The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
Page 7
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HURSDAY, MAY 6, 193? BLYTIIEVlLLlfi (ARK.) COURIER' NEWS PAGE SEVEN Here's Crunch iant o!' Shortcake Fathers who Read 1 us fU;fri<rerator Desserls Will Forgive Dauyhtci If She Elopes A large wedding in n house Ls often anythin; merry. If you like crowds, tnen lilnn to celebrate the big dny un- iler the equipped and spacious care of a good hotel. In the end your bills will probably be no hither and everyone will be happier. Make your plans far in advance. Discuss them with the banquet department of (he hotel you have ilioscu. ' • "Here's whnt I'd suggest." says Oscar of the Waldorf, .an old hand at milking wedding parties outstandingly pleasant. "If . ca- napes and cocktails or shcriy are serve'd Ih'Sl, then the first course for the wedding breakfast should 'be' soup, if iio cocktails are sen eO, then begin with a fruit cup. Main Course Must lie Delicate "Afler the soup comes a fish or egg entree, then the main course.' It may be squab, guinea lien or breast of chicken with dainty vegetables such as asparagus tips or small Tine pens. Remember," this noted host warns, "that the main course at the wedding breakfast, served betwen noon and 1 !>. in,, must be something light find delicate; certainly never beef, purk ov lamb." He , says that salad Is optional and may be omitted. Dessert calls for imagination. Ice cream is used most frequently in shape of birds, bells, flowers, hearts' or cupids. "I always like to see an excellent sauce for the ice," Oscar .says. "During breakfast, different wines arc served with the different courses -and with the ice, coffee. After the ice," the ' bride cuts her cake. If-there is a musical -trio, they should play softly so as not to make conversation difficult." ' Prom his long experience -with - largo weddings, Oscar adds these '•valuable/hints: the brlde*' : ' and .bridegroom stand fii "the reception room with the patents of both. Often, however, the 'father of the' Jjroom is Considered just a "guest" and the father of the bride more as a "host," while the young . couple and the two mothers receive. Cards Pair Off Cucsls -' When the gentlemen guests check their coats, thev are presented with cords bearing' the name of the laily they are to escort to .breakfast.. When breakfast is announced, the orchestra . Plays the wedding march and the guests enter, the room, the bride last to enter. At one large table, the bride and groom are seated at Ihe head of it, the bedding party next to them, and the parents next and (hen the guests. Or there may be several tables. The bride and groom and party sit at one, the parents and. close friends at another, and (he guests at other lables. na cu|> chili sluice, a magic combination of crunchiness, britlleness. smoothness berries—a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Your Favorite Salad Dressing May Win $1 Prize Next Weel< The SI cash prize which the Courier News awards each week will be given next week for the best salad dressing recipe submitted by a reader. Send the rule for your favorite salad dressing to ihis newspaper and it will be considered for the award, This week the SI prize goes to Mrs. J. \V. Gay, 48 W. Main street, Wilson, for tlie Health Salad recipe given below: HEALTH SALAD 1 cup shredded cabbage 1 cup shredded raw carrots 1-2 cup shredded red and green bell peppers Grated rind of 1-2 orange Juice of 1 orange. Juice of 1 lemon 1 teaspoon salt 2-3 cup hot water • ' ' i : 1 package" gelatin • •-.Prepare gelatin and place In refrigerator to chill while shredding vegetables, llix ^vegetables,.fruit: juices, add seasoning, then ..add to. Pour into molds and chill. Serve on crisp lettuce. Tired of Living Alone? HeiT:V Somelhm" Sweet As Wedding Bells Ky MHS. GAYNOK i\!AI)!)OX NEA Service Sl:ift Writer KiHrtly advice to wom:n wha blil/ wed- gelatin mixture. I lore Are Favorite'.Recipes of F.ueenc Ormancly and Jose Iturbi. BY'MKS. GAYNOR TUADDOX NEA Service. Staff Writer Art is 'lovely but so is a veal chop with paprika sauce. The Philadelphia Orchestra is now on its second annual transcontinental tour taking fine-music'.throughput the land. One hundred men 'and I four women comprise the group of The bride and groom frequently notable musicians. So do Iamb n leave first after the breakfast. The i la Mauchega and mushrooms ler, then pour over these ingredients all the liquor in the casserole, incr removing the bay leaf, a few minutes, then back over Sim- li our lamb. Cook a few minutes more and serve from the 5' 0 " 55 . one casserole. live alone and don't like It— learn how .to make a strawberry tcrte. it tasle's ns svveH as ding bells in June. Strawberry lilily. Turle (6 servings) One and one-third cups sifted cake flour, 1 1-4 t™sp:on combination baking powder, 1-2 cun butter, 1-2 cup su»ar, 4 egg yolks: 1111! beaten,. 5. tablespoons, milk— ij»<f. whites", 1 cup sugar.' V quart' perfect May stra«'berri25, crushe:! and sweetened. Sift flour once, measure, add baking powrtar and sift together threa limes. Cream butler thoroughly, add sugar gradually, and cream together until light, and fluffy. Add' -135 Are S u g y e s t ions Wiiich Will Solve Menu Difficulties . . ' :, l!y MHS. GAVNOIt MADDOX , SKA Sirvlco Staff Wiilrr : E<iul|i join- salads, with a \vnrcl- bi 1 (jf becoming' 'dressings, and half ynur summer menu problems are settled. ituuiliin Dressing;. (1 pint) mayonnaise; 1-2 cAip i teaspoon Worccstcr- Ehiri'. 1 teaspoon prepared mustard, 1-8 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons minced plimnlo, i teaspoon choii- pickle, ] lejispoon chopp;;! gruan pepper. Mix all ingredients' In 'order listed." chill and serve with lettuce hearls and oilier garden Ingredients. Thousand Island IVrcsshif (1 quart) One green sweet pappei'. chop- pecl. I pimento, chopped, ft whiles of hard cooked eggs, chopped line, 1 pint umyonnais:?. 1 pint chili -auce. juice 2 lemons. 1 tablespoon tarnuon vinegar. Mix alt Ingredients In order IKetl. Ohlll and serve with green salads. That recipe comes from a little ccok book written by Henri, chef of Ire Ambassador 'Hotel In Los Angeles. It Is called "Rccettes Ex- qulses'' nud is a present to humry giicsis. \V; may not be guests but we are hungry, so let's look further inio its secrets. , I.os Angeles Salad (According to Chef Henri) "Dish out," says he, "on a plate. hearts of romaine, orange sections; grapefruit sections, slices of strawberry, avocado and green pipnar. Pour over a rich mayonnaise "cll- luled with cream and lemon Julse." His way of serving grapefruit is a ' " bcatino j thoroughly after adding each. Add Those are two of their favorite nollr - alternately with milk, a small dishes. But the Philadelphia Or- Amount at a time, beating after hitei-fsting, Ico. "Slice a grapefruit •n half and serve on a leaf of let- Iticc wilh dressing consisting of olive oil. paprika and sugar." Called " " -Southern California fruit salad, is worth GrapefruH Style, that try. If you like io USB your own sal- Ms as a means of putting ambitious neighbors In their place, tlvn Ibis novelty from tha Ambassador •cook-book is just whiifcVoTir 'soMal heart desires. California Avocado Sal:ul One n .serving) tomato, diced -celery, diced chcstra proves itself to have cadi addition until smcoth. Spread temperamental appetite. These j' nmtvvo 9-incli ; t;rea«ed laver pans, they refuse to eat en route—car- rote, tapioca, eels, cucumbers, pork clio|>5, liver, turnips and av- scado salad?, with cabbage as their pot hate. Beef steak, thick, very thick, makes their eyes dance and their souls fill with ! wondrous harmony. bride's parents are the last to leave and not until thev have teen the last guests off. All ex• Ileuses and arrangements for the wedding breakfast arc . the responsibility of the bride's mother. All of the above appreciated and certainly valuable information about formal weddings from Oscar of the Waldorf may explain why so many weary fathers are o.uick to forgive lers for eloping. their daugh- Bordelaisc and steak, French fried potatoes, npple pie" and perfect!" 1 ' evening, here is n quick trick fiddles try! 10 hnve "P your sleeve. Place ','• its special I datc on •"""»» round cracker. ,top > men are Wlth '- '"arshinaliow (cut through Hie rounded side). Place under broiler. several inches below flame. When the mnrshmallow' K a puffy golden brown A Quickly Prepared Snaclt If you're Hie kind of a homemaker who is often called upon with crushed -sweetened.strawbcr- lo entertain unexpected guest; ' drop in during the afternoon Beat e»g whites until foamy throughout. Add si'gar, 2 tabh- fpcons nt a time, beatini aft;r each addition until sugar is thoroughly blended. After all sugar is added, continue beatiiii; until mixture will stand 'in .peaks. Spread in equal amounts on ton of each layer. Bake layers in slow ovsn (325 degrees P.) for 25 minutes. then increase the -heat io moderate (350 degrees p.) and bake 30 minutes longer. When cool, spread apnies. mayonnaise, avocado. Stuff tomato with diced app and celery mixed with mayonnaise Scoop out Kilters from 'a nn? avo- :ado and paste the avocado around • he tomato so as to conceal all but the top. Lay on hearts o'f lettuce and 'garnish with whippej cream and maraschino cherry. Serve very cold with a lemon dressing. It may b= the climate or It may be the glamor of the place but such giddy salads really taste very CliiHcihi,. | t . t > nox Cuke 1'.-• ;!!!,.,; ',v!;l^,;!ny cream '2 lensuaons puwdereil sugar '- leasiiottu viinilln 1-4 t'.'ii.s]:n<m almond cxli'Dcl 24 choeoltiu- waters, Whip cream ami .add SUSHI- and flavoring. Arrange wafers one on lop of iiimtlifr wltli u' sprcnd of whipped cream between, ivew ti'iilly together and lay roll on Its tide mi u phut'r. Coal wllh whipped cream, ctilll 2 or 3 hours. Slice diagonally when serving. 10-8 pbr- llousJ. l'[ili':i|iple Mousse 1 package orange noluliti I suiiill can crushed pineapple, drained 1 cuu whipping crenm '•.• U'.upsou vnnlllii 1-8 l4-asp:xm salt , Su^iir wafers. Prepari! (jilatln according lo directions on package—udd crusbtxl r.liv.'iiiiple ami chill until slightly thickened. Whip .unlll light and llutly. fold In whipped crenm, add flavoring and suit. Pour mixture Into a mold, place In'Yiifrlgurulur nncl chill thoroughly. Line each shcrboi glass with 5 small sugur wafers. Lightly pile In pineapple! mousse and serve. (8 portions), ' l-'l^ N'ewlou Ii-c Cream , 1 iilul whipping cream 1 box fig ncwtons 1-1 teaspoon salt, 1 tt'!is|:.'un lemon juice t: ' tt'a.siioon vanilla, Uienk fig hewtons Into >,i cup ot cream, beat well with fork until fig nowlons tire well crushed. A<ld salt. Whip remainder ol. cream sill! nud fold Inlo fig uewton mixture and add flavoring.' Turn Into frem- Ing Imy of mechanical .refrigerator aiul freeze 3 to 4 hoiirs. t(i portions). ' Aprlcoi Fluff 12 butler cookies' !L- cup powdered sugar 'i cups cooked npricols, quartered ',<! cup whipping crenm Line each sherbet glass with 2 butter cookies. Combine sm>nr im:l apricots. Fold In whipped crsam and hnap a portion on lop of co;:k- Irs In each sherbet glass. Chill aiid serve. ,(6 poi'tlons). coffee. The orchestra day, eats by night In train, for several of til glorious cooks. They often go into the Pullman kitchen and out come Morning Muffins (Makes 10 Muffins 2 cu'ps general purpose Hour '.i teas]KX>n salt 2 teas|Kx>ns baking powder 2 tablespoons sugar I egg (slightly beaten) 1 cup milk 1-4 cup shortening (mellccll 5 dates (cut in half) 5 walnut meats (halved) 5 marshmallows (halved). Mis and sift together the flour, fall, baking powder, and sugar. Beat egg slightly and lo it add Ihe milk and melted shortening. Add liquid ingredient.? to dry ingredients and blend lightly with a fork. Half-nil each greased muffin tin with the batter. Then in the center of each, place 1-2 date (chopped). !i walnut msat (chopped) and I-/ marshmallow. cut through the rounded sids. Cover «'ilh remaining batter and bake in I'ol oven (400 degrees) for approxl- malely 20-25 minutes. The marshmallows will have melted, but only to give the dales and init.s a (asty , that makes them lender and ries. Cut In wedges for .servings. Gather ye rosebuds, whiuVy? rim and make -jelly while" strawberries are cheap in the market. Summer will fade but breakfast toast go;s things like these. Vcnl Chops with Paprika Sauce (Composed by Eugene Ormandy of the Philadelphia Orchestra.) 1 One veal chop per serving, 2 slices bacon to each chop, and for the sauce for 4 chops, 1 cup sour cream, 1 lablcspoon paprika, salt to taste. Fiy bacon in a tiny piece of butler, melted. Remove and keep warm. Fry chops in bacon fat to fiolden brown on both sides. Add a little water and simmer until as lender as a lullaby: Season with [salt and paprika. Add cream gradually, stirring until sauce thickens. To serve, arrange mound of perfectly steamed rice in center of dish. Lay slices of bacon over the rice and nrrnnge chops around it. Pour the paprika cream sauce over the chops. Then tune up the a pi ict it e. Jose Iturbi may be a famous Biiest conductor to his audiences, but to the musician chefs of the company he is the man who likes his Iamb a certain way. And this is how: • I.nmb a la Mancnega <4 servings) Two pounds neck or shoulder of lamb. 2 whole plmicntos. 1 clove garlic, butter, 1-2 cup white wine, forever. Strawberry Jrily (12 6-oiince" glasses) ' Four cups strawberry juice remove! bk-spoons iDinon juice Brims rresn oven. Press down gently i i bottle fruit pectin ' . with buttered knife to .spread, Use fully ripe strawberries Or matshmallow. Serve wann. .••' -' C r crush about- quarts in:! berries I uayleaf, parsley, salt and l>ep- pcr. Place lamb In earthenware casserole. Dot with butter, season moist. with salt and pepper and place in the baylcaf. p llt in fairly hot Ink may be removed from. fin-Joven and brown, turning occa- gers In a very simple fashion. Sim-1 slonally. Add wine and reduce fire ply moisten' the finger, nib the [and simmer meat until tender, liead of a kitchen match (not. a safety match) on it, and the spot will disappear. basting frequently. Slice the micntos, cut garlic Into fine, pieces and chop the parsley, Fry in but- pleasant in Hollywood. neighborhood of Brown Betty may join the ve°e- tnble family and be a success this way. Cook and - mash C carrols and put into oiled casserole dish with alternate layers of cooked 'ice; brown in moderate oven and serve hot with bread butter pickles. and thoroughly. . place fruit In jelly bag and squeeze out juice. Measure. Add lemon \juice. Measure sugar and frn. 1 . juices Inlo large saucepan. Mix. Bring lo boil over hottest fire and immediately acid Pectin, stirring constantly. Theii bring to a full rolling boil and lioil hard for 1-2 minute. Remove trom fire, skim, pour quickly Inlo glasses. ParafUn hot- jelly at once Chocolate Apricot Pic Chocolate wafers 1 package lemon gelatin 2 cups boiling water I cup nprlcot jam' i 1 cup whipping cream yB l)aivas : ,;cnnnpd apricots. Line a D-lhch pie plate with chocolate wafers, cutting enough ill halves to stand up .around Inside of plate. Dfeolvc gjlntln In bolj- ing water and set aside to cool. When It Is partially j°tllfened whip until light and fluffy. AM jam and fold in 3-4 cup ,ol the whipped cream, pour Into the chczolats wafer lined plate. ;Chill Ihoroushlv. Garnish with halves of apricots, drained, and place a dot of whipped cream in the center of each apricot. Chocolato Mini Sunilac 1-3 cup after dinner minis 3-4 cup whipping cream 1 pint vanilla Ice crcarn 14 chocolate wafers. Criuh mints and a:!ct lo whipped cream. Put a portion of ice cream on each of G chocolate wafers and cover each with a second chocolate wafer. Cover with a second layer of ice cream and heap mini whipped cream on top. Coarsely crumble remaining wafers ami sprlnkb over top. <s portions). Ice Uox D.lintics 24 large vanilla wafers 2-3 cup raspberry jam 3-4 cup whipping cream 1 teaspoon powdered sugar 1-j teaspoon vanilla. Spread vanilla wafers with jam and make stacks ot 4 each. Whip cream, add sugar and vanilla. Coat eacli stack of wafers with whipped cream, place on flat, dish and chill in refrigerator 2-3 hours. (C portions). Vanilla Wafer Tart VJ pound small vauila wafers 1-3 cup butler 1 cup confectioners' sugar i ei!i;s. .wpiuali'd t 1 tuii uprscul or punch ji'ilji I cup whipping cream. Finely uinii vanilla lyiife'rs. place i cnmbs In buttoin ol a hiiuttrrc'.! 3-lncli le pints. Crrnm together (}>•.• li!':::-r, tu«nr und euu yolks. KolJ in -stlll'ly l«'iit?n e« wliltos and S|irv!iil on cruiulis in pin plntc. Cov- rr wllh a layer of fruit pulp, w.ilp i|i't'am and .s|n-e:i(l im'top uf fruit. Sprinkle remaining crumbs on lop of larl. chill'in relrlxc/.tor for i« IHMII.S. Mai-aroun Aiirlrol IMnlil 1 ejg yolks, sllshlly beaten 3 Hull-spoons sugar' 1-1 teaspoon salt 2 3-1 cups milk 1 inckase lemon gelatin 1 packii!i<> macaroon wafers I cup sliced ciumcd apricots 'j cup whipping crt-ain. Ciunljlne eair yolks, sugar, suit i-iid milk In lop of doubie boiler Ccok until mixture coals t'lie spoon rlliTln;j constantly. Remove, adi lemon Belullii nn:l stir mill) dis- | yslved. clilll until slightly ihlck- becu rinsed In cold water, imkhv-; n one-Inch lavcr. place niacnroon wafers arounil sides of mold. Pill renter with n Inycr of sited apil- rols, nud pour on rest of gelatin custard, chill uulll ilrm. Unuuild. Onrnlsh with whipped creiim and crumble reuuiluing mnearoon wafers on lop. (8 jHirtlons). Divllllly Dfssnl ' 1 tablespoon plain gelatin l-^ cup cold .water I cup hot «-nlcr 'j cu]> suyar 1-4 teaspoon-salt !i cup orange juice 1 tahli-snooii lemon juice 1 cii]> chopp:d dates (i macaroon wafers !£ cup whipping'' crjnni. Soak gelalln In colil water und diisolve In hot water. Add susar, salt, fruit juices and let cncil. when it buuhis to thicken, add dates and finely crumbled macaroon wafers. P'old In whipped crenm. iMle in dessert glasses ami chill. Sprinkle lop wllh chopped wuliniU or pecans .Just, before ssrvlng. (C-a portions). I-'riiH Nut linll !a cup whipping cream 4 tablespoons apple butter or fruit pulp (r.prlcol or . harry)',( VI 1 package chopped iiut meatvor 1-4 cup chopped nut meals' 01 «hiTdd»d cocoanut, Whip crcum until stiff an:l fold in nppb butler, or Iruit pulp. Spread ,i generous amount.of tilts,mixture on each vanilla wafer and stack- one on top of another. Lay tho lengthwise on a • platter ,3ml coat with the remaining crcum mix- lure. Sprinkle with chopped niits or shredded cocbannt and 'chllQil least 3 hours, slice serving,'ic portions). " South Scu Itiill 14 gralmm crackers '• ',<•' cup chopped dates ^ 8 mar.shmaUou's, cut small « •i cup broken nut meals "• 1-3 cup' heavy cream *_ 1 teaspoon vanilla. " Crumble crackers fine and resarvc 3 tablespoons, ulend remahHor with other Ingredients: shape J, hi n roll. Coat with crumbs, rolhiu wax paper'. Chill 4 hours" S;nc In slices with whipp"d creamJ«J portions). »» i-'U; Ncwloii a li Mode £ 12 fig new tons '« I pint vanilla Ico cream. ^' Place fig ncu tons In n covered baking dish In n modemte oVcn (350 degrees P.) for 3 ot 4 mlnufcs Remove and place 2 on each Individual dessert plate. Covci 'with a layer of vanilla Ice cieam (C itar- tlons). *., ^ Fig Newlon 1'iirfall »>* 1 cup whipping cream *• !i teaspoon vanilla " ^, 12 II g new tons **' Heat cream until stiff, Cut^dg newtons in small pieces, fold tnlo cream and add flavoring; chill (ind serve In small glasses Ol-c noi- llons). ^ Yarn can be thoioughly shiuiik when In the skeins, and then will not shrink when (he article 'made from It Is washed place the vfool In n vegetable steamer and steam. Dry and your 5am will be soil, flinty, and unshrinkable. Read Courier News wtint Adfc, 'Sweeten it withDommd' Refined in US.A. Quljk icings Ffuits.cere<ils .and fillings iced drinks PILLSBURY'S BEST PLAYS A LEAD in the Motion Picture Cooking School. . . i ;. and "The Bride Wakes Up" to the fact that for extra-good baking you need extra-good (lour. And she learns that if you want pcrfcrt baking results, every time, it's wise to use Pillsbury's Best! This famous (lour is made from a blend of many choice wheats, scientifically "balanced" for all kinds of baking .. . and its quality is always the same. Follow the lead of countless experienced cooks — use Pillsbury's Best regularly! P I L L S B U R Y'S B E SI the "balanced" {four ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. •"Dependable, Low-Cost Elcdrie Service" UlLLIN'S ©IKOCERY SI'ECI/U.S FOU FIUDAY and SATURDAY E 'Q Fresh, Mealy C A ,O 1'ouiul ' «JV KfLLEOIfENS & FRYERS Shnnliless Lb. Fresh Calf Lh. m° Schoolgirl or Dill 3 for Snow While Compound Lb. I'illsbury's Pkg. 1000 Sheet Roll Each Calif. Nice, Juicy Dozen •1 Tie Regular f>0c Value I/;»'gc Heads Each NEW POTATOES No. 1 Lb. All Sweet Fresh English Lb. Heinz 2 Cans New Green Ib. % ../ • \

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