The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1950
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAT 13, 10SO BLYTKEVILLE, (ARK.) COURITCR NEWS HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Magistrate Uses Courtroom To Help Humanity; Appeals to 'Patrons to Aid Suffering NEW YORK. (AP)—City Ma^Ls- Imtc J. Roland Sala looked aroimd his crowded courtroom. * It was packed with complainants and defendants in 75 or so petty different banks. Conors lie has brought In have contributed at le:ust 250 pints since the end of the war. Snhi also raised 90 pints of blood to send to cases involving minor detits In the .wounded Israelites fighting ' oT the big city's law. |jjj?rhen Magistrate Sala, who usual- ^fy hear.> apepaLs for justice, himself made an apjwal for help: "Just a few blocks from this courtroom a young high school boy, aii honor student, is dying. He us suffering from hemophilia, or uncontrolled bleeding, "Tins boy must have blood or he will die. Will anyone here Is willing to volunteer to net a.s a blood donor for htm please get In touch with me after court is over?" ' Calendar Checked He sat down and methodically went through his calendar, .settling fhe dull adventures In human avnr- ice, misery, and that come before a magistrate ea'jh day later, as he sat in his chambers, the phone rang. "Say, judge," said a voice. *'T was one of the fellows you fined this morning. But I want to helo th"t hi"h school boy you menl'oncd. I've pot n bunch of yu^s here wiil- m« to give him some blond." "Give me your address—2nd st^y right where you are," s ji id s?la. Th?n he c?]leri some nolicre *riehds. Pale.stini "It was all volunteered by Chris- linns, too," he grinned. Sala him-elf has never met any of the persons for whom he lias raised blood ,and they range from a 3-ycar-oIcl child to a 68 year old Ne<-ro grandmother. "It sin 1 1 necessary," he said- "Why do ] do it? Because it makes me feel better, I I can't «lve money to help people—so I give wliat I can.* Surgery Brings Sight ' To Negro Women of J 75 WASHINGTON, May 13. MV-A new world has opened for Mary Brooks at .the age of 115. Blind for mniy years because of "atsrp.cts on both eves, the DRCC! Nesro woman has l-nd her sisrht restored through surgery at Gallln- ger Hospital. She was bron eh t to the hospital by officials of the Litttlc Sisters of the Poor Home, for treatment of her lerc arteries. Tne sisters asked that the doctors see. too. if they A few minute^ later five police cars [ COI .M do anything for her eyes. rolled up to the address the man had given. There were 22 men and boys wa it ing. They were d r iven to the Brooklyn Red Cross. And there, led off by Magistrate Sala . himself, •each gave a pint of blood. ^ Boy's life Saved (jKyhey saved the dyins boy's life," said a Red Cross official. The incident wasn't at all unusual for Sala, who Is a very un- usal magistrate. Seven times he ha? made; such emergency appeals in his courtroom, and in six of the seven cases his action saved sonic- one near death. "Never have I failed to get volunteers," he said. "It Is enough, to restore anyone's faith In humanity. "Often women as well ns men offer their blood. Once a G3-yenr-old woman volunteered, but- I had to turn her down." On every occasion he has accompanied the volunteer group to the blood bank, and made a deposit, loo. The magistrate, a 43 year old former nctor, amateur boxer, Shakespearean authority and arb collector, Is one of the city's lesd- • ing blood donors. Over the years 'he has given 63 pint.-; himself—five times the amount of blood in a pvyi's body. *T' "It Doesn't Bother Me" "It doesn't bother me in the least," .said Sala, a powerfully built man who keeps In shape by working out with professional pugilists. Although donor.s aren't supposed to give blood more than once every seven weeks, he once gave a pint of blood every day for three days—at Yesterday she was given her first pair of glasses. To test her vision, a doctor held up a piece of fruit and asked her if she could identify it. "Yes," she said. "It's my orange. Put it down. 1 ' 1 Wife Leaves with Other Man; She Likes His Dog KEARNY, N.J., May 13. {>P) Rev. M. Canfield, 42, told police Thursday that his wife fed a neighboring real estate man's do£ for couple of years, and then went along when the man and the dog moved out of town. "My wife said she couldn't bear to be separated from (he dog," he aid, "so they went off—he, she, anc the dog." , He charged his wife. Prances. 40 with deserting him and their five- year-old child. PAGE THREH Acheson Encourages Mrs. Vogeler 1'I.AN' PANCAKE BUEAKFAST-Picturert above are St^cle, Mo., Klwanhiw preparing for pancakes' nnd sages at inelr benefit pancake breakfast lo be conducted May 31 at the First Methodist, Church there The official samplers pictured above are, OefL to right) Jim Einkley, b. o. Town.send Virgil ijixler Bcrnlc >P. KLHs Poole nnd Robert Gitchell, Proceeds from the breakfast will yo to the " club's underprivileged children's project. Life w lh* Tax Gremlins Goat in Bath Tub Beats Boa in Washing Machine DETROIT, May 13. (;p) — Okay,* Mrs. Lehmnn, it \vas fun to hear about the boa constrictor in your washing machine. Now how about a goat in the bath tub? It happened to Mrs. Virgic Mack in -suburban Wayne Thursday. (Earlier this week, Mrs. Alberta Lehman of Los Angeles found in her automatic washer a small boa constrictor belonging to her young son, a snake collector. The boa was released.) Mrs. Mack found the goat peacefully asleep In her bath tub. She couldn't figure it out. Neither couki police. The goat was transferred to the dog pound. en. It's from an "American Affairs" pamphlet, published Dy the National Industrial Conference Board of New York, an Independent, non-profit fact-finding institution supported by business, labor and other groups Then, after all, Uncle Sam's own Dockets are empty. He is stamUni; :<nce-ilecp In deficit, against the background of n mighty national debt, trying to explain the situation to the tax-payer. What has become of the money? It is easy enough lo draw a circle to represent the dollar as a pie, and then cut it into slices, sli'owing so much for national defense, so much for veterans, so much lor Interest on thi national debt, aid to foreign countries, social security, .sub-idles to agriculture, and nil;' but the truth is that the Federal Government itself is very dim about what happens lo the money. The Hoover Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch of Government said: •'There is no formal accounting plan for the government a.s a whole. As a consequence there Ls no place where the complete financial picture of our Rovcrnment can be seen. We have not had. to this day. a system of ni-counting that shows he povernmctit'.s true revenues and expenses for any year, t.hat provides for proeprty or cost accounting or for a positive control of assets, liabilities, and appropriations." ments 2.500.COO receiving old age assistance payments outside of the contributory system Tills summary, doe.s not Include tlie 1,500,000 members of the National Guard and organized military reserves who receive reguhii checks for training. Nor does il Include 2.500,000 beneficiaries of old age and survivor in-urance or 500,OCO in Die Railroad Retirement Sys- i tern. If yon add these, (here art. I some 17,000,000 people receiving reg- ! pubr checks from Ihe Federal Gov- I eminent, (I'inal of Scries VENETIAN GRIND—With victory in his grn.sp. a student garbed as a l!)ih cctuury cyclist quenches nis thirst as he approaches Ihe end of a "grueling" 2110-IooT cycle race across the square in Venice, Italy. Thousands of Venetians joined university students in celebrating Corrugated Metal Culverts Sf'cs up to SI In. Automatic Flood Gales ' Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes ttp to 36 In. * Concrete Septic Tanks' Metal Sepiic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices ' We Deliver A.H.WEBB Hijhyraj 61 at S(a(« Un« Phnnp 714 Private Train Halted LONDON—(/Pj—A Scottish nobleman's private railroad train — the only one of its kind tn Britain—has Miffed 700 miles on her last" trip. ;he victim of nationalization of 3rittsh railways. The 55-yenr-oItl train, mntle up of a lococotive inmed "Dunrcbin" and two luxuriously-appointed coaches, was owned by the Duke of Sutherland. The ducal train formerly ran on privately-owned line through Sutherland County in Scotland from Golspic to Hnlmsdsile. There was a private station near Dunrohin Cns- t-le, the Duke's estate. The rail line was built by tte third Duke of Sutherland In 1871. but he sold it to the Highland railway in IBM. However, he retained the private trai and rnn it on the Wshland company's line's between Dunrobin unc Inverness. Nationalization of the railroad about, three yeans ner) ended tna arrangement.. The Duke sold hi train last year to a firm of eoach- bliilders who plan to exhibit it fit New Romney. Kent. The "Dunrnbin' p-'llod into Ibr yards there rccenfl after the longest run of its career. And on the cost, of national de- 'ense it said: 'Our military budget •system, has broken down. Congress allocates billions with out accurate knowledge ns to why they are nec- ?jy»2ry or what they are going to be used for." Moreover, something happens to money before it is spent. That is Inflation, which causes price-s to rise and the cast of government to incrense at.'l makes more work for :.he Gremlins. The deficit in which Uncle Sam is fit and ing will presently be translated into more national debt, which will increase taxation a^in and mnike living with the ^Gremlins more desperate. The debt behind Uncle Sam represents pas.t inflation. Inflation, remember, is Itself taxation, only j that iastead of taking all of it out of your current Income it taxes part of it out of your savings. The dollar you saved 10 year.: ago now Ls worth 60 cents when you go to ] spend it. Therefore, the Gremlins \ work not only as you have seen ! them here, but in your safety deposit | box while you sleep. ! What keeps Uncle Sam's pockets j empty? i Answer: Seventeen million peo- . 'I liey. Pay-off. pie receiving checks from the public treasury. Representative Christian A Herter of Massachusetts counts it up as follows: In last year's federal budget there were nearly 101) different programs operating through the different departments and agencies of the government which were making payments in the form of salaries to employes, aids. gran';, subsidies, benefits, pensions, and other forms of assistance and contribution to approximately 13,000,000 people In the form of regular ijjrent federal payments. These totaled nearly S15,COO,OCO,OOQ for Ihe year. They can be broken down in round figures as follows: 2,000.000 on the executive payroll 7,500 on the legislative payroll 3,500 on Ihe judicial payroll 1,600,000 on the military payroll 3,000,000 on the military and veterans pensions and aid rolls 1 ' 140,000 on the civil pensions rolls (including those who make contributions to be matched by the Federal Government) 1,250,000 on the dependent children rolls 86.COO on the aid to the blind rolls 3,100,000 receiving farm aid pay- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Giiarivnleed licsl Prices Ksrhv Drua Sfrorer You'll Love Our Flowers! BLVTHEVIl.l.E FLOWER MART .Mcmrhis Iliwaj I'houc G002 LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency 1st A: Main Flcar City Drug mylheville. Ark. 300 New Cases Of F!w Reported LITTLE ROCK. May 13. W) — Three hundred new cases of infill cnza were reported in Arkansas I week, bringing the year's total LONDON. May 13. (/!')—U.S. Scc- clary of stale Dran Acheson took me out yesterday from the His 'luce co'ifi'imce to boost the hopes f Mrs. Robert A. Vogeler, socking release of her American hus- aud sentenced In.Hungary to serve 5 years in prison for spying. "My hopes liave risen n great cal," .said Uelsian-ljorn Mrs. Vogler, smllins happily ns she left an itcrview of more llian nil hour vltli the State Department head. "The Ameiittin government Is inR lo do nil It can. I can rely ) them." she added. She did not say wlnit lines her alks with Acheson hud taken. And he declined to say whether the secretary had agreed on any plan o effect tlie release of her husband, conviction and prison scn- cnce last February were confirmed 15,021. The Slate Health Department said last week's figure was a tle- from G28 new cases the week ueforc. Last year 3,430 eases hac iK'en reported tip to a corresponding dale. Three new cases of Infantile par- ilysls were reported—two of then from Scolt County and the thin from Si. Francis, The year's total o 2:1 Is ahead of ttie 14 rc|»rtcd ilinlnf Ihe coiTcspumlhiK period last year Meat was first transported li in ice refrigerator ear about 1802 Sunday and Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclron Motor Co. [JUNE HAVER ^GORDON { WARNER BROS'-'SILVER LINING' SWEETHEARTS' The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before you have an accident, call 33G1 for aulorno bile Insurance protection. For small premium, we in- chitle §10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency For Improved GASOLINE — TUACTOK I'URl. — KKUOSKN rO FUEL OIL — DIK9KL FUEL OIL & fJUICASB G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: IJfi W. Walnul Hulk IManl: iVnmiscd Land In o majority of cases invesli gated in several hospilals anc! clinics, subnormal Kidney function was improved. Bladder pain and • discomforl reduced afler the use oi Mountain Valley V/ater. If youi doctor has diagnosed your condition as funclional Kidney irnpairmenl this natural, untreated minero! woler may he very beneficial. Try it for o lew weeks. It is deficlous, pure-tasling, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MountainValley J Water ~ J JAMES VEST JOINS LANGSTON-McWATERS James Vest, needs no Introduction to many people around Blytheville. A local man, James Is now associated with Langston-McWaters Bulck Co as a car salesman. So tf you're looking for a new Buick or a sound used car, .v.-e Invite you to come in and see James. Adv ANHYDROUS AMMONIA Don't lake less than the hest! We can supply the fertiliser and apply it Ihe way the joh should he done, for prompt service call 6581 or A388. Lowest Applicating Available. Prices SCRAPE & WEIDMAN Agricultural Service' South [Hi; Illvtlic FOR SALE Slate Certified DIM. No. ];> Blue Tag Cottonseed 80 % Germinal ion OGDEN SOYBEANS 8!)% Germination EARL MAGERS Dell. Arkansas Phone 281) ot 21G1 sterdiiy In Hmiapcst by Hie nun- 'n Supreme Court of Justice, "1 nin more sure than ever that ic eovemnipiit w lll do the hest It .11 to lielp mo. i am sure tiiat It is done everything it could so r," "If it is necessary," she added, will fly io sec the American rc.sklcnt." Blind Loads Blind CHICAGO — m— Fourteen boys recently were sworn Into Troop 300 of tlie Hoy Scouts of America. Fred, nolotin, active In scout work for 25 years, ailminlsteroU tile oath. Tie didn't see the lads nnd they didn't see him, All arc blind. Dairying Is the principal agricultural activity of Iceland. MOTHER'S DAY Sunday, May 14 I'liiifjliiirii'-s Cnmlies Cimlay Cologne Airmail! Nylon Hosiery And Mirny Oilier Inexpensive (lifts BARNEY'S DRUG West Main iT'S HERE! H.P. Electric Motor- No Cranking L Full Ball Bearings Throughout 3 Starts Instantly—Like Turning Lights On Or Off >v T No Gasoline—No Fire Hazards v No Skinned or Burned Hands $ PRICED 6 Economical—Average; Yard Costs Z to 3c Per Cutting. 7 89 Price Includes 100 Fl. of Co/<J 95 Light Weight (Approximately 35 Lbs.) 0 Very Low Iniliol Cost " Minimum of Maintenance 1U Anyone Can Use It—\Vonien Particularly. Now on Display at Several Dealers in Blythevillc and vicinity. Ask for Free Demonstration ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Exclusive Distributors Arc You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house is worth a lot of money so don't let Termites cause expensive dam- nge. Get protection now... hut. . . BE SURE YOU GET THE BEST! II. C. Walls, a clinrlcr member and director of the Slate I'csl Control Association, can do your -job right. Here's why: 1. licensed longer than any operator in Mississippi County 2. Longest continuous satisfactory record of STATIi inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. 4. Conscientious workmanship. 5 Sane plan of upkeep. SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Kxpert Workmanship WALLS 924 East Main CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE H. C. Walls Phone 3792 S*u Call 6911 for BiytheviSle TIN SHOP 111 North First \Vf; offer complete Shoe! Mclal service gin, oil mill ift feed mill work, house pullers, duel work. Call Taylor Laylon, shop manager. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 \Vc I'ick Up and Deliver Fred CaHihan Kirst SI.. Rlythcvillc WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 North 2nd — Just Call 2192 LAWNMOWERS I'owcr and hand mowers shnrpcncrl ami rupaim!. .. picked up and delivered. BLACKSMITHiNG I'Nnv points receive prompt and expert sharpening. WfcLDING Acetylene and electric, in (he shop »r on the 1 joh. Satisfaction guaranteed. MACHINE WORK We have Hie experienced men and Ihe equipment (o do your joh right.

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