The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1952
Page 11
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Tolk of Imp«achm«nt Ren«w«4 — Rep. Smith Moves to Keep Vital Industries Operating in Crisis WASHINGTON' (AP) — Legislation aimed to assure continued ouerittrm f A fense-vital industries was introduced tnriav hv Ron Sm;tu MI w operation of tie" Smith's proposal was one ol several moves touched off In Congress by the steel strike and a federal JudRe's decision. that President Truman ahd no lawful power to the steel mills, le group was talking of giving -.... the President seizure power Another was out to make the mae e judge's ruling "absolutely air tight on a much broader scale" as Senator Maybank (D-SC) phrased It On the other hand. Chairman Murray (D-Mont) of Ihe Senate in the House to start Impeac-hmehi Labor Commits ,h. «,„., proceeding agamst Tnnnar, Sen. Bridges of New Hampshire the Senate Republican leader, said,' "I do not see bow an objective Labor Committee said the steel case decision handed down here yesterday by Judge David A. Pine "makes it Imperative Congress grant the President the seizure power the court says he does not now have." Murray added: "Even if it takes a constitutional amendment, the President must be Biveu the authority." The District Court ruling ulso focused fresh attention on moves Murder Charged in Shooting Of Marked Tree Marshal MARKED TREE, Ark. </P t — A first degree murder charge was niert against a Poinsett County farmer today in the Main Street shotsun death of Night Marshal Albert Rinks. City Marshal Smith said WAR Hubbs. 40. of nearby Weona. Hubbs was shot three times by Rinks last night as the mortally wounded marshal emptied his revolver while falling. Rinks. 62. died en route to a West Memphis hospital. Hubbs was taken to a Memphis hospital where his condition was 46 Communist trucks destroyed on described today as fair. North Korcnn highways Tuesday! Smith gave this account of the night. Okinawa-based B-29 super-1 Incident: forts dropped high explosives on a "'-'-- m«b rail line bridge and two air- pom at Sariwon. One Super/ort attacked Communist front lines with air-bursting bombs. (Continued from Page 1) Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton (Continued from Page 1) secure the assistance of Democrats in selecting a Republican presi dential nominee." Eisenhower apparently carrier all the major industrial cities aim Rinks bad jailed Hubbs on a drunkenness charge. Friends talked " ! -'" into puUIng the farmer in went home, their custory. Huggs got his .12-gauge aut ^un and returned Jungle Combed For Lost Plane U.S. Straroeruiser Vanishes with 50 Persons Aboard RIO DE JANEIRO. Brazil W_ Search plnnes combed vast unexplored Brazilian Jungles and desert- like plateaus today for a luxurious Pnn American stratocmiser which vanished en route to New York jurist could have ruled othenv so j mne'tnd'" ,o'„' I feel Judge Pine should be con- P< gratulated for his courage in rendering such a sweeping decision so promptly." Son. Willis Smith (D-NO. chairman of a Senate judiciary subcommittee which is Investigating Ihe legal aspects of Ihe seizure order, said. "The decision is quite understandable to me because I had not been able to find any warranty In law or in the provisions of the Constitullon that coulh justify any such far-reaching action by the President." Rep. Bender irt-Ohio) Ba id "Judge Pine has struck a major blow lor liberty. ... I hope that Congress will not permit the drop ping of this matter and win press forward to assure the preservation of our constitutional rights." with 50 persons aboard. Nineteen of them—the crew of ine and 10 passengers — were Americans. One searcher droned through the night over the wilderness between fUo de Janeiro and Belem hoping to spot n light or a fire if anyone .survived in ihe thinly populated wilds where the plane was believed down. . Many more searchers, afier giving up the hunt at dark, returned to the air at riawn. The search was spurred by hope that the plane may have been able to crash land somewhere on the barren plateau in mid-Basil. POLITICS I heard Rinks' pistol May July OcL Dec Open High Low Close 3804 3890 3796 3838 3811 3832 3735 3775 3620 3645 3511 3600 3595 3612 3541 said. "Then firing. "I ran back and was there within two or three minutes of the shooting. Hubbs had stepped out of his car without a word and opened up with a single shot. He hit Rinks square in the stomach at 40 feet. "The last thing Rinks said to me was, 'Pinley. he's killed me.' " (Related story on Pujre 3) Fall River and others.' STRIKES New Orleans Cotton May July Ocl Dec Soybeans May Jly Sept : Nov Open 3875 3825 3614 3002 3890 3835 3650 3C18 Low 3753 3144 3578 3555 3575 Close 3842 3600 3572 High Low Close 289'i 287 2871,4 /2343i 282','., 282',, '•275 273!/ 2 273'| 27034 2691i 2G9'/, 153 3-4 56 3-4 « 1-8 53 3-4 59 3-4 19 1-8 32 1-2 39 3-3 20 1-S 37 1-4 74 3-4 55 1-4 52 3-4 37 7-8 12 7-8 N«w York Stocks A T and T ...'.. '.. Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Stee! . Chrysler 74 1. Gen Electric 57 Gen Motors . ... Montgomery Ward N Y Central [nt Harvester ,... Republic Steel ... Radio Socony Vacuum . Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears '. U S Steel Sou Pac .''.. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKVARDS III f-(USDA)—Hogs 8.500; active- ejgjjts 180 Ibs up mostly 50 higher ^ Wednesday's average with many sales up 60 or more; lighter weights very uneven, 25 to 1.00 or more higher; sows 25 to 50 up- bulk choice 180-230 Ibs 17.75-18.00; ilghest since March 5, paid freely or choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 225 bs; top to packers 11.15; 240-270 Ibs full width ot choice grade 1615- 1V.«5; 280-350 Ibs 16.00-65: around 125 Ibs 15.50; 150-170 Ibs 16.50-17.50120-140 Ibs H.25-16.00; mostly 1475 ip; 100-110 Ibs 12.75-14.50: so'ws 400 bs down 5.25-16.00: heavier sows 14.25-15.25; boars 11.00-13.00. Cattle t,40fl, calves 600; small ots good and choice steers and leifers steady at 30.00-34.25- com- nerclal 28.00-29.00; cows moderate- y active and steady; utility nnd •ommercial 22.50-24.50; c a n n .c r s inii cutters 16.00-21.50; bulls and ••ealers steady; utility and com- nerclal bulls largely 23.50-26.50- iorlcd prime vealers 31.00; good ind choice mostly 29.00-35.00: util- ty and commercial vealers 2000!8.00. Headquarters Blytheville's civil Air Patrol squadron will be host to the Manila squadron at a dance in t h e scjuadrcn's new headquarters at the air base Friday night, it was an- ncunced today. The dance will be held In the building formerly occupied by the My Inn, which was recently taken over hy the CAP ac its new headquarters. The building is being re-modeled for the CAP and this work Is nearing completion. The dance will be open"~to all squadron members of Blytheville and Manila, all (Continued rrom Page 1) gotiallng for help from the union to accomplish this and getting some spotty co-operation in some places." "Hig Steel," producer of one third the nation's steel, employes some 14,500 coal miners in Pennsylvania. West Virginia and Kentucky. All the coal they mine is used in the sleelmaking process Joseph P. Molony, USW director In Buffalo, N. y.. said the walkout in his area "was surprisingly orderly despite the fact that our boys are hopping mad." With the Courts Common Pleas: Cobb Undertaking Company Inc vs. M. C. Lee. suit •far't2B3.S3 said to have been suffered in an automobile accident. COTTON (Continued from Page 1) posted on the inroad.-; made by synthetic fibers in any ol the markets. 3. Sales promotion. Mr. BUke told the group that due to this division's efforts, coiwumptlon of cot- Ion for women's outer wear has been upper! some 100 per cent In recent years. 4. Foreign trade. RepresnUtlvts of this division were in E talking with spinners before V-E Day. he said. Three years ago. two- thirds of the cotton was paid for with ECA dollars. Now, only 10 per cent of cotton exports for with American money. Cotton exports for the '55 crop, he said, are being estimated at between four ana five million bales. Consumption In B« Unchanged After outlining the history and purpose of the Council, Mr. Blake answered questions from the group The questions and Ihs opinions follow: Q: What's (he outlook for ntxt year on domestic consumption of cotton? A: We fi S urc It win be no less than during the past. y e «r Of course. It will depend in" a large part on consumer purchasing pow- , Is theer any prospect of disposing of the requested 16 million- bale fer '52? A: Apparently not. Right now we're figuring the tops In total consumption of the 1952 crop will be In the neighborhood ol H to 26 million bales. <5: How about employment of minors In cotton fields? Is the government going to be able to stop o sop this or make us keep detailed rec- free Picture Of Your Caleb Just hrini; yonr strinjt of fish to nur store anrt we'll luke a picture for you any time of day or nljtht. N'o charge at all. Good luck In you on your fiahing. Barney's Drug CAMERA W. M«ln Phone Ray Downing, suit on account. A Real Earlhmover On Arkansas Farms! ld;:t^-''^ $>*'>&:&&'&•$ * \'^}'^^^.'-'f^i-^ '. •'"*''.-'* " : '" ! .'-'/'^ ;':'«•• n1 :S* _ ~^-----~~™~--'~*™xxxmK&ff.fgK3i~ The Cat.rp.llar D-2 TRACTOR and Bulldorer 4 BIG "Dozer" Blade Uses * POND and DITCH DIGGING * LAND CLEARING * ROAD BUILDING * EXCAVATING Contact J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO. "CATEHPILLAH" SALES AND SERVICE FOR ARKANSAS 424 E. Third Little Rock, Ark. Fort Smith McGehec West Memphis In the phoo above Mr. Maxwell r. Hill o/ Winchester, Arkansas is bmlciing 30 inch levees on hi, nee farm at the rate or nearly a mile every five hour, Mr. Hill say.,, "Because of low levee* I 25 n b°u u ,h° T' er lasl - vcar and had a yiold °< 0 "'y 2, bushels to the acre. This year I expect M double my yleld with lhe highcr " will save the price of my Caterpillar Tr a ctor on the water costs alone." Mr . Hill also built a 20 ^ r ;is m ;o n r,u ypond lnst ^ i ° »»* "-*™ Just like Mr. Hill, you'll fine! there's Extra Profits '" r^H r« t /° b d °" C hV C-'^'ll" Traclors . . I . and a BIG saving in labor too. , Mail Coupon For Detnili J. A. BIGGS TRACTOR CO Litlle Bock Ark. O Farmer D Siudenl ab ° Ut the Send full in<ormation about Bulldozer Blade Attachment the ?,"?,. y our "Caterpillar" repre- •entative explain how the D-2 can solve my farm problems (No obli- gallon, of course) nm d "I 8 , ni "al»re On the Caterpillar D-2 AUarhmonls and how provable.™'' 6 my <armlnS more Addrwt ui th« answer. "NMvMtt;" AM Ii Threat Q: !• the government eolnz to continue (o rive certificates of necessity to bfg synthetic fiber plants •o they c«n get » quick charge-off on their plant Investments? A: That poses one of the biggest threats to the cotton Industry Because some synthetic fibers are used in (he defense effort, many of these certificates of iieci-Mltv were granted In World War II and since Ko»>«. enough of them have been granted to crente plants which. | n additional '300,000 bales of"cotton each year. Now o,, (He are applications which would have a productive capacity equal lo a million bales a year. The Cotton Council Is dentine granting of these certificates of necessity on the grounds timt tbe plants will not be peace-time casualties. That is. they will roiiliiiiip to produce and make money for their investors After thev complete wir contracts nnd therefore are not rii- tltlcd to the quick depreciation which is presumably granted only because cerlain defense plants caii Two More Seek Murry's Job In Arkansas WTILE ROCK UP) — Two new candidates entered the race (or attorney general as the ticket for the appmachins Democratic primary flawed lU noon today. Rej). William j, rurWoy of Cam^en withdrew as a candidate fcr | the senatorial nomination from ihe 1211) district and tiled /or attorney general. And Tom J. Gentry, Little Rock attorney, also entered to make the contest a S-man affair. Three other candidates -- chb Barton ol Pt. smith. Paul Johnfon I of .Mentlcello and Bun Reed of Lo| noke had qualified previously j The governor's alxd | look to business activity only as j long as the emergency exists. ; _Mr. Blnkr was Introduced by Mr. STEEL (Continued from Page 1) Invoice the Taft-Hartley Act .. i r' 1 " l P_"" 1rr «}'. president 'of the "","«? Stee worker. ,nd the CIO, sotiBht to nip such a move in advance. saying the union „, ea " ( ,., ha, compiled with Taft-HarTu-v provisions. Murray declared « n i' W '°", Id C °" 1 """' "'"" »« workers B et a contract along the SnSnoara 1 by lhe w *» e Judce Pine strongly Indicated ln Vttterdns'K 1 decision that the Pres ' e res Went should Invoke Tart-Hartlr-'v reoulres an BO-day ,' iod Iwfore a strike ca Irmiian Sjiurus T-II Ex-Cotton Picking Champ Injured in Bus-Truck Wreck M^nph|*n S wh aUlt ' " " V "' ' ° M Cotton Picking Contest *champ?»n- snips hfre In 184« , na | 948 . slightly Injured last niuht 'when the Gieyhounu bus on which he V>HH a passenger collided with a runaway trailer near Marion. According to an Associaind Press story, the bus turned over Into a ditch, caught tire and broke a 12000-volt power line. Only other injured passenger was Billy' Moore 3". also of Memphis. at off /or »n t|»psl~has postponed Ms strike over 80 days. wound up with live ccnlr-mlci-s Dutch H. O'Neal, Greater Link Hock automobile dealer, who several months ago aimomircd he would not run. dirt not qualify John Skinner, 39. of Gary, Ind , s*Id li» empty trailer broke looea from Ihe tractor and rolled into the path of the hu.s. Skinner said he «ns returning to St. Louis after c»r- rylng dynamite to Shumnker Ark Fourteen persons .,vere on the bus, eilroute to - - Rlythfvllle. Memphis from 406 W. Main SAVE 15-25% Ward Week Housewares Sale 9:00 to 5:00 , SPECIAL SELLING TOASTER First Quality 1270 U.L, approved 19.95 value—lave over S7 at low iole price. Buy for yourself, or gift. Popi op loail done lo cofor lelecied. Hai release for inspecling loast. Mirror- chrome finish Crumb Iraf detaches. For AC or DC 10.49 PRESSURE SAUCEPAN Ward Witt prlct O. O / 4-Qt. Magic-Seal Outstanding offer. Pressure-cook everyday In a Magic-Seal—save up lo 300 kitchen hours every y«ai| save work, fuel, food. Easy to use. New prci- turt gauge needs no wokhino,. Rock, recipe book. SPECIAL HOUSEWARES SALE Hurry lo Wcrd s _ quonlities wo ,,, |o|| S." • T' °: fr 35 emyrfoy ki " hen "«* d°M m «,. w, de msorlmen , Buy now f<;r - b Uy co mplel , elltogive|Q|erosk . [chen 8 ... Yo, r choice of a | urn ; ngm bakewa k.lchenwore, Good Q ua | ity k i(chen loo| o , her ^ |emi SALE-WHITE OPEN STOCK 39 fl 20% OFF Se ffl ,.po,«,a large and Regular Saucers, Sauce Dishes ...... 6< Toll ond Regular Teo Cups, now ............. t, Dinner i Soup Plolej.l2e Solod Ptota ....... 10« U ''!''ly 8«*< ........ 9e Scrvins Plotter ..... JI«

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