The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, QC'l'OBKU 2, PAGE »VE SECTION- 1x^*1; $W&A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING JNFOUMATION Daily rate per line- for comecu- :ne iiibcrlions: iFuc aveniBc words lo a line) One lime per line lOc Tv.'O limes per line per clay .. 0*. 1 iiree times |>er line p?r day .. b::; limes per line per day — Ock. Month rate per line COc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for llirec or sis limes and stopped before cxpira- t'Cn vill 1}C charged lor ilie num- ter of limes '.re ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cop) sjhmittcd by Arsons residing outside of the city musi be siccom- l allied by cash. Raters may be easily computed from above t;ible No rcspousnilily will be taken for more llian one incorrect in KCilion of anv classified ail. Advertising rrdcred for irrcgu hi- insertions lake Hie one tune rate. Phone 306 or,307 Day ,t Niglit Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Wrrk al Any Time Phone 605 Milloi; Steinberg 13c klO-13 I'OIt SALIC Hie KEKK whc are drlnUlnr BUU- WKISUK, king of bottled B»er. 20c klO-20 Guarded After | Trapping Kellys I OK SALK— 1933 I)c Luxe Ply- .uoulli, almost new. If you arc thinking of buying a car. here is Write Uox M, 23c. klO-23 a real barg^n. Cnurier News. KKAL ESTATK Come !]•„ list your real cstilc Sec what we have to sell i:. M. Terry Licensed Dealer, Tciry-Worlliinslon Title Co. RMhcvillc Phone 611 23c klO-23 WANT LAND-We have buyers for 40's. SO's anc. larger tracts. Can sell G40 tract. Sec THOMAS LAND COMPANY. Me k!2 Ynii can buy a home in Blylhc- ville on n.onthly installincnls ira: than il is renting for. I'd be glad to tell you how. K. M. TERKV. ARcnl Phone 611 or 310 8c klO-8 UUSINKSS DIKKCTOKY FO RSAI.E W Acres right at lown. on hard New and li-c.l Furniture road, nice residence, electrically Boii"l-t ard Bold Hs'itcd. Price S75.00 aci'c, terms. Stoves repnlrcd-Any make I THOMAS I,AND COMPANY A'.vin llaidy 511 W. Asiij 3» c ^ . _ 20 " M0 ;'l°' JORRBNT" nii'.S r 'ni-im ; i':is[-:it. ll h r ins a oi I T,oi- VOIJSEKEEPINGT from room, i beer. ZOc HI \Vnlcr-fiw)[ Tarpaulins $2.75; 8x!0 io.'JO; 0x12 54.35; eck free. 914 Hcarn St. Mp 5x15 Sti.OO; other jn:-dc to oritei. Co.. 113 S. Firs; and vvclshla Carney Awning i!. 18p hlO-18 EXPERT Typvv.ritiivs and Addinrj Mnchiisc hc'XilriiiH. U. S. Ulan- i-eiiEliiD. 110 E- Rose. Call 1C5-J. 21c 1:10-21 Mr--. J. J. Davis - L'orselicrr Phrinc •*' 20c klO-20 MODERN RESIDENCE. 6 or more rooms, permanent, reliable — or •,vii! exchange cheap rental I31y- tlvville. Reply to P. O. Box 231, In fosier homes Increased over II . . .. [Per rent In Hit period from Juiu.'. lot in Howei -O'". lo J»m, 1033, the report ! points out. The number of clill- WASMINGTON tUP) —ReportsI drrli caifd lor in Institutions dur- rom various njenctes in Hie us- !ng the MIIIIC px>rlud dccrcssed 7 io.'i show » ilfflnllo trend toward I pi- cent. :'av:iw for cieix-ntient children In I This rise In faster Iionu- cnre, Icslcv homes mtht'r than in in- j Iwwcvi'i 1 , hns been principally In stliutlom. ih'c monthly bullrtin d i boarding homis and In work or nei'it of Labor's Chll-! wngc homes. The in:mbcr of cllll- .rcn's Division shows. The number of dependent •:}irn laktn cure of in free homes ;vnd| during the year decreased one i>cr neslccted chHt'wn being cared tor I cent, while clii'drtn In the formar OUFBOARDING HOUSE d 12 per cent. , One humlrci forly-livi; report- R ugciiclcs In 13 elites ami cily gave u tolnl of 11.15;i de- j jxpilcul and neglected children; V^elng cared for In June, 19jV, I 17 SOS in May 1933, nml 17.5B3 In i June, 1933. ! Cicnnanlowii, I'emi&ylvanln, isllie Unllctl States; It was built In the iile of llic first, paper mill InlUOO. .. , E'vtheville. 27c to ONE BEDROOM tor rent-, iinfur- niKl'.cd, reasonable. Call 516. Sip k5 FOUR ROOM Apartment witn bath. Call 327, after 6 P. M., 55. 27o k30 FUIMTUKE New and tiscd K J. Dedson 301 E. Mair 26e klO-26 M-.dcrn -3 room furnished or un- itnnishcd ap.-.rtments. newly declined, over K'rby Drug Co. Also buildine adjoining noxy Tmatrc. F. Simon, 120 W. D.«-is. ••j:iU.764. 27c klO-27 I.. G. Muss _iul, r^ilc UrderUiker T A 1 LORS Tor Quality Clcining J'hpnc 180 Barnes Nu«;i Cleaners 12c klO-12 Bedroom, preferablj furi'acc heat. 514 Main 5c klO-5 Gerajillnr Arunlil. alK've. 12-year- olil.Rirl wiioso.tln brouphl tlie eai'lure of ilie nolovioiis Ccoric IMavlilne ciiu) : Kelly nid Iris .^ifc in k 3\!enSiihLs . Injanlin:; house. IIAS iicett liidilon a^f.y to tlivavt ro^iMii vciiBOiincc of Hie ilcspcvauo'3 underworld usso- The Japmiese "obnu" Is Hie Ini's- j csi coin in the world; il measures five Indies across and weighs about, four ounces. I By Ahernj ""A^ 1 - THIS CURIOUS WORLD Head Courier News 'Want, Ads. LIKfc TVC OU6 •W^ THE I HfcD T^W COULTj SPEA.K JARGON OF "BUT ONE UKE H\S ,THAT C^M T^K. 6ANSSTEiR CH/U T ER, OR MOB UN<=O ?—- I'LL ONE,IF VOU •S&U-NOU TOR # \0 THKV TWELVE ANY VERMICULAR WISH TUG •SEE TO tv^UUOW SPINV ANT-GATGP., OF NEW GUINEA, \s t^/AAMMAL, YET IT IAYS EGGS. THESE A.RE CARRIED r/yjSIO IM A POCKET TILL HATCHED. WHICH \SmELAQGJEff. OF THE TWO CURVED PKs 1 . SHOWN 6ELOW ' OKCE COUNTED THE TEETH OF' HIS HOUSEKEEPER.; THEN HE COUNTED THOSE OF A AVALE SLAs/E/ HE FOUND FOUR LESS IN TOE: MOUTH OF THEV/OMAN,^ AND FOR HUNDREDS O! : ~VEAR5 IT'W'S i TAKEN FOR GRANTED THAT MEN HAD ' " FOUR A\ORE TEETH THAN WOMEN/ Australia, nulcd for Its c'jrliius animal life, tos t\yo mamals, On fjilny anl-cater and llic duckbill, which form a separate group Iro:ii nil 111? rest. They Iny larte. Icnthery e^es and nurse their VOUIK with milk, which comes 'lo Hie surface of Hie skin through sieve-like parrs. Their body temperature is lower tlian that, ot oilier mamals. and fluctuates gicti'.ly. NCXT: many capllals liii'i Ibc II. S. lull/ rtt)OTS AND'HKH IllJDOIKS lil> TO HIS OLD TRICKS 1 By Marti* Phone 98. VUHMISHED Ilcdi'omn. Call aflsr 4 o'clock. .Yrs. Ed Harrtin. 1017 W.Omil. 21c klO-21 /llifaciivc Dcdrconi, C18 W. Main. Flat.' Blocked Lool: Like New PI- one 111 iiue- Cleaning Service "1 Mrs McMullins Phone 627-W, 21c klO-21 klO-JU DRESSMAKING WANTED TO RENT SOWING. All.:riiatioiiE, Very Rca- ."onaulc. Mi- 5 - 1 ; LouUi 1 Crane, f'hone Eb. •*•• "SI-OKI'INC GOODS AVc arc conliimiiiz our Oi'.lf l^" *-tlc Ofl'rr—I'oinc in ami inqiiirc alirnil it. Hubliard Ihtrdivarc Co. I2c klC-1'^ UAIMCTSKRVICK SEKVICIiV<: Bi-'l Equipped Shop In Blylhcviiic I!.\KOI.I) HUDBUKV '— PIIOXK > 15ATTKRIKS New ?'ortl Uattcrics Ucnt.ii-ltrclnrcirs-Kcp^irlni: 77- 'J'lUE ,t BATTERY STATION 25c klO- riir 1'iuiniit I 1 illrr>- Smicc rlicnc K • 'Sen Clime 3!C 1(9-31 ' I)0(iS. 1'KTS MODERN RFEIDENCE. 6 or more ]-coms. peni:ancnl. reliable — or w.!! exchange cheap rental Bly- '(liivilb property for good residence. Reply to P. O. Box 231, Blythevlllc. EfLEEPING IKXJJfr ~ men. 2 Ixxis. \pply 118 eoulh Railroad St. Sp kB I '*i "' u.». PAT. Off, ft i«» M in* t WASHTUBBS,. STRICTLY IUJSINKSS! f WANTKI) TO BUY C.COD SECOND HAND Chevrolet ur Ford C"i?cli or Sedan. Ad- ieis "S" Courier News. 30ck5 HIGHEST PRICKS paid for tires. h'licr lubes, iron. meta) 1 ;. maga- 'iilir^. liidc.'j. ;':<rs to wreck. Wolf Arian. 1'28 E. Main, Phone 17G. Oc klO-'J ALL KINDS Mnti, Women and and I'ur Htalll M-llci'r Kalir.u IIUKIIAKll Children's u s cd clolhitij Hishcsl cash prico. rj-.V. 320 K. Main. 9c klC-U WANTED Drink tl:c l>ejl for llic same price. ItumVfclStit kin s of iMllltd beer. 20ckIO-20 Church Schools Have Compromise on Salute \-^ HEBE'S TVfe- DOPE, 6ABY. I'VE: NO NtoStS. .CARD'. PLA4ING, <&£. I WWslT-TO GET ) IV! TME. MIMING 6USWESS, 6UT l.CXJN'T.KMOW MOTHIW' A8OUT IT. LACV: SUPPUES.. StJPPUES,*NO VOU -me BRwws,*iHt> *e'i-t- SPLIT SO-SO OM IKE PROFITS /" GET THIS STRMGHT, / CARPSHW'P. I DON'T TRUST NOU< 1 DOVi'T I HUE SOU! IDOW'T \ NEED M-N SOPPUESJ SALESMAN SAM SAM GKTS AN IDEA! 15V BLOSSE1 (juirk r.unrli KARLSllUHK Germany ilil'i — Itr f'O. I r/ifTicullics lii.vr nrL-en in the lie klO-111 Citholic chnrcl- of naclcn In con- i re: tion \vith the intrcrUiclion of .MATKKlAIj | '•'<'•<• HHler salvte in the schools. .. i The Hitler salute h obligatory \VALI, f A P K K | f« ; r teachers end pupils. Catholic Single -.0111 lot.s $1.00 jlomlir-is of Klicitiii. however, ob- UCf.O mils oW patterns a! Ci: ] Jrel^d to adopiin; it on religious I0?4 MAYM,OWER line 10c to 2fic I arnuntL". They ftialntflined tlmt U. C. ROUINSON LUMBER CO.}"-" traditionrl formula. "Jeb'.is 2Sc kin-za'Cnrisl ho pr.iiscc'." wl-.crcio the I :u'f.itT is: "in rlernily. amen." (!()A1< & WOOD j ro:::d r.ot lie repjuccd by a pro( , .. — - ; ia'.r tvcclinrj. , Str li-i'rr C.ral < a. | -] ills ]c( | )r) Kpii,,,,,, condicts. Before you fc:iv Ccal—You can, p..; ril ,,_ u . )10 ; or i w ,! c their |isipil.-! Mvn money. Phone 17». earner, lo p vac , icc thr "Hitler falulc."! Kallroart mid 'Vsl: Sl.s. -,i ttrra J' ail « ( - h ""' 11 - teacher* of re-1 • 'ijion rlini!! lo their traditional u:c:'r of grccl:;i7. 1'iually. a roir.promlsc was' " i ncnpicd. The Archbishop of rrcl-! liini.r"\Vn'r"k"(;uiriiilcrnl !;:lli -' «lccrccri' that priests and j VrlrrV I°!"hl i C;llhclic l « cllc15 ° r ^"S' 011 havc ' " .n,. i-in-i'iM 3 'elurn Ihr iliiHlrcti'.s Hitler sa-| l::lc by raising Ilicir arm silently. I Tnr pupil, then, has lo add:' e.v«o EtJce? swooo MS Hoss. , MPiG-, IS Up |M TH' SHERIFF'S U.S^M. tti^-W DIOM'TCHP. SWUTUPf . SOME UP-STAIRS MAC- AIITO.MOTIVK ' (Jaragr KRECKr-ES AND HIS FRIENDS A JOB WKU, DONK! SMALL '-AKGEST STOCK USE1> I'AKTS Belv.ccn Mc">p]ii5 and HI. 1-ouis Alvi Auto Class — I'lionc fiO JAtJKXON Al'TO I'AKTS CO. 2c kll-2 All Kiids The Aik-Mn ;^^^>. Imlallcil l.nmbrr Ci>. lOc klC-lU Christ be praised." wherc- urnn the priest, will reply. "In c'crnUy, am?n." tt Is lo be hoped (hat thLs ccrc- :ii"tiinl vvill not lead lo further I .ill SOU—Rcd'r riser 11RK. 1'cr ,\u(n Paindiif lirdv anil Vcuflrr Service Voiuifrlj- ivith Sliousc-I.tlllc Ca. WASHINGTON. (UPi—Raymond Kidwcll, wnsi'ingion narowaicl Main -More proprietor, Is [irmly con- j vlnced this U a skating ag:. | Thieves broke t.ito his store and! stole 24 pairs of skates—and nolh- j 26c k 10-281 Ing else. &.SOCWA.S '' 'POUCE THE.' ' PiCH&O UP OVER THE' JCTOMAPH OFFICERS' UfHEOToTH HUFF HdTEL SiXDDS 1 Ort YATH1S . TIME., S LICK. OlCTp&RAPH' ."RSlbENCE.'yOURCrW GbMF£9S;ic "WiT YA TP-iEO TO PUH. OFF ^' i RO89ERY, AHO TrtXT VOU\ ) POISON ED ODN\E TO THE STATION ^^^^ '1 \NHX- EFI-— i OONT -TH ? so. :poooLE is AU RIGHT, PLttlTY THE ATTEMPTED ROBBERY. SA\ THAT'S 6aii& pfjciTt OECE.NTTO THEM. AND, LET M5 TElL-YQu, YOlj BOYS OOANtC&PltCEOF DETECTIVE ^'O IF YOU eovs DECIDE YA VJANNA DETECTIVES', VMSN YA SROVl UR JUST &ET |M TOUCH WITH ME , BE y OKAY,'OrPiC&?i.' •ME'LURtWEMBER. ! t»M' .". ' ,* f \~ Vou SET S^JE \MILL •$**%(?% t-.. : r=..nVl^

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