The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO High Prices Drive Agriculture Department Out of Egg Market BLYTHEVfLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • By OVID A. MARTIN WASHINGTON, D«o. 13. ( Rich prlcci have driven the Agriculture Department »j well as some consumers out of the market (or ««*« .Officials said loday the Department his bought none during the last two weeks and less than one half of one per cent. o( the production during the last two months, i For the year to date, the Department has bought about six per wnt of egg production under it price support, program the agency buys epgs only when prices drop to alwut Z5 cents a dozen In the mid-west, 'the surplus producing area of th country. Most of this year's, purchases were made by midsummer. Buying Limited to Dried V.gfs s Its buying has been limited lo dried eggs. These eggs are processed chleflv from low quality, ungraded eggs for which there Is no consumer market. : •'Department buying has been heaviest in the late winter and spring. Egg production Is largest In this period. It, far outstrips cnn- sumer demands. For example, hens this year laid 60 per cent more eggs In Aoril than In November. It Is I'll* difference In rate iif production Hint is largely rrspnnsi- ble for 1 surpluses and low farm prices In the first half of the year and shorter suonlies and high prices In tre last half of the year. Department holdings •• of dried eggs are available for consumer markets but. there Is no demand tor them. Some of the dried esss have been Fold abroad at very low prices. The. Denartment now holds about 8? 500,000 pounds. The Department buys surpluses In the dried form, officials said, because eggs—being highly perishable —can be kept for long periods only in that form.:Furthermore, the type of eggs It buys—being of low srade and quality—would not be suitable for storage in any other form. Hii-h Prtce Factor* .': Officials said several factors contributed to current high prices. Besides the low level of. production they include (1) heavy buying for the armed services, (2) Inability of some producing areas to get supplies to market because-of storm conditions, «n'd '(3) depletion of cold itorage stocks of shell eggs. :Officials said the cold storage Industry .'undoubtedly would hsve •tored more eggs from the surplus 'production last spring If It hart expected prices to go as high as they have. : -: : .• • .- . -> Department : experts- expect a •harp drop In egg prices next month. ROOM FOR CONTEMPLATION-With the shadows of world conflict hanging particularly heavy over the UN, delegates at Lake Success now have access to a newly-opcued "meditation room" ine 20-foot square, dimly lighted room, decorated only by small flags and a pol of ferns, was opened lo UN officials and the public alike, in response lo many pleas by religious organizations. At Least One Orange Blossom Belt City Will Have Snow for Christmas SAN GABRIEL, Calif.. Dec. 13.*(/!')—This. town may be In the orange blossom belt but the Chamber of Commerce has decided the kids are going to have some snow and Ice before Christmas. A small snoK-slorm has been scheduled for Thursday. In the city park a s a prelude to 'the yule season. Chamber officials have ordered mow machines from « Hollywood studio and are being donated bv firm. . The machines will shave the ice and blowers will spread it over Froduction will begin Its Increase then. Furthermore, the Department has announced it will not •upport egg; prices after the end of this year. Sought tor Levee Project in Lee County MEMPHIS, Dec. 13. (AP>— The Marines Lower Casualty Figures Estimates of Loss** in Korean Trap ar« Cut by 50 Per Cent WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. (AP) — Marine headquarftrs yesterday scaled down It* estimates of the casualties suffered by the Marine Division In breaking out of the Chinese Communist trap In the Changjin Reservoir area of Korea. The Marines put the figure at 3.000 to 3.300 »nd .said the number Includes those disabled by sickness and exposure to winter weather. Actual battle tosse.s — in fctlled, wounded and missing—were estimated at about half the total. At 1t% strength The headquarters supplied the new casualty toll after Marine officials had given varying estimates on the basis of a field report. This report said the division's three Infantry regiments were only at 70 per cent strength after the 10-day battle. The first estimates ranged up to 6.500 and were calculated. In part, on the assumption that other units had suffered about the same losses as the infantry groups. The revised figure would make the total casualties roughly equal to the World War II Marine lasses In the 70-hoiur battle for Tarawa The Tarawa toll Ls limited, however, lo actual battle casualties. Correspondents Get New List Ot War Security 'Suggestions' WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1*1*1 TOKYO, Dec. 13. (fl>,_War correspondents yesterday were given a new list of "suggestions' on how to protect military security. Col. M. p. Echols, General Mac- Arthur'j press officer, explained this was necessary because th« "new war" against, Chinese Reds In Korea made secrecy more Important. He said there would be no formal censorship, however, "While press censorship," he said, "was relatively unimportant in the North Korean phase (of the campaign) it becomes more Important when the potentialities of the enemy are enormous, particularly when about eight mile.'! southeast ot Hughes and extends downstream The bids will be opened Jan. u. they are in a position to throw In resources the North Koreans never had—lo wit, certain naval and air activities." He listed these suggestions which he said would protect Allied security It closely observed: / 1. "No Information concerning planned activities should be given out, or moves In progress." 1. "No enemy movement* with respect to our boundaries, weakness In our positions or undefended portions of our lines." 3, "No Information concerning the effectiveness of specific items In enemy or united Nations mate- riel.- 1 «. "No report of activities or locations of friendly troops except In terms of divisional units or separate United Nations forces and tint) only when the unit Is In firm contact with the enemy." Echols said also that all field correspondents in Korea will be asked to submit to local headquarters copies of their stories on military matters within eight hours of filing but not before they are filed U a pubjlc Information officer fee* upon reading them that security has been violated, he will refer the story to Tokyo headquarters. 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