The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1947 Rent Decontrol Possible Now In Some Coses FIw types of establishments !jc- c*me fllgllble for rent decontrol when the new Housing ana Kent Act went Into effect on July 1, according to C. A. Cunningham ijl- rector for Blythevillc Defense Rent- kl Area. Those five are: (1) AH motor courts. (2) All tourist homes which serve transient guests exclusively. (3) New construction and conversions completed afler February I/ 19*7,\ exnept for certain units constructed under tlie Veterans E- jnergency Housing Program. (4) Units which were-not rented, between February 1, 1945, and January 31. 1947. (5)'All accommodations in hotels arid other establishments except (a) those occupied on June 30. 1941. by persons not provided with customary hotel services, such as linen, maid service, telephone, etc. (t» self contained dwelling units, including kitchen and-bath, in any establishment where the lolal number of such units rented on June 30. 1947, Jor other than a dally term, Mas 75 per cent or more of the total number of units hi the establishment, i Actually to secure decontrol ol such • accommodations, landlords should obtain the proper decontrol report or application forms (D-94 or D-95) from (heir area rent office. They must file those forms in duplicate with that office within 30 days after July 1. 1047, or within 30 days af.tcr the date of first renlliiB, whichever is later. After the correct decontrol form Is properly filed within the time limit the accommodations are <Ic- — controlled as of July 1, 1947, or its of [he dale of first rentiiiR "But My Boy Says—' F/ve Arraigned in Vote fraud in Missouri KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 15. U.P.i—Tiu? first five men Indicted by Hie special grand Jury nvc>.sl!g:itinK vote frauds In last AuKUiiL's congressional primary y.stcr<\iy were arraigned before jndse Aibcrl A. 'Ridge and Irtil MS set lor t'ept. 1. The defendants were Morris (Snir.; > Kiel". Dcmocralic precinct c:ipl:t':i; Harry Burke, Dmnocrnlic worker nml a deputy sheriff; Wil- iain n. Wilson, Republican }iidg<>; John Mclhnm. Democratic election wH;e, and Frank f... Holmes. IX'mo- rallo worker. , All were indicted from the Tenth ^•ceincl of the First Ward. Through counsel Ihe defendants waived reading of the indlclmcnl iiul cnlcicd pleas of not nui Their , altorneys risked nnd were granted 10 duys in which to file mi nnswcr. ' iM:ul(- Own i>cssert English tcir.iiiies made their own dessert in World War I. They concocted "trench pudding'' by boiling broken biscuits, condensed milk, j.ntv. and water until it was of 11 jelly-like consistency. Peler Berra, lefl, f;ilhcr of Yo#i r>f UK- Yankees, and Giovanni Garagiola. father of Joe of UH: Cimlinals. indulge ill a friendly arfcluiiH'nl during Ihcii' luncli hour. The proud parents arc cm- ployed al (lie same plant in St. Louis, where the catchers yrcw no together. there- after whichever is applicable. I 1 P Ki-f m v 1 fi If. DEPTH af a © by Hilda Lowrcnco; DislribulcJ by NEASERVICE JNC TUB STOHVl Hll<li Mirnt' Minrc. ban li WMril In miivlnis 1 1.1 Mlll.r >» drill rl- " fi.r- attniL-llvir . llill Ihu »l"' nrrlvra. Hkr XffS Bomplhlnc ill Ihc IoM»y 1hit< tvrrl- «<•» hrr. Shr.dn-lllvit 1" K-nvi- "••»! *«J-. Hut next dJiy Kl«« i* ftiri't-il «w jitU-nil the- -*vvvkl>- Klimln)- • flcruni.ii Irti. lliiir «l«U ci»t»iii"«^ • re dUrlbulnl (ur l> rlirly. Hrnred Mlft l.y iiuw, ulic "'"'">. r«tMrnn lo her rttyni. inn'ks m-r fire c»C4i VIII DUTH thought b^ck to the night bcfcjrc, to.,the afternoon that .was just over. She retraced every step. I don't think she knew me at first, she decided. Because ot riiy glasses. I was wearing glasses before. But she knew me this ntt- erhbon. Maybe I have'a special way of turning my head or using rny hands. . . . She looked at her hands arid saw they were clenched. Maybe I did that this aticvnoon. Maybe I did that the other time. She went back to the other time. She saw an office, richly furnished, saw two hatted ,men with hard eyes, saw another man, hatless, sitting in a leather chair behind an ornate desk. She saw the oilier girl, her: iace' twisted with lury. She heard the vpice again, low and quiet at first,' Ih'eii screanijng: "I'll kill-you. for-this. Some day we'll meet .and; ill .to you with mjr barAfian^i.^iViW ;.:., •- ( They'd told her not to worry, but she knew they were worried Ihems^ves. They'd given her some money and told her to leave town lor a little while. They'd said it would all blow over. But she'd heard them whispering among themselves. They were as worried' as she was. Five years ngo they'd sent her away, but now she was caught. She sat on the bed because her knees were shaking. April's alarm clock said 7:30. She noticed lor the first time that it had no crystal. April read with her fingers. . . . I'll lake a bath, she said,, and then I'll be ready. And April will be back by then, S'.ii; locked the suitcase and took it with her lo the bathroom, llrst making sure there was no one in tl:e hall. She studied the hull, wondering about emergency exits. Beyond her room, al the far end, were the packrooms, enormous cupboards holding tn'nks and old furniture. The lire doer was nt llic front end, then the bath, the telephone/ and her own room. I won't call h'ur up, she said.- They'll keep a record ol the number. She could see it she could sec il in a minute ant mnybe follow me. * o a AT 8 she was ready and Ihc -'^ suilcasc was on the fire escape She sal on Ihe bed again am' wailed for lime lo pass. » At 8:30 a bell ronR shrilly ove he:- head. Sho began lo Ircmblc He was calling at last. She'd tcl him to come i"or her there. Sh wouldn't risk, the dim halls an the stairs. She'd wait in her roo: until he was announced. She didn't know the voice . first. But it wasn't his. It v.'t level and toneless. "Miss Miller?" :' ,.•'..•. '• " "Yes," she said. "This is Mrs. Fislcr, the house keeper. I'd like to sec you in in i't>m, please." ' She answered calmly. "I' have a headache, Mrs. Fistcr. NS'on'l tomorrow do? 11 Mrs. Fislor was sorry. "I'm afraid it won't. I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important, Miss Miller. Room 202." She heard the receiver click. Room 202. Second lloor. She'd have fo go; She would walk, stopping on each landing to look up and down T ready for flight if she met a figure coming toward her on the dim stairs. She'd have to go. It would look suspicious if she didn't. She mustn't do anything thai looked odd or suspi- ous. She must pretend she didn't io\v. * * « I KS. nSTKIl'S door was opeji, :n\d »hc hcsilalcd on Ihe ircshokl. "Come in," Mrs. Kister said, •md close Ihc door. 1 asked you conic here because I'm having litllc trouble and I think you're ic one who can help" me." She pointed to ;i rocking chair, he room was Tilled will! voek- ig chairs, liiborcls, jardinieres, ml a big bed, relics o£ a home- wning past. "My sister has the oom next to Ibis one, and we sually leave the communicating oor'opcn. Thai one." She ponded o a door. It waa closed. "Yes, Mrs. Fisler," she s.iid. Mrs. Fisler went on slowly. April's iu Iherc. She's in bed, ick. biie's been caling loo many wccts." She wanted to scream. Was this he lliiii;: that couldn't wait until omori'ow? "I've put her lo bed, my sislcr can rleep with me, yon sec I wrought my own bed with me when 1 came." The level, toneless voice droned on. "April needs at- tcnlion, not much, but she needs lo be v.atchcd. I can't do it myself because I've gol to go out tonight. On private business. There's no- liody lo walch her while I'm Eonc, that's wiiy 1 called you. "She won't wake up for a while, perhaps not till I get back. Ecu'l go in Iherc unless she calls, and don'l give her anything but water." ' When the hall door finally closed- en Mrs. Fistcr Ruth crossed to the communicaliuK door, almosl convinced that she would find an empty room. She turned the knob. April was there, lying in the middle of another big bed, covered will; an eiderdown. Only the top ol her head showed, HI::; a doll's wig on the pillow. She left the door open and went back lo the rocking chair. She watched the clock. The hands slood r.l 0. i Nolhing can make me slny, she said over and over; nolhinf! that anyone can do. In two hours it will be 11. From 11 to 12 it won't be safe. But after 12— (To l!c Continued) For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm FruKruliirsti lulls It Iruil. A ctr.wii consi-iUi^ui H-ittJiil lia's '.in ;il;ui'<Uiicc ol Iw- bearing 'r.Mny "Iraiuls." as ii-u'i i nils A r ••' H v- e' 'bV to:am\ in groceries. When i-atlK-r inn' a tree, this ,y.uV<U,s <''"• I^nt h-JS borne fruit, <,lter ::earln g a ,in,,o Wncli of SJ S ""^M" 1 ^ " they are i lie i> aril is cut. DW from \ Club 61 niytlicvlllc, Arkansas Highway 61 North > Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned Dy W. A. (Red) Bickcrstnff nnd George Ford For Reservations Telephone 944 . "Isn't it just the most romantic tiling ever? They ftrot met in tlio bank where she v/orked and found out about him having so much money 1 ." HECKLES 4 HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER A New Menace .'M SOEOT, MRS- CARSOM BUT KIDS WILL 5E KID You KNOW/ , • CAME UPSTAIRS •|O SQUELCH THE SIGNAL, GOT TO FOOLING- VVJITH IT HIMSELF, 16 NCW WISHIM& WHEW / I'M GLAD THAT iw wor MR. CARSONJ MO MO2E , DRUMS FOR. ME! — VVKATS THAT MOISE ? WASH TUBBS GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. Stale Line ori the left at the Arch »i PI. Ft. 6th 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Throe Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 HillBc Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c;. .per Case $3.35 Etfiyl 19.9c B rands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER BILL WILSON Chamblin Sales Company S;i!es — Sliidcbakcr — Service Voii'vc liecn hearing ;\ lul almiit St:idl'b:iKcr Postwar cars . . . Tut have you noticed \vhal .Slmlebali cr trucks arc tilling? Buy V/ith Confidence From Chamblin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks 1017 Chevrolet !u ion pit'luii) IU10 Slurielnikcr V- ton pickup 1915 DiiilKi: </j toll pk'kup 1011 Chevrolet : }', toil 1910 Ford Sillier 4->lo<>r Scilan IDIL Sluilcbakcr Cliainpiou 4 door 1911 1'onliac 8— 4 Dnnr Scilan ID It Plymouth Deluxe 'I floor LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete Line ui' Sludebakcr Paris and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Sludebaker Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car- Bill Chamblin —RR & Ash St., Phone 2195— Lex Charabl'o SNf! THES'BE V)(*>SVINS HO T.!ME GETTINS INVO HIGH GEAE. WUH THtlE. PUSLICITV,, E^V. READ TVttS BIG NEWSPAPER W V Hf>>S QUMJVERGFACENTtlS.V DONE TO 1HE OEIGWM- KR\Mi3L.e B&BV? IS IV MOW i\ PILOT? (\TtPI5T? A SHORTSTOP ? A HOUSE ? 15 IT (X TOUN& TMESWMJ,Oe.A LOVEW MODEL i" P, '•J**' 'Ca n ' -Af^&\ >^ u> •,*J(rM4iaJ \ KKD JIYDKR LESUK TURNK* SS'EL!., I RECKOM IT TUE.ME!> OUT WU WDM'T NEED lt,..Wim HEel FIC1VJRE PU\STEREO AFTEE. VHW.' WE. KOONTZ PROI.MSEP HE PHOTOSKWH K WOS.VC FEO.Vi, L UEVSR. TYKE \'I!\S A I / HE PH010SEH?!! SMhtV- Bf\6S l f HE* W THE POSE WHEN SHE POSED N HE- ViWJTED FOR tOONTZi MR5. \ VIOEK FEOW Wftl ROMW...HOWO VOL! I LMEE »E TOUCH KEEP Hit STILL ? /UP PMMTIMGr S\ ms~3£ *•**• 'JFVoy? / IF so mil llcmini>ccn< os Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople f C.fOSS GXA\'f / TKMZL SACK T*?^ Y£Af?5 CASH-HEX-' 5 A ^ICS ^^f?l^> "-'-"»\r ,-T -^¥- f ^•J^> ByJ.R.Winiams Out Our Way TRY ONE \V1TH ARM RESTS- TAKE "1 H' \MEIOHT OF YOUR HAMD5 OFF OF TIRED SHOULDERS. VOL'R IIAIK.' N-XTURi; FCOVIDE PVERV7HIMG IF VOL I GOT AMY £. /vr \LL BOE2. OR FOSE FORIMG O\'EG A LESAL. 48- STOUT D BETTEE. ND A GROUP CITIZEN "TftMSS By V. T. 1IAMUN KNCV.N ALL I I'M "' CIVIL- \ CSU5 A6 ALUEV OD?.'_NO\V J-1 1 you BE? .-SU? ME ? I OOuH TM\T GJN ABOUND >CL' I'LL H-XVt ^J KNOW I' CAVEMAN M TH' O T.- •'- ; VOLJeOTTA PC UNDER.FOURTEEN O'MALLEY and HALPH LANE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MICHAEL ^r\wt,'5vioo JOt WOLSGW \\ov=v*.o\ Idler tvas from A.J. Mogul Himself. theTising power in mo steel industry. was on the.way to my olf ice when Libby laug, ^he public sleno- apher, called to me. THEME'SSEN-^/HMM. c-oit' tN- GER LEFT IT \ GRAv^c-.'THf MOC-UL WITH ME WHF.H '.STEEL CORPORATION.' HE FOUND YOUR ; MAYBE THEY'VE El HEADDHOT YOJ A5E TO BE TRUSTED. I WISH TO SEE YOU SOON AS POSSIBLE. PRCStHI IHE IIICIOJED CMJD1OMY [CREIARY. DON'T MENTIOH YOUR WELtOMEHOME, STWH6ER/JOOK-- rV6 COI ft VERY SNAZZY LETTER MERE FOR YOU/

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