The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1933
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Served,by the United Press EEYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 170 Bly'heclllc Dally. Km. BJj thertll* OourUr. Mississippi Valley l*«der. Hivthevlllc Hertld. ARKANSAS, Tl'KSnAY. (XTOliKR :i, 10:C1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS '* ! ~ Gianl Screwball Artist Tunis B;ick American Champs; Crowds Riot. Smrr by Innings . S'i« Yuik :'.w. liOO V,'ii:bii'tlon (jUU lOli K. H. t.. Clltv 1 10 :' «H ; a 'POLO GROUNDS. N. Y.. Ocl. :t (UP)— The New York Gianls hammered out a four to two victory tcday li> the opening game of the world series. Sterling pitching of Carl Hubbell and a home rim by Me! Ott j man am) paved the way for defeat of the Washington club. Hubbell allowed only five hits. FLASHES DILLON OX STAND WASHINGTON.—Clarcm-P l>ll- Inn, invc-slinnil latiker, nulLncil tuduy before Ihe senate il-.;;!< market itm-slLgaling conimilUf lirjw Dillon, Kiad and (.Yrill)-.:!)-- urcjni-xnl Uic $:!"J,(J(Jt ,000 Unitul StiiU'i untl rortiyn Invr-stmnu Trust in \'j?A and jj;im: A u!r •;• lilt:: innlio] <.YH- it uilh :in iil- vcslmcnl ipf only 55,160,600. OKDKKS liHIK S.U.K STOITKI!. .MONVf;<>Mi:UV. Al:t. (fl'l - AlalKtmn «.!n rills ;tm! i-imnly :unl i-imiit MjliciUis ludnv \vpn- unJcr ordrrs from Cuv. li. M. .Milln l-J >top Hit 1 suit- of ;t.2 bser in (|K- sialc. FOKMKIt CONKKKKSMAN IHKS AllKKUEIvN, X. C. (Ul'l — KoL- «rt N. Page. 73, former NATS IN FIRST 4:2 Three Killed In Highway Accident Star In Giants' Victory NEW YORK, Ocl. (UP)—Baseball enthusiasm, which mounted to a riot, in which a store we:e hurt, heralded the opening of the 1933 worlds series today when the New- York Giants met the Senator, from Washington. Walter Stewart, left hander, was r, dird at Ills luimc nt-ar here (r.iluy. Near drilli since Saturday, I'u^e lapsed intu a coma early Monday and never regained consciousness. Guard Einstein Against j 'Boots' Elopes Acvaccinarmn AHptnnf ^ * Assassination Attempt j LONDON, Oct. 3. iUP]—A MI-:>IIK j Kimrd o! scotlmid Yard deli-dives' ivlii .sinrunnel 1'rol Albert r-.'in.'.ti'ln j i tonight when lie sjwulu at Albi'i-l . hnll bemuse of warning thai .'v • might In 1 assassinated. iillots Scatter A Automobile of Nation's i Alabama Coal Miners .roundj Receive Higher Pay! r\ • I r .' ' niRMINGIIAM. Ala.. Oct. 3 Llliel llXCCUtlVe. ' -ADproxlmatcly 20,0(10 Alal UD Icon! miners were working under an (UP)— increased wage schedule today :is e Pies- mine operators emerged from a Martin conference here with co!H!UU:!i:il the Washington pitcher, and Carl Jackson out _ ' ' . _. rune t -s-f\ In- hurling Gi- Hubbell ants. * About 15,000 baseball fans on a double line stretching for six blocks from the bleacher entrance of the Polo Grounds rioted when the seats were filled and the gates were closed to ttie thousands still in line. ry. Russell .struck out. No runs, nn hits, no errors. Giants—Critz out, Myer to Ku- s | hel. Terry out. Rnsseil lo Ki.hel. Ott singled to center. Davis singled to center, Ott stopping at £?conrl .ussell to Kuhel. Mo runs, two hits, no errors, r.vo left on bases. Sixth rnninj Senators— Myer fouled out to Mancuso. Goslin also fouled to Mancuso. Manush flopped to Ryan. No nitis, no hitA, no errors. Ginnt?—Mancuso flied to Man- Carl Hubbell .Mel Oil HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 3 An attempt lo « I'Jiriil lliimon Gnu: San j lulled when u volley of bullets-1 acceptance of the higher pay pf": nuct: ui'jtiml his automobile to-; visions lor the stale coal industry. | day in a .sensational ufleininth j ' ,ui many no,,* ,'f Mrlfe and len-1 f^ Han d SUys Girl The pretlde:i'. narrowly many of whom had waited through "j*- H™" l»PPSci to Kuhel. the night te " sln B' ed - Moore forced Hu^^,,, More tha«'i score were injured | Blue Se lo Myer. No runs, one hit. in the licemen ; fists flew, shreds, break the the gates, -iry denum manageme: ' . . 8' the Senators to five hits Carl Hubbell. ace of ihe Giants! sent the American League i-luuijis down in defeat this in lh= opening game of Ihe world series. Hubbell wid ably assisted by ins teammate Me! Ott, outfiekicr, whose first inning homer with one 0:1 gave (he Giants an ear!y stall. and Escort, Kills Self pitching, aftei-Jioon Offer No Defense to Murder ,he^a^^cet:'t«h:y.^ tr ° llrd i ""'I'*' ™~ Oc«. 3. (UP) Civilians moved warily, tense -* ^J^pS "' ^ with fear of imminent tragedy af- ! UT the 24 hours In re- iCetu Cuban history. I Tlie United stales cruiser Rlch- ! mond and- isvo other destroyers ; were at anchor In the harbor wlth- j in gunshot from shore and the bat- .... ulti-ii- tlons as she rode home from a dance early today, killed r.Er and her escort, nnd committed suicide. The dead, all o! Montvlllc. were Elwocd Kane. 3J, the farm hand, Phyllis Rowcll, 10, and Fred Jackson. 34. in which po- [ ij.—,~ were trampled, idftlothcs were torn t: IT alter the oul- still massed arouni 'land shouting an- of the Giant til the Ini! at flie mutteTfing afa'd.slarted T police alteny .".Me but iri were '6rr dtil^ 'persons stand- tl'.e line began M not get in >ush forward. Tne stop the stam- 'e of people swept them aside and thir crowd piled up. trampling dn'j.Tiipse, unfortunate enough to MJl/^.T'-i Mounted poUce. (hsrgeti through the crowd. Several persons fainted from fright and shock and were kicked about. A number of small boys were carried from the crowd unconscious. Some men said they were struck by the fists of police battling to stop the rush. Men m the thick of the struggle had their trousers torn oil their clothes pulled to snreds. and hundreds of hats were booted about First Inning Senators—Myer struck out. Goslin struck mil. Manush fanned. No uuis, no hits, no errors. Giants—Moore was safe when Myer juggled the ball. Critz flied lo Goslin. Terry fouled out to Sewell. Ott hit a home run into the right field stands, scoring Moore ahead of him. Davis singlei io center. Jackson fiied to Schulte Tv:o runs, t-wo hits, one error. OIK left on base. Second Inning Senators — Crcnin singled ti short left field. Schult? hit ni tosy roller in Hubbell. forchv Cronin at seond Kuhel fanne ™d SchnUc was doubled stealin- second. No runs, one hit. no errors. Giants—Mancuso Ilisd out. Ryan Mngled lo rivht and Myer was given an error when he over-threw ms-t. Ryan reaching second. Hubbel popped out to Myer. Moore ml. Bluege lo Kuhol. No runs, iiiir hit, one error. Third Inning Senators—Bluege fanned. Sewell errors, one left on Seventh Inning •- Senators—Cronin ni:d to Moore. Siihuft'e'i fanned. Kuhel was out, CriU'.jd Terry. No liins. no hits. fe- ..•s*. ; — Critz out. Cronin to t^iSerry flied to Schulte in Ott singled and stole -?••-ilrtv.h- ciiv.-< Nc rk£ j, error, one left on ., hi(Ludf..ieirci s.-Js SonJfqrs-^Bhiegr out on sirikes. Jewell' twalk'ed. Harris batted for Rus&il.. Harris wr.ttcd. Myer forced Harrisjfi'Sewell going to third. •—"-••"•^ • - Terry. , No runs, crs. iwn left on Giarfts' — ThoniRs became the '.Vashinjton pitcher at the start of Ihe inning. Jackson struck on! Mancuso fli?d to Manush. Hyav itruck out. Nn runs, no hits, no Lrror;. Ninth Inning Senalors—Manush wo.s- safe on! aii easy grounder which rolled! through Ryan's legs. Cronin fingled to right. Manush going 10 second. Schulte singled lo Jack- .'C'li. Manush tcl:in» third and Cronin taking second. Kuhel out, Ryan to Terry. Manush scor- s~*t • -p^ > p T P /~ti »"i V ^^ip New Mexico was immediate-1 1 jlint'P'P 111 ll^ltn AT InTUnt 1 hi Iff- ly ™ L «de the harbor ready to move] w \uiitu g</ ill l^ruiIJ «M JIJldMI. \^ 111 111; i,, nt any time. [Negro Confesses Attack ]| person's 5 joktos? "uor" P officers. on YoUHg Maiden Women KENNETT. Mo.-C. D. Ward, ycnr-otd Helena, Ark., negro, Is In i Jail awaiting irla! here for crlm- ' innl assault lust May 28 upon two young white women near Maiden. Ward, who was in j.ill nt Helena lor burglary nnd grand Inrccn}', was Implicated In the Maiden crime by a fellow prisoner. He confessed - after - being confronted «•••-"•--young..'women ihe-'hudlaU body reached the river. flew were sanguine enough to be- bnby girl, born to Miss Opal Has-! strong case against the de- sell. Mrs. Pruttt's sister, from the fendants was ttended the birth nnd gave offl-i cers their first clue. Coroner W. H. »"»• !sto™u:"and"Arch"'Llndsey;depuwi ^ Intmenfton Possible No defense to the charges, for. sheriff. testified. Several other] Aboa ra Presidential Train En which the maximum penalty is' £la te witnesses were not called byj RolUe to Neiv York . O 0 '- 3 - "JP>— death, was offered by the defend- — --••-• • ! ant s yesterday, but it is understood that they have repudiated tight." tacked. "Boots" Mnllory, aljovo, once ot tlio Scandals «i)d Ilia Kulllc-a, »iow ot Ilia flUn's, and Wllllum Cogney, beloiy,' brother ot Jainos CagaejvtBoyfe hcitdllnor, ro'uiid- •Vd Tut"*' trio' orrfer-rTrtfiy" -'•' j Cotton Pickers, Fn Ronlc to Missouri, Arn Victims. •Ihne mcinbcr<! of a Hlllhmiie, M'ss.. familv were killed nnd the driver of n K.cnnctt. Mo., truck v.-ab ici-Iously Injured when' they • were run down by a Memphls- niythevlllc truck eni-ly ihis morn>- inf;. The tragedy occurred at the • .scene of an earlier accident on l!:i;hvay (11 aboul ten miles be- lov Blytheville aL 4:30 o'clock: The Jc:id were Mrs. G. A. Hop- 1 or. her son, W. R. Roner. and the InHer's iQ-months-old baby daugh- ti" DoroDiv Luclle Roper. Kopcr, 15, sustained a bmken arm. Wnltc-r Sowcll. driver of the Kcn- neli truck, was rushed, unconscious, o Ihn Blvlhevllle hospital. wherR his condition wn.s desci-lbed -as critical. nllnrlfil by I.lelils A truck of th<! Grear line, driven bv John Wilson and carr.ving mcrnlni; j:apers here from Mem- nhls, Dlowcd inlo the little group r:«mlln» on a steel bridge be r side the damaged Kcnnelt trucfe, In which the Mlssissinpi family vns b?ing trans|»rted to Missouri to nick cotton. said he was blinded by Ihe lichls of another [ruck, -whose driver had stonpcd to render nld, RS he approached'from the-south^ and was unable ' W. Leon Smith, deputy prosecutor ' Grave international problems in- whosaid the state's case was "air- volvmg the possibility of Cuban in- I tervenllon occupied the attention of date has been set for al prcsldc " 1 Roosevelt as he headed " for Miss Hassell, charged eastward today from Chicago. >.-'— .1-- '..— Although gratified by the nationwide reaction to his American Legion speech, the chief executive was more eager to hear from th? state department the latest developments in the new crisis of the island republic. the jn fact the ng. Cronin to third, and Si-hull: laking second. Bluege fenned. Sewell was out. JacLson (o Terry. One run, two hits, one c-i-ror. two left on bases. Controversies Develop Dislnct Manager Passing Upon Applications Here Today. the confessions said to have been j made Saturday iiijlu. A irio of de- j h-a'rii fens? attorneys. E. E. Alexander, • n ," nn accessory before Claude F. Cooper and E. B. Cook,i' to mur der. " She Is si! ! hospital. ; A r'fitmncnl hospital officials re| ^nired Mr. and Mr=. Pruitl to . il gn before they removed (he two- hour old baby from the hospital or. the assurance that they were gciing to have it adopted by a Memphis relative follows: "To whom it may concern: "This is to certify that we have this day. Sept. 27. 1933, taken the infant girl baby of Miss Opal Hassell (born in Blytheville hospital at about 0:30 P. M.) from j the Blytheville hospital. Said in- i fant Eirl daughter of Miss Opal A number of applications to Hnssell Is being removed from borrow money from the Home the hospital withom consent of , Owners Loan corporation were be-! the doctors or medical staff of; Receipts for this season total 162.- ini? passed uuon here Monday by !h: Blytheville hospital. Said in-1 059. compared to 284.102 to the same Drys Concede Defeat- ^ in Virginia Voting RICHMOND. Vn.. Oct. 3. (UP)— Dry forces conceded defeat tcday while Virginia voted on repeal of the 18th amendment. It was the 32ml state to vole i>nd tf the wets win it will be the 32nd to repudiate national prohibition. The approval of only four additional states then will be needed lo put the repeal amendment into Ihe.con- stitution. The wets claimed at least a t«-o- to-onc victory. Impartial obsirv- ers agreed with these predictions. Blytheville Second in Cotton Compress Receipts Mollisons Fail to Get Blytheville continues to run sec- Their Plane Into ond to Pine Bluff In cotlcn compress receipts, according to the latest compress report of the Arkansas Cotton Trade association. Arkansas compress receipts last week were 69.355 bales, compared lo 86.109 the same week a year ago. wood elopements when they (lipped away to Tin Junna lor llio at Labor Cnnvpnfinn i J - N - Martin, manager of the dis-. fant girl daughter of Miss Opnljdate last V * M*»«V1 **\rl* T VIllll/ll ,..;„. ,,lr:,.n nt Innnr-Un^n ! T1_^^.1I :_ i_ 1 1_J__ r. ...... .. '. trict ofTiee r\t Jonesboro. Hassell is to our knowledge fully season. WASAGA BEACH, Out.. Oct. 3. (UP)—The attempt of Captnln and Engelbert Dollfuss Escapes Death at Hands of Assassin. ] VIENNA, Oct. 3. (UP)—Chancel- !lor Engelberl DoiUuss was sllghl!> j wounded today by a would-be as- I Reports of the attempt against ! the powerful leader who has held his government together by main strength against Mrs. James A. Molli.son. England's socialist factions ... famous Hying couple, to take off j t, y his secretary, who for Bagdad in an attempt on the | xvtls 110 t seriously in long distance record, failed iojny, seriously Police arrested when the left under carriage of The reasoas for the attempt were their plane. Seafarer II.. cracked.' no t a t once revealed. The accident occurred their | Dollfuss was on his way to a WASHINGTON. Oct. I There have been 75 applications developed and in perfect health 'UP>—' icceived from here. This makes • • - ..- .«-., „*..*.**.... -..^ ».x.^.«ti.i ukb.ii^. u ^u mtii i uouiuss was on nis way io a Following are receipts last week j second attempt to set their heavily ! meeting of the Christian Socialist and for the season at n number of' loaded plane into the air. '• club when he was attacked in the 7.C85I While Loading Seed Hulls 1 The petition w to Terry, runs, no Stewart hits, no out, Jackson [f.nned. No errors. Giants — Critz singled off th» risht field fence. Terry singled In right, Critz going to third. Ott singled to right, scoring Critz, Terry reaching third. Russell re- l-laced Stewart ns the Washington pitcher. Davis fanned. Jackson was out. Kuhel to Myer to Russell, who covered first. Terry scoring and Olt going to second, Mancuso filed to Schulte. Two irns. two hils. no errors. Fourth Inning Senalors—Myer singled to cenler. G<!5lin out. Terry unassisted. Mvcr going to second. Manush was safe on Critzs error. Myer taking third.' Cronin forced Mam:sh at second, Myer scoring. Schulte beat out a hit oft HuTjbell's glove, Cronin go- Ing to second. Kuhel out, Critz to Terrs-. One run. two His. one error, two left on bases. Giants—Ryan fanned. Hubbell out. Russell to Kuhel. Moore out Cronin to Kuhcl. No runs, no hits, I no errors. Fifth Inning Senalors—Bluege out. Ryan to Terry. Sewll out. Jackson lo Ter- ns increases in the personnel of the ..... -._ -.-. — r , executive counsel and jurisdiction- from mortgage holders, banks, andj ., Oml t las3e |i | Mn , hpr i ni disputes between craft and fed- building and loan associations -M^ R P Priiitt \A mti oral lahcr unions. throughout the state in accepting! »R P Prniit <i ,L the bonds of the corporation. -Witness (u " cl(>1 . Only owners residing in their j -Fi'ita" nkhnn j homes and who are in danger of; 4 orence Bvers losing them are eligible for loans,: Florence B>ers. Uile Dogwood Child Texarkana 1 Helena jFort Smith .. ' Jonesboro 1.0-tC ' Caruthcrsvllle 2.078 iHayti 1.510 3,132 2,964 2.617 5.6U S.G84 2,075 Ed Whitehearst. 55-year-old Ulcc official accompanying the chan- and tlie man who presented n j «jr| .| .^ losing tnem are CIL^IUJL 10 Uead While Dressing | according lo Mr. Marlln. , -ni! 5500 Fine Suspended i-lews to 'Observe Sukkoth! [r Huffman farmer, died then stepped back two or three i Saturday afternoon while loading paces, wheeled suddenly, produced 3.406 j cotton seed hulls at the Blytheville n revolver, nnd fired directly at I cotton oil mill south of tills city.' Dollfuss. [His death was caused by n heart! The chancellor was said to have attack. : been wounded in the chest and one ..H.,.,,IM_I ui LUI. ilIJU illlS, V fj I ••• » mm 1 • T 1 ! scratt. died sudrteniiy at th c fam- i Missing Yearly in London : and Thursday ily home In the Dopwood Ridge comimmity at six o'clock Monday! morning. She hnri been ill ^me time wilh diphtheria Local Jews, . larvae! Funeral services were held .\fon-larm. His attacker was surround- leaves d ay a([ernoo]1 at Map!( , Grove led. disarmed, and arrested. mri „ in dllU * II Ul oM«J | vviiitu:! y r»Hll VUC I\U». »V. O. L-V-._ Bessie Mack Jordan, Manila, was j Roy, pastor of the Lake Street „ . . who have been fined S50 ° on a charge of trans-1 Methodist church, officiating. Theibreslau Nazis Wage I week in celebra- i P° r " n S? liquor by Municipal Judge ! Cobb ndertaking company was in • MT p mo, >,^ii^»,^ ,,.;n : C. A. Cunningham vesterdav withicharec of funeral arrangements, i War On LOi and several step-children. Cobb ndertaking company was charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased was an onlyl child. Chicago Wheat oiien May 02 7-8 Dec 88 3-4 high low close D3 7-8 02 7-8 93 1.4 83 3-4 88 3-4 89 l-B Chicago Corn Dec May open 48 1-8 M 3-4 high 48 7-8 55 l-B low 47 7-8 54 •17 1-8 54 Hri* -.m 'i-'^i'.rt! (ion of" the ' Jcwish"holVda"vs" wVll : c - A - Cunningham yesterday with]charge of funeral arrangements. Lordon even, vear I obscrvc Siikkoth. the feast "of the the understanding that the fine! The deceased is survived by hlv Loi.non e\ers ^ 5ear. i tabernacles on Wednesday eve-|*' ould ** suspended if Mis. Jor- widow. Mrs. Mattie Whitehurst. j ; country.' planned to fined S50 on concealed weapons. Lynn Collins was fined five dol- . lars for assault and batten,-. Char• lie Ingram was cleared of a charge ] of disturbing the peace in the same •.case. | Tootsle Malloy was held to the grand Jury under S500 bond for burglary and grand larceny. Two fines of $25 for public drunkenness were assessed, several were fined $10 on drunkenness charges and two forfeited cash bonds on ?»thered on.tlie jbrURe. Wjl?on•«•<«-; iilacertundf r' technical arrest wliile T the driver of the parked truck.;who:" ^nuarcntly drove away as £onn as the second accident occlirred. was Fought, not because officials held htm entirely responsible for the accident, but for questioning. Powell, who. nccordine to Brped-f "rurk. and hip companion, Alfred. Rveeden. who was uninsured, were c-nrrnortinir the Hil)hoii5c. Miss., fnmily in their machine to- KeTv . I'ltt. Seven members nf the Jam- -. i'". 1'icludin 1 * five (-hildren. the mother and father and the CS veir '. f'ld p"fiiif1 mother, were ridln? in : i''C old i"odel T. Ford truck ^vnleli.... i>Uo carried their household furniture. ^* Sowpil. vho according to Breeden had had little sleep for IWA flays. I? believed to Imve dozerl off a.s the heavily loaded tnick passed onto the bridge and swen-ed-to the rieht, striking the bridge ratline snd i.inimin? n fender under one rail. Tlie elder Mrs. Roper was •llehllv hurt in the accident. Ocrup-\nt<; of the truck clamber"1 out and succeeded In slopping ihe driver of a southbound Iruek ID aM them, The latter halted his machine a short distance south nf the bridge and returned, leaving lights on his truck burning. • Killed Almost Instanlly H was while the occuoants of (he damaged truck were still chis- 'ered about their machine and standing on the bridge that ,the Grear truck, travelin? north, crashed into the group. The baby v.-as in the arms of her father when the hie truck struck the. sroup. bowling them over in its n.ith. The. aged woman was knocked almost to the north/end of the bridse and the baby's body was found nearby. The father was hurled across the road from.the rther victims where his body' was found. All died almost instantly,' their heads crushed or fractured. Sowell was unconscious from n blow on the head. Ambulances, officers and a Luxora phvs'.clan arrived at the scene soon after the second accident occurred. Breeden and the five meni-. berj of the Roper family who were ~£~ . not injured, including Ihe mother On LOSmetlCS! and four children, were carried to biflcr Nazi and were confirmed vho said Dallfuss ijured. his assailant. BERLIN (UP)—The Brcslau dis- l. 'cl Oscecla. The B. B. C.- still broadcasts S.O.S.'s nightly, but they are almost exclusively calls to relatives of people dMigcrously ill. Singing Convention Will Meet at Red Line Sunday The last meeting of the year for the Mississippi County Singing convention has been announced for Sunday, October 8. &t the Red drunk charges by failure to ap Vermculh Shipped to Coast SAN FRANCISCO (UP) - NOW San Franciscoans know how close "icpeal" is. The Italian steamer California docked tho other day. In her "hold were 500 cases of Itil-'. line schoolhouse, by "H.""cooper'of' pear. vei-mouth—(he first shipment i Osceola, president of liie convcn- to be brought here since pre-war, tion. All -singers are Invited lo i••>•*. ._ _^r attend. .. A charge of failure to pay city privilege . Scenic w a s docketed against O. O. Hnrdaway, U. S. Whisky Syndicates Buy Up Scotch Liquor l-ONDOX (UP) — Five million •ji,',ions of Scotch whisky are reported to haw been purchased for | _ (!is United Suter in anticipation !'->rIall?.ed on this "bold stand of the repeal of prohibition. The most r^cn* transaction reported i.s the purchase by a United States syndMite of halt a Sowell was rushed to the hos- headquiriers of the Naziipital here In a Cobb ambulant* have ijTomc li^roes of a and the bodies of the baby and .-.-"•'. by baming "women with'her grandmother were removed to painted faces' from partv gather-Jhe Cobb morgue here while a j ns ,, ' Swift ambulance carried Roper's Eniliusiasii in the back-to-the- H.nmc-wiih- the- women movement, cfficlally spoiisored by the ixirty, body to Osceola. The (ruck driver who stopped his machine to aid in the first ae- U.l 'VlOil\ ai.ViUUlt II UV LI 1C J/tll k-Jf , ,.. . ruilwd 'to apo!iu.d the action. The =Went was sought by officenI to- j.wenur.ent^renrteJ press «dt-j-T- He w» not seen, according ml lion th.-oush fi: m of galhns a well whisky of the spirit known Glasgow brokers for approximately M,250,00. This brings ;he total purchase: by various United States syndicates to five million gallons in the past fivv months. •o t the not only un-German. hateful rr.d disgusting sight af painted women." "Of course, there are more im- pcnant tiling" one paper con- i.cded. "and it Is not a matter of li:"o and deith whether women Diint blue shadows around their eyes, carmine tows on their lips and black Inria Ink all over their cjelashes. But ihis warpaint Is r.lsolutely iin-Gernmn." (Continued on Page Threel WEATHER Arkansas—Generally (air tonight, and Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity—Pair tonight and Wednesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 72, minimum M, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer.;,.

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