The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
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Served by tKe United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISS^OT ***"* ^ •*•*•* » » ^»/ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXT—NO. 277 lie Courier niythcvlllc Dally News Blytlievlllc* Herald Mississippi Valley Leader AKANSAS, TlIURSnAY. FERRUAHY 7, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS JDLORDS VIOLATE CONTRACTS FICHI ON 5NTE 7 ulrell Measure to Speed Relief Meets Delay in Lower House LITTLE HOCK, Feb. ^ 101') The fight 10 abolish the state comptroller's ' olficc readied the floor of tho house loday when Rep. J. E. Smilb, of .Randolph county, called up his bill tor Ihlid reading and a vole. The bill was read just at noon and before arguments were slarl- cd the house recKisod until 2 P. M. Representative Smith had the floor at Ihe. recess and \va.s expected lo .slart argument when Ute hottfe reconvened Fmihei- dclny oimj fni- Oov .1. M. Fun-ell's public welfare bill loday. The house refused lo extend the morning lioiii- to ctobate amendments passed by (he senate yesterday. The house, which originally passed the bill, must .concur in the amendments before they can be included In.the measure. Uaney Hits at FERA There was a report the, governor would . attack ihn amend'ments In the senate.' He had not appeared In that house ao noon and no communication from him had been received. Rep] Waller W. Haney, of Woodruff county, urged concurrence In the amendments, praising them for Inking .some-of the powers away from federal agencies and placing, them in ; stale approved men. He criticized nrimin- istnuion ol FERA nnd .Intimated a "collusion"; belv.-een -iiie governor and w. R. Dyess, stale FERA administrator. ; ri;',-'-- When ihe' amendments are considered again tomorrow authors amendments would cause nfore-'rte' lay in sending the. bill biek (o Washington for appioval of rERA officials. Tlic measme originally \vis appioved in Washington it ib Intended lo biing conllnued federal -nd to unemnloynblei during rebiuarv ' Slot Machine BUI, Ouerert Insinuation fee^chni'g'ed b\ iifil- ily companies nre prohibited In'a bill lhat passed the house today on a roll cill We oftVJ (o 14 An amendment attached 1(0 the bill excluded mtinicipillv owned Plants ihc bill v is sent to Ihe senate. Raney introduced,a bill to" ti\ slot machines $200 pet jeir with 111" i avenue going to the old aee pension fund t , ,' The senate defeated Senator J. 0 Ashtei's bHl to-iepsal, the law alto Ins quartet Ij, payments r>f (WiEonal and properly Hj.e>. Double rrlniarj.Nol Dead l Approval by 'Governor Fnlrell yesterday of Senate Bill No. 7 by .. Jitlng to supporters of iho dmiblt! primary, plan will not be iiccepted ns the final decision of the General Assembly on this subject. . . • -. Following a conference between Senator Lake and Ward of Independence, both ol whom were sponsoring bills .(o amend the 1933 act to convert, II Into n preferential primary law. Ihey announced that Senator Ward's bill will be rcdrafled to make it a new and Independent preferential primary measure. ; Senator Luke and eight or 10 other senalors have indicated intit they win sign the bill and Join Senator Word in an effort to obtain its passage. The new ..Ward bill will-contain umry. held three weeks be- loi c uifi second or scttcrnl tiri mnrjy purely „ preferential elee" lion, except that eandidales receiving a majority of all voles cast in lie primary would be declared the nominee. Exemption Zone Eliminated The Gatherings amendment to the sales tax bill, creating n 12- mile exemption zone around the borders ot the slate, adopted Tuesday, was reconsidered and killed by (he senate yesterday Another exemption proposal bv Senator Barney of Tcxurtana' was defeated nnd the bill was sciil ( o the engrossing commlllce without any provision for the exemption of border communitta. Action on a chain store bill bv Senator Games, which would > )ra ' vide a sliding tn<t on all retail stores and filling stallons based on the average value of slock of merchandise, was deferred when Son- alor Johnson contended that the Sends Shank Back to Slate Courts iK ROOK, Ft-h. 7. UIP>~ k II. .Shank, doomed Ohio poison slayer of Tour, vVris ordered hack Into slate courts today by i.\>dwal .indue jnhn R MnVllwaii; who SDV cil him from the- plMlj-Jc ehnl>- u) n hab.-ns. corpus pcUlion hiir- lust December. ' son county circuit court in 'then move to Ret u .sanity hearing. From Ih.-U court UK appeal can Iw (nkeii to the'stale supreme court, where Ihc case has been heard Iwlcc on different actions. ih e judge advised. If turthcr relief is desired by tlio defense after dial procedure another hearing in federal conn ni!>y '••3 had March 5, Marlineau said Alleged Member of.Karpis- Barkei- Gang Makes Daring Get-Away YORKVILLE, 11!., Pel). 7. (UP)A daring escape from department of justice agents, executed by an alleged member o( tlie Karpls-Barker kidnap gang, S£ls revealed hore in- day as federal foraes were mobi- iMri to apprehend tho prisoner He was identified ns Jos.<re Doy!e M. under Indictment hi (he kid- laying of Edward a. Bremer in st ?anl. He was bejjig taken to ChU :a.Eo .in an airplane which was :orccd down here last night. Because of engine irdiible the pilot was forced u> land oh the farm of E. I,, Maflock, south of here and the-agents hired William F«rd a rai-mer, to bring them and their prisoner to Ihe hotel. jDo'yZc was m : shackle's^ when brought to. the,.hotei but'they were removed - in a room'- 'whefc' one -'of '- agcnls made a' long 1 distance ,oit (o dcpaitment of fiistice headquarters In Chicago The o[her agent took Doyle lo 3 restaurant on the/^nam floor and •-.y ordered beer'flora the mtt- f • Is the, beer was being served the prlsoiiei-slruck (lie agent, (.no-lino him lo the nooi, and Ihen leaped thiough a window. He fled |a n s [ 0 !en automobile in a hail 01 bullets filed b\ two federal-agents ° 5 ° Cripple Dreams of Evangelical Tour HAMBURG, Ark CUPJ-AU cv angelical lour i, the one dtslre for Marcus Pmlcy, invalid, for 35 1 ,f." r f' rb °.? rld<a<!n 30 i™^ a>'d ' 101 J5 years •*« no Ijv;-!, h,., [eft iiwn to his breast and are clenched. He;, is ?f'his-plight ,'hits been ; and letters' have bec-n , "ing or: the Influence.lits 11olidtctirklimv inith is having on people. Ministers write liim daily ' ,iv ""Prcfsipn the story O f his "«s made on " Hon. They man-el faith. vord of his n to go out into the United States and tel, my experience and try to lend sinner., lo Christ Th" my prayer, anyway." . " lat »r Deposits New Source of Mercury Mama Dionne Frets While Papa Frolics Testifies''Concerning Business Aciivilics of Dead Man Homesickness preyed mi Mrs. El?.lre Dlonne, nioUwr of the fairieij [({iiiUtuiileUs, as she accepted, 'adulation of thousands on her first visit, lo a metropolis, but .she'laced the Chicago throngs bravely and here, is shown with her husband, Ovllu, during a lull in (he festivities. Mrs. Dlomre, who now weighs more than SCO nmind. 1 ;, Is. on a rigid died and finds little enjoyment' In (he rounds of dinners, night club entertainment, and iTfcniinns. Thil her husband -Is in Jils 'gjoi}' lii the liurly-biirly in whteli he suddenly has teen thrust. ..',..• Voluntary Contributions Will Be Relied Upon .to '' Provide .Fund'-V-, -...:./ Voluntary conlrlbutlons will be Invited to 'n $500. fund Bly- ihevlllc's share ol v liie first year's expense ol a proposed Eastern Ar- taTOjis Boy scoiit council-it icns announced'.following a meeling -of mpn. boys' work with dlrecloi's.'of Ihe-chamber of.ratti- nerce last nigli't. : - . .There will be • no tlooNlo-door canvas 'of the" business district for contributions'.- Hi "w.-is 'decided, but anyone .who wishes io help is Invited to .'make .iiis .contribution .(o B. A. 'Lynch, • treasurer: ;K this, method fails to. produce sufficient is posslbte-thal ben6rit-en- lercalninentB or olher nieaiis will' be resprled .to. '-..."''•'.. C. V. Sebaugh was named chairman of a commHlce'thai was'nam- ed,-to handle the-raising of the money. The committee -'also'"includes- Bernard" Qoocli,-"Chester Caldwcll, Graham Sudbtiry'and II. P. ' sandford. representing the Jamber of-commerce, E. \f. Mc- 3all, clialrinan of <ho Rotary dub Joys' work rom.1 tie e, Harvey Morris, chairman of the Uons club boys' vork committee. Ross Stevens, taalrman of the American l^jlDii >oys' work commUlcc, and Ihe Rev. Sluart Salmon, representing ihn ninlsterlal association. - Uses Pins Bought in 1395 LAMAR, Mo. (UP)—Mrs. J. B. Lilliard still is using n paper of )ins she bought in 1895. Many tmvc not, been removed from their original holes. United Slates Grologicn/Survey Is convinced. - commercinl value of the ore and its necessity for maiuifaclnre of mmltions during time of war lent importance to the discovers'. A year ago Ihe" government sent J. C. Reed of the geological survey lo (his county to Investigate the cinnabar supply. . . Face Robbery Charge Red Harper, Eugene Snitlh nnd Ellis Wyoming, negroes, have been arrested, charged with the rob- Vry of Carl Lay. ! Details of the alleged robbeiy were not available today although It Is supixiscd to have occurred hi a negro section of Blythevtlle In broad daylight. Fights to Make Kansas Drier Government Will Be Ready . for Gold Case Decision V/ASHINGTON, F*b.,1. (UP)^ Aller a lengthy series of confer-; ences with Secretary ol Ti'casury Henry Morgenlhan jr. and other federal pmclals, Ally. Qen. Homer. S. Cumrriings announced loday that Ihe government will be ready "for any^emergency" In.connection v.jth the ' supreme court's forlhcornyig goid declslan... • " ••'•'• '""' FLEM1NGTON, .N. .)., Pel). 7 (UP)—Henry Ulillg, who was Isldor Plseh's - "best friend In America," loony began u recital ol (he iiclivi- lles of Piscli which tlie defense hopes will' dear Druno Ulchard Ilaupltiitinn or the murder o[ Chas A. Lindbergh'Jr. UhliK was on the stand only a lew minutes before Iho noon recess, and iiad Interrupted his siory of n Irlp to aermany he made with Ihe "poverty stricken rnr cutler." Fisch diKl in Leipzig four monllis alter he and uiillg arrived in aer- many. Uhlig lestlfled, however, lo various ciitMprtai, Including 'a p!c business, in nOileli pisch had a. hand. ' Hiiuplmann, who insists VLsch left ft shoe box with him conlaln- In'g the ransom money found later iu" ULs E^-nEP. IMA* to UMli? to Drove his statement that Plsch hnd nil the ransom money In 1632. Tlie witness re-marked that Fisc.1i had a "very had cough" in 19?J' Dr. John P. Condon (Jafsie) described the man who negotiated with him,for Ihe ransom as having a cough. Father Obtains Arrest .of Negi'o for Selling Liquor to Auto Victim .John Cruz, negro', has been arrested charged with Illegal possession of liquor growing out.of ah investigation following (he death of Randolph Qreen, 17-yeerVold son pf-.R.-.H., areen," Huffman merchant, which may . have led indirectly .to .the .youth's death In. a highway accident January 23. The negro. inny"have given' liquor lo Oreen a short lime I before he , and two companions drove, off Highway Gl on a curve east.-of: Yariira. Ho died within n few minutes-niter the accident. Tlie boy;s father Is said to have pushed an Invseligatlon Into clr- cumslfinccs leading lip to the accident when it developed llrat the youth hod probably been drinking' when he failed to iiegoltatc the curve In a small truck, while traveling at' a high rate of speed. His Name's Stamina, and Does He Live Up to It! CINCINNATI. (UP)-Nlck Stnm- Ino, gsrnge owner, lives his name. Still bruised nnd battered from having beaten off B capture he eftected nt. his garage a week before, Stamina fought oft the nlfut* of a knlfe-wiclder one night recently. When stamina wtis nimble, to gratify the wish of George King. 52. for a cigaret, King drew a. knife, slashed Stamina on tlie right thumb. Stamina disarmed the man nnd held him until arrival ol police. A year ago, Stamina beat lo death a man who drew a gun and threatened to kill him. In his youth, stamina was trapped In a big tannery fire in Austria-Hungary. Everything on his body except Ills boots burned. His head was almost severed when Iw • f?ll against a sharp piece of iron p'»i<i- »i -. . . . . SUM 1: Remarks Alleged Libelous Were Privileged,,' Sena. *;$ tor '.Contends, • \-" v ..,WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. (.UP)— Senator Hliey P. Long (Dem., La.) .loday abandoned.his altenipt lo escape jurisdiction of Dislrlct" of Columbia courls. nnd nled an answer to,the SSOO.ood libel siilt, brought ngaln.1!; him by Gen. • Samuel T Ansell, : . ;: , r '• Tlie suit grew out of ! a speech made .by Long In .the senate'two years ago attacking Ansell.. In Ills answer, nled In DUtricl supreme court. Senator. Long claimed the statements were privileged under thVconslllution. copies ol the'speech; he held, xvere milled as a "public service lo the people of Louisiana and Ihe. United Stales" in an effort to refule n slotemc made by Ansell as counsel for ~ .senatorial committee inquiring into flic election of Senator John H Overtoil (Dem., La.) Southern Girl Guides Visitors Through Capito! WASHINGTON (UP)—MLw Elizabeth Martin has more than (Hi employe's Interesl In her job as a guide in Iho Capital. Mta Martin cnmo. lo Washington six months ago from North Carolina. She makes her living b} guiding tourists to the many point! of interest In tho CapUpi. In staluary Hall, . where sland slalues of Ihe country's greatest men, there is one lhat Miss Martin poinls lo with personal pride. It Is the statue of Zebulon Balrd Vance, civil War governor ol North Carolina and later a three- lerm Senator from that statp. He was Miss Martin's step-grand father. , Georgian Deeds Property To Jehovah, Most High DUBLIN. Ga. (UP)—Bccmiso he believed lhat "my Creator is and should be my preferred creditor for his priceless blessings," John McDsnlel, of Folfolon, has deeded all his property to "Jehovah, the Most High God." Tlie deed tva.1 filed with (lie clerk ot the Laurens Superior Court. McDanlel, a 'farmer, Is a member of the relNou? sect known as the Church of Qod. Sheriff's Recovery Is Slower Than Expected Clarence H. Wilson, Mlsslssipp, county sheriff, Is not rapidly from Injuries to his eyes sustained when a negro gunman's liullet shattered a car window In his face, as was at first antJclpai ed. • .'••''•' I--. ••••' \ Mr. Wilson was:htirf'jahuaiT ! and. aflcr.^'j week's-.treatment -b Memphis specialists, diirhig which time a'•nmnhei- of small parilclcs of. glass. were removed .from 1 his eyes,' his •'rull •. rccoi'ery. , Ifiv'ab'oiil Hiree.or four' weeks K'is'expieiiti Mr. VVilsoivlias suffered frequently rrom the'rlnjllrles . slhce' his discharge' from:, the ;h'osp'ltftl 'nnd : on several •.pccaslons slnce'-.then, oilier particles-;of glass have been found nnd removed. ' •'".'. Gold Standard Dead, ; Vanderlip Declares WASHINGTON,. Feb. 7. (UP) — Prank A. Vanderllp, ex-president of ihe National city Bank of -New York, predicted lodny that the "gold bloc" countries eventually would abandon tho-gold standard. "I don't bc-llevc the world will ever return to the gold standard," Van- derllp told the senate agriculture _.' the currency problem Is the first essential in the restora- lion ot Irade, Vanddrlip said. "High tariffs are only secondary. They were really enacted to protect the gold stocks," ho asserted. 000,000. or approximately 10 percent of their total "governmental revenue, for national defense h 1933. Clear Maid naming to make Kansas driest of the dry slatea, Representatlr* Don Fosscy ot Reno county U shown here In tho House chamber at Topeka speaking tor hla bill,.which outlaws even near- beer. The measure passed the House, 72-33, and is accorded a strong chance to »ln Senalo spproTal, Deranged Alabama Man Kills Two, Suicides BLOSSBERO, Ala. Fob 1 (UP) —-.A ft 111 I - T - 11 ".. i<-". I itn/ have become 'deranged lodsy shot nnd killed two persons including hli ojvti baby, wounded two others and I then Killed hhnscit near here. . Motorist Used Skiis When Tire Punctured DURHAM. N. H. <UP>—En route from his home in PIcnnont lo Ihe Unlverslly O t New Hampshire here, Jack Goodwin, n sludent. discovered a front tire on Ihe automobile he was driving had gone flat. Tlte road being covered with snow, Goodwin saved Iho tire by strapping.skis t 0 the front wheel* and. drove to Ihe nearest garage. Mellon to Fight U.S. Over Taxes ^stl II. V«H I'ossj' A miiloi batdo fii the inumio tnx fiont It npproOTlihic, \\lth Pluauureli ll;o scene of action fthen tbree roenilwi? ot llm Ijoiril oMnx appeals will decUlo whether Andrew'W. Meljon will collect fU304S i\3 o\e)i>':iynioit ofilili lucoinc Ic^ or rny SIW 103 16 Undo Sam for alleged evasion ninl penollles. Heading govern- went eoini'.cl In Hit n^lit \s not>- erl Jaclisnn. wltli Frank ,[. Ito. gnu; of Teapot Dome war famo, detcndliie Mellon 'An Ohio Re- ;ubllcau, Eriie'st II. :Vnu Foasan, will preside at the' hearings. uather to Protest Plantation Conditions and Demand FERA Help HARRISBURQ, Ark., Fob. 1 (UP)—Polnsctt county sharecroppers met here this aflernoon to protest plantalion conditions nn demand financial aid from the local FERA. Lucien Koch, 27-year-old president of Commonwealth college and organizer for the Southern Tenant Farmers union, promised to "do all In our power to prevent any fireworks at the meeting." However Sheriff J. D. DuBard ordered all deputies on duly, Koch said he would speak on relief. 'We will probably send telegrams to Harry Hopkins, federal relief administrator, and W. U. Dyess slate FERA administrator," he added. Tells Secrclaiy Wallace-ol Evictions in Easlcin. Arkansas WASHINGTON, IV'b 7 (UP) — The Afii'lcultilrnl Adjustment -Acl- nlnLslrallon, ahctidy on edge as a (•suit of wholesale dismissal of-'lelt ving officials, loday wni picsenkd vlth n report that its cotton piq- sram was bringing scene.'! like thai? of war lorn Belgium lo southern -hnrccroppcrs The report uns flled by Mary lonnor Myers, AAA lecal official and former Chicago Justice agenl, niter n - survey of cotlon regions vest of Memphis. • Says Contrails Violated She .charged wholesale violation of acreage conlrol provLs'ons, sup- nosert lo protect tenants from evlc- :ion. The report of serious dinicitltlea in Ihc cotton program came with :he AAA BCnoially upset over tho purge" 'effected by Administrator Chester C, Davis Mrs Mjers mad" :ier report to Secretary of Agriculture Henry A Wallace it was not expected to bfc made public. What action would be taken, If any, was uncertain nnd Iho uncci- Inhily was Incieased by the shifting emphasis O f AAA policies under Davis. __ Mrs. Myeib made, an intensive study of social conditions in five northeastern Arkansas counties She reported evicted tenant farmer families straggling along highways, wandeilng hopelessly In search of sheltei and emptoj incut Sho said lio'vels ueie crowded until there was,"standing room only" b»- cause lamilH h, slightly better economic ctrdum stanch'had shared shelter with Iho evicted. 'Some laiidloid planteri, MR Myers churgcd, ha,ve tmned out theh lelmntE wltlinut^antlng and influenced local relief officials fo refuse Ihcnv aid. Friend* of Consumers Out~ The Davb 'pui-gc' of Ih6 AAA, announced, in the Interest of hni- mony, brought icatgnations from Jerome Frank, general consumers ntlorney. Lee Piessmnii, riancla M. Shea and VIctoi W Rotnctn, aides of Fianl., and Gardner Jackson, assLslant to Fred Hose, consumers attorney. Howe, was de-' moled. Hie difference nliloh caused the split was due, one of those ousted, charged, to a growing indifference among administration lenders to' consumer under AAA market Ing agreements. Charges Illegal R.emovM " of Brick from Building V. D. Cole, who Claims oivncr- p of the property nt the southwest corner of First nnd Main streets, has filed suit In circuit court here against W. M. Burria and H. N. Swearengen, asking 32000. Cole alleges that Burns and Swearenger unlawfully went on the property after « brick build- Ing thereon had been partially destroyed by fire and tore down the remaining portions of tho structure, converting the materials to their use. i Cecil Shane is attorney for the plainllff. Provisions fo Relief Bill Amended Elise Hart, of Memphis, Tenn., former Hacfeensack, N. J., reporter, mny be called as a witness to clear Violet Sharpe of complicity In Hie Lindbergh kidnaping. Miss Hart asserts she Interviewed the former Morrow maid the evening the crime wos committed, U. S. Moves to Block Merger of Steel Firms WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. (OP)— Tlie government today filed two anti-trust sulls in Cleveland, o., federal courl, designed to halt the 4336,000,000 merger of the Republic Slcel Corporation and the Corrl- gan-McKlnney steel company and Us subsidiaries. WASHINGTON. Feb. 7 (UP)— The administration's $4,880,000,000 work relief bill was amended to^ day by the senate appropriations committee to provide that "prevailing wages" must be paid on all v;ork done under the measure. ••':•'. Other changes were made but the bill was still In a form satisfactory to the administration. The committee may complete work on the bill tomorrow. Negro Struck by Auto on Road Near Armorel Will HarrL?, negro, sustained Injuries to his right leg when struck by a car near Annorel and Is a patient In the Elytheville hospital. > A rural mall carrier's car is said to have struck the negro, tlie hub cap on one wheel tearing the flesli of one leg and bruising it severely, when ho wn.5 Jilt .1 glancing blow. • ' ' Masons Meet Tonight/' There will be Instruction In ths ! master's de?reo at the weeWy meeting of the -local Masonic ' nlsht, 7:30 o'clock. WEATHER — Cloud}-, occasional rains tonight and Friday. Warmer tonight. . Memphis and vicinity— O:cislon- al rains tonight and Friday. Wanner tonight. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 54, minimum 34, olear, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls, official weather observer, :

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