The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
Page 5
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'riljJRSDAY, MAY C, 1937. (AUK.)' COUUIEK NlilWS Osceola ,. KI Society —• Personal Noted Artist -u Progressive Club Has Interesting Meeting - "We must take of the beautiful, for the useful can take caro.ol Itself."—Goethe, was the , motivating spirit in the F/ne 'Arts program of music, art .and literature given at the final meeting of the Progressive- club on Tuesday aft-, crnoon. Baskets and vases of roses decorated the club room where 30 reproductions, of famous paintings as well as original works by Osccola artists were exhibited. Included in the collection- were pen nnd ink drawings t by Mrs. acprgc Abrcy, landscape and portraits done by Mrs. D. P, Crouch, aiid two water colors, one by Mrs. Fred Cockctt and the other by Ernest Hayes, a former Osceola VOy who Hs- now studying -'at the AH Institute In Chicago. ?-Hand woven .rugs and baskets . were also on display. The Indian in Song and Story was the subject of , the program, arranged by Mrs. P. P. Jacobs and Mrs. D. R. Weitz, which included two vccal $61os by Eugene Packard entitled "An Omaha Indian Prayer," and "Fallen Leaf," .. accompanied by Mrs.'~Wertz. Mrs. John W. Edrington sang "Land of the Sky Blue Waters" and "Par Off I Hear a. Lover's Flute." ' • i Piano numbers rendered by Miss Catherine Harwell and Mrs. Wcrtz were: "From An ' Indian Lodge," "Sunrise", and ."Indian Snake - Dance." '.'•'. • Original poems recently written by Mrs. Edrington, Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Hugh Craig were read. During the business session reports were heard from the various depatments and from the district meeting held recently at ' Marion. - •'•''"'-;, Mrs. J. F. Reinmillcr, Mrs. Nathan Weinberg and MLS. Edward Segraves were voted "memberships in the club. Guests were Marvin Crittendcn, county welfare supervisor, of Blytheville, who spoke briefly on his work; Mrs. Mary Greene of St. Louis; Mrs. W. P. Quinn or Hoi Springs; Mrs. Roscoe Hnyden of Caruth- crsville; Mrs. Fred Crockett, Mrs. Claud Thomason, Ms. R. A. and J. C. Cromer. Hostesses were Mines. L. W. Walters, L. D. 'Massey, W. B. Flanntgan, John While, J. W. Cartwright. R. C. Morehcad and W. R. Dyess. HORIZONTAL 1,0 Famous French female artist. 13 Debarks. 15 Constructs. 17 Enthusiasm. 19 Apportioned as cards. 21 Destruction. 23 To ventilate. 24 Company. 25 She was commonly railed — -. 26 Stir. 2V Carved gem. 30 Dilatory. 31 Hour. :32 Eighth OUI1CO. 33 PounoV 3<l Since. 35 Preposition. 37 Hard resins. 40 Rustic. 42 Bearing a r.pino. Answer lo Previous ruzzle was her first art (pi,), 14 Soulliensf. 1C Kind of finch. 18 Prevaricator. 20 Measure o£ nren. 22 Heathen'cod. 24 Halo. 28 Bordering. 29Lil!lc devil. 30 Horses' homo, 34 Asiatic. lfl 30 Instruments, g ~§\ 33 University 1 50 Tree. 51 Brooch. N VERTICAL 52 She was a 2 Danger . famous paint- , warning. « of ——. 3%jstened. 54 Sun. • 4 VlMiin. 50 Type standard 5T^J root. 57 Member o£ an 7 Par I of. a Iberian race. column. 58 Division ot 8 Fishing hags. a poem. i 0 Laughter 44 The Supreme GO Musical note, sound. Being. Gl Gusto. . 10 To sin. 45Labcl. .02She was horn 11 Customary. 40Tests. in—, 12Her father honor student 39 OlTonsiva ortor, 41 Gilded bi'ousc 43 Way ot departure. 47 Form o( "Ijfl. 1 •IBTi'iimjieici 1 perch. •IDStigmn. !>1 By. 02 Sloths. 53 Sorrowful. 55 Silicic. 573.1416. 59 Northeast. Rock Tuesday and Pace attended the I the Arknnsiis Hunkers '. UBsocln- 011 in Llltlo Vodiiesdiiy. Miss NO 111 ccllng of the County League Jnlcii (it Hie hoiue'of the Uev. nd Mm. H. Lynn Wade 111 Bly- lievillc Tftecliiy nlulit. LonLs ClK'iiy ot UlythovJllc was bufilne.'i \'i.slloi' here ycsteidoy. Mrs. WotKiiow Ffanks was iuk- llospitnl ; in to the UiiptLst, Mcini.hls Tiu'sdny nluhl (or'' 'u iijoi' opi.']-a(lon. Mrs. Adn Uutlcr spent ycslcr- lay vvllh lii>r aunt,' Mrs. Amnntta Cowan, in Luxora. Tlio Km. and Mrs. D. D. Sccer or Wilson nnd Mrs. K, H. Jones Ulended'Ilic mcotlnii of tho Mississippi County Council of linp- ilbl cliurclies at Clear L»Hc cluiri'h on Tuc.sday. Mrs. Earl Qtitnn is In Memphis toiiny \'isiti]iy licr duuglitcr, Mi's. Jiiol; Wilson, wlio was operated upon at, tlie Methodist hospitnl Muiu'uy i'ollowiny nn ueiilc uttdck of iippendti-ilis. / Mrs. W. is. Planniisnn left thLs inoniiiig for McLciuisboro, III.,, to pond tli: ] wei'kond with hot 1 dnucliler, Mrs. Val Cnmpkell. She will return Monday MI-K. Morris Silvcrneld took her daiiiililcr, Jackie, who hiu; teen fin 1 severiil weeks, to Memphis loilny to visit her physlclnn. Mrs. J. T. Fowler jind Mrs. John Whltwoith are in Mcinphls on VjUbiiK'ss todny. , Mrs. Adolph Weinberg and Mrs. Nntluui Wclnlierg tire Hie liiii'sts of relatives In Memphis Hits week. , .Oa-ooln members of the Jewish Aid Society iiUendecl thelv mect- I»B in lllythevllle Inst iiight in tlie home ot Mrs. Mnx Meyers with Mrs. Walter Rosentlial cis Mr. uiul Mri. ArllHir Urickey luivi- gone to St. I.QUls for n wcck 1 ^ visit. ' s ' Ing nciir the BoyaUm store and bitten on the bridge of the nose. O. J. Moore and Ebb Scllmej'cr tU«lni>!>- cd. to stioot the dog but the gun intsscu fire and Mr. Sellmoyer v : taf forced to beat oil tho dog v.'Hli the barrel of the gun. After Mr. Mow? Imd secured another gun they followed the dog }n n truck and finally killed It about, n mile south ol noynlon. The nnltual'.s head wai sent U> 'Little Hock for examination for rubies. Boynton Child Bitten by Supposedly Rabid Dog I.KACHV1LLE. Ark.\— Jesse Woods, (i-year-old son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed woods of the BoynUm neighborhood, was attacked by » clog, bsllevcd mad, Tuesday morn- Chared With Illegal Practice of Medicine CARUTHEKSVILLK Mo. — 13r. Walter V. Costn, about 3-1 or 40, was late ycsterdny rclfased under bond of $500 prndlng his jireHuil- nary hearing, set for 'niesday, May 11, before Justice L. 0. Whll« of BrngBadoclo, for practicing medicine hi this state .without n license, According to authorities, Costa had been attending patients Ir rjccrlng nnd vicinity. He Is said Ip ..have'Attended, medical school in this stole, but .has never sscured his license. CCC Youllis Vunt Gold MILL CITY, Ore. (UI>)—Eight membbre or CCO company 21C(i topk corrcsiwndcnce courses ' )n placer niliilng while stationed In a side camp on the South Santlnm Hlvcr, Tlwy prosi«cted along the rjvcr after working hours. Edward Rodiwn collected 435 for mi ounce lie bad gathered in his spare hours, The plaint than water,' Saturn !s lighter CLEAN FALSE TEF.TH- GET RID OF STAINS New Eniy Way—No Brushing fV.crn-Klten, ntiiailtii,' lie^ v <Htcovcr>-, re- movti t'lftfkcil Rlalna. tnrnt»h, larlnr Hit* iilHKlr. Ju»l rut tot j i' (oi'th or briilgc* }n p tint i of water ntitl flJd ijtoia-Klcfn powilcr. fit) iry&ay trviahln?. HeconurtcntfrU liy deil- UiU—Hi'imned by Gooj llouiekcering. At ill druu&IitJ. Uonov bncV If no HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Caused by Tired Kidneys Mnnv of those unwfog, naEBin«* jisSoftil b&ck&cBea people Uamo on coUs or etiatiu iiro otlcn earned by tired kwlnw" Olld Ifla y bo relieved when treated in tho right way, The kidney* nro Nature 3 chief way of taking eiccss BcIUa or,d poisonous wajw out of too Mood. Most people riasa ?ibout 3 pintA »"is v o* ibout 8 inJiui'J* W \saate. , _, " 11 tho 15 miles of Llrtncy tuba and filters Jdu't worlr w«U, poiaonoua was!a itulUr stays ,u (he blow!, 'i'heao ni&oiu tnay «tart'nagging l>ackac!i«, rtieuHUtlo jfirins, lumlijso, Itaa c* iien ami energy, getting ui> uiiiptJ. HncHmgi' ifiiriM underlie e\c^heaiU«li«an<lUi">ues.j.. Don't walll Aak your tfriugiU forDoan* lls, uwcl iue««MfullyJiy iiillliowior over JO Pil ri. They clvo'tappy r'eltcf ami ml 1 help llio lli-lney tuVj fluid l& ml tea oL - ... ,--_-,, WMto fr«w U»« Wood. Get Doaa's Pi last week gave the high lights of the convention. Six other ?UEsts were present from Blythe- villc, and a|so H. s:. Peters, personnel director of William Woods College, Fulton, Mo. H;ivc Joint Birthday Tarty A color motif or p:nk, t-rcen and wliite was carried out- in decorations, refreshments and favors at the [jiirty given by Mrs. John Douglas and Mrs/Garner Bobbins at tlie Intter's lioine- on Tuesday afternoon, ' lionoriiig'ft. ihe sixth birthday .of Peggy Ann ..Douglas and- the" fifth birthday of Betty Nell Robbins. In the obstacle races prizes were won by Joan Baker, Jerry Wiseman, Patsy Porter, Rosemary Kelly and Billic Pcavler. The guest list included Patss Cone, Carolyn Spiese, Peggy Jane Lalou, Nancy, Ann and Jinimle Driver, Joan Baker, Evelyn' Jean Pigg, Alice Young, Janet King, Martha Jane Bunn, Evelyn ; Rheu- bnsli, Clara Burcli, Wanda Pope, Nancy Wellborn, Betty -Jean "Pcavler, Joyce Williams, Mary Louise Ashmorc, Mary Sue Young, Georgia Annabel!, Billy .Sue Anderson, Glenda Maxwell, Patsy Porter, v joan Laney, Rosemary Kelly, Mary B. Summer, Lois Holt, Jean Counts, Rosalyri Strong, George Deer, Steve Ralph, Dickie Wright, Billie Peavler, Rufus Holt, Jerry Wiseman, David Lancy, Jimmie Gwaltney Ben Dean Hatcher. I'. E. 0. Mcels Mrs. Frank Williams was the leader of the program on the welfare work and trust fund of the national organization, P. E. O., in the home of Mrs. Welhy Young yesterday afternoon. Plans and programs' for next year's work wore discussed. i • * Bolary Club Meets. Charles ( cmons of Dlythevillc, former district Governor of Rotary Clubs of Arkansas was the guest speaker at the weekly luncheon meeting of llic Osccola club ai. the Community Club House Tuesday. James Carhvright, delegate to the state meeting at Hot Springs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires Entertain Four tabl:s of club members and cue additional table of guests were entertained at, dinner and an evening of bridge in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires at Luxora Tuesday night. The liv- aud dining rooms were at- tractive with a profusion of rose peonies. . Jiidfie S. L. Gladish was awarded club priiie among the mea and Mrs. R. C. Bryan w'ns winner among the ladies. Green of at. Loui? of Mrs. John White Mrs. Virgil L^i the guest and family. The Rev. .nntl Mrs. E. L. Cole and Mr. and Mrs. George Deer were Memphis visitors yesterday. L. L. McDearmai], cashier of the Mississippi County Bank attend- LESS MONEY \villi Bee Brand Insect Powder— laiown for 47 years as tlie safe, cjuicb IciHcif for anls; roncSics; Harmless lo humans,bitch nnJ pels, We 2Sc SOc PEHMEYX ANNUAL CARNIVAL .We're'making value-history! We're defying the soaring cotton market! We're offering such sensational bargains in cottons that eyen our shrewdest customers will*be astounded! VALUES for the whole family and for your home! Don't miss Penney's COTTON CARNIVAL if you want savings . galore and our regular high quality! Remember you are safe from seconds at Penneys, Biirgaiu i'riccd! 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