The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1949 BLTTHEVrLLE (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS PAGE BLBTBN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EGAD, gA^TER.' ACTUALLY WILL see Lime OF M 1H6 NEXT PSVM \M66KS — X'M CACMIMG A STATD& OP trie MOR?-~AFTER IT'S COMPLETC WOULD V POSINS FOR We? ALWAYS WAKJT6O TO HEY. HOOPUC i ARe VOO TAWrSs DOWti ALREADY ? IT OH, I SEE KJOW--1 WAS JUSTCOIW6TO SAV THAT A BAP HULA HULA FOR AMATEURS.' LOS6 GAMB AlOD 6ET HECKLES AND BIS FRIENDS BY MERHILL BLOBflKI Twirp Chirps! . . FOR SALE Concrete culverts U Inch to ** inch, plain 01 reenlorced »l» Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns cnirkro houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool stit(U W'. <lfU«r Call us for free estimate . . Thone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART THE S TO Rift IMBanelaL iroublr*, lMb"npllab]t IR-IMWM, • Dd rb« hnDhlni: •iloallon knrc coHtrlvcd ro !>«>K rfutvn Jranjr'* mmrrtttj;t Id l'i»4 ' [>UBL-»B- tte- «ldp«. Tod arcm* aHHhle 10 turfel I.U C«BO*rr nbo jilted hlro. TkrB mm »ld rrlrnd. Itlck Morrl*. In- Tiie» Tod and Jenny r<» *l»ll hi* honar IB CraK-rTlll* «tl*« Too irraduBtr* from rollrirr. Tud i. 1W9, NEA Sl^VrCe. INC at '-he cottage!" Nina Tod can find an house within our jind br IM B 'B Rlok »us- 1 You Can Tell the ^ Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LT€RS i 0 'qUtY SHOC SHOP i J I W. M O I N ST. Koe'l eotlncc bnrb In lb« ( ibeT bad beca • • « XIX WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store FOR SALE CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Costs ynii . less jet lasts than any'other bridge i Sires .8-10-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-36 inches. CONCRETE SEWER TILE T^HE .cottage, originally built as a caretaker's house, had been usctl later by Rick's father for. his study. Jenny bought colorful paper drapes (or the windows and painted some second-band chairs and an old kitchen table bright yellow, for the kitchen. They moved their Cew belongings from the trailer, olus the old walnut marble-topped oureau and the gateleg table and antique chair Nina was storing lor them. The cottage was small, but snce it was furnished and the curtains up. they were delighted with it Then Tod got a job with a distributor (or farm implements. It didn't pay so much to start, but there was a promotion promised. They celebrated in appropriate fashion with a party. Tod, using Rick's car, brought Nina down on a Saturday evening to spend the week-end- The four of them went swimming, had a picnic, and then a? soon as the babies were put to Bed, the four played bridge until late. It was like old times. Tod bunked that night with Rick at the big house and Nina slept at the cottage with Jenny. Nina and Jenny lay awake until almost 2 talking. Jenny was so excited about Tod's new iob, and she was thrilled with the cottage too. "It's wonderful how nice Mrs. Morris has been, Nina. She's such a help with the twins'." "You surely aren't planning to stay here said. •'Only until apartment or means." It'll be a problem all right," Nina said, "but I think I'd—" "You'd what?" Jenny asked sharply. "I wouldn't want you to—take me wrong or anything like u^at," Nina said. 'But I think it would be best for all concerned U you moved back to Capitol City as soon as possible, even though it a help (or Mrs Morris to take care of the babies so much." "Why whal do you mean. Nina?" "You know Rick's in love with you," Nina said. She paused and then added. "You aren't mad are you, ban. for me saying it? "Mad? No, of course not," Jenny said. She was grateful for the darkness that hid the red creeping across her cheeks. "Oiilj you're wrong—being silly, Nina—or Jealous." One ot the babies whimpered in his sleep and she got out ot bed and padded around to his bassinet. Nina sighed. "I'll admit 1 wanted Rick to fall tor me, but 1 gave up long ago. You and Tod have been throwing him at me ever since last fall, but he doesn't see anyone but you, Jenny." Jenny broke in, "Rick is Tod's best friend and he's been so good to me, but it isn't anything like that, I know." "Just the same," Nina insisted, "I think the best thing you and Tod can do is move back to Capitol City." nail to iump to a crazy conclusion thai he was in love with her Kirk nad gone to work at the Ccntervillp Trust Company The iob had Deen waiting for nun as soon 35 rte graduated. HiF grandfather nad founded Uie bank, and now that his father was dead. Rick was supposed to' work mtc the leadership o! the institution Tod envied Kick's nCrurity: no worries. 3 good iob lust waiting for him lo step into it Perhaps U was because the Duncans always Bad to struggle that the things money would buy were so important to Text' Jenny oerself • was contented. The babies xvere sweet and healthy and utterly fascinating.- Tod nad to catch the 6:45 bus in tlie morning and the evening bus didn'l got down until 6:30, which lefl him little time at noine through the week: nui ne had Saturday afternoons oil. which didn't make it too bad. They would have liked to have a car, but they didn't have money enough (of a down payment. J ENNY Nina's lay awake long after regular breathing indicated she was asleep. She remem r bcred Tod's accusation: "Rick's In love with you." They had quarreled over it- And now Wina had brought it up. In some odd way both of them seemed to blame her. For something that didn't exist! Just because Rick was gentle and helpful and adored the babies, they AT first Tod was interested in his "• job and excited at meeting new people, but as the summer wore on. the Job became less interesting and more routine, and the commuting more tiresome ijn the heal and dust or midsummer' He would come home worn out. hungry and hot to find Jenny tresh as a daisy after a quick 5 o'clock swim in the park pool with Rick. Jenny sensed, after the first few times she talked about the swim with Kick, that it Irritated Tod. so she didn't mention it any more. He wasn't too fond of .swimming himsel! and that's why she had gone early. She tried instead to act interested in his day. asking about his work, and the people lie had met. But he nearly always came home in a disagreeable mood. She wondered why it was so difficult for Tod to adjust himscil. to accept the small didicullic; of life in a good-natured way. She told him that one evening. "Why can't you just accept things as they are and not grumble about Ihom all the time?" His eyes blazed suddenly. (To Be Continued) Accidents cause 42 times a.s many deaths among US. children as docs infantile paralysis. Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, Oals & Vetch BLYTHEV1LLE SOYBEAN CORP. 180(1 W. Main St. Phcme 85(j - 857 RENT A CAR Drive Anywhcrf YOD Plrase Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 "You wouldn't be there if you had gotten o loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION and paid the old biffs." BRANN TILE & FLOOR CO. • Asphalt Tile Floors • Hardwood Floors • Kuhber Tile Floors • Kuck Wool Insulation • Weather Stripping • Ornamental Iron Work • Plastic Tile Walls All Work Guaranteed A. L. (Al) Sullivan, Jr. H;irold C. Brann 114 N. 2nd. 2-1B2 Phones 4360 Painting Interior & Exterior • Expert Paper Hanging • Estimates Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 65GO We Follow Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols Drug PHONK 4641 CO U a D I- TRUCKS NOTED FOR LOW COST OPERATION CUT DOWN TRUCK COSTS with a STUDEBAKER 7 49cr Com* in and see America's most revolutionary car Lr Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 STUDEBAKER TWIRP SEASON IS HERE AGAIN/ *o KINDLY- DEAR.MARMf«, OH, RAPTURE THAT TivtRpING £ ,, i ,-r v»vv NOBLE To Ser oar OK fWlS Jou-'EST TlMf cf Tue •*»*.• "It's kind of late for us to elope—w« couldn't make it back home for dinnerl" I'KISOIM.A'S I>OI BY At VERMEER BUT IT'S FOR PRISCILLA5 DENTAL WORK" HAD TS JUST THAT WE'VE SPENT ANOTHER *8 AND WE CANT SEE ANYTHING FOR \T! IF IT MAKE'S rEEV- BETTER, PCX? I COULD WALK AROUND WITH MV MOUTH OPEN! BILLS, BILLS! NO WONDER CAN'T BUY OUR OWN HOME' H He's Caught? BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY »nd RALPH LAN* THIS SKETCH \nC«*M> Of THE "VIKIN6- » CUT*, BUT ! DON'T LIKt THl (MA Of HIS STOWIN6 AWAY ON Ute. VWUT Ht'S CAUftMT? gjeanwhile, at ' Lctti's home... WE'tL RISK IT- IP WE HAVE TO UAVE WE CAM ALWAYS CUT ERIK lOOSC.' ITS NEARLY OAYtLGHT, CUTTING U-80A1 STEEL IN 2O TA1HOM5 IS SlOW WORK. MAKE HAW, ERIK. VfRA. SOMEONE MI6HT MANTMO«t>5 MISSING, CHIEF. Wi THINK I BY LESLIE TURNER CAPTAIN EASY VE5.1FHOD SENORTUB8S DIP CON FEE WITH M.VERO WDM.GO AGO. BUT UHFOeTUHATELY HE IS MM 0*1 A tEWE Of YfftSH HUST'VE DEfVLT WITH M OFF1CIM. IM IHM DEPAR.TW6NT WWte NEGOTIATIUG FOK MIM ,E. ue ww swe i*e *, L Bt.HZ.tS... GOTT* FIUD MIOTHEE. WHO WAS WITH FOE 1HEMIUC. _MkYBE FEOM PAPERS IM WS ROOK'. BUGS RUNNY WITH THIS CAN GET ALL LOCAL STATIONS/ TH' GUV SAID WITH THIS ANTENNA THEY CAN'T DO THAT TMY 5HHZJFF!.' NEAES HYSTERICS TlME-M*vCH!NE OF SAGE CCONTY FELLED M00W\N NV/M?. £LUBS. 5W BTWAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES

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