Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1891
Page 6
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TWO VIEWS. Bald the cynic ts the poet: "All your song is lying verso When you talco the world-ana sliow it Always bettor—never worae! Life is but a cloalc of sorrows. Folding down Its somber sirto C'oso upon the bright, to-morrows That the future hns denied. Fondest wishes, if we gain them, Greet us with a smtto tuid tear; Dear desires, II wo attuin them. Lose their luster as they near. You who sing In hapr.v measure Ayo ol light nnd love and pleasure, Better keep your teiclcs furled; Thero is such «, strain ot sudnoss Under nil tbo seeming gladness In the world 1 ." To the cynic said the poet "Sorrow can not bu denied; Ton who luite the world, and know it Only oa its durjccr side. Ufcisbirtn garment: trouble Is the stormy wind that blows All the fabric backward double, And the gleaming lining shows 1 Though this Hie nuth sorrow in it, "Pis a garden gay with rtowars: They may wcur a ijjse who win it. In this fair bright world of ours. 3f a joy come to thee—share it;. Talte thy cloak, and nobly,we»r it; Kocp thy bitter fancies furled. Thero is such a wealth or gladness Over all the seeming sadness 111 the world." —Florence May Alt, in Jury. ONE NI&i?T5~NO. 37, A Storv of Ghosts and Bracing Hall. Bats at - Posit -i-ruly not a room, my clear anadara; ™, 'not so much as a closet vacant," and Dr. Morris smiled blandly, «nd "washed his hand \vitK invisible soap in imperceptible water." That Bracing Hall was a popular sanitarium I was well a-war-c. but I was not prepared for this; what was I to do, wlere should I go at that late hour? I, a ma-iden lady, an entire stranger in the •Catskills? 1 consider th.it for any man to smile under tlio.se circumstances, «sven in a perfunctory and purely professional way. was nothing less than "brutal. "There is No. ST." s-aid an attendant satellite. in exactly the tone in -which he might have suggested the North Pole or the equinoctial linc,_ or any other remote, and unsubstantial impossibility. . "Yes," repeated the doctor, musingly,. as if a novel and pleasing- problem had been unexpectedly submitted for his consideration. "Yes, thereis No. 37." "Perhaps the lady rai?ht not object, continued the attendant. "Object." said the doctor, suddenly waking up. "Good gracious, Jones, should this lady object; why should ,„ one object to No. 37?" The subordinate was about to speak, at the doctor stopped him by a wave ,f his hand. "Let No. S~ be prepared 'for this lady," he said, giving to his words all the force of royal mandate. "I wish to know, Jane," I observed, to the housemaid who conducted me to Ko. 87 half an hour later— "Please, ma'am," said that young person, interrupting, "my name isn't Jane, it's Sabina." "Then I am not going to follow the «rsunple of your parents and sponsors, \vio were clearly foolish persons, Jane. I repeat I wish to know what is the matter with this room?" "Oh, don't ask me, ma'atn. I don t wish to frighten you—but—I wouldn't sleep in it—no—not for a hundred thousand million dollars." "Then yon are a very foolish young •woman, is it damp?" "Oh, no. madam; the whole dry as a bone." "It is the— Cecttilarius?" ' "Well, it is pretty bad,.but I aont Stink it's quite as *> ad as that >" returaed .Sane, slowly, with an air of bcwildev- * Tnent It tv as painful to a lady of my excessive 'refinement, ' exceedingly painful, trot the occasion was urgent, and it was evident that I must sink.to a common level ol expression if I wished to b3 understood. , . "It is small, Jane—it is brown—it is :alive—very much alive—it—it-bites?" "Oh, no, ma'am,' 1 answered Jane, Blowing with sudden enlightenment, Objects dim and shapeless tnok form and beauty. Every house and hamlet, winding road ;rad monnV.::;:! t-.l-reaa.let '•^•ere \vtm as if -from c.Vio-.'", i-it-i l ;r while far iiway the winding Hudson gleamed like a string of silver under the moonlight.. Lights in happy homes twinkled like fire-flies through the gloom of dense woods, giving just that touch of life needed to break tlie solemnity of forest and mountain. The moon «';is up, nature awoke, a breeze swept by bearing the music of a tumbling brook, the melody of murmuring-pines, the love notes of a belated bird singing to his mate. How long I had slept I can not tell, when suddenly I was witlc-ii.wa.ke with the room brilliantly lit and presenting an appearance totally different to what it had clone when I retired. On a sideboard were half-emptied bottles and decanters, and at a table four men were seated deeply engrossed over a game at cards. Great as was my astonishment to find my apartment thus invaded, I seemed to" lose all personal considerations in watching the feverish anxiety of the players, and in wondering- what would happen next. Suddenly their voices were raised in ano-er, one of the players accused another of cheating, and in a moment there was a general uproar. The two men were struggling desperately together, glasses were upset, chairs were overturned and then I caught the, glitter of a knif e and the gleam of a pistol. The two spectators made no attempt to separate the combatants, although it was evident that a tragedy was imminent. The. taller of the two freed his hand from the other's grasp, the .long : mnrderons looking knife was uplifted, but as it descended the other raised his MIDDLE-AGED BEAUTIES. bouse is the— ahem— the Cimix *we don't never have none of them nasty things in our beds." "Then wlutt is it?" ' "Well, if you must know," replied .Jane, with the. air of one struggling 1 vainly with the inevitable, "though it is •worth as much as my place is worth to tell you—it's ghosts!" Chosts—baugh! Really the ignorance of the lower classes is colossal; clearly our public school system is far from perfect, but what could he expected from, a girl called Sabina? I •have always thought there was a great deal in a name, and I don't in the least care what that play writing- person- may have said to the contrary. There is J" something in a name which insensibly " • molds the character; mine is Sarah '-Margaret. - "Ghosts. Jane, ghosts,: when it has been clearly demonstrated by the Soci- .«ty for Psychical Research'that there : «reno such thing's as ghosts." "It was the gambler, ma'am, what Jived here before it was mads into a sanitarium," Jane went on, with irre- "- -pressible volubility; "they was playing t"- joker, an' he was killed, an'^everynight &, —every night—his ghost —" , "Jane, enough of this folly—go, my fr .Kood girl, and to-morrow I will loan you '' -work on the Illog-icalness of Supersti- Uktlr «'0 iv «•- 1.1 w--« -pistol and fired; there was the dull thud oi a heavy body falling and then, overcome with horror, I lost consciousness. How I attracted their attention I do mot know, but suddenly I became aware that the remaining- three were standing over me calmly discussing my proposed death; my blood seemed to freeze m my veins" and into those terrible moments was compressed the agony of years of torture. , "She is sound asleep," said one, an •anyhow I never did take kindly to killin' women." "She has seen the deed done, said the second significantly. "That dead men toll no tales is just as true and truer of women," said the third, "so I had better make it safe," laying as ho spoke a murderous hand on my throat. With a desperate effort I broke through the spell of horror that had •held me; I struck out wildly and encountered a soft resisting body, the lights were extinguished as I opened my eyes, and nothing remained but the sound as .of some one hurriedly retreating. I never knew till that moment what a vast amount of stored shrieking force a small woman possesses; mine was sufficient in' an incredibly short time to bring to my room the doctor, the satellite, Jane Sabina and half a :dozen guests, none of whom were remarkable for the careful finish of their With a graphic power that has .'entirely deserted me. or I should make -my fortune as a story writer, I related what had occurred. "It does not matter whether I wag •asleep or awake in regard to what I yaw, although of course I was awake; but I know I heard something hurry away, and I know that I felt something 'when I struck," I said in conclusion, pausing only through sheer physical inability to utter another word. Sabina Jane incoherently remarked something to the effect that it was "just what she'd-.expected of them, nasty gliostcsses" 'and then in company 'with the majority of-my visitors dis- .appeared. The doctor looked puzzled •arid remained silent, the satellite how• ever spoke; he was never a voluble per-, son, but on this occasion he confined himself to one word. "Eats'" ."Do you really think it—they—was : rats?" I gasped,/growing ungrn-mmati- : cal in my confusion. Had I not felt' well assured that the doctor was deeply impressed by-my ghostly visitation T should have'-said that he smiled, but 'that of course was 'impossible. at such a moment. Soma A. Woman Need >'ot KecosBarlly lie Young to He Fiisclmittnff. History is full of the accounts of the fascinations of women who were no longer young. Helen of Troy was over forty when she perpetrated the most famous elonement on record, and as the jiege of Troy lasted a decade, she could not have been very juvenile when the pi-fortune of Paris restored her to her husband. Strange as it may seem, the long-suffering spouse received the fair Helen, so says report, with no questioning love and gratitude. Pericles wedded Aspasia. when she was thirty-six, and yet she afterwards for thirty years or- more wielded an un•diminished reputation for beauty. The beautiful and fascinating serpent of old Is T ile, Cleopatra, in whose history every woman is interested, was over thirty when Antony, fell under her spell's and which never lessened until her death, ten years afterwards. Livia was thirty-three when she won the heart of Augustus, over .whom she maintained her charm until the end. Turning to more modern history, where it is possible to verify dates more accurately, there is the extraordinary De Poieti'ers, who was thirty-six when Henry II.—then Duke of Orleans—at that time just half her age, became ^attached to and fascinated by her. She was held as the first lady and most beautiful woman at court up to the period of the monarch's death and the accession of Catherine de Medicis. Ann of Austria was" thirty-eight when she was described as the handsomest Queen of Europe an/1 when Buckingham and Richelieu were her jealous admirers. Ninon, the most celebrated wit and beauty of her day, was the idol of three generations of ' the golden youth-of France and, behold, old ladies, take courage ye who still cling to youth" and emulate its charms, Ninon was only seventy-two when Abbe de 'Berais fell in love Cloture Nec'esmiry. It is estimated that the speeches made by Democratic Senators at the present session for the sole purpose of obstruct/ ing the work of legislation, and preventing the majority from exercising its just rights and privileges, have cost the people over $-200,000. This shows at a glance the necessity of a rule by which the stream of irrelevant and mischievous talk can be kept within reasonable limits and brought to a perfect stop when, the public business is being intentionally *<md culpably "delayed. From the economical point of view alone it is riot right that time should be taken up with speeches that are designed only to serve partisan ends and to give the minority the practical control of things. There is not another country in. the world where such a practice is tolerated, and the time has come when we can no longer safely or properly neglect to limit it.-St. Louis. Globe-Democrat. Kl!VK ara Wearing jVwuy. From the report of the State Engineer of New York it is learned that Niagara Falls are receding about two feet every year. The first accurate survey was made in 1S42, and since that the total recession amounts to more than one hundred feet. This is not strange, considering that two hundred and seventy thousand cubic feet of water pass over the falls every second, or over sixteen million cubic feet per niin-ute. —"I had a stomaeh-aehe last night,' a littifc girl informed her father very ser^fely one morning, ''and 1 lay on the'fi-ont of ray back."—Chicago Times. '8 . Being a lady of .enlightened under, standing and , cultivated, indeed, I may advanced thought, I at once dis- ed the foolish story from my mind, s-Nand congratulated myself on having sc- red a comfortable room. Bracing Ball was built on the highest nge' of the Catskill mountains and was famous for the view it commanded ol the loveliest section of Rip Tan Winkle land; night now vailed the beauty .people I,ha-ve noticed'are afaicted: with muscular twitching and when I glanced at him ag-ain he was as solemn as a •sphinx; even the satellite-put Ms hand before his mouth and coughed in a rnodest, self-deprecatory way, as if. his feelings -were too much for him. "I will bring Mrs. --Morris to remain with you until you dress," said the doctor, "and then you had better take a sedative and share her room;, to-morrow I will have a thorough investigation made and if I find that any one is .trying to perpetuate a stupid story by playing a still more stupid practical joke, I'll-" 'At this point the doctor's voice sank and although his remarks appeared to gain additional energy, I am under the impression they were not intended for my ears or for publication. The result of the Investigation showed that my nocturnal visitors were rats, a small colony of which had evidently enjoyed undisputed possession of_a spring mattress for a considerable period. And so the ghost of Bracing Hall was laid, but the oddest part was the satellite's guessing it: for such a man.it was quite remarkable, and showed great natural perspicacity;, the moment he heard my story, when every one else was quite-at sea, he looked at the doctor and said: "Bats."—Mary Hasbrouck, in Drake's Magazine. . . - .-'•'. —"Engaged? And you have only visited her twice?" "Yes. Couldn't do any thing else; such a fine, lovely girl. The first evening I went to see her it kept me nci-vous watching the clock On the mantel, and -when 10 came I took my hat and left". "Well?" VWell, last night, when I called, I .noticed the clock had been removed from the room."—Philadelphia Times. the — 'with her. True it is in the case of tins lady a rare combination of culture, talents and personal attractiveness endowed the possessor seemingly with the gifts of eternal youth, Bianca CapeP.a was thirty-eight when the Grand Duke Franciscan of Florence fell captive to her charms and made her his wife, though he was five years her iunior. Loxiis XIV. wedded- Mmc. de Maintenon when she was forty-three years of ag-e. Catherine II. of Russia was thirty- three when she seized the Empire of Russia and captivated the dashing General Orlofi. Up to the time of her death —sixty-seven—she seemed to have retained the same bewitching- powers, for the lamentations were heartfelt among all those who had known her personally. Mile. Mars, the 1'rench tragedienne, only attained the zenith of beauty and power between forty and forty-five. At that period the loveliness of her hands especially was celebrated throughout Europe. The famous Mme. Kecamier was thirty-eight when Barras was ousted from power, and she without dispute was declared to be the most beautiful woman in Europe, which rank she held for fourteen years. Among- all the ex amples given there is no English woman. They were nearly all French ivornen who retained their beauty, probably from their bright and lively dispositions aiid vivacity of manner. A few years ago a solid but charming Southern belle visited St. Louis and other Eastern and Western cities. She seemed disappointed at'her reception, and said that one thing struck her forcibly in the society in Western cities; it was composed mostly of quite young girls, and a woman over twenty -five received little attention and was considered passe. She had had her day and must stand aside. Now, the Southern belle referred to was quite thirty, and although it was known in New Orleans and other cities where she had lived .and reigned a oelle, it made no difference so long as she was beautiful, fascinating and youthful looking.. Shrugging her statuesque shoulders one evening she said: "I am sick of the discussions on age that I hear in the West. It is the first question that 1 one hears as. soon as a girl's name is mentioned, ''How old is she?' In the South a woman is as old as she feels and .looks, neither more nor less. There a girl is forced to marry before she matures to FRIEND Mo WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOiD, "Mothers' Friend," is worth its weight in gold. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with either of her other children than she* did altogether with her 'last, after havirifj used four bottles of "Mothers' Friend," It is a blessing to expectant mothers, s»ys a customer. HENDERSON- DALE, Carrol. I!l. Having used two. b or' !es my sixth child was born with no pa:' v : comparatively. Mra. L. O. Ve,ugrbf.n, Sboridrm Lake, Col. Wonderful— relieves much suffering, Mrs. 3V1. M. Brewater, Montgomery, Ala,. Sent by express on receipt of price, SI .50 per bottle. Sold by all druK£ietn, Book to mothers mailed freti I,!) KEGULATOII Co.. Atlanta, Ga. •VtfHYl YOTJK Sold by Ben Fisher 4th street. A. -I'KAJt ! ' unawtnkr to lirli-Hy Lciiclutiiy fttii'ly itiii-lllKi'in iH-rMjn ofi-ith'-r ,iix, \vlio ciui iwd and ivrln-. and ivho, ufler iiiBtru<.-tioti,wflJ work induBlrfour*!/, ln»v to i-itri> Till-*-* TlmitMliiil Ihilllirc n ..lIlieVvln-ri'Vi-rllie.vllve.JMIlnlNOf'uniUli II'-*H niim-nnl'lit IIH alxiv?. Easily anil quickly UIHJ norknr (Vow "ncli dlMrtct orcfMinly, I havoalri-ndy tnufclit mil! prt.vjdud with ciiijiluyiiicm'n- liirew number, ™lm nro innhliipr ovi-r SilOIKI n yt-iirrach. Tl »> i-W nnillS<>I,IJ>. J'-ull pnrllcular.KJtEE. AddrM. .1 once, E, C, A ~ ' " Yiiivrli the No tlitilrim' toe K . 1 drain ll pnrllc . J5«x /•(JOIHMK! » vcar \* bclufi mmlc ty Jfthn Tl. Ooodvvlii,-rroy,N.Y.,m»"i-k fur ui. Mcadcr, you may not rank" »' much, biit m! ran viiimiilcUly I'Oiv to»-nni from *J lo 1 ,lm-Hi till! Hurt, »>"! lnw« w-yo" f" IJol'li "•»«, ill! at-™. M «ny pun of America, you i- bllilnirlitc nt li • njiurw iimmrtUB only to «-. OITIII ],ay SW1K for rvt u.. . ev'CTVllilnc. li-lSll.Y, SI'EKWLT Iwirni--", rAlrrlCULAUS FltEK. Addrcw Ot OIIM, STISSUS k CO., 1'OKTLAXD, BUlMi. PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. REM1KG BROS., - PittsbutgiyPa; EERIEST PYES J>o You* Otra I>yeiiifi> a-t Home. Tb -y *i" dy* everything. I'hef urenoia c""~ where. Prii'C lOc. a pncltii-:B. Thuylia' {or Streiig'-lit Ut-iirlitnest amount in or for l ? -^tni's-ni" Onlnr «;• iiff *'.-i hnf They So in t - "' • ' " '.' ^ BenKlRhei The Great English Prescription. A successful Medicine ased over -«™ 30 years in Cures Spe Weakness. thousands of cases.J , $emnu\ lm-£Kiteitcy * READY RELIEF. Tlie ruobt certain and safe Pain Remedy in the world that instantly stops the most excruciating pains, it is truly the great . . CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more good than a known remedy. FOE SPEAINS, BRUISES, BACK ACHE/PAIN IN THE CHEST OE SIDES, HEAD ACHE, TOOTH ACHE OR ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, a few applications rubbed on by the hand act like magic, causing the pain to instantly stop. For COLDS, BRONCHITIS.PNEU- MONIA CONGESTION, INFLAMMATIONS, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA' PAINS IN THE SMALL OF BACK etc., more'extended applications are necessary to effect a cure. ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS IN BOWELS OR STOMACH, CRAMPS, SPASMS, SOUR STOMACH NAUSEA. VOMITING,HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIARRHOEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved instantly and quickly cured by taking internally a half to a teasnoonful of Ready Relief in half a tumbler of water. WITHRADWAY'S PILLS THERE IS NO BETTER C&RE OR PREVENTIVE OF FEVER AND AGUE. Price 50c. lie* bottle. Sold by druggists. Any "R. B. &" or an 7 •'READY-RELIEF" without the nameRAJD W AY, is a COUNTERFEIT THE GREAT EXGL.ISH BEMEDy. ——oCYouthtul folly of later yearn.. Gives immediate strength andvto- or. Ask drURRlBW for Wood's Pao«. phodtne; take no nubBtltute. QnO Tlsed for 35 yoars by thousands sue- eewfully. (?«ar- anrecct to cure all forms ot Nervous Weo-tness, Emissions, Spcrmator- e "«iril~i"$iO>y mail, Write for pamphlet i The. Wood Chomleal Co.. 131 tfoo/w.rd e., Detroit, Midi. , . Wiasloi.Laflier&Co., 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORA- TtONS, BA.\KS AND MERCHANTS. 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I am glad to live where women can enjoy their youth before they settle to the graver duties of wife and mother."—St. Louis. Post- Dispatch. . . A Cat's Whiskers- The long hairs on the side of the cat's face are organs of touch.. They are attached to a bed of fine glands under the skin, and each of these long hairs is connected with the - nerves of the lip. The slightest contact of these whiskers with any surrounding object is thus felt most distinctly by the animal, although the hairs themselves are insensible. They stand out on each side of the lion as well as the common cat. From point to point they are equal to the width of the animal's body. If we imagine, therefore, a lion stealing through a covert of wood in an imperfect light we shall at once see the use of these long-hairs. Tb*y indicate to him through the nicest feeling any obstacle which may. present itself to the passage of his body; they prevent the rustling of boughs and leaves -which, would-give warning "to his- prey if he were to attempt to pass too, close to a. bush; and thus, in conjunction with the soft cushions of Ms feet-and the fur upon which he treads—the ^claws never- coming into contact with the ground— they enable him to move toward his victim with a stillness equal to that of a snake.—Boston News, —Walter Scott said to his wife: " 'Tis no wonder -that, poets have made the lamb the- emblem of peace and .innocence." "They are, indeed, delightful -animals," said she; "especially saint sauce." The Great Liver For the cure of ail disorders of the STOMACH, LIVER BOWELS, KIDNEYS BLADDER, NERVOUS, DISEASES, LOSS of APPETITE, HEADACHE, 1 CONSTIPATION, COS'IVE- NESS, INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS FEVER, INFLAMMATION °f the BOWELS PILES, and all derangements of the Internal Viscera. 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Leave togunsport, S ^5 p. m.. 7 :SO a. m Arrive LaFayette, 4:55 p.m.. 920 a.m . . L. E. * W. E. R. Leave LaFarette, , snr , m EastBoond I:o0p.m WestBonnd 5:10 p.m H. C. PAKKEE, Traffic Manager, ... C. F. DALY,.Gen. Pass. & Ticket. Agt. '.ND1AJJAPOIAS. tKD. ".'' ' . 8:19a.m 8:55 a.m LOGANSPORiT ur.Mvll III inilily. li Ul- olll. II lltl llo lilt OHlU-Tl'tll I- nxliprl^iieo. \\V L'rtli fliniii-1 TKVK •* c'ot.Vuji; ll,o.,. of nil III llicir ylivi'.AIly t rl.li. Vuu i-iili iluvtite i: ilie cin- lere. Full , 3IA1M!. New York Exprees/dally...... ....... 2:&5am Ft Wayne (Pas,) Accra., excpt bunday 8:li a n; "an Sty 4 Toledo Ex., excpt gundaWlilB a m Atlautlc Express, dally.... ........... «-6 P m Aoeoramodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 926 p m WEST BOUND- eactflc Express, dally/... .. ..... ..... - 7:62 a m Accommodation JTt., excpt Siuiday..l2 lo p m Z&n City Ex., except Sunday ......... 3r!5 p m Litayette (Pas.)Accm., exopt Sunday 6«5 P m StLonls Ex., dally.: ............ .....1032pm Eel lliver DIv., I^osailnport, West Side. Between tosaui6y>ort i«"l Clilli -- . EAST BOUKD. AccomodaHon,Lea.ve, except Sunday.10-.00 a mC Accomodatlon, Leave •• " 4:40 pm A ChieagodraggiEt;retailed; r 2()pOQ(X)of B. F. Keeslirig and Culien,& CO.,SQ}« Ac-ent.s in ••••L'o'garispor't.' ;' Accomod;itlOQ,Arrlve,except Sundiy, 8:10 a m Accomo-latlon, Arrive. " ' " 4:10 m- P OklcliwW. En«U.k DtaBiol^Bp..*. . 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