The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1950
Page 13
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-FRIDAT, MAY It, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* BLITHE* ILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS VOU CAN T6LL WHEN A GUV LAVS OFF MOT SO MUCH CUZ. HE'S SICK AS CUZ. HE'S 60T A ROTTEU JOS-HE'S AUWAVS SORe CUZ.THEY DIDM'T PUT SOAE POOR GUV OIJ TO FINISH IT UP WHILE HE OFF. /f HOW'S THAT? EGAO, WOULD B& LOADS Of- 6UT THA.T OU> , ROSBY irjJueY T_ 4. INCURRED AT OXFORD ACTING UP/-»-UrV\/ EXCUSE Me, MMOR, BUT WE TAKE A KM -rue PARK?—-I'/WAS FLABBY i A6 BREAD PDODIMG-^IF t 1 HfM> To RA.6SL6 fHA>T ESklMO MQVi t V*)OLM-DhVT LWST AS • LONG AS A HEAETV LAUGH MOSODV EVER seews TO &ET SICKOMASMAP- IF HE'S SICK AT HOME HE COMES DOWM TO'GET WELL ON TH' SNAP; Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE THTRTgEH KKECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSKK Thai's All WMCT Television on Friday 11:00 a.m.—Children's Punulii 1:30—N'cws Kounriup 1:45—WMCT .Nuwsrecl 2:(ll)—JliilSouth N'cws 2:15— Household Hints 2:30—Fiisfiion Parade 3:00—Forrest Tucker 3:30— Hnwdy llnnily 1:00— Cactus Jim 4:30— Hello, Ladies 5:00— Kukln, FKIII * Ollie 5:30—Hobcrla Quinlan 5:-l5—WJICT Ncu-srccl 6:00—Fcaturettc 1B—What's New _ We the IVuple ( :00— Versatile Variclies 7:OO^Vers:ilile Varieties 7:SO—Bis; Story 8:00— Cavatcailc of Sports 8:45—Fights of Ihe Crntury 9:00—Top Views in Sports 9:15—Xe\vs Summary 9:20—Starlet Kevnc 9:35—Colton Carnival Attractions , SAlESANKSERVf 138E.MAIN ST / BLYTHgVILtC, ARK. OuriTelephonf Numher *43.8 Motor Co. Mere tfse mower for , rower Lawn Mower Blytheville Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd. I>!iniiE 2828 You'll Love Our !'~lmvers! liiylhevillc I FLOWER MART Memphis Phone GOOi .w» ft<x» Stw h «EA URVict, INC I-MK STOKVi K.hlFiK I- la** had BUI b*-rn (,'!«• wacy .Nurdin'* idra *vhtD «k« ^rrmmtr govern t-^k io Uaba. «mall •«uichlfr <» Jo* und Srrl«- Amherlrr wko Uvr wlib JOB', ttroibn l'd-r» IB Al^riTt* •iiUuo*! dlitfkr* WOMB en.* 1 hot 1 'I^Nieiiry •«•<•• Ik mi kr fa con- p i-rnr« ovn Jon «rha 1* wmfc nn4 ti>» <rii-nie/n'T no? in »rp • crrrni it fa I «r I'ier* itad itiddenl j *h«" fttirtfc h^rxrLl In luvr «rfth k(m. irtiT'* •vinirrn. in'* that U • half- trutW," he Hy». • * * XX PIERS wont on chatting hi a half desultory w,iy. making remarks toi the sudden oleasure it gave r>im to hear her answer Tf Clemency roiild oe attracted by ft charming speaking voice, so,could •ie and he found himself listening for the nloar softness of hers He war- curiously conscious of . ne girl sitting there in the tnoon- jRht. and as he looked at tier. leaning back a Hi tie. supported by one hand resting on the marble rim of the basin, her cigarct be- nvcen the fingers of the other, he Knew that he had gathered another olcture of her to carry In his mind. Even in a softened mood, the •ynirism born of something fine which had been turried bunk upon itself., told him that a wise man should ask no more of any woman ihaji thai she should be ornamental and reasonably intelligent. He nad shut out the idea of companionship years ago: nnd now—Clem- encj^had come, .and he faced the amazing fact thai he wanted to Know her much belter—to know ill about the things that went on Behind her candid eyes, and why 'hose eyes had become somehow more reticent when ihcy met his. Then from the direction of ihe •aables -a clock struck, and she sprang to her feet with an exclamation of dismay. **1 must go back to Baba. She may have wakened:." "Good night," he said, taking her land in bis. And retaining it. he Save her another of these intent, rfiFrnnreriine looks "You know." Foot specialists report that children outgrow their shoes every one six months until they are fifteen. I'ou'Tl Love Our Flowers! RLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Mempht? iliwaj Fbune tiOU^: LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United lorance Agency isl & Main Rc.ii Citj t)njj Hlyfhcville, Ark. THE TIME! Use MIXED FERTILIZERS To Ger More Cotton! if And with lurtaj's reduced cotton I acreage ll's even more important j for rou to Increase Ihr yield per [ mere. That's what oar fertilizers | can rto fni vou We have on hand all ol (he I most commotil> usca grades of I mixed ferlili/crs and nitrate ol I sod., (ici VOUT5- now and nut It I down wlitle sufficient supplies j are available. ORDER NOW! BJytheville Fertiliier Corp. Highway 61 South Phone 4471 he tojd tier with tluii odd. abrupt change of manner oJ which be s napable: "Tied Aloes Is no plooe for you Vou ought never to have come nore." Her eyes widened "But—why not?" The Grrn. cool ciasp of tils fingers about tiers seemed to light til lie shaken Qarne and send It running through her veins and there was a catch tn her throat that she rould not controL 'Because it is shutting vou away from life You arc too young—" She took a firm hold of herself and this time/tier tone was even "I'm olenlv old enough to Know my own mind. I—tcnosu what ! wanL And [ like being here" Then the touch of dcfianfe dying: "It's so beautiful." He moved his shoulders impatiently 'T thought beauty was enough—once" "Are vou celling tired of Red Aloes?" she asked quickly "Mo. Only of myself" He released the hand he was still holding. "Stay as long as vou can. It's (retting chilly now—run along to bed." "Good night. Colonel Amberley " "Good night, child.". • • • THE next day—when F3aba was -"- in bed. and Clemency's dinner had been over for half an hour. Piers walked Into the nlfiht nursery and announced without any preliminaries: "I've a black dog on my shoulder tonight I want to shake It off. Come and drive with me." His manner forbade refusal, but such a thing had not been tD her head. If he wanted someone—Just anyone—to talk Io and take him away from himself, she felt she was lucky to be chosen, ond was in no mind to throw the privilege back Into the lap of whatever fate had offered it. As It happened, it was nol "just anyone's" company he wanted. It was hers. He hnd suddenly made up his'mind to that downstairs and without probing his decision, come to fetch her Twenty minutes later they/ bad left the ede,e ol the oasis, and were driving into the heart at the desert Jlemeney felt that she wouht never forget ihal drive She nad never been 30 far in thi* direction before, and the road. exc*pl lor occasional potholes and roughness. was an amazingly eood one traveled silence. for a . time In RECTAL DISEASES DRS. NIES SHEET METAL WORK -— OF ALL KINDS Cuslum work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cuslom Shearing up Io 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Souih Firnntlway . Phone 2fi51 Hearing /.id Users Now, you can gel fresh, pre-tested Batteries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid al KIRBY DRUG STORES >ETTER LAUNDRY NU-WA Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Fticndly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROADS, ASH PHONE 6888 RKE ) TIME our A / 7 MINUTE I 1 GOTTA GET SOMe UeHTONTHE SUBJECT/ WMATbe YOU USIN5 FOR EYES, RADAR? CALLED AOXXJMT OF DARKNESS UMPIRES FROWVA NERVOUS BREAKDOWN "He wants me to marry him early in summer—he says we can spend most of our off timo on trio beach and save on clothes!" PIMSCILLA'S POP Nothing but (he Truth AL VERMEEH GEORGE MSFEE'S GOT A NEW TELEVISION SET. AND HE SAVS THERE'LL BE A BIG GAME ON TONiem OUT TONIGHT, EH, NLJTCHELL? WHAT EXCUSE DID HY MICHAEL O'JIALLEY niul RALPH LANH FIXED THAT TRIPWIRE TO CATCH PEOPIE SNOOPIN'AROOND I HERE. WHO BE YE? MY NAME IS FLINT— A GUEST OF MV. STEEL'S WHO, MAY I ASK so THAT'S WHO YOU ARE. WAI. YOU CAN GET up. YOU MIGHT CATCH COLD LYIN' ON WE GROUND. THAT'S DECE/JTOF YOU, BUT FIRST PUT THAT PITCHFORK BACK IN TOUR POCKET. AND YOU STILL IWVCM'T SAID Oil, ALEC, I HATE TO LET tOll GO—I'M FRIGHTENED.' "Are there — no ways HY LESLIE TURNER There's rain oo the way SOU RE TO BLAME, let COBBI VOU TALKED ME IHTO BEEMCIN W« BAEOAIM AM' LETTIW VOU "WE THAT PLASTER. HE*o! HOW W>V PLACE IS Al LAST MIGHT, WHIIE SHE WAS GOME, EUEE'THIUG 1U 'ER HOUSE WAS TURNED UPS10E DOWW...EUEH 'ER. VAeO DUG FULLA HOLEst SHEFI3GERS THM FELU AHDTHEVIOSTHO TIME TBVIMG TO FIWD ITl THEY MUST WANT Ji THE PAPER THAT HAS INSIDE: tommyB»D! THE WORK O'THE PUSH BOVS! VVE- DIOM'T TELL 'EM 6HE HO LONGER HAS THE HEAD. SPECIALTY NIES FBR ONCE I'M GONNA GET A SECT IN TH' BUS.' FOR SALE Ws*-$/ VELL.IT LOOKS LIKE \ P^OH OH.'" X5 *^* a «^^SSH ' "I 'VENUS. HEKE? \v'S COME.'")/ 1 TH" CtWsND WIZEESY^^W -|\ MOTHIN'T'\v'<3fi?R.Y /( NECKLACE! MY «$<§3$ "i?i-(xv ABOUT NOW...NOT n V GOSH.' J /'^\:w:i? Itt: /v^ /w -TU1K!rt t / t. ZM. .^^^ ^ '& PROVING GROUNDS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Cissy s Opinion BY EDGAR MARTIN EN the spell broke and the car slowed down as her companion spoke. "There Is magic In these nights." A new manic! He turned nif head to smile al her. and Clemency asked Impulsively: "Is the black dog rtill there?" 'It lumped back." "I'm — so glad — * *Are you — Clemency?" Her heart leapt. She had never realized that her name could sound like that Then as her startled glance met his she saw jome- thlne In his eyes which she had never seen there before. She looked quickly away again, and above the glad. Incredulous hammering of her heart Piers' voice reached her. "You're Ihe first person who has been capable of exorcizing that particular demon." he raid. "As a rule I have to nurse grows tired of tormenting me." "Musi asked. escape? His eyes were fixed on the distant hills, and the little smile playing about his Ups softened his fac« wonderfully. "I am — beginning to wonder U there might not be a way." h« sold. And then taking the wheel again: "Shall we drive a little farther — and then 1 think I had better take you back. See those clouds? again." But what did she care for clouds or rain when she bad seen trial look in his eyes, beard that new note in hi- voice: "1 am beginning to wonder U there might not be a (To Bt Continued) OncreK nhrerU, 12 Inch U U .Inch, plain «r recnforced Abo Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber fot barna chicken houses, pump bovMt, teniDt homes tool thcds We dellier Call «i for tree M OSCEOUA TILE & CULVERT CO For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474

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