Independent from Long Beach, California on July 30, 1964 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1964
Page 26
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THE GOLDEN VE/1RS He Frames His Life's Story By THOMAS COLLINS Have you considered going off on a personal-history kick in your retirement? An extroverted gentleman by the- name of Harvey P. Daggert did. And he is .now engaged in one of the most absorbing projects of his life. "I'm really just' a vain man," Mr. Daggert says. "In fact I'm about the most self- centered fellow you ever saw. Bui my, friends and neighbors tliink'l'jn wonderful. My children think I'm wonderful. And r--well; I. don't think I ought to dispute th'dm V. ." Wljat Mr. Daggert is'doing is frarbing. the,story of his life. 'And. hanging it on the stairway of his home. It all started a few months after liis retirement. An old friend -- a woman who had been a bridesmaid in their wedding in 1924 ,-- sent his wife 4 yellowing newspaper clipping about the wedding It was from a weekly news- paper'in a small town in Missouri where the wedding was held. 1 + + · * * · " "WE HAD SAVED no such clipping," Mr. Daggert ex plains.. "And.I was very im pressed to have, the story. : didn't want to lose it. I talked :p a friend about the best way .o preserve It, and he told me he only way to preserve a newspaper clipping was to; 'rame'it arid seal .it tightly.' went t o ' a picture-framing shop and had it' done--.for 53.45.. .?·· ' ·: ·· That was the beginning. He tacked the frame to the stairway wall, discovered . tha( everybody who came into the louse wanted to read the itory . . ; and started looking 'or. something else to frame. In three years Mr. Daggert las decorated the stairway .vail with these: . . ' . · » * i « .A NEWSPAPER ; clipping of the .story .of his. graduation from high school i n . a small Penhslyyania .town. He ' is mentioned in the story, as Class Historian. He made a trip back to the home town to get it. And it's not a clip ping--it's a photostat of the story taken from the newspaper's library. A photostat of a newspaper story of his return to Dayton, Ohio, after his discharge from the Army in.1919 A copy of. his birth certificate. He · thought his wife's certificate- should be framec beside it, but his wife wasn't that dumb. * * * « A PHOTOGRAPH of a brief notice in a New Jersey paper innouncing the birth of the first Daggertrbaby. They were iving in New Jersey at the time. Four frames showing clip- )ings from the employe magazine at the company where Mr. Daggert had his career-one announcing his joining the company, one announcing a iromotion, one announcing lis election as.president of :he credit union, and the 'ourtli a lengthy feature story on'his retirement. A clipping from the local paper telling of. his-election as president of the Lions Club. : ' A copy of his church bulletin showing his election as a church officer. A newspaper clipping telling of his appearance at City Hall to fight a zoning change that would have allowed a filling station in his neighborhood. * * · * I'M VAiN, all right," says Mr. Daggert, "but you ought to see what interest these framed clips create. Further more, I am preserving the history of one Harvey P. Dagger! AMY for my children and grand children. They may treasure it, or they may give the wholi works to the trash man. Bu think older parents have ; duty to pass on the story of who and what they are to their descendants. And' I'm doing il . . . " Mr. Daggert, in the three years of his project, has framed 22 black - and - white photographs of himself, his wife, his children, and his [randchildren. They hang on the stairway with his "vanity" clippings. Altogether he now las 38 frames . . . all with jlass and carefully sealed, with notations on the back; all with narrow, black con servative borders; and all except :the first one done by h i m s e l f , with second-hand glass, wood framing from trie got al a hardware store. (Ctwrllht DM, Gnwil nihirti Corp.) Deep iii India JAIPUR, India Well- diggers at a desert village in northwest India's Rajasthan state had to go down 777 feet to strike water, it takes a team of four camels to draw a bucket with the primitive windlass. · 7-30 L«ti« g*xii, .erttj Ttiurt.,.juiy M, DM INDEPENDENT--Pane A-2? v -- ' - ' New Pay-TV Pacl Approval Sought SAN FRANCISCO (/PI -- leneral Telephone asked ap iroval Wcdnesdajr of the :hird pay-TV contract in Calir ornia.. State Public Utility Commission approval would allow Subscription Television Inc. to serve a portion of Santa lumber company, and tape he Monica and West Los Angeles. 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