The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 6
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(ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, JULY 15, target for '48 Canny, Lipscomb Win Tag Match Winners Lose First vFoll But Come Back To Take Next Two ;Bill Canny and Buck Lipscomb, ) after losing the first -Jail , of last nl^ht tag feiture on the u'eeMy , Ar^erica-i Legion wrestling si o.y ! staged a comeback in the ' t'nil 1 falls to defeit Joe WelUi-and Aer> Freeman. Welch nnd neeirnn captured the ilrst fnll aftei 20 minutes of effort that ga\e Ihe fiins some of the rripst exciting grappling ever wit nessed In the arena heio Just i bout, every thing 'that could ,hai>/wn happened in the inUlil lovnid In this first fall Bill Canns n- troducecl to the publu. i new v>ea- poh. "Handsome Willie", -.who hail been mingling with the crowd while Lipscomb was wallcing'around.'.vilh , Welch, entered the ring after hav- | mg^been lagged b/ his paitnci j Immediately upon entering th? virig^Qanny grah'^d Welch by the ' ears and^'-proceed to, squirt; Cora t Cola In his ejc I's ''ad icquiiu I Ihe, new weapon f.-om-an -un-iiii ' Electing speclalor C'anny, howevr. , figured everything out fjut the r* bound, for soini of the i"or.mihr Coverage ;cbound?rl til o* Woleh's •face squarely inU> v nis own eyes an;! lie was an easy viUfm fir ' r r ; -i:ii!r,n who had tagged We ch aunnu thr excitement, Headwork rays Dividend Welch eliminated Lipscomb fiyo minutes Inter with the deadly cra'j hold to end Ihe fall. Canny and Lipscomb. deciding that fate was not on Iheir side, .settled down to hcadwork and completely out-maneuvered their opponents to take the second fnll In 1 15 minutes, canny eliminnted Welch , willi the crab hold and Lipscomb . downed Freeman in five minutes i with the stomp hammer lock. I t The third fall got off lo n fast ' and furious start,with Canny'and J Freeimn trading blows in the ceil- nt n meeting in the; office of C, G Perm State's lv/o dislunrc running slars, Curl Stone, left, and Gerry Knrver, make no secret of wanting lo compete in next year's Olympic gumcs in London]as Ihey lake time out from truck lo put ;m arrow through an Olympic poster in bull's eye of archery larj;et. Stone ran Ihe two-mile in !):12.8, while Karver has run the best inter collegiate mile in five years: 4:11.6. Committee to Hear Protests On Rulings in Softball Games Obscure Hurlers Win in Majors Cincinnati Team Trims Dodgers With Lively on the Mound NEW YORK, July 15. (UP) — Led by Kvcrclt Lively of the Reds, first rookie lo pitch n one-Iiillcr ] this senson, four obscure htirlcr.s 1 ho mny nril win 20 games nlto- cthor, combined lod.-iy to emhnr- iss four others who arc out to 'In 20 games apiece. Lively, whose fnst ball cmarknble resemblance ame, he!<l Ihe Dodgers .it as Cincinnati banged nchi(itng a liomcr by Ray Lamano, against Ralph Bninca, nnil vie Lombardl for a 0 to 1 victory over he league leaders. Lively ended .VTO seven-Bnmu winning slveaks t once for both tlic Uodgcrs and Branca were trying for Iheir eighth trniijhl. HE faced only 28 bailers and aside rom one lapse in the .second inn- ni! when lie walked Pcewee Reese Johnny Jorecnscn doubled him e, hij> iierfotmnnee was perfect, 10 oilier batters getting on base. le retired the last 22 batters in >rder and struck out four. It was inly his second victory, yet In his ast stiirt he pitched a thrce-hiUer o lop the Hruve.s. The other "non-entity" hoys who joined Lively in upsetting star iiirlers yesterday were Tommy luglies of Hie I'hils, relief artist Jmll Kush of Ihe Cubs rind sad Sam Zoldnk of the Crowns. Curtis Lose to 1'hillcs A protest committee, composed of officers oi the City Softball League, will hcnr two proics'is ri'"d by the Ilitys store joftball te:im .mri Iho Ark-Mo Kllowallers against the fc'nm Johns Smokehouse nine. Ur of the ring for approximately Ihree minutes. Canny, who had a 'weight advantage, linally subdued -ne .scrappy Syrian and eliminnled him wilh a bar arm and leg in 10 minutes. Linscomb ordered against .Welch to rest his partner-but didn't lost lohg; as '.the 'Indian charged him with, a savage ilstic attack. Canny came to )iis partners' aid and clinii- natrtl Welch 15 minutes, Inter with the bii ajm] 0n'd le'g hold. In, the. two preliminary matches Canny defeated Frecmnii in six minutes with n bar arm and leg hold.aud Welch won.over.Llpscnmb with', a step-over toe-hold'and half jack knile. Tony'Zale Confident Of Win Over Graziano CHICAGO. .Ji|Iy K. (UP)—Tony Zi'c ir.:ddle\veight -ch:impion of (be ,.ttofld. leaked towurd luli.ven and gave off a surprising pre- battle stiitciiiont Ural meant this: •It'!! be'a great fi»ht Ma. and I'll win:'' Tins eleventh-hour assertion wns the higiilight of weeks-long prc pnntio.n.s-. for tcniprraw night's middleweight ..title tattle between ZV» of Gtiry.-lnd.. and clmllcngcr iioc>t\ Graziano of New York-Die "fight of the year." Tod ty. nearly every fight Sin in Chicago xvas talking about bale's 1-i't irmufc 'stalemeivt in which he predicted that, .he would knock out Ihe (New York Dalian within six rounds., "because my list promise to my, dying mother \vas that. I would beat him again." In this--prediction, the square- faced, brown-haired Pole from Gary, Ind., [gave iiimself a deadline of, the Ri.-re sixth round in which he liad knocked exit GraE- nno in Uieir first thrilling title light at New York's Yankee Stadium Mist September. ( Redman, league president, tomoi 1 row afternoon at 5 o'clock. -The protests arose from two decisions called by Umplrc-lii-chlef Johnny Fliety, in panics played on July 3 nnd July 10. The- July :t belween Uie Ihtys nine; ;m:l :he SmcjkrhotiKe hoys,'inii pio- tc.sled due lo Ihc winning play of Ihc game, a ninth inning error mndo by Billy Meharg, Ilajs' liSM Ijaseman. Managers of the Hays nine ^livu lhat the overthrow :it first baso (hat caused the winning run tr> score, went into foul lerrttorv am' thus the runner that .scored should have held up nt third bnsn. At the time of the rntiil miscue. Umpire Flielz caJled the panic in iavor of Ihe Smokehouse nine. Tlie July 10 name brtwcrn the Kllowattei-!-, and (he Smokehouse boys, drew protests from managers of the Ark-Mo team on a "double- play decision" made by Umpire FUctx The play in question occurred tn the seventh inning with Ihe score tied nnd Ark-Mo runners on first, nnd third with none out Stewart- Gurlcy, Ark-Mo pilcher hit an infield-fly to short stop Bil Wixson, of the Smokehouse nine who dropped the ball and doubled the runner on second. The rule states that an infield fly with Iwo men on base and les? llian two outs Is nn automatic'-out But the Kilowattci-K charge • lha on nn infield-fly In this case, the ball is dead and no runner.'; are allowed to advance, Ihus only "one out should have been called. The Smokehouse nine dcfcnlcc the Hays Gravers 2 to 1 In thi July :i gninc and the Kilowntters : lo 7 in the July 10 game. Both contests went extrn innings. Osceola Legion Jasnibrs io Ploy Teoni Few Golfers Beat Par On Tough Iowa Course DES MCIXESS. '1i., Jul(UP) — Wnl-ond.x Club's cxicLm,: i-nr 73 liiyci.t was \iev:vl wi:h a little move rc.-pect Uu-'.ay ;is irr. sl-,(l(!rs in the 1 \Yi\;lri'n 'AivUeur Galf Toimicy lir-i':;u the .sccnncl r-llf of their 3li-h:ile nrKif.vm.; inniul, follc'-.vir.^ a ri:^i;nrl flay', in which t:tUy srvi-n sli"t pnr or better. The G.'121-r -ml ronrcc. re;-'cle \v!Lh b'Jrd hofi-n, si:- bore a lo his to one oul 10, Yankees Hitting on Aii light Eight reasons why the Yankees arc pulling away from the fi<>id Page, Spud Chandler, Frank Shea, George McQuinn and Joe'Di are, left to right, Tommy Henrich, Bill Johnson, Aaron Robinson, Joe DiMaggio. They were the New York American League players selected to play in the All-Slar game. Wholesalers Seeking Eighth Victory Tonight- Whitdker's Mound Performance Keeps Mobile in No, 1 Position Thr. inn «r.,.,!n,i Q-J i I,M i , AILANTA, On:, July 1ft. (UP)--, Lookouts 10 to 3 at Little Rock. The top-seeded Saliba Wholesal- The Atlanta Crackers-and the ers. liiit yciirs City feoftlmll League Southern champions, will go after victory No. 8 1<'»>S it when they tangle with In Associfilion in general— had a more profound respect for the twirling of slender southpaw Roy Whitakcr of the Mobile Bents today. Whitnkcr did a relief role in Die (he Phillips Motonnen In the lirsl fi:imc at Walker Park nt « o'clock. The Wholesalers, after getting off opener of the Mobile-Alhmla se- lo •'"ad start, have won seven straight league • • • • been picked liy withs'nod the cffn the select seven, I'l 'Bud" Wird. whn hi Trailing Ward. Wn^h., slnr, w^n i.s Wfstcrn crown nnd :ne(bl. B-i'.i. Ca'-(''r,,n Fivncis:o. \vifh 7 1 . rnd ruis land of Pecrin. !'•'.. . T oh:i . of Cedar I-J-.mitls. la. and Fhelicn of Uodi\ f.i.. ;;11 "il's. OSCEOLA, July 15. — The Oscco la junior Legion bnscball team wl meet - the Pine Bluff Zebrns In single panic to be played at th 1 O.iceolu High School athletic fiel( i tomorrow nflernoon. Steve Ralph I manager of the Csceola learn nn- '• nounct'd today. Game time Ls 3 o'clock. This will be the first meeting of the two learns Ihis year. The Bly- tbeville Cotton Pickers defeated (ho zebras 8 to 3 on the Blylhc- vlllu field Sunday. Mcinliers of the Osceoln Legio.i sl.rjirs and ""Kin will leave Friday for Jones- Miul trap.^.iboro where they \\iil enter the Dis J rif oil bnl! IricL Five American Legion Junior '•-'.•^ Baseball Touvnanient to he-held in :\ I'S | the American Legion Talk there. "lio'rianc.. Manager Ralph stated. Winner of Hughes, who only recently had i record of one victory and seven .osses, turned in his third straight .rhimph and, like Lively, ended a seven-game winning streak when lie defeated George (Red) Mnngei- of Hie Cards. 5 to 2. Miiuger had- VI lost a game since April 30 and although the Cards gave him a '2 .o 0 lead, he couldn't hold it. A two-run single by Al Lnkcnutu and error by Erv Dusak gave '.he Phils three runs In the fifth. George Kurowski hfl a Cardinal homer, it was _Mungei"s second -loss against eight victories. Kush cam? in lo stop the Braves and end a nine game losing slrmk for the Cubs, who took a 5 to 3 decision at Boston, johnny Sain, living for his nth victory, injured his pitching hand when he stopped o liner by Andy Palko Hint went for a single in the fifth. AUhuiiKli in pnin, he pitched lo five more iwt- lers, giving up a single to Phil Cavarelta. hitting Bill Nichols on the head with c pitched ball, and waking Bob Scherring to force a run after whieli Don Johnson singled home two morn. Kush pitched one-hit ball for Ihe last five iimintf.j lo gain ills third victory. Bill Nicholson hit a Cub homer. Hrov.ii on Ililliii- Spree Zoldak, n lefly with a "waits- 1 time" fast ball, picked up his se- 1 cond victory as the Browns blasted out 20 hits to heat Early Wynn of the Senators. 13 to 3. at St, Louis. It was his lirst complete gamo this season and lie was backed up -.vitli an extra base :ilt;\ck that Include--) a homer and two doubles by Wall Jiidnlch. - It was the second time this season the Browns had made 20 hits in 11 game and on tr\L> other occasion, the Senators als > furnished the opposition. Only 478 fans saw the Browns put on their demonstration in a St. Louis r.irlty- a weekday afternoon game. Gerald victories and have many of the fans successfully defend Iheir soflbull crown. Harvey Don-Is will hurl for the Wholesalers and Nyles Welch will work for the Molormen. In the second gnine tonight, the 1 rejuvenated Hays Grocers will meet Ihe second-seeded Loy lilch nine. The Hays nine have very little chnnce of being in Ihe pennant race but arc slill considered n dangerous opponent by the top four. .Jack Whittle, who jumped from the Grocers to the Etchers, will get his First chance to face his former Icammates in Ihis contest. His brother. J. C.. will hurl for the Grocers. worked two Innini;:; and was charged with the loss. Another Mobile loss in Ihe nighlcap Sunday shoved Ihc leui>ue- leadiii!; Bears down so that ihey held only half n gai".. margin over second place I>few Orleans last night. The Skyland, N. C., twirler was Mobile Manager Al Todd's choice lo take the hill against -the rejuvenated Crackers ill the third game of the series last night. A loss would have topuled the Bears from first place. .But Whitaker smoothly subdued Ihe Crackers willi a masterful eight hit performance and the Bears tri- Curl Liiidquist scattered eight for the victory. All series are resumed tonight. BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTKERN LEAGUE W. f,. CO 35 01 37 45 48 Mobile . .. Nrw Orleans Nashville . C'lf ttancoga nirminyham Atlanta . .. l.iUlo Rock -11) 47 45 37 34 Pet .505 .480 .47!) .411 .35:! Yesterday s Results SOUTIIKRN I,KA<iCE Mimphis S. N.-ishvillc 3 Little Rack 3. ChaUnuooga 3 Mobile ID, Atlanta 2 New Orleans 7. Binning'ham 2 NATIONAIi LEAGUE C)ric:iKo 5, -Eos'.cn 3. .N<:-.v York 5 Pliisbiii'uh 1. Cincinnili 9. 'B-ooklyn 1. Philadelphia 5. si. Louis 2. AMERICAN LEACVC WashyiKlon tS, St. T.oiiis Piiiladelphia tit Del roil, poned, inin. New York at Ciiicai;o. rain. •Boston 1, Clcvclunc; 0 post- NATIONAL Rrcckiyn . ET " ston • rw Yovk LEAOCE W. L. umphed 10 to 2. Dewey Adkins, I Crocker rlghllinndcr. was the loser. New Orleans stayed within slrik- inss distance of the top spot by sink- the Ing Birmingham 7 to 2 behind Pete I ^ L L ' illlf ; °"'- :innrt ten when the latter was jailed for iion-payiv.ent of taxes on -his cabin :il Walden Pond. Read Courier News Want Ads. WbiTire His Idea Mohandas Gandhi derived idea of non-violenl resistance from Modica who gave up only six hits, nndiii!; 'Henry Thorcan's "On the ' r "e visiting Pels pounded three of CivSl Disobedience." writ- Haron hurlers for 15 safeties including homers by Al Flair and Pete Layden. Zeb Eaton homered for Ihe losers. Memphis went one-up in the Chick-Nashville series al Russv/ood Park in Memphis by knocking over llie Vols 5 to 3. It was practically a one-man victory as Lindsay D?ai. veteran Chick flychascr, clouted two home runs, accounting for three runs. Curveball artist Leo Twardy was knocked from the mound in the sixth and was charged with the kiss. Frank Hoerst went the route for tiie Chicks to win. Wcs Hamner, Chick inlieldcr, clouted a four master off Twardy with none on in Die fifth. Little Rock's Pebbles showed p:>w- er in 'crushing the Chaltano[>.ji> after his t.'iirdithe tournament will represent Dis"(•ar-l s(.r:u;;h! trict Five in the state louriinincnt to be held in Little Rock in Au- or San >.'rn-- The Osceoln Indians will meet Ihe Little Hiver club in n single game tomorrow night at the high school Athletic Held Manager Ralph stated. Paul I3lackwood will siart on the mound for the Indians. The Indians defeated Ihc Forrest City Gisnils 13 to 7 in O.sceola Sunday afternoon for their twelllh win of the season nsainst, two dc- leal.s Priddy hit a Washington homer. 1 Bobby Doerr's homer, in the ninth broke up a stirring duel between Dave Fcrriss of the Red Sox and Don (no-hit) Black of the Indians as Boston took a 1 to 0 decision. .Black, who pitched his no-hitler .against the A's his last time out. had a litllc the belter oi It until inn ninth. He gave up seven hits lo nine for Fcrriss. The unpredictable Clint Hart'i'.tg pitched the Gianls to a five-hit, b to 1 victory over the Pirates :tt New York as Johnny Mlze. Hill Rigiicy and Sid Gordon hit homers. It \vns the 26th homer for Mize, the major league leader. The only Pirate nm was unearned as Ilarlung chalked up his sixth victory by bealing Kirby Higbe. The Philadelphia at Detroit and New York at Chicago games were- rained out in the American. . . . hiladelphia ...48 ...44 ... 41 ... .12 ... 40 ...37 ... 35 ...30 AMERICAN Mew York . neh-filt . . Rcsirm . .. CteveK-nd . Fhilndo'phia Chicago . . W.i>hins1cn St. Louis . LXAGT1E W. L. 5? 2S 40 41 jr. 3S 3(5 34 27 432 ^385 Pet. .671 .511 .53(5 .fi17 .481 .450 .45! Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Night sanies: JMjshville at Memphis. Mobile at •Atlanta. New Orleans at '-Birmingham. Chattanooga at Little nock. NATIONAL LKAGBE 'Pitbburgh at Brooklyn, two. St. Louis n.1 Boston." night, Cliioigo a'. New York, night. Cincinnati nt, Philadelphia, night. AMERICAN LEAGUE Wasliingta mat Detroit .twilight. Boston at Chici'io. night. PhilaciDlphia at St.. Louis, night. -New York at Cleveland, night. Itelirrs With I.'fl SYDNEY. AustiTilia (UP) When Clairie Perkins retired after oper- "lins; nn elevator at the firm of G-;>ce Brothers since 1S02. ti\v; ccn i ]>" > .ny !?ave iijtn tlie clcvf'tor. A l % Tndscme bird cage of inrtnl .-ci-ol!.i and curlicues. IJic lift will lie us^ci -is a sun house on 'his Iront lawn bv Perkins. 'Head Courier Newi Watii Ads. Salesman Wanted Outside salesman to call on commercial :mil farm trade. Apply FIRESTONE STORE 207 W. Main . Yesterday's Star — Everett Adrian Lively or the Reds, who pitched a one-hit, LI to 1 victory over thu Jeayiie leading Do<lgers. Now ?.Iin jccomcK ver;. depths, tests show, dei.ihs .tests show. dull mcnlaUj 1 Jorge Atuchas brown five-year-old Endeavour was P.ov.-n fiorn Argentina to Belmont Park for Ihe S100.000 inlcniMinnal The Gold Cup at aniilc-and-nvc-cishlhs, July 19. Jockev Ai-li-r' is \m BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR QUIET, SMOOTH RIDING! • FOR SAFE OPERATION! © FOR PROTECTION . AGAINST REPAIRS! GET, OUR SPECIAL As in Wartime, Industry Scrap Metal! The Smile You Want to Protect MASS: OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3l5t SHELTON MOTOR CO. 11!) West Ash SI. riuinc 4^8 Turn Yours In Now! That FARM A 1,1, TRACTOR you've been wnilinR so anxiously for . . . will lie hove a lot sooner if nvcvy- oiic—farmors and city folk alike—would turn in their scrap metal- If you have any discarded scrap cluttoi- ng up your property—turn it in through the regular jimk dealer in your iiri^hliorhond. You'll lie paid for it, too! DELTA IMPLEMENTS INCORPORATED IMTERNMIONA 1 HARVEST [F ' 312 So. Second St. Phone 863 — PURE WATER IS THE FIRST ESSENTIAL FOR BABY'S HEALTH lluring tli is season of the year, practically all parents lake extra precaution in safeguarding t-lie health of their children. In this health safeguarding program, our part is to provide a plentiful supply of pure water at all tinicis. We leave nothing undone in providing Blylhcvilie people with the purest, wrtlfr in the world. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, "Water l» Your Cheapest

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