The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE MX . BliYTHKVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS ' Here's That Champion Intield no 1K5EIK5 But Waller Johnson Warns - Pitchers About Mem- f : phis Bill Jerry. ., EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is the fifth of a scries of six stories In! which Walter Johnson dlscusws: . the world series. Por 20 years one of the world's greatest pitchers, j Johnson is particularly equipped] lo comment on a series In which fine pitching promises to play a -vital part. . BY WALTER JOHNSON (As told to BUI Hrauchrr, SKA Service Sports Editor.) NEW YORK.—If this world se- lies is to be settled by battlnc power. Washington certainly will bf the winner. ! . Till 1 Nationals not only have .four men who have been hitting consistently above .300. ranging * froi'i'i Heinle Manush's .333 downt io Goslin's .303. but tlie other regulars are dangerous at the plate when aims are lo be driven in. as the season's averages indicate. In the day to day lineup of the »Kits, there are four right-handed hitters and four who hit from the opposite side., not counting ihc pitehtr—and this is the ideal balance that managers dream about. The riisht-handcd hitters are Cronin. Schulte, Bluege and Luke Sen-ell. The left-handed punch .comes from Manush, Kuhcl, Oos- lin and Myer. Bluegc and Myer are not heavy hitters, but In a pinch they are fellows T wouldn't like to see up there if I were Hie 'pitcher. Baseball writers used to kid me in the days when I wns managing the team about the club being a "sucker for a left hnnd." There were certain southpaws in the league thai we simply could not Btat. and some of them were pitchers who had very little on .the ball. Managers all around the circuit used to save their left-handed pitchers until Washington came to town. But tills year that has been changed, 'and It was Washington's ability to give the southpaws all the trouble they wanted that helped greatly to make the club a winner. _The trade with St. Louis that brought Fred Schulte to the capl- "tal helped to give Washington the ability to beat a lot of left-handed pitchers. Schulte, a rlght-hand- c.d hitter, started the season like a house afire, imd though hts batting average Sits fallen below JOO recently, It was hts hitting during \the summer that helped the club to pile up victory after victory. 'A Quiet Star j .Something should be said about j the development of young Joe Ffuhel at first base. Joe is a quiet i .wit of chap who stays out of the limelight, not attracting the publicity -certnin other stars achieve, but he has .been a mighty fine ball, pi aver this year, driving in more than 100 runs and scoring 82 himself. Besides he has led American League first, basemen in .. fielding. • . The Giants were so markedly without punch .this season that they 'became known as the "hlt- Iffs wondcrs."-Mel Ott. a lifetime .321. hitter, .slumped below JOO. Lefty OTJoul, whose major league average until this year was .301, also,'fell to below .300. ' Here's a Warning! The club ' won the .National Ltague pennant with only one consistent .300 hitter and that was Bill Terry. Having pitched to Terry in one world scries myself—In 1324—T can sny to the Washington pitchers, "lie careful!" Terry can hit all kinds of deliveries though he is a left- handed batter. 1 In the first game ot that series ht got three hits off me. one a home run. In one of the other games he got a triple on a fast till. He batted .429 in the five games in which he played. We threw him fast balls and curves and just couldn't gel him out. And at that time he was just a youngster breaking in! Terry Is counted on again this year—nine-years later—as the big punch of the Giants.' but fellows like Olt, OTJoul and Travis Jackson are lik'ely to come Jo life and start on a batting rampage any time. These men' are the uncertainties that make for world sericf surprises. Will there be such an . upset this year? (Copyright, 1933, NEA Service, Tnc> MONDAY, R,,^ , 1D Duke Depends On This Hugkl |Rolh liave Rxpericnco andj Reserve SirfiiU'lli But' Face Touch Schedules. • I-'nolliall MRIIRI-: j • - The Infield o( the WnshtiHjlon N:uinnnl.s. an him- (leftnse that proved ILu-if better limn any other in the nujm leagues this yinr. is shown ahovc. Left to right arc-: Huddy My< i: ij; Luke Scwvll, c; Joe Ciontn, .w, Joe Kuhcl. ib. and Ossic .Blm-»e. 3b.- FISTS HEADY ).it?r at ihe i'oio Grounds, hardly c.-nled olf. he KOK iii.s third shkit- rtil, 2 to 0. Macks Defeat Washington Substitutes and Dodgers Take Giant juniors. The New York Olnuls and tlie Washington Si'iiarois loM. in their lin:\l yames of the uvular sea.son l:cCoic Ilie V.'orld Series starts [O'llOITOlV. The Olanls '.Iropiwd n 5 to '2 (IcriMon to t!ie liiooklyn Dcjrt;,'- ci.'i and Uu 1 Seur.tor.s wen- shul- Phllfit'.clplila Ath-1 SLIDES °f BILL BRfiUCHEK. They l.auglicd Whpn — KiiiRl'ish Lcvinsky said he would Hal Jack Sharkcy because he had urn a movi: of Ihe Slnirkcy- ' <0orjj:-i';lil. \'.m. NFA Kt-nhr. Inc. I ATHENS, On.--Alabama and -,i:e arc- picked by the 1 pn 1 - prophei.s as Ihe ivo t:-:uns j to bvol for thi> (iile this year. This . is [lie third consecutive wr thai ] thr^o two Li-ams haie l*-en ar: (.';rdi-d this honor. ! Tin 1 C-inrr,!, Tid' !n jli'im"ii back und T<".i:: i 22. Alabama'.; hi 1 .; -.v^rr.- buck. '.vh:> 'ii-J e-'L-miiM:'-. a solid '' of c: men e.ivt'.s tcuthc-:i] fans assur- on-rs thin ill? iniuluV 'i'ido v.-ill roll noweifn'ly nn ihis .se:iso:i us ! inial. ! Mi'ian! Hj'.vr-ll prnhahlv v.-ill do i!ie iv.iml-ig Co:- ihc Ala'o.i- inans with n\7. \Va!-:'-r and lin?;: Huuhes tokins the ball on tuns; of the runs. j The Tide plavs a nifty schedule including Vanderbik, TCIHK-J-SCC, ' Fordham. Georgia '[Veil. Ken-! lucky and Virgin!:- Tech. Tennp.y.i'e riur-s ri£)H ,ilon;r ivitii Ihe Tide because of experienced j men. Rob Neyland has lost only' two games since he became head coach In 1U2G. ' His chief worry is at tackle-i where he has one Ictlennar. brick,! Howard Bailey, who is destined! to be one of the best this fall.' Halrjh Ilatley and n couple of sophomores v/ill compose Ihc four tackles needed rny i!ic stiff 'I'litie toes Fiecldie Ciuwforcl rtl!-A:!i'--ri(.-a consideration last fall. tackle, -who won Vols' Bijji- llo|)c Far Will, Mo Annually r.i unxious rrti-.le ' II? lime, Five Icttennen are back aL Jimrd and three ai Ihc flanks i opens a football The hackfield is a thing of beau-! book, observes that lh«: ty. Xjigcst for'Ainc pass on record was .iii-:(i; by Brief. Chiller of California Ohio Beattie Featheia do le kkl:lnv and a lot of- [-.imiing. And Bracken. iiuarlerbnck. Cinnr.rn everything id during .s|>' ! nR tialning oir the Giants and It told' ... Uill . Terry announc- i'^cilic .Coast lliai in the nose Bowl auainst Ohio knows no peer in reluming: punts .Siiue in 1521 :i letter is at'or hi any kind of broken field land from si ch an ainious one, | luiuiing. "Breezy" Wynn is a lix- it charjey;' ; lure at fullback while any one of "I was in California aL thc.timc.i f- v ". or si>: 'capable lialfbacks can r:ic! I liuvc clippings from thep'anrtlc tlie fourth backlicld post, -•purls pages, all ttirTc-ring on the Louisiana State is generallycon- icngtli of tbc paw. but .none put- '"'orcil U'-e best bei of ihe other i InB it at 0 yards. One news-i NSWERS . ktodaft TUKE GUESSES MONTREAL is Hiertiiet grain exporting point in'North America. The wnrld's-rliieF source ot asbestos is found in t!it> VICINITY m' T11KTK011I) MINKS. <)l)]vl!K('. T!ie I'. Si. altnrney- • Several American collar com. pani?5 have attempted (o enter ' the British market, but only one t has attained any .success. Read Courier News , Want. 'Ads. Hen 1 .::? Fea'.her.~> . vo-,:ld Ije much stronger than ap-i:.Mpcr stated i!ie pass starlet!' from i sophomores rrady and n miihei-n "teams. With' a rail of! "? e . ki ; ::i ."f an " m " st of l! will do he run- To Insure Your Cotton CaU 797 Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE' 106 North Broadway ne.'.reil on ngcr and that he ha'd ihe test pitching staff in the icnjuc. . Melon Jacobr said this uoukl be hor year to beat Helen Wills.... ,ICT Crnnin sa'd Ills NJts would llu 1 pennant easily if] the Ynn- b.'i'S were the onlv leaiil to hcnt. ucking Hai-k i Speaking i»f world sorles pitch- they still have to' go buck Ci'ifornia's 45-yard '.vliich i mcn back. Bid Jones is letter-. [ hoping ! i-ould have It in the air 55 yards, i for a 8real year. Tulane i s green as the ball carried to the goal line.' bllt promising and Vandy is weak- Anothcr said il was thrown fromi cl ' ecl b - v Graduation, although a tlv SO-y'ard liuc. Still another sots' fi " p C1 ' 0 1' of ntw ' fs coming will driving b majority •nis., ninter Molt, hord- K'f.. i)ui j-hoiikl win a' of ctame.-;. Mi=3lssl&r]l When the crowils in ilm ptamU lic-(jin tiioir c'liaui, "I-^U'3 V'lto! Kite!". Cliarley nislmp. ilS- liOlllld tfirklc nl I III! tllllversily of OreKoli. t;:'.:cv il liUially. jurtxiue fiuiu Uu- :ii,o\o ,ii:i>(ii. Charley lias i-iij tluki:^ coi-kisl [ur • [uoll»4t Ciiine or » li-lii I oil' by the I !o:ira. 3 lo 0 Tiiu Glanl.s li'd tin Dodgers until (lie slslh iimiiiK when Jos Hulclieson hit a homer with one en lltnl lii'tl tho score inul the Dodgers went ahead to win in p^f ^iirv^ r,- ^^'tmUd^^r ^! ih£ "r^^ i 0 C ^on V Ses nnishet, ,n ""'^ *'""^ '"» «»«• ««=" ' fourth plncc in tlie Niillonal Leaby beatir.g the Philadelphia Plilllirs. .... distance at 52 vards." ! ^ r = Tfi; ii,^ -"' ^-.s r a .v anJ Flori:l,i of keeping On- records right, a responsibility for which he evidently mnlrusts Pai-l-c H Davis, the painstaking football historian. , the oiiiy |;chcD-, u-!ii?h L'ht'.nae:! roaches tifjan:! b-:ih rale u-;crl dark hors" po- fnr siticnv Oh' M:r,-. irporis :ul:iod title tail year, has everybody; aver., .U. In (Jliilsty W-.uhe«son and 1905.... j ;,:nybe lirick Muller could clear L Final .Series Bet\vecu -Two Clubs Is Tied; Deciding Game Next Sunday. JIM;O innings Mntly bent Eddie nk in lhd first game at Pliiln The .••:ccie wus -I to 1. -, How They Stand Nltionil Ltifat W. N«,v York 91 Pittsburgh 87 Cliicago 86 68 Boston 83 11 St. Louis 82 11 Br»klyn 65 Philadelphia 60 92 Cincinnati 58 94 L. Pet 61 .59S 61 .56 .55£ .53< .53« .42 .39 .38 .-.* Awrican 't : , (How They Finfahcd) P : - ' W. L. PC Watbington 99 S3 .65 ... 91 59 .60 ... 79 72 ... 75 76 lk-n:i'i's lioiniT with llu 1 bases ;"ii(l:d in Ihc srvonlh Inning siicll- i\' victory. 1 F:nllli uas the winning pitcher and Grnbowsklc the, The Pittsburgh Pirates ended in second place, beating Hie Cincinnati Reds, 7 10 5 The Reds fin- Islicd in las: place The St. Louis Cardinals dropped inlo Ilfth plan- and out of t?in first division in the final game o( the season, losing lo Chicago, third place loam, by a score of ] 7 to 1. \Vnri:eke held Hit- Cards in check . while Curlcion's wild-: ;K-.<S nllowcd ihe Bruins to score I liravily desplp only four runs. ! Ruth Hurls Victory , The Senators were blanked by Lutes defeated Sandy nidge 5 walbag who lie!d (hem to six °, \,, S ;, ," ly Rltisc pavk ' SOMU h: " mit only one resular rcmain- f Blytlwvihc. ycslerday. r(i in the B r-mc alter the fifth i? 1 ?m- SCcmld t" 5011 " 111 ' l:inhig for the Washington champs, us the tilling star for Lutes., Pl .i m . a rooklr p i, dl( ,,. wns thc «r« E , i H' CC °, hl5 . lm , m ' S " VC 1: ' tr - Thc "™** ^hed in cores, including the winning run. • ,], ir( | .,| acc 'ick Kaiicy. chmiky catcher, star-j Ral:! . Kmh , lle Grn , K , M( , , Rcd° r Lu;es R wr-thc -=--' tafct » U ' *" " iS *™ "' "" n,.-. ...H.- Cnn:ul:i'.s Kxtrrnal Trade l.'i> ||he s;mio is true oL V. P. I. MONTREAL. (UPt — Canadian. Duke is steadily coming to the external trade in August. 1033. 10- j fore under Wallace W<tde and is of thc bnck but Jimmy Hitchcock, and I But nuk-si n lot of ups-ltina' that Ls a severe loss. If a punter taii!> , V . KC vou „„ r ' " h ^. and runner approaching his abil- winner or ,]-,e Ter-.nsr-Le-Alabama ay can be found, (he Plainsmen 5am ,. O n Ocl <>, as thc , ]g j 3 tliould have annllicr great year. | clmnv-ion or ' so'uhcin footballs Groraia Toeh shows signs of re-: \vrrn'. t;:iiiiing a lot of lost preMipe and HEMORRHOIDS -(Piles) eur- ed without the.- hmif*. -Skin cancer, varicowfT v*lm, ttn- sils rtmovcd non-bnrgiciOly. • • DKS. NIES and NIES OKice 514 Main.:'"' Phone.M t!iat \yill be! • - i <„ ^. ,, • , _..--..-.. ....^ . „„„, M1 n*i b n.™. ujo. iu- iujc uiiiier \vanace wnne anu oe ihln Oc.. o givlns the As fourj caled S83.470.-J82 as cc-mpared with j about ripe to bowl over some .-:im<- back (or wt;in August. 1032. nyuros issued by: the favorites. Knituckv has u fine! ihnd B niiie. :i| : - o in ['hilly. Oct. 11!.] $87,033,391 .in July, and S77.84l.38a kicker in Ralph Kerclicval and 1 :il.mvcii four moiv luls mul Hie. the Department- of National Reve- ! many bin linemen lint Isn't txpvct- won > '•> 10 O....TWO days I me reveal. :ed to finish In the first fivr. Geor- aiiiir MAT. and ISflTE-^lc. - 25c One ccl itcher although Sluts Thompso won the Sunday before. They will meet .••gain on October at Sandy Rldi • in the deciding ?amc of what Hi- y claim Is a series for Ihe championship of Mis- issippi county. Tlir !»* conre: Lutes AD. R. H. Wright rf 5 o 1 Whittle M Vance 2b R Lutes p-cf ihort 3b Barnes If I. Lutes c C. Lutes Ib Thompson cf-p v.iif C to 5. Kline was the losing. iu>cher. The Yanks rmishcd In • -e'op.d place I Thc Cle\e;c-nd Indians ended! (heir campaign in fouilli place! cirspiie a ION« 10 thc Dt'tioil Tigci-s. The score was 5 to 3. i Fischer was thc winning pitcher Brown the loser. Gchrinicr iiil for the circuit. The Chicago Whito .Sox beat the St. Louis Browns 5 to 1. j) j I T'ctjc held - \ -UK u-liiln [ Browns to five i 0 0 ] inis whiic the Bruins scored all ; 1 0 '.liilr runs off Slilcs In Ihe sixth I Totals 39 Sandy Ridge Dixon ss Gaines Ib Jenkins 2b 4 Barker It Haney c Bramlett cf Crouch 3b Stimac rf Galnes p Totals 30 Asphalt occupies a position of Increasing Importance In thc for- • elun Irarte of Ihs nlled. Stales. reat Leader O^ of Another- ays LAST TliVfE TODAY ;.MAT. 10c-25c NITE 10c-35t | 'Beauty For Sale' - With MADOE EVANS A!,H:R BRADY Olio Krugcr, Una Merkol, Slay Hobsoii mnt Phillips Holmes I'avnmount News l.iinrol & l!;\rdv Comcriv Essolene leads the field, because Kssolenc is made by the Industry's Leader" "Nexl In lKi«f!i:ill 1 knnw miitnr fiu-1 Invl. ]\ r jnlil il for yi-iirs. I M-ll i| nm< — , :v |l ,,i llt ,. r [„„„ — ,(,,„„ j,, Moniphif:, afli-r Ihc sr^im** OVIT. "Anil Irl 1111- Irll jnu, folk^. it mUs a 1,-aiK-r lu ildir«r Illr giMHis — in li;i.,-l, : ,ll ,,r in mnior fuel. Thai's why }•«« rtin iii-pvnil on Kssiilrm -- tin- lar B «-n nit nrK^ni^alion in lln- worlil is l.rliinil il. \Vlu-n llii- Slamlnrcl Oil Cniupaii}- f l.oiubii,!,;, fn >s — 'Fssnlciie gnnranlrrt MlMHJtluT pfr- Tuesday - Weds. SLIM-SUMMERVliLE and XASU 1MTTS in ', • Broadway Gossip No. 5 Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. and NITE—lOc .- 25c. L.OVE and LUXURY MAT. 10c-25c gnnranlrrt MlMHJtluT p caus you'll RCI snioolhrr ili-ne and Ks-i>lnlic Mi>lnr Oil in fnriiianrc' thai rrrlaiiil rfnrmnnct. IKK mulling l,,,l K.- my far. "You'll yd <|,iirk Martins, Miuiulh pick-up, milr.i|tc and ernnnniv i.ith Es<<ilcnr HIM ynu m-n-r coulil K ot in the old-fajhioncil u.isolincs. Take tny word for il." JUNACIR OF N. V. OIAXTS-NVTIO.VAL IJ.tCtE CHAMFIOXS-19S3 AT tEOUlAK OASQLINI SmoodMr Pacfomuuicc STANDARD Oil. COMPANY OF I.OUMSIAXA « STANDARD Oil. COMPANY OF !<EW JERSEY STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA . COLONIAL BEACON OIL COMPANY. INC. 31 Were dearer (o her than lojalty! . A dramz with the "Grand Hotel" star at his finest! She Offered Him EVERYTHING Ht> H«an...tHer Kand...and Ht/ Huitsmd! Hij hfjn »-ai brejiuw—buc di/rj- MonJ,- urpjvJ out hi) pM ^tml rasutttl Ixln hi< f.uurc! Inui^ ihc Lewis Stone Btnita Hume, Elir.l- btth Allan and Phillips Holmes

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