The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 8
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FACT EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1947 S Wink, the Wolf, Gives Command Performance Hopes of Experts By Fail More Than • 60,000,000 to Be Working in the U. S. WASHING r>1, .inly i.'- <U1'.> —dovernmcm experts pif.ilicUd lo- d»yt thai yasonul oi'eiiiiiss in farming, owning and ether industries »m boost U. E. .employment cien bpsoud ilu nna'.-yislon- ary "full cmpl-i/niRiit' goal of eO,000,COOJjb5. The expei's look for tin; new job$ to open up HI Auytist, S^p- tember . mid October, while the nation's pool of 49,000.0)0 Inrtbs- trial workers nnd iell-empjoycd remains fairly stable Ewaii CHgiie. commissioner of labor statistics, snici m-cvious "soft spots" in ronstmc'ion and other fields have stiffeac'l. 1 !lc employment picture Is rosy, 1m :;ald, adding: "fliers is no evicVncc \vc are going over the cliff." How mucn liigii'.'r thMi the present CO/JCO.OC,:) jolis Hie U. S employment llieiii'umcle.' will soar the experts hesttcue lo predict They poi: 1 / out Lliui they have no accurate iiic:isnre:iH'i:t on \vhich lo base their forecasts on f.rnsonal employment. But, 'ills/ insist that the new Wij'.l will be significantly above 00.flOO.033. Government economists I'srcc that buyer wsUUin're l.ns created some uncertainty ol employment in soft goods h-ies such as dolh- mg. However, employment in Ihe durable goods Hue •- automobiles, radios, rcfri^nuors •- continues strong. The vcccisi nc'jl settlement was ' a shot in (hi: nmi fw ein;)l:iy- mcnt in nil licliis. according to the expert?. First FM Radio Is Installed In Blytheville "sets which come equipped wllli F. M. arc no more expensive than .lie conventional radio. yrom here on out, I think l"s a matter of lite idea 'catching on'." ot "ami Wealthy ;T:-.c United States contains 23 billionaire corporations, which include .five insurance companies, six ivkllrcocls, five utility ccmpanics, one steel, one oil, ojc auto, aivl four U:uks. , ' Fawns lose Iheir spots when they put cm- their winter coals in autumn. ' " .~ Wink, the Wolf, and her fhrco wolf piiplilrs prer thri.uRh the fence of a prn where thi- throe ini]ipics arc kepi. Wink stayi'il in their pen nnty lon^ cnnu;;h (o havi^ her picture lakon, then v*as lucked h:i<k up hi her spcrliil wire and Avuodi'n raRO. Wink liir.vls at tlu> cn^nniiiiul of her niaslrr, [Sob Kasley. Now shrililliiK, (lie wolf ha< a heavy fur coat in I he Winter. lias Unusual I'cls Rome jieoplc raise dogs for pels and sonic pccple like cats, while others keep (ru'.aiies, or (;r/!il fish, or mavbe ffluirrels. Btit "Uncle Bob" H sley ol S^uth 21st Street comes in none; of these classes. His pets ore wolves — liho four-legged kind that give out. with bload- cunllin^ howls ^^ul remind one of the- animal that nto grandma in "Little Red Hiding Hcod." Mnm.i Wii:-f is called "Wink" bc'i'.usr "slis used to wink her eyes so nvjch -when she was a little tyke", nnd 'her throe offspring*. half doij-lvilf wolf, have been given various nanv:s 1)5' cod children. I It lias recently been round by Fred Citllihun, local r«lio dealer that Blythcvllli! tiir, wkliin Hie range ol the two F. M. iFrcrtucney Modulation) radio Mulions. Mr. Callihan has i:i his Khor. what he l)s>i;cv»j to be F. M. radb hi the city. "I was .1 civilian instruct F. M. for a year wilh Ihe Air Forces," he explained, am very interested In it. I wanted to sec if It were possible to pick up F. M. stations In Blytheville." Ho started by erecting a five- foot Hiilcnna atop il><j l>u'ldi;ig which his shop occupies. He f^oon discovered that iie needed more height on the antenna, however, and added ten -iidilUlonal feel, With this addition, he now i>lsks ill) WMC-FM, Memphis, and WEW-FM In St, Louis. Mr. Callihan pointed out that Blytheville was out of the "recommended" range of both those p. M. stations as they have an effective coverage of only about •!!> miles. "That explains the need for the extra-long antenna. The ten feet that I added to the original antenna' improved reception more than 100 per cent. I'm going add ten more feet and expect Unit to BJVC i nc morc volume," he declared. In a demonstration Mr. CaSII inn pointed out that the only interference he was getting cm the slnlic-frcc F. M. was due .to local electricity. Mr. Callilinn. who has been working in radio for more than 15 years, predicts a great future for F. M. "In the first place," he b?6tm, IN THE C'JIANCKRY COURT FOIl TIIK CIIICKASAYVBA IffSTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS The First muional Bunk in -Blytheville, Plaintiff vs. J. A. Elankcnshlp, et al, Defendant WAHNING ORDKK . The defendants, J. A. Blanken- Ihc flr;t S hip, jay iB'nnkcnship and Jlinime niankcnsliip, 6r c warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawta District of Mississippi 'ounty, Arkansas within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, The First National Bank in iBlythcvillc. WITNESS my hand ns clerk of said court and the seal thereof this 30 day of June, 1047. HARVF.Y MORRIS, CLERK By Harvey Morris XOTICI: OK rnojiATi: OF WIM« Notice is hereby given that the Last Will anil Testament of l.uci.i A. -Rcchtin was probated in common form by the Probate Court (or the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Aikaiisas, on the 24th day of June, 1817. 'An apptol from such prolate can be effected only by tiling a petition, stating the ji/tviiids ol such appeal, with tins court within six (6) months from the date oi this notice. Witness'my hand and seal this MLh day of June, 1041. ELIZABETH BLY1I1E. Clerk of said Court, Marcus Evrard, attorney for executors. • 7-1-8-15 Signed: Philip J. D«r, County Supervisor of Mississippi County Schools. • 7,8-15 Dni-sn't Stay High A hlfih tide docs not s't y at Us! tricts In highest, mint long, but begins to! schools fall inmicdiitcly, although the change of elevation is not noticeable for some minutes. Read Courier News Want Ads. NOT1CK The Mississippi County Board of Education will meet July ^3 'Jt '^ p.m. In Blytheville Courlhour.e. for the purpcse ol considering prtitions requesting that Rcece School Dis- irict -No. 33 and Wai Lake School District No. 49 be dissolved and the territory comprising these dis- be annexed to Blythevillc District No. 5, and that Mitlisan School District No. 8 and Brown School District No. SO. be dissolved and the territory comprising these districts be annexed to M.uiila School District No. IS. MEN WANTED Who can furnish A-l references, to Irain for. managerial positions In Northeast Arkansas, for large sales organization just opening in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, you will go through'n training period, during which time you will be paid while under constant supervision. Apply Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. ni., to Mi. J. II. Bates, Hotel Noble. bott Spot Wink's owner assured \3s t che wns really quite l-.annlcss .'.s he opened the <lc:r of the wife nnd wooden cage \vherj sue kept nnd .In'.dun: a heavy 'ron chain fnstoiicd to her neck. !:<! her | «'"«>_ S ' 1C tors im:le such r.oises. Wolf Adopts Orphaned 1'Up Nenic, :i 'ii''.tlc fuz/.y l:rown «'id i vhitu puppy, ' dncsn'l. know i.lnl sh? isn't a nrl member ol the •family, that theji adopted her out into Hie 1-irRcr p •,n in which \v»s "You vcri nee'"', a /:n rr uioi-L' admirini; olilMreu' explained, "ons (lay <i liltic ycuns: and Mr. Easley :oy with Nellie an;l 0112 of yol'r wolfs I steed. 'IDul von )|-d belter stand L'cnk", he cautioned. ! Friends clown l/hc street, brought Wink tack with them frcav den, wh^ie they found 'her in a'.ow log before her eyes were open, and later gave her tt Mr. Easier. Her owner, who is "Uncle Boy" lo '.lie whole nclglibOT!ioo(l,i Ulc y ""''•,'' loutn N( : ! " c : , In '"-,'•,— triiurd Wink to Howl when |, K ;thev pel Her so-mucli slies spoil- „„ ovcl . to'd her to f-.y mbbin? his ihair.l I''"• ' orado and nlons Iv? HiioiH mM howlliiBj The wolf puppies air fciir hhr-clf. Wh-n rf-.c howls. Ihe rest ironll-r. aM. They rrc <l?rknr In of the woll family Joins in.' cxrl.-r th-.n Ihdr mother, but like Is, a'l excr-Jl Nellie, who sils witlil their mother, they never Ixirk. her head -nckcd to one side won- Their father is a pail German dei ins why her brothers and sis-j police, mnt collie. Courier News rhoro. UncL' li:i) h.a.s ^cls other than \vclvcs. 'Ihc.^f; include two horses, it yoinv^ pcriy. and a pcf*.. lie his taught one, Joe ,to ho'p liim move heavy liirrlirr. "Trained Oiim ditrin^' tile i!:icor shortage", lie laughs. "One of -his most outstanding trjtks is being able t-i •tell a, pcr.sbii's t;.3:c by choosing nmnlinrs after having been shown Ihe nge writ'.en on a, piece* of found I'o:.', ur- Mic road, UncfcBDlj.', paper," he s.iid. Joe lias often a»- LRarnini; dial the pui:p;-.s ouncrs pea red in shows as "an "cdu- planncd <'o .havs it dr-^w-r.^ti. I . r iid cl'itcd horse" '• •well, we'll just make her a wolf- ^. rr, ls ! ev -bcqaii lo train ani- dog tc.o' The wolves may fisht ,„,„. whcn ' hc Wn3 a cowpmlchcr amont; (hcn'.sclvcs , he added, "out ... . thev .out ii his \vords, a "cowboy hoco" West. He has "punched cow.s' the West, but ca'ls Col- 'Blytiheville, where he hbs lived many yoars, his homes,. Transonic speed is the spccil just" tirl(r.v aiul above the speed of .sound, while .supersonic sjieetl is alt sliced nbovc transonic. i, . Promoicr Babe Culnan shows sections" of an inch-thick cellular rubber mat laid in the ring of Newark's Meadowbrook Bowl. With remarkable ability to absorb shock, it is designed to .protect boxers • from hond injuries, such as that which killed welterweight /•"" Jimmy Doylc'in Cleveland. IT'S TIME FOR: quid and simple, yet allrac- tivo meals. Timo for (resh serving ideas to perk up •willed summer appslilos. So take note of those limely features in llie July Belter Homes & Gardens: JOUY HKLS FOR JULY DRESS UP YOUR FRESH-AIR MEALS ACCENT ON WORXSAUERS Your July Betlar Homes tl Gardens magazine is a gala issue-bent on speeding you thru summer doldrums in sparkling good hcallK and good humor. BelterHomes and Gardens ON SAlf AT YOUR NIWSSTAND TODAY. — ^ . Good Used Furniture Is Found at J1MM1E EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. un _X- © RcDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servant Mnke cooking more carefree -—makes even the "cheapest cuts'" with a tnadeni, automatic electric taste more delicious, r^nge. Cook electrically, and enjoy It's safer to use—docs away the difference. See your decide with all the hazards of old-fash- appliance dealer today. jotted flame-type cooking methods. Economical, too; especially since it cuts down on food wastes frrilr for fret: "AV:7.r;i /ViifMirno* / olilcr Imlr.i/. .lilttrcxt i<n.\l can! la ijour luvircsl .lr/,--.Vu I'o-i-cr Co. <)//iVc. Ark-Mo Power Co. Fuel By Wire Is Modern! A Cub In Sfzo... but a BEAR for Work! i HTE RN ATIO N AL HARVEST ft $>WE SE NTS THE • for oil eptraliont on forms of 40 crop I aeiei or las —and liuck gardens, ' • For jpetlaf operations an truck laimi. • for large farms fhaf need an exlra Iraelor. That's the Farmall Cub, the first tractor in history that's built right and priced right for a g'rcat new group of tractor owners. The Cub is the newest member of the famous FAKMALL IAM1I.Y. It brings the advantages of the FARMAI.I.* SYS- TIM OF FARMING to the small, family farm. ' It's a Cub in size, but "a BF.AR for work." You get big- Fsrmall quality and" designj plus scaled-down, small- tractor economy. And there is a full line of matched, quick-change, easy-to-comrol implements. / '?SlM(^, - The smooth-running 4-c.ylindcr engine develops afv proxinmtcly 9 ! /i h.p. on the belt. It uses considerably Jess than a gallon of gasoline an hour. There's a comfortable, roomy seat... ample crop clearance under the chassis... and "Cuhi-Vision" to give a clear, unob^ strncted view of your work. 1 Fit the Cub into your farming operations. We'll have ^ one on hand soon, so yon can climb in the seat and drivtt it. You'll find it handles as easily as your car. SEE IT DEMONSTRATI We will give a demonstration of the FARMALL CUD Thursday and Friday of the HERMAN MATTHEWS FARM, !/2 Mile Southeast of Yarbro School. These demonstrations will be on the usage of Disk Harrows and cultivators. Don't Miss It! Bring your friends. Thursday 1:30 p.m. Delta Implem 312 So. Second Street Friday 9:00 a.m. s, Inc. Phone 863

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