The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
Page 2
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"AGE TWO A Cal^' lo Put Your Uwl Into _RI-yTHEVILLE. (ARK.) "COURIER .-NEWS Necessary fore State Can federal Aid ;, BV.KI/MEH W. L.OWEB United pross BlalT Corrcsiiondeiit ' JpfTERSON CITY, MO., Feb. 1. (UPWMUsowi legislators " torgol one important tiling when iiioy framed o!d age legislate. ./Tfat 0112 sftllenl fact was thai the constitution of Missouri limits ths graining ?f iwnsloiis to imlig?!!t persons over 70 years' of age, wlicro- as' reports from Washington Incli- roje tliat federal oM age assistance \vj)l be extended to' persons over C5, possibly even CO. ;'It Is reported ' further tliat Die s(atc ai)[) federal govsmmpnts will divide the cost of pensions. ;>>Vfmt, ttien, will bo the status of persons 111 Missouri who arc eligible for federal aid bill are prevrni- ^d from receiving state aicl by tlic state constitution? ; The state could neither grant such persons the 50 per cent necessary to obtain a federal pension nor grant them an outright' state pen- sfon until (liey are 70 years old. Two Alternatives ^Accordingly, It appears that old age pensions are stalemated for the present session 'at least, much to the ifllcf of hairasscd legislators who rear to imposo trie additional $1,500,000 to -$3,000,00!} taxes in-Well the old aje pension would require ii\ - Missouri i.Thcre appear to be two ways out ofitnc dltannu] "9 n <> way ttoulcl involve a delay $1 ^tv.0 years or n>orc. which misfit prqve fStnl t« (he 'party tn poi'cr In'M&ourl.' The other method v>ould require (ho fairly Immediate exponliture of at (east iv half |i)U- U^F: dollars In election and legislative expense "Under the first and cheapest plan, the question of n constitutional amendment (Wins the age limit at 60 01 05 jcars, depending on the act'on of Congress, might be 'votcrt upon at th,e regular olcctioii in No= vember, 1936. .The 59th General Assembly, meeting In 1937, could then enact the necessary state legislation to co- oporato with the national government. The more expensive and quiiAer nay \\ould be for Governor i'lu-k to call a special election us spoil as possible foj a vote on 11 constitutional amendment lowering ilio age limit A spcelal election would cost $300,00i>. '•'." '•' : The governor would then have to call a. special session of the general assembly to enact (!je cooixjliir atlng legislation an<l '|p pi-ovltie the •money for the state's fiharc of pension hosts Uemoorals "On Spot" The question becomes" Important at this time since tiia legislature now in session : cannot dctcriiilno how much money it is cxpsotert to raise until It, is known liow iniicji the old age pension will rsnulrc. . •The pension matter also has miic|| to do witli the future of Hie Democratic party in Missouri, since the people of the state voted overwhelmingly in W2 for the pensions and so tar the state govcrninonc, V • 1 -* * 1 in V 1 o , ; * v w V '% / <? Vlt . » £/** c >f . • • < ' \ <&&' n >*4*< , IIV MAltY K. DACllU NBA Service Staff"Writer. Unbeaten cgtf" while*,' one ill a Love apple cnkc is my nomlira- lime, bcullni; well mic,- cncli addition for your Valentine party clcs- tlori', Add llavorii)(j. Mix nnd sift . I,' „ s ",, " wol "- ie V(»l name? Hour, biikiiiK powricr nnd sail. Add And 11 will set your color scheme altcrntilqly wllli milk to first mix- Kcd (icarts ngulntit. while Icing O f the Viiirulinc parly Kike wt Ihc'colni- sclieme. -rt'd and wh|to. of coiirse. Your main course mJBlil Vc cii'amcd swcclbreads in licnrt- tlin[)cd tiniljalc ' sliells with iKiiW cut with n tiny licnrt cutter nficr boiling, Helical 'and serve bents i|) orange juice, for u. s:ila(i ch.0060 bieuphcil Qn|l(prnl|t nsj>aru- aiis, cook it until tender but iiBt broken, chill thoroughly niul serve in a lint' pi pimento with French dressing. Or' lot canned penra dinlneO from Jiilce slnnd in tjivn- adliiu syriij) over niglit to jmixu iltcin red. Then* stuff with Homier iort clieasc :ui<l nuts' and 'dorvc In n lettuce cup with inaybu- imjsp. ' -. " ' •• For dessert or with Iho cake, iirlok ice cream with, reel lioirls hi the' center ivll] carry out ifie |clo',vly, tenting until crcnmy. Add ami add lemon juice ami butler iimhraiMi rai , u i,n nu „„. ,,i ., COO ] before lining cake. • . Kcvcii Minute Frosting One egg white, 7-8 cup gitinii- iiilwl MUM, l j Inblospooas cold vw- ler, 1-2 tcnijiooh vanilla, 1-4 leii- spoon cream'of lartiir toKInx pow- Piil CBgVwhlte, siignr and water in top of double boiler. Pjace ovei bcllinij \vn(«r auci beat \vi't|i n 10- tiiry bealcr Tor seven inlnutcs 01 milil thick and fluify."" Remove from heal, and add vunljlii. con- tl|iuc to beat, until cool.' Add baking powder and beat until • thick eiioufh lo spread' on cake wllli oul running. turc. Pom- into three olltd :uid floured elglit Incli laypr cake pans and bake in a mcderale oven (3/5 degrees p.) for twenty-live minutes, Put layers tpgollu'r wllli love-applo nillng. Cover lop ami tides with sovcn-mitiute frosting and tlccorato ivllh caixiy henils. U)vc-A|!|ilv Klllhig Oiie cui> nnsi'iiioneil tomato Juice, grated rind 1 lemon. 2-a cuji eranulnlcd .sugar, a i-a iub|c- siwons conijtarctij 1 jablcspoon blitlcr, a 'lublcspuoiis lemon juico. Add. emted lemon rhul to to- malo Jujcc mid heat. Mix unil silt ccrnsturch and sugar and ndd to icmalo Juice, " ' 10 pitvcnt 11..,.,,.,.^. Is tlilck, and . . Serve tho' cnke whole, letting tncn giicst help hcrsdf. Coffee rind sailed niiis wind np the menu. iiHdjijiM, ciiciiinbcr rings, crimson jelly and cottage 'eesB aro copd for re'lishes. l.ovp Apnlc Caiic One-hair cup .-.liortcnlng, | cup powdered sugar, 3 egg whites, 2 l-'iips cnkc floiir, 3 teaspoons craiim ol ''tartar baking powner, 2-3 cur, 1 tc.Mxwn vaiujia, 1-3 t<;n- £011. ni ' shorleiiing. Add sugar °!U!':Fly' tlpiniimtcd by Deiiiocrats has done little jnoc than' hold ' ' ' Qh«st dfr \vjiil yb'n .Congress, •"Mf?E- K'nlhcr Huns Self . KEufiVILLE, Tex. '(UP)— A large puiit(icf \vhicn had uccn hanged wfis. fcum! by fence rjde'r's on ilu; ' ' ' .... Best treated without "dosing" ring constantly. 'Remove from flr; ilacl-ben.v-Vance section of cast- ?rn Edwanls Cquniy\ 'The"nnlnial wns" .tangled In' the fence wires ciiin strangled. Blue Sta- itch Germs - T" «! r|<l <)f Itcli iisli (c(lcr,fnot llcli, rliihnoriu ni ct./cm i, uivcrwJIh snutlilng Blue Slar Otiitiiicnl which conlni(is tLiltil nicdii|<ic|!inl melts, ^oiks in quiaij jmi 1 ills '(lie itch, Mimcj luck if Tirsl jai [ails. " A L'-{tg!iV' wo s»l| llit-bi; new Htclsoiij-lhc/rp SH slripppd-of .cyccss weight thai you hardly know you're wearing a hut. uiarlBj LI scon! jilnnc-and ruggcdcnough to bear up iipbly under (hp strew of kiicckabuul ivcar, §bown foe is tUe "Playboy." I(a uompunioin hat, iho "BanUin," lias a sliglilly wider band. They're 85. 7I>< STETSON MFAD CLOTHING co. By Buying Your Drug Needs at /*^7\ Phone 122 's guarantees to meet anyone's prices and usually lower Real Week-End Specials (Febt-wry 8, 9, 10 & llth) ' (Continued Through Poyvder/oniy 6Bc ; ^ 17c od ver Oil 111 |i Super D Cod Liver Oil Salts. ^c Listerjiie (Mouth Wash) 5c Me Putnam Dye or RiU for lotter Bottle ~J§ $10 ft Fountain Syringe "TS" C beFel). 8, 9, O 5TJF. Phone For Prompt Delivery Service from 1 fn 9 Each We Deliver 'Anything THURSDAY).' FEBRUARy i,. 1935: NKA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH SI'ENP YOUH 8CHJP H Customers Scales in Our 3tore-Gua r <<ntee<H6 Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday/Saturday and Monday NRA GKAI'E MIT K-vfra .Fajicy Winesiip. Box " Mustard or Tnnii|i. .Fresh from | Texas. Jiiincli , ; Fresh ... IfKV Vfcsh California. Jimiljo uuiRi Kach kuhergs Elicit I'ound Yellow .Spanish I'ounil CARROTS Fresh. Liirge Hunches Kach 5c I7C Red 'IVitjmpli. U. S. No. 1 ' Pound •Pure Cane, paper Bags 10 Pounds SWEET POTATOES"Sr "& "gl SUGAR COM ISlEREL Sunny Brook ''l-Lli. Jar SOAP C!!myy - ' { '' 1<! ^oap of Beautiful CANflVA 2?£ 13c "IT SU«E IS GOOD CQFFJSE" Uan COFFEE M " w "' ^y?t TOMATO JUICE S1 ' t °' yt "'g l5r 5^ Koni King. Sliced ^ 1)ouiul STtWMEAT _ TOKROAST FC K; C. Jicef I'ouiid Or S leaks 1'otind IQc 19c •HKD SNAPPER - CAT FISH -.BUFFALO _Ml i VEK SALMON - SCAN. MACKEREL Slroiik-0-Loim Pound UVER Beef.or I>o r | f 1'oti nil oc _ ' Fancy Spring •' *%*» Front 'Quarter, ibincj U>a 11, 20 C Miller's Small llox - - - 6' J /.c Large Box - - - - 9t SALAD MYONNAIS MUtTARD . Qt. Jar L.iilv Betty f| « 15_0z. Jai AJLC Marco Quart Jar lOc 12 Oz' Si/e MATCHES Each I'et Brand <t f\- ,'i Boxes ilUC v <>l'l la&hioncd Brown DJ Confctdoner Lb Ko\ TOCiEBRAN; CHOCOLATE BOTTER Post 1 Package 13c 'Premium l! '**<^_ '• Lb au £3C C]o>er)jloom rr»tes,s ^A^ ._.. round ' O^rC RIIY 1Jrea(I Ab Bntcrog I o,if SARDINES Maxwell House Coffee , VHA FKiibH ... "GOOD TO THi; LAST DROP"LD SPAGHETTT O'YSThRS f'tns lOc '. 31c Or Macaroni 4 f\-~ 3 Boxes 1UC Waldorf •• «J _ 3 Rolls XOC PEACHES •i,> Q c <ii\ .gan v Mils ufiife' 8-Qjs, Grci:ni FRUIT SALAD 1;3F pAcinsr COFFEE "" " k 34° Sm. Can - - - <!c I,ge. 'V/i Can.B^c Slokcly's Honey Portl re a Can JL J No. CATSUP ^'8...^' KRAUT LH'MONS L " gcsi " Dozen 1|2 IMP A I 1T1C/\L )3esl 21-Lb. Suck OLEC lilgin Nul JELLO A " '"'"T,., IF COMB HONEY ..,,.a5 c L1CBYS SPECIAIS No. -i inc Cim 1U CORNED '"''^ TOMATO &U, KRAUT JUICE N "c, 2 ,ll c KRAUT ,, 8 , " PEACHES c.,, CORN '"""'^"fe 12° ««"'• or Ml 1 QC Large Holtle id , Sweet or Sw . Mixed. Jar \ i

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