The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUI-Y 15,'. 19-17 Global Security Plan Debated U. S. Delegate to UN Critical of Russia's Proposed Contribution LAKE SUCCESS N. Y., Jll-'y 15. <Ur>j —The United States charged^ today that Russ*j was "unwilling cr uii2'j:e" to contribute its prcper sl<-ve of ! md. ,<r;n and <-ir l::rces lo th2 nlc/:al seenrity force ol Hie United Nations. P.iilure cr refusal by one of the »>'•: powers to assume "iiie Durdr.-n nee esi-arj" lo give tlio UN the L force lo keep pence .(he Unite:! "Slates told lite sscurilv - cour.nil. fliou'd noi sto;; I.He UN from arr.i- iiif; Itrelf "at l'ie earliest possible ditr." _ Anuirifan Delegate Hei-Thcl V. • Sulmsfjii iir.iicv^roreil the United filriles (tairnnd for early comole- liun ol Ihe ON lorce ,11 •asr.-iilinx HnssiaV (>en;-md tint i;v> n,<* Fiv<; I>B rei)>-,ire<l to iinafce identical r.i- Hier lhan ec:ii]>3rah!3 eoiitribii- Mfi's lu th<; r-nicrd force vvlilcli v.'ill back 111: il-.e wou'.l or«-ini lloi:. lend I he u>I fisiiti:ia foiveV siiirt i rtnioii-ciit eoi' ' to t'lo^e c'lnlr'b- . liled by .'be United S'otes "if the T'ovif-l. Union is •.villiu? and able Tlif Unil-d F'I.'.FC. he sold, ".Tiild not cblrct ta Parkin's con. ti-i;:uti:.f; a force emtui to l-h.'it <. p r;nlr'.vitrd h-.- the Uniied Ktiles if ii did not' limit the American rcntributioii. Johnson contended thai Id? So viet insistence or. "enn:' r ity" ra- Iher than "cc]r.;::iraMhty" "of the lip; r.owcr loans to the UN force •voukl .irenn a coin-try like the Uniied Stair 1 ; \v:uld b->' V:?pi.~ from I'ivhiR :' oer'.nin kind of fore, 1 — Jinil. sen cr nil - iec'iuse some ijia power -has none of (hat ccnipon- ent to o'fer." John™ snofc- aft = r SDViet D?l- p°nin 'Andrei Groinvko reiterated Rl>=si-j's elciv.-.uv| for equ-il con! r':n-f ion:; of l-?.p.d. sea and air forces. i : *'' T .? CIass:ried ?-|cntis-is rsliinalr> (.'-it, ^Q pel- cent of the Inr.d nroa of the oirlh is ('"sr-rt, 3: i-2i- crnt is prMluctivc. and 31 per c"iil is poor "grazing r'.nr.inrl. foreK, liigh nioiuilains, •md \vnstc. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.Y COURIER NEWS Loses .Eye. 5600 Miles Away From His Patient j Vitamins Used .' ' ; £^&b ' I To Waae War Open at 7:00 p.m.; Starts 7:30 p.n Tuesday PA'L NITE "Blondie's Big Moment'.' uilti Penny ShiRlcton, Anita Louise Serial: "Tlir Visilanlc" Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'TWO SMART PEOPLE' with Lucille Ball, .lohn Hortiak Fox Movietone News Also Shorts To Wage War On Rickets YORK July 15. (UP) — A Miitfc. small dose of vitamin V>3 ^ <".\n jirolcct iufiints •iB.ilnst i-i;keb i antt its reluted disorders for iier- >cds varying from six lo 12 months. Cleveland pcdintrlclan repor'.t'd today. Subsequent preventive measures ran be taken enoh year, Dr. Henry J. Gcistc'iuerKer. of llic Habiesiiivl Children's hcipltal, told the Fifth lMtcnK-.:ional Consrcss cf 'Pc<IKi.- tric'ans. in BII exhibit. Dr. Gerstcnherger dlsclcscd results of studies nr.ule With ironkeys ant) wltli full tei u an('. tronnturcly lic.rn infnnl: Some hud rickets «im1 others were free of the dke.asi'. PAQB 8KVCTI Legion Speaker ..•HI-IB studies showed, he said, ^^^^ ^"n" ^ller^n .he best .lini? lor siiiX'es.s- r m ,. ei .„ „,.., ', '" "A ,, -•JDplleiillon of I his preventive ,'"[ „,' , " '?, " th 1lllt! is on the ciiht-h day '. ";""" ' r ';'\ v ' ul ' m '" 01 '', """' roin Ihe baby's birth. \" ,,,,„/ '" ; - l . l "' )M '» M'«'"K -'I The amount of the desire / , "'"- 1 "' 1 ' *<:*>»™ of the aitli should depend on location of the ,,.,,':„ ""'•"V' .^"i 1 " 1 lk ''- "' liiiby's home, if the child's |:av-| „ "'"';• "•'••' a '' 2:1 •n's live hi „ rei-ion duriiiK UK; ,,'.,' ,'!','. ''"" A))l " <J ' l0 ''-' ' J F:-'l and winter monlhs wheioi ,"'• . 1J '- : '" J"l>:'i'':-e Diisni Miere is less tniishine. the irnount'V. '"V .' ' 1M c ' l "i |> '"> 1 '' o[ Cmni> s!i:iild he larger, he rciiorled. Dr l tu ''<' Ll1 ' <iodiJr,. Oerslprb-rucr listed such cities as' C'« 1(1 ''al Hrouyher Is n veierun Cbveland. SealU'c and Clu-lnjnil ; " lh w »rHI Wurs und luus liccn No physician wns available on the liny Pacific isliind of I'iilmyra when a soldier was badly Hurt in an airplane crash. But n government weather observer on Ihe island remembered his amateur radio days and contacted a fellow ham in Audubon. N. J. Above, amateur Joseph Donslc;!, rifiht. relays instructions from Or. Ralph "W. Davis, loft, chief surgeon at Andvibon Hospital. Keports indicate that the 5f»00-mile treatment brought some improvement. Livestock ST. LOUIS- NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. July IS. (UP) IUSDA) — Livestock: Hogs 8.70(1; salable 7,500; market active. Suw.-i 25c to lower. Greatest loss on heavies. Top and bulk 170 to 2-10 1'os. 27.00: 240 to 280 Ibs. 20.00-27.00: 2KO tu 300 Ibs. 25.00- 2C.25; 130 to'150 Ibs. 24.50-2ii.00; 100 ' '.0 120 11) pigs 21.50-23:15; sows 4SO Ibs. down 20.25-21.00; tew under 350 Ibs. up to 21.15; over 450 Ibs. 17.5019.50; stags 1(1.50 down; boars 14.50 down. Cattle 4.900; salable 400: Calves 2,500 all salable. Good and choice steers active, strong? little action on medium and lower grades. Early sales heifers-and mixed yearlings, fully .steady to strong; cows, steady to 25c highehr; bulls and vcalcrs, steady. Load and part load of chok'e steers 2S.OO; most good to low choice steers, 2G.00-28.50; good and choice mixed'yearlings 2ti.00-28.00; medium heifers and mixed yearlings 18.0024,00: good beef cows 17.(10-18.00; common and medium 13.75-10.75: canncrs and cutters 10.50-13.50; good sausage bulls 16.50-17.00. Mac Arthur Bans Girls' Play Suits in Public TOKYO, July 15. (UP) — Gen. I Douglas MacArfhnr today forbade American girls "to wear play suits in public, except for sports. Men. too, will hnve lo be careful about what thev wear. MacArthur issued this order: "Civilian employes are., required to wear conventional dress at. -ill limes when in buildings of Genera: Headquarters or in public places. "Conventional dress docs not include snn suits, piny suits, men'': undershirts r-.-r enter gaments o;other inappropriate clothing. "This does no', preclude wearinj' an -appropriate costume for sports of recreation purposes at appropriate times and places." dc.sages of (he v\\;\- nii'i should be given. • "Generally speaking." he said "it Is not ncwsiiry lo protect «n- l:>nls againsi the development of rickets during the !->tc Sprim; Suii' and early Fall months." Too Late to Classify for Rent tn.ill hm:sp. Couple only I16ru]!i. Plmnc 3123. For Sale^c sl^e u-lrujow' tan. Capacity 4 or 5 rooms. \v. II. Unkc-r. Ph. 5r,lG _ I!)'l5 2-1(iii Dodoo Truck and Carter Trailer. See L. K. Ashtrafl. Co-. >/, -Hlock Snulli of Frisco IJopol, or call -l<!3. 7 15 tk 18 New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVIiKY NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sanda? Box Opens Week Bays 7:<HI p.m. Bat-Bon. 1 p.m. tout. Bhowln, Tuesday "The Millerson Case" with Wnrncr Baxter. Nancy Sjninilers Selected Short Subjects Wednesday am] Thursday "ADVENTURES" OF TOM SAWYER" All Star Cast Selected Shnrls Fall Into Lake Fatal ALMA. Ark.. July 15. IUPI — Funeral services arc being planned tortny for Roy llauth, 15-ycnr-old son or Ernest Haulli of Mountnin- burg, North of Almii, who drowned in Clear Lake yesterday. State Police,Sgt. C. .E. Grisljy of Fort Smith said the Ind, who could not swim, fell into the lake and drowned before lie])! could ro.ich liim. Army Recruiters Again Seek to Enlist Negroes S-Sm Den Seal, of 'the Unite-;! 51.KC.S Army 'Kccniitiiis StiillnM hero, ^nncunci'd Xodiy Dint tin; rcstrlctiosis OM NCRI-O ' cnlUtiirails or ro-enll.stinent, in the -lieaul-ir Army hai been lilted. T-!io cnlislinent 01' Negroes In the Uni'.ed Slrxles Army were eur- I'jVsd (lurini; ,llie war due to ov- eillow of Negro volunteers. In; saicl. All Nc^ro ijicn between t-he ayes of .17 and 34 who are physically fit ,0:111 now be u::e|)ted fill- ('nlistment. The Anny ner.ruiliuc; station !» Blytli'vlllc is loealctl on the ond floor of Uie City Hai'l. nn aclhv years. He 1)1. I.cyioniiaire for numv native of MI>;sij;Nl')- OsccoJa Legionnaires To Install New Officers OECECLA. July 15-Tho newlv cle:led odirc-ri of .the Muck Glider Post ISO of the Anierlrun I.-;Kion .line. u-||| bo Instullcd to (heir pis'.s nt (.he reiiiilnr meeting of iiieiisbci-s of (lie liosl nt the Legion HILL Officers for the eomliiB your wen' elc;-ti-<] at 1.1, mrelinii held July •>. Officer.-; (o be installed (it In- •inon-ow ulKla's uiectlnB me: t'ost Cciiimniulpr. 'D. rvcil 'l v .ij'l»r Jr: vlcp-coir.!ii:in<ler, G. L. Wiuldvll. udjutanl. Joe Rhodes; finance of-v lien Stcvi Knwkei-; ciin!>laln llnr- old Hcndrix; post slll-Rcon 'Dr. I.. . 13. -M-isscj-; seiKe^nt-at-Hnus Furl sec- .Hobeiis; und jucluc n<lvcc?.te My- I ron N:iilllnp.. BIG BINGO! Thursday Night, July 17th GALAXY OF PRIZES lllli-lllllillK Dressed Cliil-llflO American Legion Hut 8:00 p.m. i Admission 50c Spunsdrrcl liy l.adics of Callxilir Ohlin-h RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today 'HIS FIRST HVE-AOION¥uSICATo«HM^ t SONG SOUTH 8NCLE REMUS -' (In Tcclinlcnlor) UKO Ncwsaml Short Wednesday and Thursday "Hard Boiled Mahoney" with I.eo Gorccy & Huntz Hall News and Musical Short • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES ^ Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of ttteir own home ... by appointment only ' ' • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE 461-ASK FOR MRS. OENNING The Courier Hews Co. 'for' It'S'm or Iraclor. Wheilbaiv ) (run lo I.TZ-lni. T h I »•-' K»-jl»y duly AiUStrcl ' (ruck I U »<1 Irtck lino low lift, tiunlily C.OOnlE bit. luu/i lUid lubci 'Incluilfil Paint Edge "" Rolled feed and Green ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES FLUORESCENT LIGHT FIXTURES 24 in. 2-(ube Reg. 9.95 EXHAUST WINDOW FANS 8" blade, Reg. 17.33 now LARGE WINDOW FANS 10" Blade, Reg. 22.84 now M.ECHANics TROUBLE LIGHT 25 ft. line cord HOUSEHOLD SUPPILES LINOLEUM RUGS Biard Armelite, 71/2x9 * , LINOLEUM RUGS Assorted Patterns, 9x12 CABINET SINKS 60" Etainlcss Steel, Reg. 127.50, now 54" siz, Reg. 115.00, now 42" size, left or right, Reg. 91.75, now ' HARDWARE RURAL MAIL BOXES All metal, Reij. 2.59, now QUALITY HACKSAWS 10 inch blade, now only . . BKASS HOSE NOZZLE Reg. 49c, now QUALITY HOSE REELS Reg. 4.95, now TULIP LAWN SPRINKLERS Reg\ 2.95, now GAR&EN HOSE 25 ft. 2.95, 50 ft. CARPENTER'S LEVEL 12 in., Reg. J .09 POWER GRINDERS J"x6" grind wheels . . CARPENTER'S PLANE No. 2 size, now only , AERIOL WEED BURNER Reduced to STIRRUP PUMPS Reduced to : . 6.25 9.25 $15.00 $95.00 $76.98 i. 39* t. 1. 5.47 8.85 3.45 22.00

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