The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1950 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1950
Page 16
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Bt.YTHEVll.LK, (AKK.) UUUKlfcK NKW» '- •'• i • . _. . _ ,__ ^^^ "» j * .me; v ji>iji^ r \t\f\r*..) \j\j \jAirjiv rxfeV Can Communists Now Remain Silent? Attice to Report Supreme Court Decision Poses New Questions By PAUL M. YOST WASHINGTON. Dec. 12. wv- More questions were left unanswered today than were settled by a Supreme Coure decision that persons quizzed by grand juries about Communist activities may keep silent If their answers might involve them In criminal prosecution. There was plenty of speculation about the Impact of the decision on sunilar but not Identical cases, but most legal experts shied clear of predictions etndy. 1 Some of the obvious, coultl pending further questions, it was be answered by new court tests. Citing decisions dating buck as far as 1807, the high court yesterday knocked out a one year's con- lempt sentence Imposed on Mrs. Patricia Blau In Denver for refusing to answer question before a federal grand jury. Deciding that Mrs. Blai: had a Constitutional right to remain silent, the court cited the Fifth Amendment's guarantee that "no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself." Clark AbsUiin Speaking for a unanimous eight man court—Justice Clark took no part—Justice Black declared it does not matter whether nny answers given would by themselves be strong enough to support a criminal conviction. The action Immediately raised such questions us: only Does the s«me thing hold true of witnesses accused of contempt ol Congress for refusal to answer questions? r What about » special law designed to »lve witnesses Immunity from prosecution for testimony Ktven before concessional committees? Does » h e constitution permit Congress („ require registration of Communist Party members, -AS Hie new Internal security act provides, if (he act of registration niljhl subject them lo prosecu- llon? Of most immediate attention was the effect, If any, on charges a- galnst M persons recently Indicted here for contempt of Congress. All refused . lo answer some questions on grounds their answers might incriminate them. V. S. in Proceed The Justice Department said It wil proceed with the cases. They include indictments against Earl Shivers Raps Oil, Gas Regulators Texas Governor Says Federal Officials Want 'Fuel Dictator' HOUSTON, Tex., Dec. 12. (AP) — Texns Governor Allan Shivers said today certain .federal officials again are seeking to establish a "fuel dictator" .to regulate uses of oil and gas. 'Shivers said the most apparent motives behind the plan is manipulation of fuel uses to the advantage of the coal Industry In Its competitive race with oil and gns. "This preposterous idea Is being seriously advocated again in the high counsels of our government," he said in a speech prepared for the opening session of the fifteenth annual, meeting of the Interstate • Oil Compact Commission. Official representatives from 20 oil producing states attended the meeting." ' Members Meet Quarterly Members of the Commission have no regulatory authority or power but meet four times a year to coordinate and study oil and gas conservation practices. ;; Shivers said the Senate interior Committee now is making a stud of the nation's fuel supplies "with an eye toward drafting a policy for regulating how and where these fuels will be used." Control of final uses ,of oil and gas, he said, would mean the end of effective slntc conservation programs. Arkansas Governor Sidney 5. McMath, in responding on behalf of the compact to Shivers' speech, .said there are instances wherein federal assistance Is "invaluable" but that conservation of oil and gas is the duty of state governments. McMath said conservation programs and statutes are being pic- pared by several states which are members of the compact. Including California, _ Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and Washington. Cohen Attorney Talked with Pol see Just before Death HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 12. (>T», _ A few hours before he was slain, Sam Rummel, for years gambler Mickey Cohen's attorney, conferred secretly with a sheriff's officer subpenaecl in a grand Jury Inquiry Into gambling protection payoffs, police disclosed today. Deputy Police chief That! Brown said Rummel talked Sunday night in his office with Sheriffs Capt Carl H. Pearson, under subpcna to appear before the county grand jury today, and a deputy, Lawrence C. Schaffcr. Hummel, 44. was killed by a shotgun blast fired from ambush as he entered the grounds of his home in the exclusive Laurel Canyon district early yesterday, perhaps about 1:30 a.m. Pearson, head of the sheriffs vice squad until transferred to the records section last Aug. 5. told Brown that he and Schaffcr talked with Hmninel for more than nn hour nbout legal matters involving the grand jury investigation. Browdor, former No. 1 u. S. Communist; Philip Jaffe, editor of the defunct magazine Amerasla' and Frederick Vandcrblll Field 'New York millionaire. The grand Jury before which Mrs Blau re/used lo answer questions was convened to inquire Into activities on the Communist Party In Colorado. The high court said the millions involved "her employment by it (the party)." Black said for the court that, when Mrs. Blau was called before tht grand Jury the 1940 Smith Act was effective. That act makes it a crime to teach or advocate the violent overthrow of the government. Eleven top u. S. Communists convicted of violating the act and Riven prison sentences and fines are now testing Its validity before the Supreme Court. Provisions of the Smith Act Black said, made future prosecution of Mrs. Blau "far , BO r e than amere Imaginary possibility " Store Explosion In Missouri Town Kills 1, Injures 12 CAHROLLTON. Mo., Dec 12 III'} -One person was killed ami at least 12 others were Injured In an explosion that rocked the Carrollton business district yesterday. The blast occurred under the clewalk In front of the Gamble Variety store on the north side o/ the courthouse square. The variety store was wrecked and adjoining windings were damaged. Windows In the courthouse and some in buildings up lo a biocl: r.way wen.- smashed. A dozen cars on Ihe street were damaged. A. J." rtupe, 85, wealthy owner of city and farm property, was injured fatally, his son, R. E. Rupe of Dal- MEDAL FOR JOLSON—In Washington, Gen. George C Marshall secretary of Defense, pins a Medal of Merit on three-year-old Asa Jolson, adopted son of the late Al Jolson, as Mrs. Jolson looks on. The medal was awarded posthumously lo the beloved entertainer for his tremendous contribution to the welfare and morale of troops fighting in Uniled Nations action in Korea " Two Faces Fall When Santa Takes Drink: His' and Boy's on Lap EL PASO, Tex., Dec. 12. (;?)— Two faces fell when Santa Claus got thirsty. The Ind sitting on Santa's lap was beaming ns he told the merry old gent what he wanted for Christmas. Santa asked for n drink of water. When someone brought It, he pulled down his beard to guzzle. The boy's face fell too. Approximately 200,000.000 train passengers enter and leave new York City every year. SAVE $ 100 Yes, you can save up lo $IUU on liny new Krigiclm're Household Appliance lliis month... !>t Adams Appliance Co. Come by for details — you'll be mighty glad you did! Trijidainr fully Automatic Washer 5% DOWN ami fj^ f a week is (he very easy wny to save the money for yoitr nc»r Frigidairc. Adams Appliances Special IMtni Payment plan makes It mighty easy to iiuike Ihe 25^ tlo\vn payniciil. Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, illgr. 20(!-2nS \V. Aliiin i-hone 2071 Talks to Cabinet Broad Agreement Made, British Head Tells Nation LONDON, Dec. 12, «•, — Prime Minister Attlee returned by plane today from what he described as "very full, frank and friendly discussions" on the world crisis with President Truman and Canadian government officials. Attlee told reporters: "we covered a wide scope dealing with both the East and West of • the world and dealing with economic subjects, as well as political subjects." "We had arrived," the prime minister adted, "at a very broad agreement on many matters and we understand one another's point of view." Altlce to Report Attlee was expected to report quickly to the cabinet on his talks in Washington and Ottawa and to outline to it a statement on his trip which he will make to the House of Commons either tonight or tomorrow. Mrs. Attlee ami Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin were at the airport to greet the British head of state, who !c/t fjuickly for his 10 Down- hit' Street residence. Soon after his arrival Attlee drove to Buckingham Palace to report on his trip to King George las, Tex., owns the two-story building in which the variety store was located. Police Chief Oscar Johnson said the smell of natural gas had been reported last week In the variety store. Johnson said he Investigated and thought he smelled gas there. Officials of the gas service company would not comment. EDSON Continued from Page 4 (are, Every man in. ranger outfit must be paratrooper, must pass above- average physical and menial tests and must volunteer /or the extra hazardous service. The new training Is an extension of u.s ranger battalion operations of last war when such outfits as Ueut.-Gen' Walter Kreuger's '.'Alamo Scouts" In the Pacific, "Castner's Cutthroats" In Alaska and the British "Wingate Raiders" In Burma gained fame by their daring guerrilla tactics against the Japs Greatetl Deliberative Body In the World Indiana's Sen. Homer Capeliart was describing, for the Senate's edification. a political cartoon in which a radio set was blaring forth had news. He was Interrupted by the Junior senator from Ohio Sen John W. Bilcker, and this exchange h . took place: IcW? er ~ W '" ' he senntor to ".; eldCap * hart - 1 am *"* >'»ppy Mr Dricker - I should like the senator to advise whether or not Mr._c»pchiirt— Now If r may con . Mr Bi-lcker— The purpose of the question was to find out If the re ception was good. Mr Capehart— I shall not answer [he able senator from Ohio because. frankly, ram In no frame of mind— ' . Opt Materials Before You Build Outlook for housing construction is that the pinch will really bc<»in to be felt next spring. Fall and winter are normal times for decline of new building starts. Cut-back orders on aluminum, copper and other metals don't take effect till Jan 1. But along when the new building' season would normally start, plumbing and hardware fixtures using these metals will become scarce and that will slow up construction. Again us In 1942, best advice for those who are planning to build is- Mtlu «ur« your contractor has all materials In hand before you break ground. Otherwise, count on many delays. Mo«iBln« Pinch Easier Now U.S. is slightly better o/f on housing than It was before the last war. Population In 1940 was 131,000,000— compared to 150,000,000 in 1950 census. Increase is 14 per cent.' In same period, number of housing units had advanced 23 per cent from 37,000,000 to nn estimated 46,000,000. About 22.000,000 families own, or are buying their own homes. This Is twice as many home owners as in 1040. "Lame Duck" Came From English Eee The name "lame duck," applied present post-election session of Congress, was originally coined by the English around 1740, its earliest recorded use. The name was then applied to anyone who could not meet his financial obligations in the stock market. First recorded U.S. use, according to new "Dictionary of Americanisms" to be published next year, was In Abraham Lincoln's lime. Congressional . Globe, now the Congressional Record. applied the term to broken- down, defeated politicians. Careful breeding of poullry resulted In larger eggs. has Rocket Fails In Attempt for Altitude Mark WHITE SANDS PROTINO GROUND, N.M., Dec. 11. (AP)-^A Navy Viking Rocket failed to wt » hoped-Cor altitude record «*rlv to (lay. The power was cut oJf M"^"' when the missile started to y^. its course. Dr. Milton - Rosen charge of tlie firing for the N said the rocket probably ascei less than 100 miles. A similar rocket last May climbed from a warship m „ Pacific to a height of 106.4 mil highest point ever reactied by American-made, one-stage rocki Tlie Viking ts almost SO left ] c ; and 2',(, feet thick. It was one of six missiles sche • • uled to be lired in the west IE' night and today during a 25-hW, period of meteor showering. | Authorities wanted to eompar. telescopic findings by astronomeri on density of the upper atmosphere with' radio-trace signals from th« rockets. Buy a Convert —if yon buy a Nasli Haniblcr, llic first convertible seilan liiat'i weather-snug, wind-tight and rattle-proof. —Iwcausc every Rambler comes. C(|iii|>|)eii wiiii a Wcnllier Eye, the world's besl Conditioned Air System. No drafls, no fogging. Complete living-room comfort in zero weather! — because a (drilling new Humbler makes a wonderful Cbrisliiiiis gifl for the entire family . . . ami now yon can gel iiiimuliiiia delivery! Immediate Delivery on America's Lawesf-flice Convertible Se&n! 195t This Is Ihe car that you and millions more Lave hojxxl someday to own. You've wanted the fun of an o|H.-n car, but with the comfort mid safety of a sed.iri. You've wanted" a convertible free of the usual rallies and 6(|iicuks. And that's what you get in tlie sensational new iNasb Humbler! f'lus—llic hottest performance on the road!— (and il's su easy lo handle and park), ['lus up lo 30 miles to a gallon, at average highway s[>eedl I'kts full-size room! Pins complete custom equipment— including radio, Weather Eye, Directional Signals, etc.— nearly $300 worth—all at America's loicesl price for a convertible sedan! Come in. Drive one. We have I!;iinbler Station WagoiiE, too—but better burry Lf you waul your choice of color! The Worlds Most Modern^Cars -• IHI STATESMAN • THI f Corf., D,mH. MiA. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 So. Second — Blyrheville TELEVISION l°oi for "U,. No* Airflyl. Th.olr." on x ° U r luvoril. 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