The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1940 BLYTHEVILJ.E (ARK,) COURIER"'NEWS Chicks Are Eager To "Bounce Back" And Trounce Invaders BY J. P. FRIEND Blytheville's pennant-bound Maroon and White gridiron machine, derailed last week by the Jopesbpro Golden Hurricane, hits the comeback tr^il tonight against the RusseH- viile Crimson Cyclones, in their eighth conference game of the season. Smarting under the 13-8 upset * r-r-~— r— -. ••.. ............^— bv their arch rivals from Craighead county after winning their first seven games, the Chicks hope to use the Cyclones as stepping stones towards their first Big 15 championship. BUD they are certain to have a first class, A-l fight on their hands. Coach Wallace Bailey's aggregation has not, forgouen the 27-7 . lasning administered last year in "their first encounter with a tribal eleven and are anxious to even the score on the initial appearance before Blytheville fans. Gain Momentum Off to a slow start due to the presence of several newcomers whc had to undergo their, baptism of fire, the Cyclones have moved along at -a rapid clip of.late. They have won six games while losing two bptn to loop members by failure to "convert- after touchdowns. North Little Rock nosed them out, 7>6 while Forrest City finished ahead by virtue of a pair of conversions aiter scores, 20-18. "These same Mustangs battled Jonesbpro to a 2U-20 dogfall after leading; most p the way." On the black, side of the ledger the "12-7 verdict over the Fore Smith Grizzlies, . one of the better teams in the 'state, looms quite significant. Cilntpn, Paris bardanWie,' School for the Deaf and Bentpn, the last a conference foe, also fell before them. Ground Battle Looms Since both teams boast strong running attacks with occasional passes, the game looms as a bitter battle on the ground led by ace ball carriers. The No. 1 leather lugger for the Russellites is z swivel hipped youngster of 15C pounds, one ^Jbe Simpson. To date no team has been entirely successful in stopping him. His score sheet shows'he has : crossed into \ pay dirt on every opponent, several after ,Iongr : 'sensational -'jaunts through ;brqken; His' chief scoring assistant, is'-''"Tom" 'Tmgpen, a' hard running back who did considerable gaming/in. the '1939 battle. They receive aviuable help from Vine? ' and J. Kiser, to say the least of a steady line which has yielded only two touchdowns.' The other three enemy touchdowns, all by.. Forrest City, came on exploded aerial bombs. "Twins" Hold Key "Captain Norman (Monk) Mosley and Mayfield (Sonny) Lloyd, 'ithe Chicks' "touchdown twins" who run one-two in the conference scorers : hold the burden of power for the locals, flanked by Herschell Ber snarse ana Elliott Saliba, the other two starters. Checked last week except for a beautiful 60-yard punt return by Mosley, they expect • tc get back into the serious business of scoring- points. The tribe' likely will take the •'39 battle, Coaches Joe Dildy and Ho NO. 62 81 83 80 70 72 82 69 75 77 cO 76 w Blytheville-Russellville Compare Chicks Smith Cobb or Cpppedge Cros,lo\v Stone Little or pobb Wi-ight Ross Besharse Mosley Snliba Lloyd Wt. 145 i70 21Q ns " 145 150 -198 146 150 155 135 165 Pos. L.E. L.T. L.G. G R,3. R.T, R.E, Q.B. L.H. R,H. F. B. No. 39 38 37 34 28 32 40 33.' 36 41 35 Cyclones Binckwood W. Jtteer Kinslpw Baker HicHey Freqman Freejnaii Simpson J. Kiser Vines Thigpen Wt. 175 '( ' \~ ns 180 J5p 160 165 165' 150 155 165 155 them the "brain trust" pf footbal) Mitchell Best 'have groomed the fexperts I7 ha * seen ?° "V"'* tOT , —.1 . , _ • ,'. " ran -m e "ol rnoi* o e\ virrl^T «* IT no H *i iwl Chicks for another session that hardly can be called a tea party. , . . -If the current Cyclone edition i- , X*!?,,!!??™* 1 , anything like the one before them they will come out pitching from the first whistle and cease firing . _ only at the final toot from the i" cent assurance, assign the Textu referee. Last year's tribal jugger-1 A ^ ^ suc ^ and such a spot. naut agreed it was one of the! • ? hat bu ^ s me «P Wlt ^ ^ lms ? roughest games on the calendar I J suppose, because I as a man who and this setto should prove no ex-1 ha f seen ! nosl ° f th , e tea , ms - can { . Yet they go right ahead and a Michigan they never saw si Minneiois know only by what they read in the papers a football I. Q. o' this and that, and. ception. get a word in edgewise while foot- They will start locking horns at !ba - 11 , fans ^ oter the , «tatistlcianf 8 o'clock with Haley Field as battle who k " ow onl ^ from l >« arsay " , So, here goes my national rank- scene. Oificials of the game will be: Gus Albright, duachita, referee; Lowell Manning, Arkansas College, umpire; Lee Rogers, Alabama, head linesman; Garland Beavers, Arkansas, field judge. ing, the national ranking that box Today V Sport Parade 9r HKNET MeLCKOBV / FORT WWORTH, Tex.. Nov. 15 looking at the teams. 1. The Texas Aggies. Power, spirit savvy. ' ;2. Notre Dame, power, spirit savvy. But not quite the schedule 3. Cornell. I saw the Big Rer/ last year and I know what it i- like. 4. Minnesota. Not as good as a lot pf folk believe.. 5. Tennessee. Saw them twice last year. Once in the Rose Bowl. 6. P. S. 1 of Rochelle, Ga. T went to school there', played quarterback, there, pure sentiment. 'To-hell 'with'it. Let's forget it (UP)-I was frolicking on the lawn, Nobody ^ w ^ is b L with mv favnrifp npt. Anr.infii-.hvr •••>•• with my. favorite . pet, Antipathy, j the other day when the thought' struck me that it was high time I quit being a sore thumb in the newspaper .business and issue a ranking of the nation's football teams. ; As you must have noticed, you sports page readers,, the best way to be conspicuous these days, the best way to stick out like a sore 20-Point Buck Is Bagged By Luciau Gaines Lucian Gaines stepped into up Professor bagged -point with ? ut ^ ein =!the Singer woods, near-- Cherr> i»'Mr\c' 1 T^ra rirvvio I • _ _ ':••-'.• *•••.,• : national • standings,:-or" how,.Dr.. Preezefoof j v rates the teams, the order -in which Philton J. Slipstream places the- various elevens, or why •' Corneliur M. Hightower thinks Slippery'Rock Teachers deserve a .554 rating and Long Island'- Dental 'must be content with .445. The boys have made a science of it, and the fact that there isn't any science in. the silly business .doesn't stop them from taking it as seriously as a normal man woiild B fractured leg or a .burglar in the wine cellar. They throw themselves into trances, speak personally tc decimal points, mix and mingle with higher mathematics, and -come busting out all covered with football ectoplasm • that - barely lastr from Saturday to Saturday. Before you label .this attack a? one based on -pure .jealousy, I'll say it for you. It is based on pure jealousy. -Here I go banging .about Valley, 'Ark., south of Trumann, [earns* Offering Bits Ranking Young .Heavyweights in Bouts Gaines was stationed at' an old railroad ; spur track during tiie hunt and spied the 300-odd buck. He opened up with his 12- gauge : shotgun and" the big -buck fell. .Game wardens in the district had. reported the presence of the big • deer in the woods before the reason' opened.' Games is one of a party of Bly- Boxing fans of this section will have an. opportunity to see in action .some of the nation's . moat promising young professional fighters when Memphis will stage a big fistic 'festival at the -Auditorium next Wednesday night under the joint promotion of famous Jack ictearns and the Bluff City matchmaker, Milo Solomito. : • Patrick Edward .Comiskey,, the highly publicized young irishman from Paterson, N. Jl., Max Mihnich; clever New York Jewish boy, and Spike Franks, slugging Irishman from Detroit, have already reported to begin their ,flnal training;, sesr sions. ... ; Comiskey, one of the leading contenders for the heavyweight crown and considered by many 'as the most logical man to sweep the heavyweight crown from.'.thii brow of Joe Louis, will meet Bitin.-' riich, a youngster with a sharp left hand and a jarring' right, in one of three 10-rounclers which will comprise. ,pne of the biggest pugil-.j tstic shows "ever prompted jn. $}£ Mid-Soiith.'','/' .'•;. '•^ : V;:'-.;y i v:£!. 1 Another , lO-rpurider and the 'rapist, .mportant from the standpoint; .of interest; to fans in this section pits Neville ".Tiger! 1 Beech; of Memphir and Picayune, Miss., against Bob 3ikes : , of'Pine • Bliiff, ;:Ark:,.-/or '^tlie; Southern ^'heavyweight "'. : champion^ ship:.. .;- : ,, • •', ; ':' : -.'';v-:';'" : ' : .^.';7> ' The :third of the •10-rpunders ^115- feature :' pranks, '-against 'slugging Japk 'Marshan, a-" veteran'- from Dallas, Tex., who 'incldentiltyris undefeated- in a Memphis .ring. This is. .Franks' first venture;.-into . the £puth, but -he has been campaigning; hi the Middlewest with ;varled' success against many of ti]e better known' veterans. ' .'.•'•' The entire cast, with the excep- TO GET BLOTS At Least One Of Nation's Unbeaten Teams To Fall Before Saturday Passes NE WYORK, Nov. }5. (Up)r-Oup of the nine remaining undefeated and untied football teams In the nation is bound to fall tomorrow when Boston College and Georgetown put their perfect records on the line ut Boston, ubl the loser of this hendliner probably will be the only casualty of the «olect circle Boston College has been tin 8-5 favorite to lick the Hoya,s for the past week; but since yesterday there hajs been a gradual shift In sentiment that bids folr to cut the odds lo 6-5 or even money by game time. A closer look at the records shows Boston College's only good win tc be that 27-7 triumph over Tulnne early in the season, and even tha' becomes less impressive in the light of Tulane'fi more recent defeats by Auburn, Fordham arid Alabama Centre, Temple, Iduiio, St. Manhattan, and Boston U., hardly can be classified as ; major tosts and there is a growing feeling that Baston College may 'have tougher going than 'Anticipated, Georgetown's: schedule is nothing to writ,e. home, about, but in maintaining an undefeated record of three yeni's,- the Hoyos have disposed of Roanoke, Temple, Waynes- tv Virginia, Tech, New York. U. theviile men hunting out of a campj -ti'on of.Sikes, will go through their near ine woods, ptners' in the party include Rupert Graf ton. Hosco Orafion. Marcus Gaines, Mpse Smith. The pamp, known as the. Gaines-Crafton camp, has been visited yearly by local hunters and it -was amicipaied that Lueian Gaineii success yesterday would result in a prompt increase in Uie camp's occupants. . field minus John Oliver (Bo) Cop- the country, from New York tc pedge, their gia.nt left tackle and California, climbing those weary one of the main defensive cogs , steps to priesjj .boxes, freezing my "Busting Bo" wrenched an arm while making a tackle during practice Tuesday and,-while-' the injury is considerably improved, he is" not. recovered enough for tough conflict. James (Cowboy) Cobb regular right guard, probably will take over tackle and his place will be filed by-Tommy (Scrappy) 'Little. Cobb played the position for all but five minutes against Pine Bluff. Other Blytheville siarters include Wallace Smith and LeRoy Boss at the ends: Charles '(Jui.ibo) Wright right tackle, Everettc (Pepper) Croslpw, 'left guard; Elmer Stpne : center. Mindful pf the rough, bruising training paces daily at the Catholic Club. Sikes is •'remaining m, Little Rock where 'he has 1-jis owr sparring , partners. With the arrival in . Memphis of the main event boxers, the promoters went, to work-on the preliminaries that will consist pf two lour rounders and a battle royal between five blind-folded negroes" .There is a strong probability that either Benny Leonaf^, Barney "Ros? or Mickey Walker will jeferee the title bout between Beech and Sikes Syracuse nnd Maryland- this season Ml points to 22. Temple is their 'only cpmmov opjjontni and Temple pushed over three tpuchdowns on Boston College, finally losing 33-2Q. Georgetown held .Tempi*; scoreless to wii 14-0. Boston College seems to huvc the superior aerial attack, but \ the game Is .played on a wet muddj field^as now .seems likely, Bostoii' vjnuckin' Charley ; P'uour Ice ma be in for a bad". Both hiw great lines./, and in tne mud, tha is .where, a garne,is -won or lost. All. -the remaining seven .undefeated nnd untied '"team's. 1 are. favored Inspect Telophoto MacMh| " COMPLETE r : LINE" 'jSiT-v OFFICEiui>Fti[E Call OFFICE SUPPJLY : '• -',;;' R.R. and : Officers at Camp Shelby,"HatUeslHire, Miss., got u chance to : eee how lourler News receives pictures by ifEA Telophoto when Frank Ghao- nnn of ihc NEA Atlimla bureau took one of the new portable .Tele- ohoto machines to the camp, set up on n wooden box and began ending pictures to points all over .the nntlon. Tho officers were par- Icularly Interested because the machine nmy oiler new 'or rapid transmission of army, mnptr and photographs. Shown ,left-U right/are: ' Lieut. Col/ Robert W. Chambsrlln, AcUng- Brigade Commander L6o W. Krcbcr and Lieut Col, Howard'Hiilnes. Chapman ii. . ;• at the machine. Free Souvenir and of St^nord ; seems 'to, feet and earjs^ eating the J932 vintage hpjbdogs" they ' serve you. , ii* press jbpxes 'and• drinking, the, 1929 vintage coffee they give, you as r chaser, in the hope of seeing enough football teams to get a pretty fair line on who is great, who is good, who is only ordinary. And who is no good at all. . . Since the season started I have ] watched, among others,'* Columbia, j Georgia, Notre" Dame, Minnesota, I Shawnee of Joiner defeated Ty__ '., ' . ^ »• _^_ » _ _ *«.' _— *••*• ' T/^^^TO n f r P^rT-r*TTro Cft_T*> nPV-m^r>^I^-«* ~ fl • • ' ' • 1 • UV4U f billUtUUbt « Escape Serious Injury, ipame'ei, iowa-7; Bag Two Sx^Point Bucks have ; the most Vtroubesome oppo.- 'Oregon State, a good pig" team thai hits lost only to Wash- mgton. The feeling' . tnat dtahiord surely would lose a game bei'prc 'the season 'ended, nnd that tne a ipppr- dipper ot .Clark Shnugh- hfissy was ;not; enough to Insure r pefieet. Tecprd, " dissipated quickly alter the Indians licked Wasnlng- ton last week. :" : ' • • '•.'". Notre pajne is stilt the mystery of", the 1940 season: Hailed as the greatest 1 tearn since . Rockne's 19SC club, the : Irish .showed only enough to beat one , ..of Army's weakest teams and aj fair" Navy outfit by a touchdown apiece; Most of th'c mystery, concerns thc\- winning touchdown •against Navy. After being pushed; all 'over the. field, the Irish sudctenly found themselves behind 7-6 and only three minutes to piay Wltrx" the utmost «jase a few passes ^er.e -tossed and Notre Dame hat? a 'touchdown before you could say jSteve~ Juzwik. The Fighting Irish face Iowa and should win handily out remember last year: Notre p • t j D |T MANILA, -Ai'k.,. Nov. 14.—A group Unqqers KUJI Up pf Manila men 'narrowly escaped Huge Score At Tyronza Thursday serious inju.ry when" thieir truck and Northwestern Michgan, U. ' ronza at Tyronza, 66-13, Thursday MANILA, f Manila jrious inju another ; t,ruck : collided near Mountain View, Ark!; Sunday night, but they escaped with minor bruises and continued on a deer hunt in six-point Notre Dame. In . addition, I game to keep its position of second . talked to scouts and coaches who P lacc '" tnc Northeast Arkansas ' have seen 15 or ; 20 of the other Six-Man Football .League. Winning teams. I am quite sure that none of/ the-rwell, let's call FIFNNY BUSINESS Texas A. ano^ M^ Geprgia>d ^rn^Jn ,» S^^J^^ News of their narrow escape was disclosed when they returned here yesterday. ,J. L. Hcrner, J. M. Van Zant and Dude Tlpton were thrown forcibly' on the highway" when the trucks cpllideci. 'C'lejmrne Tipton of Monette was driving, the truck ! n which -they were riding along with 6. W."TjptopV also .of Manila Paul Rowden" of'Mountain View, .vas the 'driver' of the other truck i •vhich, according to the Manila | men, sideswiped" their truck anu j mailer. , ; '.••' , ' ' i •TT 1 1^: ^ Points were made by the victors'' as follows: Loon'ey, 24; Eddins, 18; Brownlce, 9; Felts, 6; Driver, 6; Jones, 1; Brewer, 1; Hosey, I. There were'several high-lights of the game despite the r pnersidec' score. Looney ran 55 yards for ? touchdown on the second' play of the game and in the second half ran 45 yards for another payoff marker. ' .' , When the second team was playing, Felts ran 25 yards for a touchdown and then threw a 35-yard pass to 'Paul 'Driver "who ran 25 yards to cross Tyrpnza'.s goal line Brinn, of the Tyfon'za : 'squad took the ball on •%• kickrpff and ran 60 yards for v a touchdown shortly before the^ first ""half' ended Brace, of Tyrtoza, .sppred durin; the second ha]f >-hite the Shawnee second. team was doing honor: for the visitors. . - BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE JfONEY '.•"" Complete Stock BjLYTHlEyifcLE LIQUOR SHOP 107 S. /Snri . :; phone 167 Minnesota and Texa^ Aggies Just ha,ve too 'much for .Purdue and .iice, respectively, and Cornell, Ten- .lessee and LafayettD have push- jvers"in partmouth; Virginia and Western ' Maryland respectively DAHCf EVERY SATj NIGHT BLUE BOOM HOTEL NOBLE Mr. & Mr», : Jeswe Stltt '-^}^" ' '.. V'"'. : .•.':.-":.".:- ••.'• ; /;J.- T. Sudbury Hilh Gr»d»~Low Pric« Farmer'i Cjn & Exchange Co. .. '; :: '. Phone 325 ^ ? 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