. llcr.ay selected llio drives and lieu they drovo ]iost Iho bis, liousc where Jerry Forrest* or lived. "1'rclly soft for Pal's fellow," Benny had said, staring Joan Eald, smiling. tlldn't Jtotlicr. You 'I always thought you and Dick s.-iiuinc. Mother coi-ld remember | would marry aoina day," sjid her days in the OO's wlien Forrester's niolhcr. liny vlace and M'rs. I "Silly!" i "Xo, you ! merely hope wo will." She added money made such a difference ! a ft cr " a momenl, "Dick's a dear Mother. I>erhap3 it was he- j and life with him would always .ise life had been terribly hard tie comfortable and easy. But 1 don't know that I want an easy, comfortable life." Sho answered her mother's amazed look. "I mean, 'Mother, I . yonr hour!" What was Ihe mailer with Bill lm . s .jj!|j|p'" i\ country naMiinx through a i evolution is always liab'.e lo KhiiMly epicodcs (nvinij to ti:c administval:o:i of JIL-.IH.T b'jiu? .scuei! !H-:V iin:l j thereby iin mfurmtcd rjuul. —David Lloyd Gcorae. reaches site of Montreal. «o Ban- c:il in licr younger ilaugliter vas OUT OUR WAY BY Wiliiam? 'historian, born, \-\ AAM - V-V A'AI-\ - Goi-P \VOPE. ' ,.,„. l-orrcilcr was tlin only clerk. Bui BORRO-.VJG.D 'tM OFF VME.S , Ass' Ht-'S) GOT It) GvT 'EM BACVC UV< 1955- N-"B-A, appear "b Then llicro w,is Bill, saying Joto be a, .success. •for pa-trio ic poems written. v^= u lt- vi;illy '.vlicn tlie niijliEly lelephono AROONO TritM call hrought 1'at flying. "Xow lalk girl with him that he failed to see her. Joan did not tell I'al aljDnt lliis. 1'at was so gay and hayny. Joan hadn't Iho heart lo dim that radiance. Jerry Forrester really was more decent than she t>o- llsved. llo might be merely sophisticated and uot a philanderer, after "I've fSd \t!t than kal( a doc- en words to him at «uy lime," Joan thought honestly. 'ia «traid v,-o nisjudged thil yoiiuf in'an," Mr.=. Warlup SET FOR UFE beeraa very alee with ''•'"' Suddenly Bab kamd joroard, placing a liand under lier chin, lipping il »p. and he's evident!" in love with, her coat quickly and stood for a ling down at her. 1'at. He must be to spend all bis | moment, staring at her sisler. "Get yonr hat and coal," lia time -with her!" Joan thongut she had never seen Inaid. "ami let's drive around. ivero like- twin stars and ber in lier throat, clieeks wcra flushed. ... Sho came toward the bed, hold- |7' V E minutes later sha waj ing eul her ami. i sealed beside iiiiu in a lo-,v. "Joan, look at Ihi3 iierfcclly gray rnmlpter. and Hob Weston darliiiK wrist watch Jerry gave me. |v;as )iiloti:ig tiie car surely and wa would have selected for Pat. Out slio likes pretty, things and comforts and It would bo nice for hor to marry a rich man." Into rich men," Joan flared "Imagine giving .«aiil, hanpily. "I'd like lo see auy- hody make me!" She sat dfiwn on the bed, "Oh, Joan, I've liad a marvelous time. Met a lot if Jerry's trlenda. They svero ail nice to ma, but there ivaa a married woma:i, Claire Wil- liams—f simply hated her! Jerry said lie didn't earn fc.r her either, bnl he's known her a long tint. so lie had lo "Was mine the last she asked. "No." "The first?" "Tho second. I ran »»t on * parly with a girl 1 nicd lo know—" It was ridiculous to feel Ihat twinge of jealousy. He told her about Duke pro- u il 1,1 /.ell tuuiv. * ....,...., ... u ....-., - . ,j,,» want something more Ulan that. JE U ;; ! J"» trouble^ ^she ciuldj^ 1 want to go adventuring with my ,„ ..„ danco with her.lnoiinci'iS her naino si, lhal It There's a woman. Joaa. would jfoundeu like Uarrcn. and how You really don't about Jerry." ilie'd finally traccit her aildreiJ ycii care? | through Molly Davis, know a thine i Joan was happy agnin. He had Ibeoii out with the other girl be- 'Inion \nd when Dick' called that nlgut a- 'she accepted his', Invitation lo din- circled I nor 'almost eagerly. It wasu't-bad who was *s nice as Dick and as devoted. U would be sals to marry Dick. They saw Jean Harlow In her latest picture and then drove by Iho Green Grill tor jandwicliea. ft was almost ono o'clock when night the doorbell ratis. | "Jerry Is early." Vat said. "Tell him I'll be right down. Joan." Hut it was not Jerome Forrester who faced Joan la liio door- w'ay. The young man, hal in Iiaud, smiled. "Oh." said Joan, "it's yon!" "Well, yes," said tho youns man. "It's a little early (or ghosts to boli up, isn'l it? You're "Anything wrong?" "1 was thinking that Snow yonr name." "It's Uobcrl Wcs'.on. I don't DOCJ Ihat returned. Joan told Dick i going to Invite, ma in, I hope. You goodnight at the door and pro-, would if you knew what I've gone pared to turn tho key. .through finding you." 'Pat's not In. honey!" her! "But you did find use." Joan mother c»Ued softly from the head holding tlgnt lo the door, of the Blairs. "Go back Joan said, she conies." jtiyiug to hold on to sanity. It to bed. Mother," nas maduess, looking up into the "I'll be awake uulll-f.ico it a perfect stranger and Ikeling her heart nouitf. wildly, o o'clock Pal c.ui'.e. !ha slairs auC inlo llie i little the color rushing lo ber face. i "Plcasa come lu." She thoushl the r.-as actius like, a school Sho nodded. "Can you say Uob?^ "Yes." "Say il." "Hob." : "II wasn't so liard. ».u it?" "Xo." Bob had been driving slowly. Now he brought tlio c;ir to.tho side ot the road and slopped jt. ifoau, itr heart pounding, turned to Rieet his look—not the leasing expression she had expected but SliO Alia leaned forward. ,n,,lor h»r cliin. 4: a steady, thoughtful look. smiled a little, uncertainly. suddenly 5 *. Unb li.iml rush. She Huuj »S Ir.irl. llo came In and Blood look- 1 : » MI-. fl'n lie Continuedl

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