The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1968 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1968
Page 1
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Page Two — Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News — Monday, March 4, ISM Servicing Keeps Car On the Go By BOB COCHNAR NEA Automotive Editor NEW YORK - (.N'EAI - 1 the status symbol for n , AMP10N mU VEU A. J. Foyt I* as particular about the condition of his family cars as he ii with the racing chine' but a" single - or twin -, Coyotes of his own dcsicn. engincd airplane, Hie men still | fuel - Injected engine displaces I "These guys know their busi- know the importance of proper ^55 cubic inches and is rated I ness." A. J. says. "Cars today vehicle maintenance. ; al 520 horsepower. I are so complicated that one JacR Brabham, Grahm Hill, | -\Ve hand - tool many parts [man. can't be an expert on A. J.jfoyl, Parnelli Jones. Dav-; 3n d use the best of everything,' 1 every phase. I know my cars Id PeSfson, Mario Andretli. Jim | A. J. says. "That way, it any- Clark and a number of other'thing goes out. it won't be be- champion drivers all take to the ' cause of workmanship." a i r when they're not racing, i But Foyt's car is slill disas- Personal cars, for them, a re ! scmbled. cleaned and inspected merely easy ways of moving' before each race. His mechan- from A to B. Yet their cars | jcs look for signs of wear, such are always in mint condition. ' as a scuffed cylinder or a scor- Foyi, who is probably the ! c d bearing. Tires, ignition parts but I slill need lots of expert help to keep them in top shape.' A strong believer in safety inspections, Foyt insists on them for his family car so that his wife and children are protected. "M any accidents could b e prevented if people would only take their cars to a service world's winningest driver (three! and lubricants are routinely re- i station every couple of months •time. .winner at Indy, for open- placed after eacii race. and have them properly inspect- ersjradmils to being a fanatic [ "We figure lhal one race, eel. Brake and steering troubles on preventive maintenance. j where straight-away speeds hit ! are often never discovered until "Don't let anybody Icll you '205 miles an hour, is about s car doesn't need regular at- j equal to two months of driving tention, even a new one," Foyt | for the average motorist," Foyt says. "I learned early in this, says. "So we change oil after game that it costs far less to keep a car in good running condition than it docs to fix it after It breaks down." A. J., among other things, designs and builds the Coyote every race, just like any smart motorist does every 60 days." His concern for car care extends to the family automobiles as well, although he relies on a local service station to per- racing cars with which he wins'form the maintenance required a fair share of races. The car j to keep his warranty valid and costs $50,000 a copy. Its dohcihis car operating reliably. HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Joa Lester Mr. and Mrs. Warren Non-id j home after spending several and family of St. Louis recently visited with Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Norrid. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Samford and daughter Sandy, Mr. and Mrs. Odie Osborne and son Shon spent the day at Murray, K.V., last Sunday. Sunday dinner guests in the home of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Taylor, were Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Taylor of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Clail Jackson of Rector. Ark., were overnight guests Thursday night in the home of their daughter and her family, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Waldrop. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Northern of Memphis were dinner guests Sunday of his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Northern. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Inman and family and Mrs. Irene Conjakla of Chicago spent a recent week- ed here with their father, Jim Wilferd. A study course was held Feb. 19-21 at the Holland Baptist Church on the Bible book of Luke. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Norrid Jr. and Mrs. Viola Moore were in Memphis Tuesday night to'visit Mr. Non-id's mother, Mrs. Lillie Norrid, a patient in Methodist Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Royal Lester of Detroit. Mich., returned home Saturday after being here due to the illness of her mother,. Mrs. Golden Horton. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kelley spent a few days in West Memphis recently, visiting her sister and her husband, Mr. and Mist Jim Binkley. Mrs. Edith Alexander is at clays in the home of her daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Miller of St. Louis. after an accident. Yet it takes only a few seconds to see whether there's plenty of brake fluid in the master cylinder or whether the tie rods need tightening." When the tremendous strains of racing produce a breakdown In one of Foyt's cars, he doesn't rest until he has un covered the nature of the fai ure. In 1965, when driving in 100 - mile race in Milwaukee the left rear wheel suspensio of his car snapped when he wa negotiating a turn at 140 mile an hour. Foyt spun into a re taining wall and broke severa ribs. Despite the injury, h worked until 4 a.m. to find th cause. "For 10 laps, $50,000 was lot to spend," he says. But h insists that such failures mus be eliminated if a driver is t race successfully. Racing cars can't really b compared to street machines But both have four wheels brakes, clutches, engines a n Mrs. Jeff Northern is a pa- electrical systems. And the) tient in Cbickasawba Hospital in Blylhcville. 'maintained. function unless they're March, 196S LAST MONTH'S BEST HELP Largest Payment for * « Q » T 0 . One Member's Care }/,Y//.OO Number of Bills Paid For Arkansas Members 17,307 Total Amount Paid +. _.. -^ . For Our JWembers' Care 51,241,589.44 Tough Sledding ;KENAI, Alaska (AP) — A dog sled'race scheduled in this Gulf of Alaska community this weekend has been canceled because of a-iack of snow and too much rain. Officials said the annual two- day race from Kenai to Soldotna and back—a distance of about 100 miles—was called off after fresh rain turned the trail to mush. Just Plain Wanted GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) Earl G. Kirkman of Greensboro is wanted on charges of harboring an escapee on a fugitive from justice warrant, and on charges of buying and receiving itolen goods. Now he's wanted by the clerk of Guilford superior court. Kirkman has been called for jury CHANGING JOBS? TAKE US WITH YOU. A Blue Cross & Blue Shield membership can easily be converted to nn individual plan (orvice versa). Orif there is a Blue Cross & Blue Shield Group at your new job, you may transfer to it. ROUND THE CLOCK HELP. 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Gives you broader benefit*. No dues increase. Tell you friends and invite them to n» the coupon below to learn how they can have the greatest hospital-surgical-medical protection ever devised. CALL OR MAIL COUPON TODAY Jim KiwUnt ill N. Si.Ik SI. llfthnllli, »rk. 71115 PUm swd mi Information about Blut Cron-Blu* Shifld, I** bwt plini jvtilibli for plyinB fioipltll «nd doctor billi. . MI- «•••••••••••••••••••* News Briefs PARIS (AP) - Trans World Airlines will resume service to Cairo on March 4. The service was suspended at the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war in June. SAN DIEGO, Calif. (AP) Motorists can now drive the 410-mile section of Interstate a from the Mexican border to Livingston in north-central California without hitting a traffic light. DENVER, Colo. (AP) South High School officials suspended seven students after they refused to quit distributing a privately produced newspaper without first obtaining school permission. The officials said Bach's C Major Double Piano the content, which included arti-1 Concerto, orchestra officials an- cles on the right of dissent, was | nounced. not at issue. NEW YORK (AP) - Schorl EPHRATA, Pa; (AP) — Mrs. uled airline traffic in the United Roy Raihl gave birth to a 7-1 States increased last mouth to pound 11-ounce girl on Leap;6.4 billion revenue passenger Year Day. Four years ago she j miles (one passenger flown one had a son, and he was born on mile (over 5.6 billion in January Feb. 2!) too. of 1968 — but plane capacity in- HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — i creased at a faster rate, the Air Delegates to Pennslvania's I Transport Association reports, constitutional convention voted | Available seat miles rose from to keep the 203 seats in the state' 9.98 billion to 12.55 billion. . House and 50 in the Senate.. ABILENE, Tex. (AP) — Offi- Gov. Raymond Shafer had tried | cials of an Abilene hospital are to cut the House to 100 seats. looking fora patient who had a SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - fast recovery. He had stayed at Princess Irene of Greece will appear in concert with the Utah Symphony Orchestra next year, a $33-a-day room, ordered a number of floral displays and at one point asked a deliveryman Feb. 8, 1969, and will play j to bring change for $50. When the deliveryman arrived, the patient told him to leave the ! change and collect the $50 from the hospital office. Finding no money on deposit there, the deliveryman rushed back to the hospital room. The patient had fled-lcaving behind bills of more than $800. New Wrinkle For Drug Smugglers NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (AP) — Detectives are checking oriental dolls mailed from Vietnam to see if a new wrinkle is being used to smuggle narcotics into the United States. The investigation was,started after two of the dolls sent to a soldier's girl friend turned out to have been stuffed with mari. juana. The soldier came home a few days after the dolls arrived and picked them up, Allegheny County Detective William Jennings said Friday. The veteran was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics, Jennings said. His name was not disclosed. Jennings said officers had checked six more of the one- foot-tall dolls but had found no traces of drugs. The hollow plastic dolls hold about $500 worth ot marijuana each, Jennings said. WIN HOOO CASH & WIN Your Share of over 10 MILLION Gold Bond Stamps! Luanda King Mrs. D. L. Donoho Ruby Hardin Mrs. M. Loyd Irene Akers Harriet Canada Rob Ashmore Joe Webb Mrs. S. D. Brewer THIS WEEK GET YOUR Amberstonc With Each $3 Purchase, Excluding Beer and Tobacco Products. SAFEWAY PLAY BONUS BINGO! THOUSANDS OF WINNERS! BLYTHEVILLE WINNERS John Wamble Effie Lee Terrell Mary Mosby Theola Bush Ethel French Mrs. J. D. 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