The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1952
Page 13
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'AT, 'APRTT, W, I9W JOAKDING HOUSE — with Major H«o»l« I WAST6DA FILM YESTERDAV HOOPLE, WHEM 1 SAW you PICK OP A 7114 CAS}.' —~-L THOUGHT PICTURE Of voo CITY DUMP WOULD SELL TO ALL TWE PAPERS,6OT I SEE OMLY BRUSHED THE TRftSH ASIDE TO PIAy HORSESHOES ' . ~ , UP A , SCARECROW.' Political Announcements •»>j«o« to Preferential Election July 39, 1952 F«r Cwuit OBNE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER 1 O. SHEDD "•fmt Ctr*»H Clerk OBRALOINE LISTON F«r SUt« Senator BBW. LEB BEARDEN R ep . •WfNETH S. SULCEH For Po«t No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS CfcU, , S»yW*ne »nd Or». m fee/»r« yea fc«y. Blyrti.vWe Soybean Corp. PhMM MM - 1»M Mat* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANY AMOUNT at ANYTIME fr»m tarm intern* w if hour Thii FJIRM INCOME PRIVILECE it written info your noU wAen you Arnre n loan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds Notice to Farmers: , o* """*"* *• RO«RT t. HORTCH SY.T.O FARMS, ot Scolt I 4 *™*-*, in ihl* territory. At present 1 h»* . t, 0 , t MRS. HOWARD BOWEN • l£y Phone S218 - Night Phone 8061 Locked 3«0 yds. So. of city limits, Hiwav 61 "If you're going down to the beach there's no'll have all that walk for nothing! Skeletons of an unidentified race of men were unearthed in the Columbian Andes near Bogota bj scientists in 1951 State Certified Blue Tag D&PL 15 COTTON SEED . Delinted & Treated H ESTER'S Radiator Shop S. Highway 61 Phone 3188 CompMe Hjdiai,,, Ktparr .Maim The Differrnre! J '. —Nrw A Use* Radiators For sale— HE KNOWS YOUR CAR ir 701 want lo entrust jour car to » mechanic who will do his best to fii It properly — at a minimum cost to you — come to T. I. Se»j Motor Co. Try as next tim«. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2!22 -* u * '.JTORT i AM M*btrMlv« 1K«I. .... _k. ..n, v, . prir .,, 4*I*cllT,. j. rk u.« K ,.. du . .„„ WlBf »«l»o»ei MpvareHtlr ml Ike *V" •* '"• »J-~er. . ,.,ckl.- «»»r «.«.!.. wklek l.rlWr K.ik. .. 3V.w. . MIX w.>u,. wk . T OfTO »fler midnight Bdsfl w- ;•"" in« toW Gisela, his wife the :»hole slaty. He had found her ki a chair, he wasn't sure whether *e was asleep or dozing over a t*ok. ; "Wb«t did Miss Shaw soy?" she •sked vhcn he had finished. "It was after midnight when we Jen Zlmmcr'j. Mia Shaw is over ««. «n invalid. Foyle did tele- . I^ne. Her nephew, Brinsley tald that Miss Shaw couldn't possibly come to tho telephone— ihe had taken a sedative and gone to bed. Foyle ashed Brinsley if he Knew cither Jack Dugoan or Basil Willing without rifling to the masquerade of mentioning the fact that Duggan was dead Brinsloy replied that he Xnew nothing and cared less about anyone named or Willing Miss Dean, the companion said that Dr. Willing was a friend of Miss Shaw's but that she had never heard of Jack Duggan. So Foyle made an appointment to see Miss Shaw tomorrow." "Poor little Duggan!" Gisela sighed. "Dirt you know that he was here tonight?" "Here? At this house?" Basil frowned. "1'n guessing," she admitted. 'But when I came home Juniper said a man cnlicd to see you Just after you went out—a small man who was disturbed when he learned you were not at home 'He didn't give his name or leave any message." "So that's why Duggan was in •this neighborhood.* BwiirWillinjf •r Helen MeCloj * 4 br MA 'i ii ht. "But It's fantastic!" cried Gisela. Whjr should an impostor call on the inan he's impersonating?" "Lots of reasons. Perhaps he thought it sate to use my name while 1 was overseas. And tonight he hears I'm home again. So he comes here to forestall exposure." "But why use your name at all?" "Jt does seem rather amateurish for a professional detective," admitted Basil. "Do you suppose he saw you come out of this house and followed you to the tobacconisl's?" Basil slinofc his head. "No, I'm sure he didn't know who I was until I told him and Mrs. Yorke vouched for ine." "1 suppose you're right, but Mrs. Yorkc interests me." I JgASIL. laugh.-ci, "She's Interested in you. She asked me lo lake you lo see hor. If you like, we'll go and you can ask her if she knows of arty place where no birrl sings." "No birds sing," retorled Gisela "Sure?" Gisela rose to get her little vellum-bound Keats. The sedge has withered from the lake. Ami no birds sing. . . .'" slyj read. "Did Duggan misquote "I believe he did." "He must've thought it significant," went on Gisela. "Or he wouldn't have wasted his la<;t breath on it. Perhaps he was try- ng lo Icll you about some 'Belle Dame Sans Merci' and to his wandering mind this quotation seemed :he quickest way to express the idea of such a woman." 'Was he yuoiing at ail?" mused Basil. "Or was be just telling me about a place where no birds sang? As he didn't live to tell me about the place—or the lime." "The lime must be now, spring when you expect to hear birds chirping," said Gisela. "And the place?" •Almost injn*h«r«. Even In * city you hear sparrows and pigeons early in the morning before traffic noises got too loud. If only you knew where Duggan had been the last few days. . . ." Basil closed his eyes wearily and leaned his cheek against her knee Her fingers touched his hair. "Didn't you say Duggai, wns utterly unlike you, physically and mentally?" "I hope fo." He opened his eyes with a grin. 'Then how did he expect to convince other people that he was jou?" 'He must have known that the people he was dealing with di'dn't know me by sight," said Basil. "So he trusted lo gambler's luck lhat he wouldn't run into anyone else who did know me by sight while he was wilh them. Tonight his luck ran out. F.vcn without me, Mrs. Yorkc would have known him for an impostor the moment he said he was Dr. Basil Willing." Giscla spoke softly. "Perhaps Dial was why he had to die tonight." "You're very suspicious of Rosamund Yorke." Tm probably jealous!" confessed Gisela. "But sh»'l the only one with an inkling of the ruth before Dupgan died. When ie was announced as 'Willing' both Zimmcr and Miss Shaw must've realized something was wrong, since both thought they had greeted Willing already and only 12 quests were expected." 'PHK noon sun shone brightly on their bre;,':fast table. Gisela poured coffee anil Juniper laid an early edition of the evening paper jcside Pyasil's plate. He glanced through the latest story of a senator calling a cabinet officer a Communist, skimmed through a book review ot the grealesl novel of the century—the fifth tins month. His glance crossed the obiluary leadlines and paused. His mind hardly look in Ihe words as his eyes read Ihem: Miss Katherine Shaw dtes in •sleep. . . . Head of old New York f amily." <T* Hf Continued} OH, 1OU BITG TH BOTTOM OUT SO X3U CAN SQUEEZE OUT DROPS AW KEEP HIM FROM PESTERIM 1 MDU-- irs A FAIR IPHA/ VEK. BUT i DROP TH' CRACKS SO HE CAN'T WORK. UP OKI ME =~l TOO FAST.' JUST A SEC. WHILE 1 ANSWER THE PHONE / JuWE-.THrS IS "ASK FBKX Hf _ COMICBOOKS HE BCOGMT THS SUCKER JOINTS' Benefit by Reading and Using Courier Newt Classified Ads DE o^,^' ON J FSl^W^ WELKIN WILL Tfjy !?y*T*'£>T.-.6'VE-rM6 \ ABSABO, AaEMiTAMy-ffllieT Wlnl^ ggf'PJKlWM™* I HW Television- Ton itc, Tomorrow WSICT, Memphis. Channel 4 WEDNESDAV NIGHT, AI'RIt. 30 6:00 Kale Smith 7:00 Television Theatre 8:00 Your Prize Story 8:30 Electric Theatre 9:00 Wednesday Theatre 9:30 Boston Blnckie 10:00 Meet the Champ 10:30 News 11:10 Mr. D. A. 11:40 News 11:45 sign Off I've COME TO FIX THE BATHROOM.' I UNDERSTAND THERE'S A DRIP THURSDAY, MAT 1 Today News Today News Prologue to Future Breakfast Party Mrs. U.S.A. Strike It Rich Sloryland Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Morning Mediation. Film Featurette Gayelord Houser Film Peaturett« 1st 100 Yean News Farm New« Homemakers Program Big PayoK Give & Tak» Kate Smith Hawkins Falls Gabby Hayes Howdy Doody News Prize Party Wild Bill Htckok Kukla, Fran & oliit News Weatherman Dinah Shore Neti-s Caravan Gorucho Marx Gene Autry Dragnet James Mellon Martin Kane Arthur Godfrey Racket Squad One Man's Family Break the Bank News Story of GI Jos News Sign Off 7:00 7:25 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:30 9:00 B:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 !2:00 12:15 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:05 4:30 5:00 5:15 APTBTNOON, TWAT& WHY. l-t'S 5:30 5:45 6:00 0:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 .0:00 0:30 10:00 10:30 10:35 12:00 12:05 TtVESC£& HO PROOF THAT THE NAM FROIATH6 TUBES. JUP<5E HEATH, BUT IT iOOkS LIKE AM?. TAJ.0N M*y RETELLING THE TRUTH; ON VA* 5TOK.Y. HE FOUND \HHME MNG'f K'S NOT THE KIND . LEAVE IM HIS CAR TCCW... TO SNEAK OFF FROM A YJKHCK. AND 1KVE INJURED HIS DESCRITION ! WE'LL PICK HUA UP BEfORE Guaranteed Watch Repair NAW...1T'S MY IUSEES.' THEY ALL OF A, iSUODKN GIVE OUT, ToHr walrh Is flcaneri, pivots polished and hair iprinn 3 Day Service Thompson Credit dm>r to H'ad» Furnlttre THAT'LL BE OU&T TWO •UC<«, EVEN / "^ I'M GONNA TRIM THI*S \ OFF FEK VA , •SO'5 YA PON'T GET NOTHIN' BUT FOR SALE Concrrle cnlrrrU, 12 Inch t» inrh, j\\*tn or rccn forced. AIM Oncrcie B«it(!Jn^ HJncki rr lhan Inmber Tor burns, chirken h«i*ei. pump hokses, tenant iC5. tool ithrds. We Call m far tree fstim OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO ^•3 1 \F VOO P««JT auSV l>evel«p«l Bubhk for Fine Fabrics, Rn cs ; Cpholslerj Slpeedy f o , m ARKANSAS PAINT * GLASS CO IM E. Main Phonr Z2TI

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