The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COUHIHR NEW8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line tot consecutive in- si i r:lo»s: Minimum Charge ...... ......... Me 1 lime tier line ................. J5c •- Mines |ier line [ier <lny ........ jgc 3 liincs jjt'r line per Uay ..... yc (j linn's |H'r line per day ........ 7e 12 times JUT Hue per day ........ 5c Month per line ............... IKJu Betlvooin, 314 N. 9tli. Ph. 2338. ... < oiml five :ivcrngo words to Ihe lino, Ad urili'n*il Tor three or six liiiv^s and slopjieii In-fore i'X[iir:iliuii Mill be I'hury- t'tl lor (he nuinlier of limes the ait :i|i- lU'arecl :ind adjtislniciiL of bill made. All (;iassHlod A<lverll.shi£ copy silb- nillied by persons residing outside of i lie i-liy must be accompanied by cash, Hales may be easily computed I ruin Ihtt above lalile. Advertising order for irregular inser tions lalses the one lime rale. No responsibility will be lakon for mo r»- than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Sale Hnvo .something you di-n't mvd? Tr\do or sell it HI 8 \Viip t'!vi;>. 4I>1 I-,, .V:riu. I'hone 859. 4'30-ck-tf SO P:iKscju;er lnterimttjn: 1 .! S«-bcol IJiis, (ItKjfl I'tmdHlon, blytbevllle Coach Mm- 105 N 1-Yiinklin. C;3-ck-lf For coal or wood call Tnuilham Coal Co. l j honc 2401. Gi21-]>k-7i24 umber nnd wood. 112 in Ho North. 2 mile:; West ol CJosnell. U. O. Plow- IliiJH'Kt prices pMU for furniture, Muvfs, old clot hint?. U yon have uuythln£ lit Hell. S<-e or call us. West linU Auction Co. Phono 951, For Rent FACE rice bedroom. W. Walnut. 'an. Men only. 310 0!24-i>k-7!24 4 room rnmlKhid house, Foi men onlv , Mrs. E. B. uojd, Puiue 7n : r ix-i>k-i7 Furnished bedroom. Kitchen privileges 218 B. Davis. G:23-E>X-7i2:j 3 -room f u rnlshed npiirttiiptu. couple only. Phone 2904. 13>uk-15 Small npanmi-nl. Nrat 817 CMilckn- to Rent 3 or 4 room furnished or unlurhtsluul . iipartmenl. of references Wrltn I W.L IX. o'n of Courier News 5-20-tf ' Untnriilslied npartiuoiu or hoiuu'. For Insurance Kern'CFCiHatlve nnd wife Permcmcutly tornce*!. no children or liels. Write. Ilox 2GS, Hlytlr'vMle 7! 15-Dl:-I!) To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wads Auto Salvage, North Hiway <>!, plume 3785. 7 :i pk S .'! We luive several ca^ih buyers for srn.tll homes or heller ela.^s home nmt b .ti- c.nnt lots. If you Imve tuivllihis "f this description. Ust U \vllh ni'i'es Lnncl Co. IMione 'J'JTl. Office In Itiile hulldiiv^ across from city Hnll. Services MERCHANTS oyirl niP!\t rnses. wMk-in coolers, ro- (rlvEtrntorH. £inc! hevcrus;e coolers lire uviiilnble for immediate delivery. Also Ice cream caljiiiots unrt compressors. Kee De!l .Scoti. J211 W. Main or Illume 22CO. 0:*21-ck-7;23 I-'arm trailers ami trailer lictls, any kind. Watte. Auto Salvage.-. North }Ilv,'iLy 01. phone 3T85, canning peaches. Ice cold watermelons. I'ovilUy. Baby Chicks. Lewis Poultry, 419 East Mrxin St. Ph. 949. 7!9-ck--8'9 IT'S A CINCH to foam clean upholstery rmd rugs in a Jiffy with Finn Foam. Deal's PnhK Store. 6!3Q-ck-7130 1 or 2 bale trailer beds and wnnoti bc'ls. Jiiso truck licds any */(*. ll'inry We>-tbrook Shop, '225. North First. I'honu 35-12. 7Hl-pV-8]il fi room house and two lots. Possession foilny. Terms. H.C. Cimiiilicll, Realtor, J20 South Second Si. 7 I! ck If room house SI.700 conns on Si,000. 5 ycar.s. '2 six room houses. $3000 S^JVOD. 2 now 5 room houses S30')3. 5 unU 4 room house. Same lot S-*200. Phone Fie.Kl 23 ( J4. 7il2-pk-1? Due Clnl brans en Sphict orttorv 8'J8 Hcarn St., Phone 2;iS)4. 7i\2-p!;-!ij 8 ft. 8" K!HSS showcase. lilack W-ihnit finish. Kcjulpiu'il with t-iuctt'elty. In Koaif t-ontl)clon. 1*110111; 3025 or -:*3 Jrvi, Ftv.nktin. lS*p!i-10 Sanitary !ce l)ox. 75 Ibs. Call . 12-nk-lG C:i!l Rill Davis for anil ilconraiinn. Service phone 4(59. (! 20 pk 7 20 MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need a loai,. tc repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approred rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Bldg., BlytheVilte. 9-2»-ck-tf LADIES! Washday drudgery stops here! Up tn 9 His., dry weight, pro-soaked, wasli- ec!, rinsed three times and damp dried for only 3Sc. Open 8 a.m. Close (i p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights Open till <( p.m. THE WASHKRETTE Pli. ilfifi Main at Division Uendix Rquinpcd Automatic Self Service Laundry. 27 ck-7-27 Garage work. Mechanical mid wcldlnp Clntl3 TjQvcle.Vi. o-.vner. James Bln- vins, mechanic. S. of Manila at Shadj- Grove. Ci30-nk-7|ic Wanted fo Buy 103fi I-'orcl sedan. Call 2804. 12-|>k-lG Giro. Slore. Market ,t FMUni; Sta. LlvUH: finaitcis. Com) location. IiOnsc li-:; l c. Writ*; Ili»x A. C % Courier N<!>.vs. 12-pk-lS r. :or>ni husi^c mi ?. corner lots on cltv In;;; Tim-. P.u'cnif'nt taxes pnld out. Call 3504 after 0 o'clock. 7!l4-l)k-l7 14' hard cv.iress motor boat. Newly- unlnlctl. ?(W. Call :t292, G. S. Hawks. 15-ch-18 Km!<!iH<; for Bale. Else 12' x 32'. Could bf ronvfrtcd to comfortable liomc. Call 2IITG. V'15-pk-18 FHYKns. Scleutlflcally raised In broo- dfr. Nrvcr ocrn on the ground. .4^c per II>. on foot. Abraham's chicken f:«r:n. South Ill-way 61. Ni'Nl to old Legion Airiiort, 7:i.S-cl:-R l ]5 2 ronru tiouse. r>ink in kitclien. .nduor tollrt. E^ni|>ty. ready to move in. Good Trice. •}->(}. c'a.^ti. P'hone 351(1. IH?S \V. Main. ; 15-]!'---17 ie<' f, room house and batli C rrnc drive. OnRiBC nnil out ho :ii:i Lilly. Price S47SO 00 Sn> Ilivriirner \\Lth Rialas Land Co. Pfi 3:122. 13.; 3 b:uhf-.ih=. 10 or 15 refrigerators. 100 lii. ciqianlty. J37.50 — 3342.50. I elect:lo. re:ri;cerator. 300 S. Division. 7 lO-pk-24 Hul .TcITrvsim Sfill Lives CJUINCY. Mass. (UP) — When former President, Jcnn Adams died at 7:25 D.m. on l,!ie Fcnrtli of July. 182G. his 'last words were. "Tl:r.irt:s Jeffcison still lives." Ironically. Jcffpt.wn hnd died al liis Mon'.irr.-!o. V.i. home just six •Isr.urs nnd 45 ininulcs earlier. Tokyo "I ragedy Hartintor renntr eqnipnient. Phone 2171 day or 2038 nl B ht. 7I8-CK-I4 l.fite model AC combines. Must be late mocfels am! priced rl[;lit. Write P O l)ox 280. Hlytlievlllc. 7;9-ok-i3 Notice Wilt eh for !>ijj Hinffo Par(y. Thursday, July 17, nt Legion Hu(. ' Sponsored by Ladies of Catholic Church. 9 ck 18 Hetlroorn. convenient to bnth Gl'l \V Main. Plione 3325. 7!15-pk-8;i5 No nmbulancc or olhcr convcy- nncc was available in Tokyo when n little girl wns badly injured by a hit-run driver, so her father tied her, unconscious, on liis back and raced to the hospital on his bicycle. The city has nn acute transportation shortage. Photo by NBA-Acme slaft pho- togiaphcv Richard C. Ferguson. Rugs Cleaned Safely! Careful handling saiegurird^ color and textures. Have them cleaned while you're vacationing. Complete resizing. Work guaranteed! PEERLESS CLEANERS J16 So. Franklin Phone 2433 v">"*"*"*--*--*"*"*»*»*-*"*»*-^-*"*;>:>:>"*;>;>"*v **.' ^-—^—•——«__ : : PHONE 524 I ABC V « |Cab Company J Courteous Service Hardware Mutual Insurance Company , of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings LET US WITH RELIABLE FORD SERVICE FOR WE WILL • Inspect and lubricate brake mechanism. • Inspect for scored or out-of-round drums. • Check hydraulic brake fluid nnd add extra fluid if needed. • Adjust brakes. P H ILL I P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blythoville,' Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Mor« to 1)18 CHICAGO (Ul')— Tho Nutiomil ScUriocI Morticums lien, linvt! :iu^ noinimt Hint tin- nutloiVs nvor:iRi' liiunul hill r.n |!Hi) W!( .s $375 <n' I'J.U per ivn! .,„),„ (],.(,, n u , m r> avonii'r tif f.i;i;|. .\ ,«ii,voy of 92. 350 flll)i'[.ll\ w;IS limit) Oil IV 1111- llun-\vkli> basis. We Guarantee j RECAPPING j with I Hawkinion Treads ! Let Your Next Tires Be j GENERALS j i Cost More — Worth More' MODINGER TIRE CO. i 110 E. Miitu Phone 2201 J I Follow the crowds to IM;int- cr.s Hardware Co. One ccnl sale. Yon will he t;l:id you went. 7 8 ck U Notice Position Wanted Position In dry goods store. Prefer shoe department. Have had plenty experience. 130 Eiist Davis, Illythc- vlllc. 7111-pk-ia Help Wanted teEponsllilc niEiti or woman to own unit Eorvlce 5 cent nut and c;ui«lv machines, Excellent enrnlngs. Will not Interfere with present , employiinrnt. Ca sli In vest me n L nece.'jSit t y, UI vis phone; No. and Ji(hires:;. Box M..I..I . f t r Co uri cr News. 71H -p 1: -10 Soothing miLsic of phonograph records and other musical mediums have been used in Paris t')_ treat mental and ether illnesses, i RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Applmnce Co, Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service IOC South First St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-1T LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 32,'i North 2nd Street Concrete Culvert-tile Sl/es Id" (n M" (Krlnforml <ir Nnii-ltclnfiirrctl) ClHMiit'r and I.imKi-r l.asllnj; limn any ullier itrlMcc Mntrrhl. Cnnm-llt nnlK for Snnilnry I'livy—Cmim-lc Kriilln Tanks. A. H. Webb Iln.v. Ill N. al Sfafc- Mnc I'ln.n,. HlylliKvllIu 711 Just in Little Boy Aprons Infant Batiste Gowns TOT SHOP 110 So. and St. Phone 2308 t*o*l A Loa* DtoUnM Mlac. Horn H«lp i luBiiroil Coutr&ck 4 Stor*c« Co, * \\e r;in teUiilltl a siiu« troni* K'Cl 11) (HO ~ Ulllrh IKH'lUlllts* •fur tlio oxiu-rtni'ss «C nnr rn|mlr* \vinh. With nuu' shoes (insiln^* si> inut'h, tuKo euro of nil ytiui'* stinrs—tvxlcml (heir near — imvoj us ri'[):ilr. • HALTER'S I Quality Shoo Shop : Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slie L L. MABRY ^3 iMISfiOUItl ST. PH. M'i7 If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS IET US REPAIR CAR OR TRUCK ON OUR k-MotorOvor- lei'o'ci'rkal Work-Complete Job-Chassis and Transmission LOT EICH CHEVROLET CO. I Wreck en Tnxnco 1'roriuoti Phone 578 Z4 Hr. Berrte* n«ul Courier News Ward Ads PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gunrnnlccd Host 1'rlcefj Kirby Drug Stores City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Far Expert Repairs 32>1 East Main St Felix A. Carney Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 408 B. Davis St., P. O. Box «l Ph«nc 24S7 Blvlhcvillp, Ark. VOU couldn't ask for more than your Buick's given • you—buf even the best engines in fhe world can't BO on forever. You tan replace that wonderful Buick engine, though, With new factory-built engine "Power Package" —and your Buick will be ready lo start on another long lifa of lop performance. What does it cost? The whole business is done In on« operation, ond most people are surprised at the figure we're able lo quote. Also, we can arrange easy payments to suit your budget. Come on in and talk it over with us. Next fo a new Buick, it's the best idea we ever heard of. The Power Package fits any '37/38, '39/40, '41,or'42 Bui'cfr. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing', Screen Work", Painting, Replacing Windows Steps, nnd other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 JA slcmly hnnd; n well sdiooln.lj • M)in<l; a ciecp .sense; of rr.spon-* •.sibiliiy townrfl tho prut'licr nf* • plinnimcy in Its lifo-snvlni;! • .siKtiiflcnncc; llio frc.slicnt of* Jhlgli potency ili'iius: Airl mod-* • urn equipment mnkc oiiv prc-» Jscrlplloii filling service your* ROTHROCK ' DRUG STORE 20f> W. Main Phone -151 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ItOYAI,, SMITH, COKONA ud REMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 1382 (Every Transaction MUBT BK HATIBFAOTOBY) 1 CAN WATIOK AID IN ARTH R ITI S — RHEUMATISM? VKS—If It's Monnlnln Viillcy Mineral Water, the fnmous lienltt^ \vnter from Hot Springs, Ai'kanfiiis, MOUNTAIN VAI.I.KY helps .stiiniiliito k i rt n p y notion, cliniiiuitc'.s the wa.sle.s—so often itie underlying cause of Arthritis and Klmimatism. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M»ln and Division Bljrlhtvllle, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancer) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 5I< Maki, Blvthcvlllc, **., Phone mi 117 ! 'lt" you had a new Chrysler I might go with you'." ICE COLD! ANA Watermelon Red Ripe and Delicious Biytheville CURB MARKET 130 B. Main I'honc 973 * GOOD FOOD * LOW PRICES * VARIETY We Specialize In Merchant's Lunches THE WONDER GRILL 409 W. Main Phone PRi'CILLA'S POP AVhul's the MUITV? Gy AL VERMEEI y^lUjWU,

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