The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOiiCT 2, 19R3 BLYTHEVILI.E, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE: When Revolt Ousted Panama's President TIHCKPIIHIS Revolt I 'gu o( Panama's President. fsl Pockel" Ends Troubled • linii"! noin r-.itt Our-) lo if|Ki:i'.. a'tir lie ran hack to- •\vnrds In. (iikk in an fut rtfii'i in hull Ihc Ore.-.r Inn* This is tin 1 final silii'lr 'if Tits cf >ix on "Three Yi-.irs ol i,lulion in Latin America." UV KOBKKT TA1.I.KY N'KA Service U'rili T Not only have mu-:l i>' t.-i 1 nations ol Latin Arm ri::a swept by involution!, in ih'j Uirec- years, h»l several -.• smaller" ones also have c!i presidents a:niu the roar mu'i and rattle o! smifiie. Il remuined for i-'"' liny P-»'l>na- lic of Panama— which is by Uncle Sam's Canal staijf: one of thc most AL <! a.m. on Jan- a. 19X1. .MII- ania City \vas awakened b, 1 heavy firing. One nioti c! young revolutionaries was alcnninif the hsa'J- (Uiarlers of thc national police: -.1:1- | other was aUutV.iiis I"; pr:-.?:d?n- ^ tlai palace. i Police and guards rt'iiuiicd the • fire, hut their resistance was snort- lived. Before they however. 10 persons had bffJi S'il- ed and 24 wounded in strict fi'ihl- M«b Force': Resignation Invading tl'.e palace. tr-e mob forced President Plorc-ncio II. Aro- jumena to resign at the point of a machine pin. Arosemcna had been elected in 1928 for a four-year term. Prom the start. It? hat! been tin- popular with a grov-p of young intellectuals and professional men who accused him if being the hand picked chctJr of FKdolio Crriar., long-time Panaman political power and Arosemena's predecessor in office. Arrd AroEemcna's troubles liad multiplied when the government go', into a bad financial plight ami he tried to remedy matters but cutting salaries and imposing ncW taxes. Explained a revolutionary spokesman: : ,'..i. "We -arc sick and tired of this '•'•'^administration which has squan- '•'.' de'red public funds and enriched its '" nieinbeis. Wt; are not Bolsheviks. but patriots." Ihe revolution cndcti us sudden- ly as it, began. Dr.'Ricardo Alfaro. Panama's minister to Wash, ington. was recalled and made provisional president. Liter Dr. Har- tnodio Arias, who now holds the office, was duly elected lo succeed I'. 'him. >.-...Ecuador's President Ousted '•-'• •.'/.'•In Ecuador, President Isidro! expected 'i-'i'Ayora, v.'ho had been liost to Pres- '-..'.'ideiU-clect Hoover on ihc latter'? 11 wn six y I'.'ho wit-, :•( the iiiick. n any at'.i-mpt to Mop him ixrausi 1 by the Hnhls of the l)i:-cov<>!im, r the •jiuli us lu 1 MarU'd u:ii;nl Irnci: on tile siiid hi 1 .svvn \Td in- in Jin un'iurci'.v-liil U. S planes over Panama . . . the liny ie,',nblic \vr.en- unrest, i* ol deepest concern to this cauntr because of ihc Panama Canal. Wilson Sociely — Personal ilay from n week's visit wllh relatives al Nashville, Tcnn. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. c, Perkins Jr., Elolse nnd Mury right. Bobe Oiitzen and Ted Cottier nlterxlr-rt lite boarijiarifp nl CartUhersvll!<! .FtMay jileht. : J. c. cuiliim incl Mr. aivl M">. tlD,?" C. Brandon jr., left today for c JRO. Mrs. nrnndon will return while Mr. Bran- c °"' ua , wll!i:l1 by III,- death of n. E. Aniong those from oulslde county who attended Uic funeral of n. E. Wilson Friday woe: • , , - , 'Former Governor Harvey I'm noil, l c ' nn . ""d Mr. Culliun will conllnur T. J. Halney, Allon Kalney, IJHU-1. ,, r . ' |J Dork; K I-:. Ittichanan. H. J. 1'r.i/kr, i' '" , A. C.v Oliver. R. A. Taylor, I. (1. l/ ", ( ', W:h( !"' , , Williams, Mr. nl ,d Mrs. Frank Oil-' ,. M| ;. a "' 1 Ml ; s ' Charter,.Mine spent ill-tie. Mr. niul Mr:. John Miilioy.' 'first major ticoldenl ; Mr . nll( | Mfs O . 1D1 , K noelw. Mr. i of dm-ms! for Wllion.i „„,( X)rSi W rlp,hl Smith. Mr. an:l .vhrvl of Ihe Gr«ir! Mls M j. inkwell. Mr . and Mrs. lie could not see Tom W nddley. Mr. and Mrs. Hnr- • vey r rhoiii|>son. Mr. and Mis. Joint' Tansil. Or. atul Mrs. K. F. Slm;>- win. Mi.s. W. il. Wilson, Mrs. II. T. Hungry. M.-mpllls; K. II. ' llt-yniild-.i. COnwav; J. K. McMII- DentonNewa Mr. nnd MFC. Hubert Smoihers | were the guests Sunday ot Mr. j nnd Mrs, C. D .Abbott of Armorel, Ark. Edith . Harrison, Catrlft j McClanahan and Olodcan filayton few days with rel- \\itii a]>p;oxi!!iftt'ly 500 :.:!'! school paircns aiictiding. ? l)ro°nini rpcneil with •^- ol the nc^ro natio:i:il an- :hein foltoired l.\v I he invornlloa liv tlu- Krv. E. C. Foreman. A :! wns 111 1 . 1 next .song alu-r which a B»''' r <"'o rcniicic-tl til? s:iii: "Absent". In ip.'inory "f t-.r: i:ile J. A W Shivers, school for :naj y years. M. J. Shivers, member of the- faculty, h,traduced Cruw- tcvd C.i'cene. .sriieiinleiidi-n: o! Blvilievillc schoa's. wno In turn Mi-lcornud A. A. Arnold, new prin- of tlie .sclir.oi. In lii.s r<-- H:ontc the new _i:ri!ici|i:U outline.'! pc'.iclcs of the sf!:col for lei in. tinvk to n hall, afl :!n- fhniiiiirrd trucfe.i I IK.iill 'Of the bli'ilV' •r. ll!! 1 v.lfe and miilh^r L'U. IMi'ns. (ill-tin, . WIT!' at Ownila vice.-, ivil! b: 1 In!:! tr. afl-rnoan fur W. 11 v;ill be mad'' u! Puxico /Vci/;.s „„ Ian. Chaffer. Mo.; Hi'V. J. I,. I'rultt. "' I !.,„:, Hev. niul Mrs. Sam II. Wlr.iiins. Mr. niul Mr.s. Ov.Ji' Knivht. H. M. CoJlvy. J. C. Winr. D.-nv.'i- Dudley. K. L Wllilsltt. i). Wlniii'feiT. V. C. Kny.s. Joii'-story; Mr and Mr.s. W. C. W«':l, Coili.'l- vi:ii-. 'I'l-nn.; Mr. and Mr.s. Coljy WiOrli. C.i' MLss.; :<nd Mr. and M:s. Mil'.on SI'.elliy. TivM. Miss Edna Wrluhi of Cape Glr- itrdeuu s|)ent the week end with hr-r parenu-i, Mr. and Mrs. W. E, Wrlulii. Jc-.'sc McClanahan of Bertrnnd, ulay in Memphis. ' • '.peril Sunday wllh his hrolher, W. i'. I)e I/MC!) and CharlrsfF'red McClanahan. - •-'..-. Oakle nf Jom-sboro attended- the' M!«s Herntcc Peel senl Saturday' funeral or J. N. (.'ufortli lien' Man- j night wllh Mrs. Lloyd Swindle. <lri V' I -Mr. and Mrs. Gene Clarrett made Miss Dorothy fiitii-on, nil) Mud-;,. | n i--| n eEs trip lu Coltonwood .'»!i and Hav Mann of Joncslioro j s un day. .' ; A. ur'.t! M. college sjitnl Ihe \\t-f-k- ! . . * Mis. 'i'lioiiins McCiarrlly aii'.l i .'.iiiull dn>;ighl'!r Mary of Osceo'a wi-ic' tin- Kii'.-sts of Mr.-;. K. K. Col:'- ' ' man Kiiliirday. ] Kil riufon.i cf I'illsbiirnli. Pa.,i 1 arrlycil hi:'.' .Saturday, called by i . ihi- Jlliifss nnd deaili of Ills father. i J. N. Ooforlli. i Mrs. Will C:!Ku cf Memphis at-1 Tablets Relieve and\ Control Periodic Pain. .J. N. Clofurtli. Monday. 1 Mr.s. Annie C'nism of MfinpliLs is.i'-nlly . tile niiest of her sister, Mrs. I'.'iry ' ' Viniv-nt. this v.'ci-k. i Mrs. Ilardin llo.stick Ins acci-pl-' id a position as stenog.-.ii) :er n: j A nice was run In Anstralln re-', e™ :in ostrlcli anil n • proT« H. •-.,,. todij (or welcome cue aod coo-' fort. T»k« clitm reguUrlr for ptrm*. txat rtlief. No oucoiicj; No AMnttt. No ucplnuot effecu. Sold bj all drugglsu-'Smill box 50^. Larger liM, if >ca pr«fer. 666 , :i danr!n<; parly Sat-; —- Mr. ar.:l Mr.s. R. K. llomnr tamed u relay Tlielrna Crear .ind !x".)ra I'ritfl'.- j nrd spent last wiiik in Dlyilii-vilii-' as gue.sts of Mrs. Olen Allison. I I-tna })3rni-s S'lent Saturday nixht; v.'ilh Zi-ttif sterlinp. j A/olle McGe". \v :n Im-s liren con-1 fined :o !K-I- ronm wllh mcas!-::. is i now al)!e ;n be HI). j Mr. and Mrs. Euli Rice made n 1 thc n;w business Irip l^ Ttnnr-sssr Sumlav. i : Mr. a:id Mrs. Tsm Aldridi;? en-j Ihe WilM)n llc-ur mill, .slice.'fdlr,'.; MUs Eva Montague or Osreala. Mcsdames N. !i. Mllis and H. M. [ htivis visltetE in McmphLs Monday. i Mrs. s. c. Ui'iindon jr., nnd Mrs. Hardin Hoslick returned home Sun- I it(iii(l. Ta'ilels. Snlve, Now Drop)| Clu-rks Malaria in 3 duvs, ('olils i lirsl ihiy, Hratl.iclies or Neuraltla I in .'10 mlnuti*. ; Kiiic l,:ixiUi\e nnd Tonic j Musi Speedy Remedies Known Sc - lOc • 15c BORUM'S firemen and- civilian guards guarding the presidential palace In Panama City after the coup ;!'etat which swept President Florencio H. Arosemcna out of power. Went, Arttiro Araujo wns overthrown in December, 1931. Within the past L:rse years! there also have been rebellions in i Mexico. Honduras and Nicaragua.; but they 'proved unsuccessful. • j One of tile most colorful of Lafin- ' American political developments I has been in Uruguay, where Pre.s:- I dent Gabriel Terra has nol only j j\C-\V successfully resisted revolution, but ras set himself up as a dictator and I Bone President Roosevelt several better in passing o'.n a "New Deal." nictatlrshipJQuells Strife Dr. Terra. GO-year-olrt farmer (follege professor, journalist and lawyer, was inaugurated in March, j 1931. for a four-year term as an Principal :ge at Ex iertded by 500. I Blaii' Hipp, stucieiiv, rendered f. i Ic-rtained with a dancing p^rly Fri! solo, "Trte 1 -". and the Kcv. day niKi'.'> I C. R. Riisscl gave a bharl inlfc! receiving tne new iirinclpal. j VALPARAISO. Ind. (UP)— ' Mif.s Winnie Turner, grade school! aid Spe-nce, 18, helleves he should ! .saix-i'vlsor, K'-vi 1 a short talk, after | clnim 1 the title of world's soundest .vhich niumbi-rs of the :.chnul lac- : sleep v:.ilkm-. • nl:y v.-i-n iiiii"icluc"d. ' He .said he walked through a .window and fell 20 feel to the : • ground without awakening. When ! Claims Name Record • aroused by a passerby, he discov- HARR1SBURG, Pa. 'UP) —Di-| ereil that iiis knei-s were painfully . doro Mastro:lmna:iico. of Baines- \ uruised ami lhai his pajamas were ! villc. has the longest name of the i torn. U 4,125 commissioned Stale forest; — 1 fire wardens in Pennsylvania. J. Exei'ClSeS \\- ! Ua ' °' ^ !olca ' ' la5 ' re shortest name Coiint s'- , jve in , r .-- • r \ i Dimmer .slionld amount lo not The opemnr of the negro pub- less ,. lllnil ,., Uvo . (hil . Us ot thc - to ,,, v he school here for the 1G33-34. tiiiiy'-vceiiurcments among ' normal UTIII was held Monday morninjcliildren. HELPED THOUSANDS IN CONSTIPATION CASES Men and women who are ccca- •tonally upset by consttpntlon In or.t w«j ur another, such as slek h?»dac3ie. hH!- ouir.ess. dli7Er.e.^. poor appetite, ess paint. «LII oMaln rflrfshlny rrllff by taking TheJlorij'5 IILACK-DIIAUGIIT. 23 or more Uoifi !n a ^5-ccnt packtgc. . •.(,• Ei . ... American "goad will" tour , : fri,l&28. resigned his office in Sep- ;territ)er, 1930. 1 "Atfbra. who had jainecl the presidency through a military coup in 1925 und had been constitutionally elected as a Literal in 1S29. made a fatal mistake—faced with the necessity ot reducing (government expenses he tried to cut the br.dpct of the army. Naluralk enoiistli. he didn't last long after thai. Col. Luis L. Alba, Ayora's successor. \vas overthrown in October. The presidential election in the same month was won by Neptali BonifnE. Conservative candidnie and ricli landowner, who defeated the Liberals as a result cf a split in the. Liberal ranks. Series of Bloody Crashes Bonifa?. was accused of being n Peruvian <and in Ecuador that's a bad thing lo be accuse:! ofl and hi? resignation demanded. In th? trouble that follower!, the garrison at Quito. Ecuador's capital, rovolt- ed with the support cf civilians. A series of bloody encounters between rebel and loyalist forces followed. Bonifnx tcok refuse in Ire American legation, n provisional president took charge and the revolt ended r.s new elections v,;re cnlled. In April. 1932. Ecuador had another revolutionary flare-tip when tile nnvy gol out or hand. Commander Ildefonso Mendo/.a. chief of Ecuador's navy (two gunboats) .•^izetl a fort en p. river near Omy- amiil. The announced purpose of Mendoza's revolt to prevent t'.'e landing of Gen I^onWas rb?a Gutierrez. Conservative lender and twice president of Ecuador, whs was returning on a Dulch steamer fro:n an exil3 begun in W2.i. The rebels were unsuccefsfnl in biockadins (li^ port ol Guayaquil and nvo days later they save tip. t'nrest in Paraguay In Paraguay, while mc-bs dPiuin- stratcd before the government house in Asuncion. President Jos; Guggiari resigned and tunic;! the office over to his vice president. Pounlnr disapproval of Guggiari's conciliatory attitude in Paragiuy'c long-standing boundary disputo with Bolivia was blamed. The- crisis came wlien Asuncion v>:lice fired on sti:dents demonstration against the government's non-war policy, killing five. In January. 1032. Gugqhri was restored lo the presidency after being exonerated of blame in the killing O f the students Up;n completion of his term. Dr. Ritsebio Ayala W as elected, without opposition, to succeed rim. The Dominican Republic In February. 1930. a revolution In Ihe Dominican Rconblic toss?ci out the aged President Horacic Vasquez. a picturesque figure who had been a power in politics there for 30 years. In El Salvador, Pres- revolution failed to ma- j u-rializc. Long- in public life aiv.l ! famed as an economist and finan- \ cier. he started out on a big prc- i gram. • In March. 1933. feelinj the need i or centralize-:! authority (or c-Hi-' cient government. Dr. Terra se; | himself up as dictator with the sup- ! THE |K)rl or the military. One of his ! first nets was to dissolve thc- un- j wieldy National Administrative' Council, which was supposed to ap- i prove presidential policies anrl a?- • tions. . i By presidential decree. Terra removed all elected provincial authorities and replaced them wit!: frcl-' oral appointees. Follows Roosevelt Kvainple With a Rooseveltian eye to econ- j omy. he cut the salaries of all gov- : eminent employes receiving more than 300 pesos cutout $141). 'a: month. Apparently taking aiioth- : er cue from the Roosevelt pro- ' gram, he cut veterans' allowances | and eiiminated t!:e pensions of vel- ' era us who had other mcaiis of live- . lih&od. He reduced the number of ' congressmen from 142 13 w. Apparently Ihe notion ionks with favor upon Dr. Terra's policies, fcr he is still president of Uruguav. Prof. Karl Ritler von Frisch of Munich has trained fish to an- • «er a dinner bell. : COUGH . . . Real Throat relief! Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub Thc Mayo Clinic r.cchcster. Mir.n.) the health of- ri-fr. Cr. D. C. Lockhcad. recently -n : d in a str-temrnt tliroujh the Virrj. "We in the health depart- nrj concerned about milk f'<m Iv.o auric:.. Because it is 'he best food obtainable, we want U) see it coiiMimed in great, quan- t'ties. and becaus n of thc possibility of its spreading disease, we wilil to know that our local sup- i:iv ir. prr.dure'i under all the ve- (irtments of rrodticlion coniiucr- •'.'llv )x)ssiblc ard thil it be paif- tth'i-lzed so Hint we ear. stMnnt i< tnfc." Telephone No. 7-t lirnndt's milk is safe — il's properly riastcurizcd. Bennett's Dairy TRIUMPH of ENZYME CONTROL That's your assurance of uniformly healthful ami <ldi- ciously wholesome beer. Good Leer cannot be made by the rule of thumb. If that were true, anyone could make good Leer. Malt, hops, yeast nnd vatcr are nvnilable to all. But ivitliout enzyme control there can be no goo<1 l>ccr —110 matter who makes it—skilled or unskilled. At SCHLITZ, brewing is an exact science. Harmful light rnys are screened out—air is vashed—temperatures arc scientifically controlled—ageing tanks arc scrupulously clean — every pipe and pump is sterilized. Brewing is slopped at a split second, for at that instant, fermentation is complete under SCHLITZ secret cn/.yinc control—thc most sensational development in thc brewing industry. SCHLITZ is a prcdigcsted food because it is hrewc<I under perfect enzyme control. It will not ferment in your stomach nor cause indigestion. It is healthful, ivJuik'Soiut; and of a full-biMlicd, ripe flavor. , Thr. 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