The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1952
Page 12
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FOURTEEN BI,YTHEVTU,B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30. 1052 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily me per line for consecutive Insertion : Minimum rhar£. .......... , ....... 50r 1 lime per line ....... ............ I5r 2 tfmrs per lint por day , .......... I2c 3 times j»*r line per ilaj- .......... 9c 6 ttmei per line per day ...... .... lr 12 limes |it-r line per day ........ Sc Month per line ........ 90c Count five average words lo Oie HUP. .Ad ordered for three or si* times and stopped riff ore fx|i)ratinn will be , charged for the number of tlnio* (he ad [ •ppeared and artjiittment ot hill made. All rift is if (fd artrertSsin? ropy nih- nltted by persons residing onlslde of (he cl(y must hr nrcompflnfert bj,- rash Rales may easily h* computer! from (he ahovp lable. Advertising ordert>d for 'n- *er(lf>ns t.tki> (he one <rme ttfolr. So rotp<int1MIJly will IIP taken f'f more I halt one Inrnrre^t ln*eilU>n Of *nv flassiflrrt Ad. AK aris .ire FfttrtrH-rl to l)iPlr finntff tlisslftraUrm. st»l* and type. Thr d. Painting or carpenter work, c. P, Klnaey, ph. 8327. ' * 23 pk 3,23 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-naj- gfrvien on Jtwetty-'j day« on watches and clocks Ounrnntccd. work done b>- expert rr[inlnneii. I/wesl "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10:3 ck II OT rejrrt ATI.V Apartment for Rent 2 room furnished apt. F,loc. 5cltrrn>n, ncp-lr decornicd lf)3 W, Ky. Phon° 3109. 3TiO pk 53 3 room furnished nnartmrnt. Eire, stove pvt. balh S3.^ per m^nth 321 N. 2nd St. 429 pit 52 S rm, unf- unstslrs apt. private bath, hot and coM wat«T fntn. Vlf W. Ash. Ph. 6325. 4'19 pic 5C 3 room iinfurn 2660 before 6 p.m. Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For <-flrrf',il. thorough rug rle*nln£ i<Tvlcr. onl] on niythrvllk I.aunrfrv'o 17 !•!•«« of etpprlonc-f In Ihl* ipirlil- ^0(1 field. Fret? plrfcup uml delivery LAUNDRY CLKA.VKRS Vl» rk S If m rlilne 2 blnrXn SI., by now m Ph 8718 pt 7'(lh hrth. Call 429 rfc 5 2 3 room furnished Apt-, lvc. kttrhrn. Ph. 3C65, VtP or tnnrtt-i washing west or DUIc I'lK on Kciiool. Hrrbfrl firn- 37 pk 57 . Allrv — Mr CondlUonlnK flf- lton KorvLrp I'h •J^TR. 102 K n, niytliovllle. Ark, -130 pk II your rnillo rrpnlrrd? Call Red Dlsnblrrt rrtrran rcpnlm ra- home. Rc-fljinnnhte prlrc* Ph f 1 pk 5'l For Sale, Misc. GOSLINGS FOR"SALE "M p^Vi '-'•* ) <"<-' i !" '«° l fvpt., pvl . hfi. 4'28 pX V5 hot water. Ph. 46M. 3 unfurnished nptfi Irlo stove. Ph. ms. 3 rra. >mf, npt. B25 S Lilly. Ph. 6700 425 J>k 52 3 rm. iinf, apt. North Hwy. 61. Mrs. ZOFV Thompson. Box 591. 4 24 pk 5;l 3 room furnished Rpt. Hot .V col'l nmnlns water. Private tntti. n^wly i f> \ Ph 23,^1 or WflO. 4;3 ck tf ns wer. rvae n decorated. 404 E. Davis, ph 3 rrri- unrur. «pt 3 room Ar •! room apin. tor rent Call &5I2, C. Abraham. 6 ck t( Modern 2 room Iijr apt Ph. 2595 or 4585. 2;14 ck ll Modern ftrvt., 3 Toonxs end huth newly necoraled. pood furniture. gi\s equlji- ment. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 9,21 ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck If Unfur, apt., pvt, bi\th. 1DO Cherry fh. 3.H9 or 27B7. 4111 pk 51 3 room furnished apt. for rent ,J13 OhlcKas&wbB. 4|17 ct tf Auto Supplies and Sery'cci r^n't enrtsnccr your fnmlly with fault? tlres—BUY LEE TIIIES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main arm Division Phono 25fi3 ' . I2;I3 ck tf Perfect quality WHITE SIDE WALL TIRES — low mileage. Size 800x15 muL 760x15. We also have bargain passenger and tractor tires of all sixes and brands. KIKE- STONE STOKE, ph. 2102. 4J24 ck 5=7 Services LAWNMOWERS Wt shr.rpon and rcnnlr «11 tyr mowers. Also new A- used pourr /HOT, ers. All kinds mower prvrts. Also BOH er mowers /or rent. Westbrook Jlachine Shop Across Irom Kroner Store 44 cH I i cotton rlinp f 50 or mnrp. Iban 50 IMMEDIATE I1KI.IVERT HUGH \V. AL1.KN OfiCPOl^. Arfc, Th -IBS 42 [ k S2 « row John. Dpfr* Planter wlitt inttrk- rrs; H row .John Dcpre tolftrv hoft nitil John Dfere cll^c burrow, itnlr Seril Kftrma. Ilurd^tl^. pti. 4702. 3.7 fit If Tom/no p!i\nls ]5c do/ pr-ppor pl»tlts 20c Uoz. 004 Ash St. Ph. V,If, 4;i Jik ! ! Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GL1N HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Wnlnill r-tionf 33KJ Plenty of Parking Space D & P L No. 15 Second from breeder. 85% t,.'rinjiinllon, ilpllntfd anil trcftfti $125 per Ion. U, S. BUnkenslilp Ucll Phone 2^92. 4 3t> pk S;30 SKKD BEAKS _ Dorlch No. J 07'J, rrmlnatlon. 14 Bnphel. OR'len's i>S';;, .•rmlnntlon. |3.75 Rnslicl. U. S. B!»nk- eilstilp. nell. Ph, 24!)2. 4j30 pk 5 30 It it'll c«tll«h you «re looklni! Mr. comr to Belts FHh Mnrktt. I have plenty nt «11 times, can rill any rljr orri^r 2010 Hose St, [mlf block «a*l of Gfltewivy ourvc. Ph. Pfitn 4'10 pV; ,1 19 DIRT. ph. 0363. 42S pk 39 Oooa Soyhcan fletil. rimk's flynrlil Seed Corn. Soybean Inoculation Mixed Fertiliser. Nrw an<i Used BIIR* ^AR^tKR. ( 3 SOYHEAN CORP Broadway, Blythcvllle. P>i H191 3 20 pk 5 20 Spring Bargain Sale A-1 SPECIALS-THIS WEEK ONLY 1950 KOKI) $1295 ]<H9 KOHI) A brilliant IbrnaUon Rr<( color, this Custom Forrlor has whltr lires, ratlin, liralrr, m'- erdrivf, seat covers. S-iJp prirt —$1295! H'Kli [lie powerful V-8 engine, Mils Ford J.i-Tnn FIcVup li a Hue buy. Kartln, liraler, light grey, finish. Sale price— $875! 1950 FORT) $1295 III 17 FOKI) $615 I.Ike a Palisade Green car? This fuslnm Tllrlor looks <V runs like new. Harlln, healfr, new (Ires, seat covers. Sale -JI295! Compare this '4-Ton Ford I'lrknp with any '11 model yoit'vp seen! It's a beauty! He.iter, new s«at covers. Sale —645! 19.10 1'O.NTIAC .. $295 1SHOCHKV $195 A jiMirl. rriilly HOOD olclrr model. A Tudor Six witli r.i- [llo, henlr.r, f£o(H] MTRS, nlrerunnjnj: engine. Sale i'rlre I Ills week—5355! Vim ran almust uteal thin truck. A I'j-'l'on I'lrkup with ({ooil motor anil good tires and a wonderful Inw price this week—$185! 300 Broadway wnpany Phone 4453 nlnnt rnplix] her] .sprln^B n s, 3 mpli\l lawn chtilrs; 1 pr. Jt^l cheap. Ph. 2571. Price or lumber reduced lo clear yard for summer Mwiittt. 2x4. 2»6. 2x8-145 per tboiu.ind. DecklnK and hnxltiK. >SO o. S. Rolllson. S. 21st St.. Phone 3309, 4;22 pk 56 Plywood boats, nil sl7rs. 'o* l>rt: See them Ht 604 Ash St. ph. -1673 411 pk Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will nlso buy your old, furniture. Farmers terms '/o clown, bnlnncG in tlie fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines Ph. 4357. ,|jl7 c i< tf D. &P.L.NO. i5 10 Seed soyhoans, No. 2. Only 1 yenr from Breeder's stock. Suli.ject to certification. Only a limited •supply. Ph. 2M2. fil Imple- -- tons, [lellnted. trrated sacfeert J""«>lnMlDii »4 ro US per cent Snvcd DorlclisoyllwS 1 W TSA^Sa^'l:,,!^ tk 421 pk 55 ment Co. S',31 ck- tf 30 MINUTE fitOTOSTATIC SERVICE. O'STEEN'E STUDIO, 115 W MAIN 12 4 ck tf fii:arnnlrcrt PIANO Timln^ .v pair. Cull 2071 <lay s . M5<> n'lahts SPECIAL PAINT SALE 4 "° Snlkins. Bsfoned Spring rolorn. (House fi Onrrtrn Colors for 1931) *»'" 1 '" r " 1 " 1 - Interior tint pMtu. a« col- | ors 5nc per „,,„„ , 2 pl , r gn , ]on A , long SR present supply lasts. MAKTJN TRENKI.E. live.. Air Basa telephone .1853. Blythevile. Ark 4 : 5 ck Si Ml NNOWS — Roaches. Pishing- canes lOc up. Ph. nile .'J3;i9, day, !)%B. 328 K. Alain SI. G. C. Hawks. .||17 pk 5,17 Full •1 26 pk S 2R i finish. Call 2,174. room Milt, walnut 4 30 c Jc 5 CAR VAI.t'K „,,..„„ ., c;1 , „,.,,.., ,,„,, „„„,,,,.„,,, r , rfln( ,, U()nr(|i . . . that's sure to civr rtr,,,lr scrvicr. That prolection Is always yours at CHAMKI.IX'S! '51 Stude. Ch. 5-I'ass ''19 SI tide. Ch. 1-dr. . '50 Plymouth l-dr. . . 'J!l Ford V-S 2-dr. . .. '•18 Cheviolel 2-dr. . . "49 Chevrolet 2-dr. . . 'i>l Stude. Com. -l-dr. '49 Ford (fi) 2-dr. . . 1595 '50 Slude. '/ Z -T. I'kp , Ma Stude. I/I-T. Pkp. . '10 Chev. I'i-T. ]»^p. , M9 Stude. S-Tnn ..., 'IS fiMC 2-T. LWK ., M7 Chev. 2-T. Stk. ., '17 Dnd^e 2-T. l^YIi . M6 Uwlge I'/z-T. Stk. 12115 1HI5 . 995 1215 1RM5 1115 995 . 795 615 795 G9S 715 795 5io Authorized f^p Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Railroad & Ash C all 6888 GOOD QUALITY WAt.l,- TONK WATKR PAINT—As- .sorled colors, ;\ I hai'gain prices. Regular $1.0!) per qt., now 50c. Rejr.nlnr ^3.98 per gallon, now ?1.9o. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. <i|24 ck 517 C.oort UForl Turuuin rlcaners. piL B 7a^T- teoci. Ph. Osccolrt 031. Klrh.p .Sales Co. 4;22 pk 5;7 Cora. A. L. Whistle, Ph. Dplt. 2R51. 42S pk 5,26 BARGAINS Mclal Ice Boxes Good Condition ?5 and Up The B. F. GOODUICFI STOKE 417 W. Main 4 ! 30 ck 513 for Sate, Real Estate Drlck diipl^j; on Chtckasawba. R mrp«T room*. 2 hrUhs, utility ami lann- rtry rooms, carport. Air rondlUonrfl. Nice yunJ. $n,OM FHA Join, hntnnre 514.M6. One apartment rents for |90 Pf-r month, owner lives 1n othfr. 2 hrdroorn home In 20(1 block on Fust Kentucky. Scrretiocl porch. This honsf! In poort coiirlltlon. Una nirc ff-ni-ori hnrk ynrcl. rewia r co.. 4 30 ck 51 CKRTIF1KD nOKTCH No. lup Tap tirnde seed tic-nns. Plu irfl nriprovcd. C. I- \VYLIR Promhn! fwintl Fnrm Or Phone 2fi?5 Blythrvlde Just Received SliipmctiL of BROWNIE & RKAIINGTON Madrrn 4-room house 3»d bniti In 1 HlO btork on Hcarn. Nlr« sl/e P hop ntitl outdoor storngp. 4.1,^00 rash, total monthly payments f^3.1fl. Owner lie- His ttnnsrprretl. Morfrrn S-room hnu rronc porch. Riirace N1r P bnckyarrt. 326 Price 43,5f>0. fttid h^Ih. laree anri storeroom- ast Kriuxicky. Modern 5-roorn hoiisr; and ijjuf Country Club Drive addition Ro A U io m «(ic siH, l(r ,,,,s - - i .•"rrircr,.."^.,*; 1 ,:; Only 10',' down on layiuvay i : .MO.VTGOMF.UY \\'AKD " Sporling Goods Dcpl. Jlain 1'Moor •1 2fl ck- ? Motors F or wliboti ryprR, live or (S 41R F, Asb, Nlrhols to pl«nt.i. 8,127. 5 I 1r#- and hnhy ttrrw. LI2 E f3!» pk .> .1 n^t. rslsrrt. : Shop. A 29 pk 5 ft •Urs, ]Sr per 4 I? pk 5)3 FOR SALE I) Jt P L should ull roo iip. H y ho ROTARY HOE - Lift Type or Pull Type Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blytherille, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Colored propmr—New * room hou««. 1V» do^n. hi\[»nfe easy lernn. O. S. nolllson, Ph. 3M9. 426 pk 5 10 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Plarnipfl Protection 121 IV. Asl, si. OLKNCOE HOTEL BUILDING 48 ck II Help Wanted OiHsldp RRlcsman for appllancPA A- furniture APPR 21 to 33, Salary and conimlsslon. Writ* c[o Courier News. BoK C- 8. 429 ck 36 Family to make share crop. Ph. 6801. 23 ck tf Lost and Found $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 3262. 3423 or 4464, Gtcncoe Hotel. 11 ck tf For Kent 3 rm hoiis* ^ hath, Elcc hot water henter. $25 n mo,, Corner "Howard A: Mar«ft|«t. Mrs. Zaullne Powrll. 429 pfc 1 ___ 3 hr[|room hon>t«, hnrrJwoorf floor.s Tcnetlun bllnrtR, floor [tirnar<- Ne Addition. $65 a month. Ph. a. 1 >27. 4 30 ck entrance, 4^0 tf 4 29 pk 5;fi room modern home with garage Holly. Completely furnished Call 5 - 42R if Bedroom, private hath Close In. PS, 4432. 3 rooms. 325 N. 5th. 2 room unfurnished house, ph. 6213. Hoom anrl hoard, also meals (o the public. Served dally li:oo to 1-30 Brackln ISoRrclIn? Hoxise. 126 K As=h "62- 4;i8 pk 5|E8 Concrete Block Building, suitable for rflRe or store and, nd]olnliiR 5 room house with hath. I^oc-ntcrt In curve on Highway fij, south side of Hollnnri Mo, Call 4404 or write Pnul Dyrura Imple- "lent CO. l|22-clc tf Rent K Shetland, pony for your child fty the day. week or month John McDowell, ph .1705. 4^3 pic 53 2 room house, tlcctrlc XUchen. pood location. Fh. 2938 or 9671. 4[18 ck 5;i Wanted to Buy nnletl- One or two sninll sets of «s to kepp. Mabel Hogan 120 W Wain. Ph. 69SI or 275-1. 4I2D cfc y'6 Wnnt to buy several used pianos. Cull 2071. Nights 2fW9. 4,22. ck 5:23 WANTED: We pay top prlcr.i for ytieann, soybean splits, shelled corn. i^. whcnt and barley Get our price belore you ficll PAHMERS SOYBEAN CORP S.. Broadway. Dlylhesllle I'll. 8191 3 20 CX 5 20 We will pay CASH for your old Ko- :iV;5. cameras and lenses for parts 'STEEN'B STUDIO, 115 West Main. 12;4 ck tt JOHNNY MARR Real lor 112 So. 2nd. Phone ^1111 Residence Photic 2ijnr> HIGHEST PRICES PAID For (in, wire and all kinds of i scrap metal. j Blythevilie Iron ! & Metal Co. V Bdway & Jfoiillrie Drive Phone 89G2 _ 4|15 ck tf Notice Salesman Wanted Opportunity (or (.ill or part time nnslni'ss In nlythrvine nupplylnn con- Burners with RawlelRh Products No c»p l«l needed. Also nthpr I^cn'llttes available. v,'r|te llawKlgh's Dept ^KD- 210-218. Memphu. Ttnn. 4|30 ck 3.1 Private Rooms Nice turnlehed bedroom, -onveu- lem location. p|,. 231-1 4,21 ,>k i 23 Botlroom. conrenlent to bath, cteam neat, Cll W Main. Ph. 3325. 4;10 ck 5;IO Bedroom with yrlvala bath. Pel. 9671 or 2333. f.i pk 5., More Meat This Year, Soys Consumer in Report COLUMBUS, O. I/PJ— The avewee! U. S. citizen probably will eat 2) or 3 pounds more meat this year than Inst, says C. F. Christian, consumer specialist at Ohio Slate Uni-i vcrslty. Total meat production this] year Is expected to be larger than j last year. Average meat consum- i lion last year was MB pounds. 1 He pointed out that pi-Ices for meat animals «ere a litlle lower j this past winier than the winter i before because demand has leveled ' oft. I Ballerinas Get Tax Reduced in Japan TOKYO I,B — Japan's ballerinas did R most unhappy dance when Ihe government clamped a 100 per cent tnxe on all entertainment. They got their point over to the parliament by toe dancing in corridors, collaring influential la w . makers, and cooing iheir argument Into flattered old ears. The argument: Hie tax put (hem 1 In (lie same class with prosperous I Strip-tease artists. While custom-i ers swallowed the tax and flock-1 ed to the strip-teaser?, they \wre [ staying nway from the ballet in droves. The parliament reacted by cut-, linE the lax on Ihe ballet to 401 per cent. Now Japan's opera sing- j er.s are /it to be lied. The t a x i reduction rtid not apply to them, i A Lesson In Saving HOE REPAIR doubles H-flLT€RS •imuTy SHOC SHOP T. I W. M R I N ST. COTTON SFFD V-WI IV^INOLHU Xow 2 -bedroom home, hardwood floors, attic fan' "" 01 ' fiini!u> °- p'^'y <>f stor- FUr.LRR BRUSH for service »t your door, rail 6WS JA.MKS UGHTY, DKAI.F.R 4 22 pk 5'2S FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blythevilie Motor Co. I'hnne 4122 TRUCKS—TRUCKS TRUCKS—TRUCKS 1050 CHEVROLET !/ 2 -T. Pickup Trk. Here's a perfect trk at Sullivan-Nelson's low price 1918 CHEVROLET '/.-Ton IMckup Trk. Save money on a K'HX! Irk now at the Chevrolet place $ 7flC I "tj 1»J9 FOKI) V-8 1/,-T Pickup Trk. Here's a real $QOC bargain for your dollar in a late model 090 19-17 CHEVROLET J/ z -Ton Pickup Truck. Wilh lh« motor overhauled, this one offers SCOC dependable service v*)3 ISMfi INTERNATIONAL '/ 2 -T. I'kp. Trk. An- $ other Irk with an overhauled mtr, it's a bargain JJMfi KOR1) i/z-T. Pickup 'IVk. In excellent con- ? * Jlfc dition, (his one has miles of service left '*Wj Come to the }% (Jsetl Car Lot O n Walnut St"*. .'295 19H GMC >/2-T. Pickup. An older model pickup, this CMC is a real buy at this price 1945 CHEVROLET long wheelbase Cab & 5CJC sis Truck. Take a drive in It this week DW 19-17 CHEVROLET ]on K wheelbasc Cab & $ Chassis Trk. Make a good trade now on this oni 191!) CHEVROLET J-Ton Pickup Truck. Only : 5S95! Save money now on this late model trk. 1950 CHEVROLET long- wheelbase Cab & Chassi= truck with 2-speed axle. Has 825x20 front tires and 900x20 tires on (he rear. All look as K ood as new! See tnis (ruck (oday at Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co — we'll save you money! These Trucks Are All In First Class Condition Many M»re to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at ' SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut p honc 4578 Radio Courtesy of U.S. SAIGON. Indo-Chinn Wj—Tlion- snnd.s of Vi«[i], villagers In remote, imrleclrilied areas soon will IK listening to International am] local radoicasts. Tlie AmpricHii Mutual Security A(lniini.str:itioii Is distributing 40n coinnninlLy listening rartlo sets scte arc pou-prcd by a small gasoline generator which makes it possible far them 10 operate without electriicty. Ark ;ll ,sa.s Male lug. Machine delnUcd, Cere$150. Per Ton K.O.K. Hlvlhevillo \Varel\ousc : »w" Contact Warehouse or : Tmi"!, F. P. JACOBS JR. " " Pli. S22M-1 Move in today. C'nl] 3(M:? <„2'18(i. David Ucnl Kstiite, S«-nn (iO(l\VITl, '1 1 2-1. Osceola •J!2.| ck 51 TomMo Plants. 3 vftrlellp.t, Col<l plnntM lie. 0.07 . St.ilO JESTATE Farms — City Property f.OANS If lnlrrrr,ie<\ 1n name pnnt%; lac 007.. Sl.iX) nimdrM or ntHlnic «ra W P Shurp. T-one Oak Hrmrt. \ nil IS K. I LI /"* • M A >^»y_w«t •MLks^lNoble Gill Agency NKW OUTBOARD .\IOT-1 INSURANCF ORS —Slightly {lamaRcd in : Glcncoc I51dg. fl, fiS6S shipnionl. In perfect coiulj- ! sm c x u lion. 510-day warranty. Bar-jT~I " Kain p r i c'c s. FIUKSTOXK ! ^ STOKE, ph. 2102. DPL JS ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED Firsl Yoar rnlni Biet'iir-rs 80-85-9UI gcrmtnnllon, lU-liiilod and treated COTTON BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS COTTON BAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. _ nrl j room ,,<,„„, on or Dr. Johr,:*il'» ottlr , Price !1WO. 1800 c»* 1 ck Suve 15% on A n«-u- Frlplrtilre R e friKfrjno!. fl inortcls to choose from Adums Appliance Co.. 203 \V Main 4,28 ck 5,26 ath lmu hom odni 7 li ion, co H5.SHO. LEWIS REALTY on Oooil on rornpr lot 4.30 ck S3 i FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land New Trucks-Used Trucks, Big Trucks-Little Trucks If It's a Truck You Want—We've Got It! 1!>S1 CMC 2-Ton SWB Truck with 2-speerl axje. Tires as new as new can lie. J050 CHEVROLET 2- Ton SWB with new bed, air brakes, air horns. Save! $1695 $1295 T!)5) GMC !/j-Ton Pickup. rleluVe cab. 7,000 miles. White side\val! tires. • $1195 J95I STUDE BAKER 1'A-Ton I,\VB Truck with exceptionally low- mileage! $1195 1917 DODGE 1-Ton Stake I{«dy, good tires ... a very good truck. $395 19 IS CHEVROLET I'/j- Ton wilh new hed. Practically new tires. Guaranteed. $895 GMC ii-Ton Pickup in first class condi^ lion. Come to East ManV • $745 • 1950 CHEVROLET y z Ton Pickup. A fine little truck at a nice price. $945 Buy on Horn«r-Wi(son's Easy Termi HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmohile — CMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 ON EAST MAIN ST.

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