The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1946
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH "29, ]946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»ll)' r*u per Hue for consecutive inmtiont: UJuiiuum Charge , 6<Jo 1 lime per Una 15c 2 liuiei jjer line per diy ___ i 2e • llm«» ji*r Hue |ier day 9a 4f tiuj^s per line |ier day 7c 12 timei per tiaa per day 60 I WoDlh yer line I_Z_ fltfc Couut fjv» iver«?e wonlt to th» linn. • di orjfjed lor three or l!x time* »hd •U-pptd before expiration will b« cfcarffeil »• nomljer of llwei ib« ad inueared adjuiiuieot of hit) made. ll Classtfjrd Ad vert is I UK copy luV ted by persons r*s>dirjii outside o( tb« city iiiuit be accoritpanleJ ly ctsb. Hate* *»*>' be easily coiuimi^d from the abov« Ailirerllslnf order for Irregular Inier- IIOU3 t&keft tlie one tiitie rftt«. No re&puDsjljility will be taken former* tbati on< iucorroci insertion of »ny C]»B• )fird »d. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS I. FOR SALE PAGE MINI Jim O.ovrolol. 021. good. VKonr ' f Of Salt 40 tori's V, niil,.< ossl c>( Ifolhiut. im rock roAd, Gchool lus, rlorlric and l.' lines. Well drainvd. Olli' Injun-. i»-o lr«rn«. I'lirllitllj- ii'iir.' I. i Xiiirri'JiliU'nt sayn Fell for low price of $i:ju i>rr acre. IS-ld rent o[ ^.MJO Koes will, place or nwn.'r will roilnfe J>rice ^f.OO Hid (IVi! iiossesrilon Jan. 1. 11H7. 'I'erjns, ^. ca^lj. l>alaiu-e 5 years at .'. per i-enl. Shown liy «]>• liointrttenl only. l.ulljer (irny, stito aK^^it, |dinni< Mft. ^^'iik-l''i Kilo twin Shop. Start li [i. - T r,0. Re.l Ball Harh.-r OONPUKTR BRICK an.l lll.OCK wiih a TVKA IlilICK MAU- KH. Ix inexpi-nsive, ,«.«»ily opwrated. ^io Kakinx. .Need only Kiiul, 'ci'in^KI, and auy ,,|il sl,,.,^ |t n ||,i jonr'l.onie of l,rirk. Let us s).o»- wlm tin lie done, and wlmt nllj,.r« are Joini.-. H. li. TYHA CO.. Dept. U. Wyoming, Minn. l'9-J.k-:}0 5 rooms aifd hath. Price S2,-i 850. Cash .?l,(i50. $20 per' month. Possession today. H. C. CAMPBELL ' ! Phone <MG or 2930. 3-28-pk-4-4 Baby Chicks 4-A Grade, approved. Several breeds and ages at store, North Fourth 81., Blylheville Elevator Feed Store. Phone 2112. 3-27-ck-4-3 5 room residence. Nice location. Butane gas and attic fan. Price S4750. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone -1 Hi or 2<).'JO ' 3-28-pk-4-4 nice building lots. Close in. One on Franklin and one Sycamore. Price §500 and $400. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 440 or 2!).'iO 3-28-pk-4-4 •II Itnprov 1 ', niee 40 :iere fftrn l.islits, runiiLiiK water, Ijuil nil. Hiuili n( Ellrilu'ville i One, on COJirrcle lllnlJWfty, 3 Ulylln-ville. '4-11 arres 2 l /j ml. south of nivlheville on |[i|>)iway 61. Nl« plare to liull.l, 0 ai-rex uf alfjlfil. nil fenceil l.ullirr dray. Real Ksc.te lliokcr, Pliui,.. «'aler syslein exactly like tlte City of Mrinjihl! only smaller. To anyone tin 1'ie farm liaj-ini: rloclricily 'it will «»l>|ily tile l.nuse and water all slock J^eiit on the farm. Works automatic. Jim two pumps, lank nnd filter. I J"»vt> J 1]s t pill in cily ivnter. hut for Rnyone not close enough lo cily wati-r H'is outfit can't be Iji'at. Chenu K. Arlnms. I!»•>-. Cl. .North of lilyllie- Photostats — Let O'Ktecn make a photostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone ,!20S. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck'tf Atlrac(iv« raoa«m liome. North eMt nection^ of town. Owtier .occupied aud cared for. .Spacious yard,. b«»utiful lihrubbery. Inimedlate- poKNenHloi;. 8e« or call iUit I.o/an. riione 502. 3|2a-ck-tf 6 late moitel John Deero And Farm&ll tractors will] all equipment. I'hon* 274(1. Scnalh, llo. lloy Jlanley. ' ville. 28 tik-411 Kurniture for 0 room house. Must Le SOW l,e!oro April Urd. 112 W. Dhvli. J'HOl'KRTV OWNKKS: I will tjrins you a ca'ili Ijny if you nre ready to H:tl your home, farm; or business properly. I can sell and finance toun IJIIM>- '•riy and farm l.tml al low rale of inleresl with loiin term ],re-riavnionl*. ,1 ou are inviti'il lo call anyllme' Lull]" 'Iray. Weal Kstiu.i ilrokcr. >'ho.>e Sla - 3:;7-lik-4l27 2 room fnrnislied Hparhnent, Keason&lne. Couples only. 819 W. Ash. 20-pk-:l'l Im r.-friseralor: la en. ft. l-'arm or cafe. I'rioeil riflil. ]l. It. :in. Phone ^.s;12 llhllieville or naK Jiintli|.ronfei] for T> only liar n Di.rlr.ii .M lo repair your damaged by moths williing llnl.bur.l Hardware (•„. Tea .NKW Walk-In l'nf(i. r -]lijblKird Hefri^e mors. rid cu. fl. Ideal for cafe or .Moa frocery. Cuil or wrile C. C. S v «ck .Snns. trenrliinan'E llayoii, Arkansa raspberry ]il.int5.;^ 1945 model Cushman Motor Scooter. Good condition. Call 4(!;,, or 350!) and 3439 after (i p. m.. . 3-22-dh-tf WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD ' Bring Your Car to PHILLIPS for A ''] COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's What We'll Do:— • Check Compression ' , • Test, Clean and Kpnce Spark Plugs ' • Clean and Adjust Distributor • Check Coil and Condenser • Check Oneniior and -Voltage Regulator • Clean, Adjust Carburetor and Clean Kuel Pump • Service Air Cleaner • Tighten Hose Connections • Test and Service Hull cry and Uiittery Connections For Rent 111 or wllhont Vllelien prlv- Storage room, car or truck unloading on both Railroads. Phone 2112. 3-27-ck-3-30 if Sec Us for Kxperl liody-Kemler Repairs • We can give immediate Service on the inslnllntinn of New Windshields and Windows if Just Received—ji Complete Stock of Scat Covers for All Makes and Models New Day! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW Every Weilncsilny Night, U:30-!0:UU KST mi ihc CliS Network. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—1B4 Political Announcements The Courier New? h«j been u.liorlMd to announce the following candidates, tubject to the IX'inocrntlo primary: KHRKIFr AND COLLECTOR JACK riNLEY HOBIN8ON WILLIAM UKKRYMAN COUNTY JIIDOK QEKE E. BRADLEY ROLAND QHKEN FOR TAX A8SK88OB DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. WATSON CIRCUIT CLKKK HAKVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CLKKK ELIZABETH BLYTHK COUNTY TMKASCKEI DELLA I'URTLE STATK KKl'ItKSKNTATIVE ALENK WORD . .E. O. FLEKtytAN LESLIE "DUK113" Sl'EOK L. H. AUTRY STATE SENATOR J. LEK NEAKDKN Wonted To Buy Ev-fll will [iny cash fr>r -II tthcvrulrl or I'lyiiiuiitU. I'lmlU! II LSI). Nicely furnislird front bedroom, Sleklu heat, hot w&ler, I'horm 3204. lU-pk-IU'-i We are now operating garage in Yarforo. Will appreciate your patronage. jl.'R. Presnell & J. R. I {o vies. : 3-27-pk-30 House Moving anil ' ' Pmimliiliim Repair Call 4!>3. FrniLk Criirkrtl l.llli ;uul Vine St. " 2ri-tiV-Jl^r. Mother homo will day r»; For childre nijjlit. lU'fi'rt-ji 119 J'ast (.'(ii- ItcM K.sUli: rash, call Mat ll.l K.-t ]ilir>ii<. r,02. Silver service in KOO<! condition. Write P. O. liox 380, lilytheville. 3-12-ck-lf 'i' pay l'l^^l^ f'u- llso.l fnriiihirc. 1 or :i liu.i«- full. Call '1'M'i. Alvin ll Flirnilnre Co. " 3!2a. Head courier News Wnnl Arts. Savt; o lilir 10lf. me liy ovvnor, n at oncf. L on Ifcarn St. llflRO 273(3. 6 room residence near high school. Now renting for $fiS a month. Price §5000. Has one side now vacant. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4-16 or 2930. 3-2G-pk-4-3 One I!in7 HuiUon. Fair tires and body. MoL.r fund. Cull U2G. 2U.|)k-4]3 First time on Iho market. Three Iiel- runii) house in good condition 100.T14O II. lot. One clock alt city Ins lino, low tux rate, i.kut.v of jpirdtn space, rooms aro Inrye and comfortable TCA- Mjnalily price. Kco or] ilax Logan, phone 502. 223 rk-30 Ojiu 4 ji'.ir ol.l jack. Jo hands lil B h. ttdSlil iiljont 1000 iKilinds. Clnude (•ray, .Stcek', .\lo., l<t. i O n Chik Hid (ll.lsinol.ile. clean, s noil tire* ra n.l l.ealt-r. j.ric.'.l l.elow ce'nin t - Tlionc 7UU o " Also 1!MO ' property on MnEn Street. Well 1'lione 97:1. :>r>-eli-4;i ri'i.airs. .Specialize in Hie rc- of vaciunn cleaii^rK. Itrinjf it to A^li.fAny nia^e cle&ner. '24 lunir r. :l-21-|ik-l-1il .'or expert oil stove rppntrinc call -2&2 1 ?. William R. Overton. arUny Connly Surveyor, J.Hiid Kurvoys anil drat,- line farm ititches, line ami levels. Served this area fnr 30 years. 16-i>k-4|lC Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding.. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone Wanted to ton* •I-room uiifurnislircl njiartTDcnt or IM>. Xn oliiLEr.Mi. IN'riiLunenE rcsl- ;[•=, Mrs. FJoyd Hurgcll. ' phonu 28 : pk-4!L We Specialize in Fresh Fruits arid Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phono 973 There nrn oil wells right on tin lawn of the cnpltol hiitKIIng h Oklaliomn City. OHIa. Read Courier News Want Ads. Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2G42 Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member NafL P<Mt C«ntrol Am~n. 115 8. Third Bt rtmne 2751 Tho following lire cmulldiitc.i (or fdcc in th e niythovllle Municipal 'It'ftloii to lie hold April 3: CITY CI.KKK FRANK W11ITWORTH CITY ATTOKNKV PERCY A, WRIGHT <IA>r He-clccllon) HOWARD N. MOOUE WAK1) O.NK AI.DK.ltMAN JESSE M. WH1TB ALDKKMAN WAUl> TWO JOU1K Ij. NADERS Al.llKH.MAN WAIil) THItKB RUPK11T CRAPl'ON LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 goulh First Street Cli;ii't!«l with luiliiK on tnnlc- lurn.iiiKjd mmibiT oi victims to his homo liotwren IB-ll niul 11144 mul tlieru lilllhiK thorn lo n iKiscinvnl oxcciiHon vtunnbcr, Miuc'i'l I'clli)!. Kivnoh i>liyslclnn, is OH trial for imirdcr hi Purls, llo luis coiifc'ssctl lo 01! murders, but chlms Hint Hie victims worn Nir/.i collnborationliits innrkcd for ili'iilh by 11 iiiyslc'i'lons band hu- snys he led. l.rl Me Mrect Your Prefabricated House KITU IMIiniilt's—No O. W. FAimi 411!; .So. Lilly lllythcvlllr, AtkJ C A L L TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUR SERVICE" ' Phon. 2241 Frrtecl rtpairlnp; for loiliiy's cx- cilllsile fimUvc:ir assured when rc- hulll in uur nw lit-n i Kh»]i. i H-flLT ..... JUHLtTY 'SHOe S'WOF tZ.1 W Mfl'1-M'.S-f.- Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up m Just Received! Electric Phonographs With Autonm'llc Record Clumber. 12 Ten Inch. Records. Ten 12 Inch Records. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR j'M l:»st Atiiln I'hun* (407 Tlio Pm-liicucsc, Dutch, nntl IJiillHli, In turn, linviT hclu Oeylnn, wlilcti wns itu uiii'loin cRiilor ol WANTED Late Model Cars and Trucks We Still Pay the Highest Prices v r i Bring Your Car or Truck to the Largest Car Dealer in Mississippi County ; 1' / i U ; ,'• Take Home the Money or Credit on a New Car LO Y E 1C H CHEVROLET CO./ Texaco Got & Olli f* -ft)*"""/ 3Q1 W. Walnut vs. \ IM Phon. 578 PRESCRIPTIOW VredhMt Stock Gnsranteed B«t Prieee Kirby Drug Stores or C room house. C»ll Kri C or 7 nrst COJT 2fj-ck- 'I','! nnfurnishe4 -kooM. Phone Male Help Wanted GOOD JOBS FOR FORMER MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS (MOS) Cboice Ijitlr-ry fryers, iboul 2 lljji I'l.i >irs Oil Co.. .Manila. 20-i,k- Two Molinc Z Tractors and equipment One practically new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Williams, Imboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 .8«liy clucks, . T ailal>le »]] the tlm«. llnvy breeds. Mr, Buck McUarn 304 >.. -Main, \>[iuu* -JKJ. 3-ijk-i ! ll U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. The very best grade seed nats, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. !-. K. ASHCUAFT CO. Phone .J!)3 3-12-ck-tf u. Dlakemore. ilsrie Cbicka««wlia. 7-liV-4j7 X** 1 -*- chicks, r ^i.oul:rj- > l.cwis uilicrrnt T«rielies. Also «ml giunllrr feeds. Chester 1'oullrj-, 4ia E. Main. 7-|,V.4|7 iralfa Hnv anil mulo drawn farm inmls- tncnls. TclcphonD 3:1. W. A. Jenkins. Oiades n, 4, :i Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment i to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply FOR BALK CONCRETE STORM SKW13R ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridie Limber OSCIOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Pfc»ne Wi Osceolm/Ark. Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at GUARD'S I JEWELRY! 209 W. Main i^i See us almut your mechanical (roul)le. Our expert mechanics working with modern <ool.s and equipment can put your car in lop condition. We also nave a paint and i>ody shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your car FQK CASH. Phone 828 419 West Main Street JOB MOS X F. EvaliutOT _ _ _ BGlf )irecto» Repalnnan, Electrical, Heavy AAA 899 Director Repairman, viechanteal. Heavy AAA 917 Ffrc Control Repairman Light AAA 91« ontrol System Hep airman, Heavy AAA _ _ _ . 019 r.. 4 f a. fleiglit Find«r Repairman 921 f», -I, :j, 2 Radar Mech,, Gr'nd Loran 94B-._!>, 4, x Fladar Rcpitrman, Gun I*ajriag E'ment 052 G, 4, 3 Radar Repairman Reportlnjr Equipment 953 G, 4, ;t Radar RepilrnitD, Airborne Equipmenl 965 6, J, 3 and many other skills. Here's a n=w opportunity for good, steady work at were • honorably rtis- Arniy on or attrr . held'* *i Of tho mLHtary occiip&U0|ifcJ (MOSJ, yon may now enlist In the Keg- ular Army in your qtmUMed Bpccialty; and at a grade depending on the icngiri of your previous MOS service, provided, you act b«for« July I, 191C. Stop ur and find oiit the special grade you win recciva under thla new War Depart menl order. Apply at the U. S. Army RecruUlng Station, .'iOi'i Federal Blrtg-, Joncsboro, Ark, RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancer , DRS. N1ES&NIES CHnfc 514 Main, Blytheville, Ark., Phone 2921 good pay. If you charged from the to Trade Hahblt manure. 50c a baibel. Hen for fluivrrj and sardcn. 512 .N, llth St. ^ Halibit F.lrnu. l-pk-4ll Won't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let I'lanters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-26-pk-4-26 Wanted t t)i»rc<Top n cr«. tn,|,,| r o Ilnhicy'. R( n '••"•• ' ol Illrtheville. 7.. C ,„,!«<_ .. JlcSbia. . M. Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 3-27-ck-lf rontnminp 2 pr ar.l. itfjr, WnlunT. Town Used to Skflelons MONTROSE, Gal. <U.P.»— Ull earthing ot a human skeleton ami a lotting flintlock ride during construction work here failed to cause any excitement. Townspeople attribute such discoveries US the Ute Indians, who.once populated the .area and .used the hills, (or burial grouYids/ now forgotten. " Just Around the Corner ... It's SPRING Again! and automobiles arc another Year Older!! so ... It's time (o come in for that Spring checkup. Here arc just a few of (he Hri'iRs liinl >mir war-weary car needs : Drain & Flush Radiator-Cooling System CHECK BRAKES Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. • • SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdcza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. DON EDWARDS "Th» Tjr»«wrtt»r sierra, UOHONA, ANDREMJ^QTOH T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • Complete Slock" «' Paris For Ckrvsler Frodnela BOOTS AND TlfiR RUDDIKS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSg» Kmcrjfcncy Measures TMEY WON'T EVEM LOOK AT US .' ITS DEFINITELY LOATHSOME, ACTUALLY ' WMATS WROfiG WITH US? WAVE we CHARM? JUST CANT COPE WITH THIS "WOMAW -HATIMG- WEEK we DON'T DRESS RI&HT .' MAYBC WE AMSULWFF AROUND TOO WE'LL HAVE ib,;J TO HANDLE TUOSE JOEC3RMS/ WE MOTHS WILL TURW INTO BUTTERFLIES.' Narrowing Ft Down Bring Us Your Paint and Uoily Meeds . Kciiiippcil to Handle Them \Vc Are Sec Your Studcbaker Dealer first. We Huy and Sell ttood Used Cars CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ln K. K. * JMk Sto. BCJ ChambUm VE5. I'M SUf?E V 4"*'- 6rtE ' s >'' 1-JCK.Y &1RL CC4ZY A8OUT / IP BE PRETTV HAPPY IF SIXTV.'. THERES I AULEV WOULP &ET POETC MOTHIW6 I ABCWT ^!E... OMLV 1 CS-N'T ' , PO \ IMA&INE THAT BIS LUNK/V HEAP 6ETT1M6 POETIC ABOUT AMVTHIM& OH, VOO'RE HI& OUe-AND-ONLY, AUL RIGHT... ONLY HE JUST HASM'T SAIP I THINK HE I' THAT RESPECT...! CAN-TELL. YOO HOW T FEtL ABOUT SIXTY...BUT TELUN6 HER IS ELSE.' BY V. T. HAMILTON ^ThTffeS N'OTHIM&'/'bo HQ.'Of-** S'00'0 NOT DO FOE. / THOSE WH SIXTY... EXCEPT TEW HER!.' MY STARS, BUD. ARE ALL MEM DOPES? ARE NOT'' TON&U6J TIEPf

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